Bundle of Joy


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Bundle of Joy 

Maan smiles and hold his son’s finger and kissed them gently then think it’s 1yr now,

After 1yr , of their son’s birth , still the day fresh , their tension, excitement, nervousness, fear but all over come with the fact that their  bundle of joy  came to this world just one yr ago.

Maan raised himself in the elbow and looked at his son who is now sleeping after almost whole night of adventure ,maan bend and kissed his forehead and then looked at his mishty who looks little tired due to lack of sleep but the moments they r spending together with their son it’s more memorable than anything, she stirred little but maan patted her and said mishty shhh,sleep little when geet try to protest but due to tiredness and maan’s req make her sleep more.

After couple of hours ,geet get up and and looked at her son first who is sleeping close to her and snuggled near to her and taking her warmth.

She heard the door of their room open and found maan is entering the room with tray of food for her.She looked and chuckled then said maan, iye sab,dadi ma wait kar rehe honge.

Maan placed the tray on the table then quick give her a peck and said she went to temple to see the arrangement of the puja and give clear instruction to give u breakfast and then u have to join her, btw r u feeling fresh now.

Geet leaned on him and said m always with u and Ayush , m always fine.

Maan tucked the loose strand behind her ear and said but still mishty yesterday night, not only yesterday it’s routine of every night now , that ayush was continue his advanture , badmash hogaya hain.

Geet pouted quickly and slapped his arm playfully and said bilkul badmash nehi hain mere beta, aur khabardar agar usse badmash kaha toh and then said waise he is like u mr Naughty singh Khurana.

Maan at first stunned to hear the remarks then said accha mishty .

Geet nodded then both laughed but soon stopped to see their son is stirring and trying to wake up from his sweet sleep.

Maan whisper go quickly and fresh up before ur devil son get up .

Before geet can hit maan again maan went another side and said go , and let me handle our ayush  when geet get up but said see u know ur son best and winked at him meaningfully.

Maan laughed but quickly stop to see the frowning face of their son who is opening his eyes with  disturb face and before maan can say anything he cried but maan quickly took him in his strong arms and try to pacify him.

From inside the washroom, geet asked what happen maan. When ayush try to locate his mother from her voice but maan said nothing mishty and took ayush in the balcony and start to tell a story and along with pacify him.

Soon ayush got distracted and got busy to hear his dadda with his big eyes and cute smiles and dimple , where maan got busy to tell him story.

Here geet quickly complete her shower and come out and after wearing the bathrobe and about to ask maan about their son when find him drinking milk from bottle peacefully and listening to his dadda.

Geet can clearly understand her maan is telling him story and it’s really miracle once upon a time maan didn’t know a story or how to tell a story but now he know well and saying it and their really  devil , naughty son is listening peacefully also. Their son who always throws tantuerms at the time of eating now drinking peacefully , well this father ‘ son due really make her crazy,

She smiles to herself and quickly changed into beautiful pink silk saree and put the mangalstura carefully and then put vermillion on her parting and looked at the mirror to find out her husband and son r looking at him with killing smiles,

Ayush noticed his mama and her smiling face and almost jumped from maan’s arms to geet’s arms and hugged her rom her neck,Geet smiles and kissed his chubby cheek then said good morning mere bete,milk pee lya dadda ke hatho se, aap toh goody goody boy ho, kissed his cheek again and rubbed his nose with her and make him giggled then hide his face in her neck.

Geet patted his back lovingly then looked at maan who is standing with his break plate when geet said pehele aap, sab ka khyal karte ho khud ka kaun karega ha mr khurana.

Maan about say something protest but geet said shhh , now have it and then I’ll have.

Maan know there is no escape and take one bite and give another to geet , like this maan fed her and himself where little ayush is looking at his parents then suddenly start shouting and make maan almost panicked but geet stopped her and said shhh maan nothing janab ko attention chaiye dekha na hum dono iha thora busy hogaye aur iye janab ha, badmash,masti karna hain and tickled his tummy and make him giggle.

