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Teaser for next Chapter of RTL&B2

Teaser for next Chapter of RTL&B2


Are maan ji oops his highness itna gussa kyuon aapke behen kumudini ko hum bhej denge pehele humara shart toh maan lijiye….waise hain bahut khubsoorat ….

Aapki pyaari Biwi , uff her highness Geet ji humara goliya ki nishane mein hain…

Maan looking at the MLA like will blast anytime soon…Maan said mere Gurur hain mere patni aur Behen n u try to harm them…..

MLA:-uha dam nehi hoga simple…

Geet’s mother notice Arya is missing still….why they r facing problem after problem …..

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Road To Love N Beyond 2, Chapter 22


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Chapter 22:-

Maan cupped her face then scoop her n said we will meet MLA together n don’t worry ur kuwar is with u….Geet aaap mere maann ki baat kitne acche se jaante ….Maan smiles…..

Next day geet wake up n find her kuwar sa looking at his lapotop when she said phir se suru hogaye…Maan chuckled but then said kya hua sona ?

Geet :kuch nehi going to take bath..Maan nodded when geet heard him , want some help or company…

Geet turn n said kyaaaa….he look at her innocently n said kya hua sona I was saying that I have place ur cloths there …after ur bath wear them…..

Geet narrowed her eyes but then flushed with the thought n went inside n maan smiles……

They got ready when maan notice geet was searching something , maan smiles n slide his arms on her belly with the waist chain , she took deep breath when his finger carress the smooth skin of n her kuwar sa make her wear those chain but didn’t leave her that time….He look at her with those smoldering eyes n make her knees weak……

They came down for the puja of their first anniversary then took blessing from all elders when Arya hugged both n give them gifts…Maan smiles when Geet try to open it…..she look shocked , its Palawan, Philippines , Greenough, Montana , Florida Keys, Florida ….Geet look at arya n said what is this bhai sa…

When maan took the envelop n read it, he chuckled n see how naïve her wify …..Arya said u can ask from ur kuwar sa ……Maan shook his head n said let’s go geet…Geet frowned …..when maan said sona….Geet giggle n bite her lower lips….

MAan shook his head with this …his sona, the little child woman ……all settled for break fast when geet about to go but maan’s masa stopped her n said lets seat here…n serve geet’s fav Kanji Vada, Shakarpara, Raj Kachori, Matar Ki Kachori , Methi Aloo Sabzi….Geet smiles broadly n hugs her mother in law when maan said ha sab bahu ke fav , bete toh bahar wala…

Maan’s masa twist his ear when geet said don’t get jealous ….n maan’s masa said ha mere bahu nehi beti hain ..

Maan took bite from his food n said ha masa mein daamd hoon iss ghar mein…all laughed at his comment when geet pouts….

Later geet came to meet masa n narrated the incident happen with Kumidini.though she handle it but as masa of kumidini she need to know….MAsa nodded n said I know this I have asked her long time ago don’t give them importance but ….

Maan alos came  n said masa its not her fault iss umar mein hota hain kuch baatein …..aise dimag mein baith jate hain …may be apart from college there was someone from relative…Geet quickly calculate something n whisper pari…..

Masa shook her head in disbelief n said what is wrong with that girl n family , y they r behind us…

MAan :- sometimes it give no logic , they just want to destroy the happiness n some ppl love to get pleasure from other’s pain…

Masa nodded n said don’t worry..I will talk with Kumidini…

Geet nodded when maan said masa is there any need of the anniversary celebration…

MAsa nodded yes, relative, family member friends, acquaintance …they want it…u know maan this royal custom ..Maan murmur something F*** off this royal custom..

Geet make her eyes wide when masa take out two box n said have it Maan..I want to give it to u both before but events make me forget anyway this is best time…Geet took them n see a beautiful diamond n ruby necklace for her n diamond stud watch for maan…

Masa said this is from my saas ur mother n baba maharaj has wore it then I n ur baba maharaj now u will both…

Geet can see how masa said it…she admire masa’s strength ……they moved to their room when maan said I think I will see u later, geet nodded when maan asked hey what happen..

