Promo for my All FFs:-



Promo for my All FFs:-

Saathi :-

Le chali main apne devar ki barat le ke….

Adi was feeling shy n looking down….Geet said haye mere chota sa devar will marry…..

Maan mocked ha ekdam chota kal hi iska birth hua…..Geet narrowed her eyes then twist her lips n said Adi haye tut oh ek dam laal ho gaye….n elbowed him…Adi with all shy feeling said bhabi…

MAan shook his head n said SR ke din ghughat dall ke baith jana…

Adi look horrified when Geet said haye not a bad idea..


Maan look at him with smirk when she wriggled more ….He bend to take those pink buds but she pinch his Ni*****..She get up from the bed n ran when the silk satin cover her fully yet displaying her sensually….He smiles n bend little about to take her ….


She tackled those goons so easily….he should proud of her but he know its nursery rhymes for her who tackled 5 terrorist alone



Road To Love & Beyond :-

Maan was looking at geet who was feeling shy but maan pull her n said shall I write poem for u sona…Geet pouts when maan said nope that was cheesy n not romantic …I should draw u…..

Geet was looking confuse when maan took a hold on brush n paint a butterfly on her upper chest …Geet was feeling sensation when his finger went down to her belly for doing another work….but maan’s next sort of word make her red…my canvas is covering with too many clothes n look at her wickedly…


Kumudini look at her bhaiya bhabi as they r busy n took another route without knowing which can bring havoc on her n her family…




Geet smiles n said miss this is most worst way n too cheesy or say too Soap type u know Daily soap where Vamp came n claim to be mother of hero’s child n heroine will shed bucket n left or adopt the kid well m not that.

First I know its not my maan’s child sec maan may be have S** with u but he will not give his SE** to u….n third before hiring this boy u should cover his past from that orphanage …

Maan was enjoying the cat fight oops Cat one side n his tigress another side….

Geet bite his shoulder n said I HATE U…….MAan pull her on his lap n said I like how u stalk my work n go bottom……but geet again slapped n said cause u might trust her…Maan :- wrong assumption ..I don’t trust a B***** who want to kill my GEET…I have my type of punishment for them…Geet can see the ruthless cold player in maan ….She should proud or scare but she loved him ?



Cross Roads in Love:-

DCP u don’t know sir u son has fed by this woman , for that I bring u here…which woman has 3yrs old boy n breast feed him still…

Geet felt ashamed n numb with the humiliation when maan pull out his shawl n cover geet n said his pa don’t let anyone come here…First time took DCP by collar who is in civil dress n said .U will meet ur end MR khurana for harassing a Police..when maan said u will lose ur job for humiliating n try to molest a woman …

DCP was seething in rage n said who is that woman ur Mis******


Dr thank god for GEET , ur son is now safe…she did it ago mr khurana n I will say none can take place of mother….Maan look at with tear fill eyes who was still shivering n cover with maan’s shawl…..

GOD can’ come all time here in earth but GOD is here as Mother…Maan turn away with pain n remember this line said by his mother….


Do Ajnabee :-

Life was always harsh on me…I found my life love but I throw them n I got my punishment..

I am not recognizing u..who r u Miss….or mrs..y u r here , where is husband ?how could u touch me like that?

I am ur wife damn it….

Ha ha ha joke ..all want to be my wife ….khurana name my power my money…..

Its u who want to marry me….

Then I am freeing u from all BANDHAN…

I reject ur offer…I will win my love n u….

By seducing me…

R u scared….or u r already seduced

U r mine MAAN n u will be always…will see u geet …


All updates will post After new year means from 2nd jan 2018

See u then….

Love u all….


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Teaser of Cross Roads in Love

 Teaser of Cross Roads in Love :-

I can’t thank u enough ….

its was my duty…..

I am sorry shona for whatever happen….

U r lucky u to have ur angel….

First time he was crying infront of stranger ….a woman….

First time she was smiling infront of stranger….A Man…

Hope u all like it

If anyone missed the previous part here is the link

Love u all


Teaser of Do Ajnabee 2


Geet was caressing the wound on his chest when he keep looking at her…..She smiles n bend to kissed near his chest…..He felt electric wave going inside him when she said I she was feeling shy but then next word he said ….Who R u Miss ? r u from opponent ? do u want to seduce me ?

Geet felt nothing from inside ….she was looking down..Dr said I am sorry…We need to see more but test result will come later n …..u have to be brave ….he will be fine….it may be temporary phase…I mean Amnesia…..

Geet look inside when Adi was giving brief to Maan about party condition n upcoming election……He was in bed but has start working ….but his eyes turn something else with him..Karma coming back to her but what is her fault ?


Hope u all like it

if u missed the previous part here is the link

Love u all

Teaser for Next Chapter of Tangled:-

Teaser :-

Maan pulled geet n said what the F*** u r doing there outside..dont u have minimum knowledge …

Geet almost poking his chest with her finger n said who the hell u r to stop me? Its cause of ur so called GF or fiancée whatever We r stuck no I am stuck ….

Maan smirk with taunt voice said who is talking n what happen after our wedding ur so called friend want when geet slapped maan who pull geet by her neck n said don’t u dare to do this stunt geet..I will kill u geet …mind it……

Geet was seething in rage but the reason is different …..she has tears in her eyes yet trying hard to control it n shut it down for whole all…she is having high dilemma about this all thing


Hope u all will like this

if anyone miss the previous chapter here is the link

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Teaser of Road To Love & Beyond 2

Hi all upcoming Teaser for my ff  Road To Love & Beyond 2

Siggies made by me :- 

pls do check this vm which made by Anu Gurti….

do let me know ur views about the Teaser

Protected: Chapter 9 of Do Ajnabee 2

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