Later maan went to office before that went to temple and looked at fter the decoration of puja and arangement with geet , after make sure geet will be comfortable there, he went away from there but before that place security and nanay and two more people if geet or dadi ma needed.

Geet smiles to see it but know maan become possessive when it’s come for his family, dadi ma, her & their son.

She know how he behaved if ayush fell a drop of tears then whole kc,km and world will turn upside down.

After quick meeting maan called geet in her phone and found out they reached KM and ayush is now sleeping after playing with dadi ma.

Maan asked about her and dadi ma then said , he will be reached within 2hrs after completing some more pending work .

Later maan reached to KM and find out dadi ma is smiling then said are aap aagaye bete, chaliye out house jaiye ,aur ready ho jaiye.

Maan :-but dadi ma , what happen with my room, and I should meet with ayush.

Dadi ma looked at adi and said adi take ur sir with u and say him that meet us after he gets ready.

Adi nodded and went towards maan but back off quickly to get the glaring from him when dadi ma said stop glaring him and do as I say, we don’t have too much time ,we have to reached temple right on time later at night we have small party ,u know.

Maan murmur something at adi then fished out his phone to call geet and asked her what’s the matter?

Geet giggled to hear the impatience in her voice and said maan pls jaldi kijiye na, aapko ready hona hain phir hum nikal payenge ,nahi mein nahi aapka laadla kahi ja rehe hain kyuon beta ,dadda ko bolo ready hone.

Maan at first said with gritting teeth geeet but son stopped to hear something from his son,ahhhohhh, he smiles at melt also, he said ok beta, just 15mins and ur dadda will be infront of u.

Geet chuckled and said are wah mr khurana , saare duniya ko aapne ishare pe chalane wale aaj aapne bete ke liye , sach mein log badalte time nehi lagta.

Maan smiles to hear it then said u will see more and ready for urself and ur punishment.

Geet shouts oye meine kya kya, huh Dusht danav phone cut kar dia, then looked at her son who is looking at her with frowning expression and said oye tu kyuon akhen dikha raha hain aapne dadda pe gaya hain ,ghurna toh jaise dadda , bete ke shak ho, mein phas gayi.

Later maan came full ready and said dadi ma but his voice stuck to see the two beautiful angel there with clad in beautiful dress, wait it’s oh oh his geet is wearing  his mother’s saree and their son is wearing a his child hood’s cloth.

He smiles and slowly come towards them and said thanks mishty,

Dadi ma said so aapko surprise pasand aaya.accha hain na.Maan nodded yes with positive smiles and looked at his son who eagerly waiting to jump in his dadda’s arms.

Maan smiles then took little ayush in his arms and said mere beta and kissed his cheek when he giggled in return.

Then all went to temple for the Puja held for Ayush , After the little puja, maaneet distribute cloths and food amongs all little kid and elder.

Full time ayush is doing masti in his adi mama’s arm when dadi ma said aapka boss pe gaye hain.

Adi laughs with his signature style then said no problem dadi ma but his anger should be not like maan sir baki sab thik hain ,

Dadi ma smiles but soon they heard some one saying ADIII

Adi almost stumble little but again said oh sir some one is calling me , here ayush is searching u also and after giving ayush to maan who is glaring at him just run from there.

Dadi ma who is looking at the thing just try to supressed her smiles and said kyuon behcare ko dara rehe ho ha.

Maan:-mein dadi ma, dekha usne kya kaha.

Dadi ma:-kya aapke bete aap jaise ho iye toh kaha.

Maan try to say somehting when geet came and said dadi ma mat kahiye warna bare nabab ghurenge gusse se phir uske sath sath iye chote nabab bhi ghurenge gusse se, iye baap bete aise hi rehenge gusse wala ghurene wala.

Maan glared at geet then dadi and left the place with ayush.

When both geet and dadi ma laughs then dadi ma said sach mein ayush pura carbon copy hain maan ki .

Geet hugged dadi ma and said ha dadi ma bilkul mere maan hain chota sa.