Geet nodded no but just hugged him n said nothing….n look at his eyes…He smile back n said will be back by lunch ….with ur bhai sa

Geet nodded…they has good lunch n masa n dadi sa cook everything for maaneet’s fav…..Later geet’s family joined them…they had chat but then geet’s masa n maan’s masa send them off for to get ready…Geet notice an army of servants there to help her but she don’t need them…when she don’t know how send them away as they r doing it by the royal custom….helping the king n queen to get ready…..

Geet look down n fidgeting her pallu when someone hold her from behind n kissed her neck…she was feeling escating as she know who was it …but then she thought of those servants but maan lick that place n said they r gone……Geet look little relax…..when maan said aak saal ho gaya…Geet smiles but then remember how they married n frowned instantly ….

Maan said ummm don’t get sad ..Geet turn n said I am not..I was just the situation…Maan cupped her face n said may be that was best for us to take us here …Geet smiles n kissed his nose…..

Maan help geet to wear the gown well its less of helping more of teasing…Her full body turning tuning by his skilfull hands….which r making her almost dance with his music…..She sighed n taking deep breath ….her cheek turn flushed ..He look at her with naughty smiles when she pushed his cheek n said badmash ho aap….

MAan laughed wholeheartedly …the smiles she missed during their wedding but come back after they come together….she thank GOD for this…

Geet help maan to get ready n adjust his Blazer’s lapel n said u r looking perfect ….Maan smiles when geet said my prince uff king charming n giggle…Make maan also laughs…

They joined others for the party…Both of them cut the cake n fed each other…. Champagne flown there……Both geet n maan entwined their hands n drink for each other glass ..Geet make little face when maan chuckled …….they joined for the royal dance to celebrate their first anniversary…..when lights dim n they highlighted more….they dance like they sang their love story…which they still exploring….their trust their care their passion…..Maan lead geet follow …Geet lead Maan follow…their eyes sparkling their lips curving with a smiles their ear only listening each other heart beat among this whole music…for whole they r dancing for the song but for them they dancing with each other beats….

They excused themselves after the music when maan pull geet to their private drawing room n pulled her for a soul searing kiss when geet melt on his arms…his tongue explore her mouth in details…..her finger massaging his mane when his finger open the back zip…..she felt shy but then his kuwar sa leave her n said I hope now its taste better…..Geet blushed but said but aapne bhi toh….

Maan chuckled humne toh….Geet nodded no n said let’s go for party when maan said we have excused n we will spend this time together….Geet :- par but got scoop by her prince ermm king charming…..they reached by the royal lift to their personal palace when maan make her stand near the fountain of a beautiful Lover sculpture ……she was looking at the couple how they lost in each other’s embrace …she forgot to even blink the goosebump filling her body when maan notice her but then the water from the fountain falling on her little like drizzling …..He smirk ….

She felt something tickling n felt its his beard which was creating havoc no its his lips……his lips following n trace those water n licked it…she hised with pleasure but then splash the water n make maan shocked…

He fake anger n narrowed his eyes on her but she just giggle when Maan pulled her….make her collide with him….she was feeling shy yet exciting with this….

Maan slowly deenced his finger from her shoulder to her finger sensually….Her lips parted her face flushed when his lips descended also downwards ….her cleavage which was not showing thanks to her Kuwar sa who has open the zip little n getting the love torture she shied but try to control the ragging breath when he beat her there n make her moaned his name……She opened her eyes wide …….she turn n don’t know shall run or she take his name first time…not its not like that she is like those wife don’t take their husband;s name but she felt shy n its more …she don’t know when she take few step backwards but notice her kuwar sa smirking n her red lipstick marks on his lips n neck,…oh GOD when she has lost control….what shall she do….if someone see it…but they r in their private palace but still….she was so lost when maan pull her…

Maan said maan…….she look confuse then got what he want to say as the rest don’t have to say, he indeed make her sing his name when he bend n took her lips for another kiss…..her arms hold his neck tightly when his palm cuped her buttock….She felt shy n wriggled…n finally freed herself from him…She ran towards their room but reach other their changing room….

Maan looking her from his changing room……she was leaning on the glass door….he smirk n place his palm on her back ….she notice him through mirror…..she turn n try to closed it by pulling the curtain when maan shook his head negatively …

She frowned when maan signaled her to come close….She with little pouting face come close but then maan gesture her pinching through the glass door on her lips..She moaned…..maan eye asked her to come more closed when she leaned more n maan bend to give her kissed through the glass door from her collarbone to cleavage to breast ….n finally when he reached the area of her ni**** through it she again moaned maan….though he didn’t hear it but he can guess n she just open the door n hugged him tightly……He pulled her more…..MAan scoop her again n they settled near the open terrect cum balcony when maan make her sleep near the bed…..the drizzling coming when geet closed her eyes n turn her back…But maan teeth on her zip n make it rip……..she gasped….

His lips cover back with numerous kisses….she gasped when maan’s hand open her bra…..n give er again wet kisses…..he make her turn but she is feeling shy…Maan kissed her lips n removed ther gown slowly from her shoulder…..his lips now decortating her shoulder collaer bone …upper chest when she took sharp breath as maan now first time kissed her N***ple through her B**…..but its mor than touching her soul……Maan smiles when she look at him n smiles to see him happy….

Her dress completely removed except those inner…..when he get up n removed his Blazer ,give her the shirt , his transparent white shirt…She shied but took it n wear it……Maan was bare from top when geet shied but looking or say stealing glances of her handsome husband n his body….Maan notice it n bend on her ,Geet smiles n give his body her shy yet bold touch …which turn sensual slowly….they lost in their little world…..with exploring each other ….Geet kissed his heart his nipply which make maan groaned he look at her….she kissed his naval….the bold Geet , his sona only for him….both of them giggle n n remember those clich line line urs only , bold yes they have the right on each other , even if they don’t say that they know it….they r not bold not shy but they explore each other ..

Next day they get up totally drenched with each others love n each other arms…Geet loved this feeling when maan just admire her more n more….

Their first anniversary turn more memorable….

2days later ; Teej came…Family again got busy with this..Maan said wow one after one celebration when geet was tying the knot n said as if u r complaining…Maan smiles n kissed her cheek ….

Its Hartalika Teej n more its imp  as this time there is proverb Lord Shiva & Goddess parvati’s Reunion happen…

There is huge swing make Maan’s father swing it when maan’s masa sat there…then Geet sat excitedly n maan said dekho tut na jaaye..Geet frowned n whined MASA…Masa said Maan…finally swing it…Geet was glowing after her wedding its first Teej she was celebrating with right frame of mind as last time her kuwar sa was out n few relative taunt her…though her family supported her still ….

Only , Woman now attend their spl lunch though geet took little as custom n escape from there when rest woman tease her more…Geet setted with kuwar sa n have the lunch fully….

At evening , some folk song n few girls were dancing when geet’s few sister in law ermm maan’s distant relative aka cousin sister took her for a dance…..she shied but then dance

Palak Buhaaru Aangno

Raani Sa Padhraaye

Ghoomar Ramwa Re Aap Padharo Saa…

Geet greet everyone but her eyes only know one face though he is not here as its woman’s function now …..he lived inside her now…..

Aavo Ji Aavo Ji Ghoomardi Khelva Ne

Padharo Sa Ghoomardi Khelva Ne

Balam Thaaro Ghurar Ghurar Ghurraave

Aaj Mharo Jivdo Ghano Hichkaave, O Ghabraave 

Geet can feel him as he was there near some where….

But she swirl n dance on her dream her dream her kuwar sa….

Mann Mein Bhaave, Mharo Badilo Bhanwar Mann Bhaave

Chamak Cham Baaje Payal Baaje Baaisa Khele…

Her anklet indeed ringing n expressing her happiness, she was feeling shied yet happy…& enchanting…

Jhamak Jhamak Ghunghra Baaje

Aao Sa Ghoomardi Khelva Ne 

Dhanak Preet Ki Sar Pe Odh Kar

She covered her head with the veil n with the transparent veil she can see him there near the stair looking at her only…          

Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoome, Haan Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoome

She dance like no today or tomorrow , she forgot everything like a deewani she is worshipping her love for him…

O… Ralak Reet Sab Jag Ki Chhod Kar

Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoome Bharke 

Dhola Waale Thaath Ghoomar 

Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoome Re

Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoome Re Baaisa Ghoomar Ghoome Re…

Her feet didn’t stop her smiles never falter n his eyes never blink …whole world stopped there n witnessing the more pure form of the emotion n feeling, the love.