Later they went back to Km where km is decorated with ballons, flowers and lights it’s like newly wed bride  .

But with too much noise and people ayush get offended and start cry when maan hold him tight and said shhh and patted him , try to pacify him ,Geet come and asked is she need to feed him but maan said don’t know may be he is getting scared with too many people, geet slowly took him and said aap jara rehiye iha meine dadi ma ko kaha hain she will take care of it, mein isse thora feed kar deti hoon.

Maan nodded and take a seat besides geet who is feeding little ayush and he is happily sucking his mom’s bud and hold her hand tightly as much as he can.maan gently brushed his hair and said it’s seem he was hungry so .

Geet replied ha and more noise also make him like this, bola tha aappe gaye hain.

Maan makes face when geet just kissed his cheek and said but u know I loved my maan.when maan kissed her lips but soon received a slapped in his hand by their little ayush who is looking at them angrily.

Maaneet chuckled to see him then kissed his nose and After feeding , maan burped him and clean him and again all went to down stair where now ayush is little calm and playing with maan’s sherwani.

It’s private affair only close friends, relative and few people came and there is little cake cutting ceremony , maaneet cut the cake on behalf of ayush , and said “Happy Birthday Ayushmaan”

All wished him happy birthday then geet give him little tiny piece of cake with cream , when ayush taste it and smiles and looked at maan and give him kiss on his cheek then looked at his mom and kissed her cheek.

Dadi ma came and blessed him and give ayush a gold chain and bracelate.

All friends, relatives came and blessed him, when adi came with lots of chocolate toys and geet said adi bhaiya aap toh maan ki tarah ho gaye, pura shop le aagaye already maan two time shopped whole shop last one month now u also.

Maan smiles and adi said geet, humara ayush ke liye jitna karo utna hi kam hain oh hain sabka laadla,hum sabka pyaara Ayush , iye toh haq banta hain uska bhi aur humara bhi kyuon ayush thik kaha na tumahara adi mama ha.

Ayush just clapped in return and adi kissed his cheek.

Pinky with toys and ballons and said though I want to give chips, burger but then think now abhi toh tu chota sa hain bara ho ja sab denge.

Maan almost laughed with this when geet said nehi, tu change ho burger and chips bacche ko babajee iye kaise dost hain mere.

Pinky ignored and take ayush with her, where adi and pinky doing masti with ayush .

Maan held a magic show for ayush and he enjoyed lots , he giggled , laughed and hold his mama , dadda tightly.

Later maaneet has to take leave from  as ayush is feeling sleepy .Maan changed ayush in his night dress which is comfortable for him, later geet took  him and give him his milk bottle and help him to drink it.After that geet make him sleep and said to maan, m going to change ,then we will have our dinner.

Maan nodded and said nakul to bring food for them and tucked little ayush with his blue soft blanket and kissed his forehead .

Geet came and looked at maan who is still sitting there and carrasing their son’s hand , leg and make him sleep well.

Geet smiles and hand over him the night dress and said change it maan.

Maan smiles and took it,after chaning he came and noticed food is waiting for them.they have it with little chat about their son and his activity

After their chat and dinner, both settle two sides of ayush who is snuggling close to them with a happy smiles , maaneet bend and kissed his cheek and forehead the said thanks to GOD , for giving them their Bundle of Joy, their Ayush, who is like angel for them, who came to their life on yr ago and colors their life with his smiles , who came to their life a bright rainbow and bright sunshine ,with whom they find themselves complete , theyr symbol of love, their Ayush,Ayushmaan singh khurana who is very much like his mama and dadda, his smiles with dimple makes u remind of geet, his attitude and stubborness makes u remind of maan, his masti , naughtiness  makes u remind u both maaneet,

Ayushmaan Singh Khurana , their ,Maaneet son, 1yr old wish to see many more brithdays with this brigh and happy face and contend smiles, Ayushmaan who is just carbon copy of his parents Maaneet, their Bundle Of Joy.

Hope u all like it

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Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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