Ho… Mhaari Saari Kaaya Bole

Dhola Ji Ki Chhaaya Hole

She was feeling her kuwar sa there n his love embracing her …tickling her senses…

Mann Ka Ghoomar Jab Bhi Dole

Soonepan Mein Mela Bharke

There may be many ppl here but she can feel him only , see him only n his love…

Dhola Waale Thaath Ghoomar 

Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoome Re

Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoome Re Baaisa Ghoomar Ghoome Re

She was dancing n dancing…Everyone just looking at her n her deewangi her love

Thaare Ehsaason Ki Raunak Hai Mhaari Diwali

His feeling make her heart light up….with thousand of Dia……she was feeling light even in darkness…

Mann Mehal Ki Saari Deewaarein Thaare Rang Rangwa Li

Her heart fill with many colors of her kuwar sa’s love…she dance again…

Paake Thara Saaya Tann Hai Jagmagaya

His Love make her body come alive…..Both Maaneet’s mother n Grand mother first time witnessing the depth of their emotion….

Taaron Bhari Ho Gayi Mhari 

Saari Kaali Raat Bharke 

Every night I can see the star of ur love n with u…my life is more blissful

Aavo Ji Aavo Ghoomar Khelva Aavo

Aapan Saath Saath Ghoomar Sagla Khelva Aavo

Arre Lehngo Kurti Chunri Payaliya Thhe Pehno

Oye Loomar Jhoomar Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoomar Thhe Khelo

Devrani, Jethani Khele

Saasu Ji Ghoomardi Khele

Nanad Bhojai Khele

Baaisa Ghoomari Khele

Ghoome Re Ghoome Re Ghoome, Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoomar Ghoome

Geet pulled her n maan’s mother , grand mother , sister…..Rimita …Everyone dancing with the tune….they r feeling the same love n expressing it….

Later Geet come out n looking for water but maan give her….She smiles n take it …Maan tucked her loose strands … come with me before geet can protest maan make seat….she was feeling tired after hectic day…..when maan help her to wash then said have the hot water bath….

That day geet felt sleepy n maan’s arms caressed her back constant..its not passion or desire but its care for her…..after taking bath geet came out when maan help her to wear night dress n press her back little….when she felt asleep …..

1 week later ;Geet was fuming in anger as MP cancel the meeting for some emergency n went to delhi but later geet found out that he was attending some movie star’s First break up anniversary n got himself land on page 3…

Maan :-Geet calm down they r like that..I will handle it..Geet shook her head n said its my duty n its my responsibility n I failed it..

MAan sighed n said nope u didn’t failed , he betrayed us for his greed…

Geet shook her head when maan said Geet listen this world is like that we will do another way n the language they understand…Geet pouts n looking sad I failed it..I should understand that creep ….they r….hypocrites ….

Kumudini look at her bhaiya bhabi as they r busy n took another route without knowing which can bring havoc on her n her family…


There Geet said it will be going to late n farmer needs the solution early ….Maan can’t make her calm when maan took her with him to their painting Room…Geet said hum kya painting karenge when those farmar canvas r blank….

Maan said do u trust ur kuwa r sa…..

Geet hmmm I always trust u…

Maan :-then trust me..their canvas will feel with happiness when my sona has promised them something they will get it…shhh now trust me ….

Geet smiles when geet notice that chocolate orb conveying some other msg to her…she look down …..

Maan was looking at geet who was feeling shy but maan pull her n said shall I write poem for u sona…Geet pouts when maan said nope that was cheesy n not romantic …I should draw u…..or on u….

Geet was looking confuse when maan took a hold on brush n paint a butterfly on her upper chest …Geet was feeling sensation when his finger went down to her belly for doing another work….but maan’s next sort of word make her red…my canvas is covering with too many clothes n look at her wickedly….

..To be continued ….




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P.s :-Song Courtesy :- Padmavat Movie…. 


Teaser Of Cross Roads In Love

Teaser Of Cross Roads In Love

pain changes people it makes them trust less overthink more and shut people out:-Anonymous


There is no Love Without pain :-Anonymous

Hope u all will like it…

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Protected: Cross Roads in Love MG SS,Chapter 5

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Teaser of Tangled

I have started typing n will ud from this week ….ready for the roller coaster ride for all ff…n fall in love with Maaneet…

Here is another teaser of Tangled ;

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark by Rabindranath Tagore….

Tangled is coming to meet its Climax..Ready for it… Guess the upcoming updates…

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Promo for my All FFs:-



Promo for my All FFs:-

Saathi :-

Le chali main apne devar ki barat le ke….

Adi was feeling shy n looking down….Geet said haye mere chota sa devar will marry…..

Maan mocked ha ekdam chota kal hi iska birth hua…..Geet narrowed her eyes then twist her lips n said Adi haye tut oh ek dam laal ho gaye….n elbowed him…Adi with all shy feeling said bhabi…

MAan shook his head n said SR ke din ghughat dall ke baith jana…

Adi look horrified when Geet said haye not a bad idea..


Maan look at him with smirk when she wriggled more ….He bend to take those pink buds but she pinch his Ni*****..She get up from the bed n ran when the silk satin cover her fully yet displaying her sensually….He smiles n bend little about to take her ….


She tackled those goons so easily….he should proud of her but he know its nursery rhymes for her who tackled 5 terrorist alone



Road To Love & Beyond :-

Maan was looking at geet who was feeling shy but maan pull her n said shall I write poem for u sona…Geet pouts when maan said nope that was cheesy n not romantic …I should draw u…..

Geet was looking confuse when maan took a hold on brush n paint a butterfly on her upper chest …Geet was feeling sensation when his finger went down to her belly for doing another work….but maan’s next sort of word make her red…my canvas is covering with too many clothes n look at her wickedly…


Kumudini look at her bhaiya bhabi as they r busy n took another route without knowing which can bring havoc on her n her family…




Geet smiles n said miss this is most worst way n too cheesy or say too Soap type u know Daily soap where Vamp came n claim to be mother of hero’s child n heroine will shed bucket n left or adopt the kid well m not that.

First I know its not my maan’s child sec maan may be have S** with u but he will not give his SE** to u….n third before hiring this boy u should cover his past from that orphanage …

Maan was enjoying the cat fight oops Cat one side n his tigress another side….

Geet bite his shoulder n said I HATE U…….MAan pull her on his lap n said I like how u stalk my work n go bottom……but geet again slapped n said cause u might trust her…Maan :- wrong assumption ..I don’t trust a B***** who want to kill my GEET…I have my type of punishment for them…Geet can see the ruthless cold player in maan ….She should proud or scare but she loved him ?



Cross Roads in Love:-

DCP u don’t know sir u son has fed by this woman , for that I bring u here…which woman has 3yrs old boy n breast feed him still…

Geet felt ashamed n numb with the humiliation when maan pull out his shawl n cover geet n said his pa don’t let anyone come here…First time took DCP by collar who is in civil dress n said .U will meet ur end MR khurana for harassing a Police..when maan said u will lose ur job for humiliating n try to molest a woman …

DCP was seething in rage n said who is that woman ur Mis******


Dr thank god for GEET , ur son is now safe…she did it ago mr khurana n I will say none can take place of mother….Maan look at with tear fill eyes who was still shivering n cover with maan’s shawl…..

GOD can’ come all time here in earth but GOD is here as Mother…Maan turn away with pain n remember this line said by his mother….


Do Ajnabee :-

Life was always harsh on me…I found my life love but I throw them n I got my punishment..

I am not recognizing u..who r u Miss….or mrs..y u r here , where is husband ?how could u touch me like that?

I am ur wife damn it….

Ha ha ha joke ..all want to be my wife ….khurana name my power my money…..

Its u who want to marry me….

Then I am freeing u from all BANDHAN…

I reject ur offer…I will win my love n u….

By seducing me…

R u scared….or u r already seduced

U r mine MAAN n u will be always…will see u geet …


All updates will post After new year means from 2nd jan 2018

See u then….

Love u all….

Protected: Cross Roads in Love MG SS,Chapter 4

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