Honey moon for maaneet

oHoney moon for maaneet


Maaneet r enjoying their married life but still not delayed the honey moon. Due too tremendous  work pressure.

Then annie and dadi made a plan to send them for honey moon.the call adi and made a meeting near the Goa for short honey moon.


Maan in the hospital agitated about the turn of event.

Maan to adi:-But I told MR Malhotra that we will meet after 2 weeks about this but suddenly what happen they called us for this meeting.

Adi stammer I….I don….. don’t know

Maan looks at him suspiciously but then think Adi stammers in front of him whenever he is angry on anything.

Maan:-ok, where is geet?

Adi:- geet went with Annie for some shopping.

Maan surprised and said shopping but y?

Adi stammers again  I….I don….. don’t know .

Maan frustrated and said stop stammering.

Geet enter the cabin and said what happen?

Maan:- nothing,

Geet look adi then maan and sensed some trouble and said adi, u can go now .

Adi nodded and whisper Sir is very angry.

Geet smiled and assured him by her eyes. Then geet closed the door and came behind from maan and hugged him from behind and kissed him in the back and said darling r u angry on me?

Maan :- no.

Geet placed series of kisses on his neck and shoulder and said sorry maan, Actually annie came and told me to help her for choose dress for her friend’s wedding. So . but shops were closed and we r back here.

Maan  smiles and already his anger reduced but still he don’t know y he is angry , is it cause of the sudden meeting or geet went shopping with out letting him know.

But maan forgot everything when geet bit his earlobe and said huskily jaan, let’s go home we have to pack for our tour.

Maan melt and pull her in front of him and said y r u playing with fire honey?

Geet cover maan’s neck with her hands and said cause I love fire darling.

Maan naughtily smiles and soon cover her lips with and soon the kiss becomes passionate one. Geet’s hand playing with maan’s hair and maan’s hand cover geet’s waist and pull her more closely .their tongue fights with each other and they r explore each other’s mouth wildly.  Maan’s hand going back of geet’s top and caresses her back lovingly. After some time both break due to lack of air and maan looks at geet and said jaan, let’s go home, either we cannot control ourselves.

Geet smiles and blushing and said ok.

Both check their dress and then ready to go back to home.

At the home dadi, Annie laughing and said now we have to give them these two tickets for their honey moon.

Dadi:- yes, we have to careful, if they know anything about our plan then …..

Annie :-yes dadi.

Soon they heard, maaneet’s sounds and they pretend like they know nothing and absorb in their respective work.

Maaneet came there when dadi winks at aanie and said maan bete , here u travel agent give me this ticket for u.,

Maan recollect his conversation with adi and said oh yes. I forgot about it.

Maan look at geet and said darling we have to go for  week for meeting in jaypur.

Geet shocked and surprised and said but mr malhotra,

Maan:- yes , I know but we have to. There is something urgent work, so he wants this meeting by this week, I also wonder about it; suddenly they called this meeting but still..

Geet:-ok , then we have to pack , I’ll do this ,

 Dadi coughs and said I think annie both of them r forgetting about us, we r also here.

Annie:- yes dadi, agree with u.

Maaneet r shocked and said no dadi , no annie.

Dadi:- we then last 10 min both of u r discussing about ur trip.I know both u r very busy with works but when u r at home , give us some times,

MAaneet sit besides dadi and said sorry dadi.

Dadi :-hmm, ok, now go and pack ur cloths and ready for dinner, today annie made dinner.

Maaneet:- we will come back within 10 mins.

After their dinner, , geet r busy with packing when maan said  geet, I think annie is not any more little now.she is growing up.

Geet smiles and said yes darling, she is growing up .

Maan:- but I still found her my little sis , who was coming with her complaint box.

Geet laughs and said hmmmmm.

Maan looks at geet and said then we will tell her to join our business permanently. What say?

Geet :- very nice idea, maan, waise oh kal se humara absent mein oh samalte hain par aab agar oh iye responsibility humare sath uthle toh bahut accha hoga.

Maan sat behind her and take her in his lap and said do u know how much I love u , I love u for everything, to understand me , to love me unconditionally, to give me everything , even word will be less to praise u jaan.Geet shied and just placed her head on his shoulder and said hmmmm.

Maan:- kissed her neck and said let’s go , sleep some time,.

Both lay each other arms .

Next day morning they take leave early morning for jaypur and before that take blessing from dadi and give responsibility to annie and give her necessary advice and said her to call them whenever anything need.

Annie assure them and told them enjoy the trip.

Both surprised but ignore it.

After they reached at jaypur , they  found  car come for them  to take them  for hotel.

In the way maan called mr  malhotra and  found there is no meeting , then he called adi but his phone switched off. When   they reached at hotel they found from reception it’s honeymoon suit book for them.

Maaneet look surprised and called dadi and found it’s gift from dadi.

Both maaneet don’t know what to say but they r tired to they reached their suit and dose off to sleep for some time.

At 12.30 geet wake up and find, maan looking at her lovingly and slowly maan caresses her cheek and placed countless kisses on her face.

Maan then whisper huskily I should thanks dadi for this brilliant gift,

Geet blushed and said chaliye haiye, I have to take shower.

Maan:- no so soon, honey.

Geet look at maan and found his hand cross on her back and soon pull her and maan turns her and now maan lay on her back and geet on top of her and maan cover her lips with kiss and his one hand playing with her hair and another hand open the shirt button, where geet also open maan’s shirt button and soon both undress each other completely and maan cover them with a spread and then maan kisses, carrasses geet face to toe and cherished her with his love,

Geet who also thrilled  with same passion and give love to her husband .Both cover  each other with their immense love for each other, it’s not new for them but they  found every time  new. Both drive to the same goal and they reached to new world.

 After some time, they returned and maan fall on geet’s body and rest there. Both painting and breathed heavily and try to catch their breath.

After some maan rolled on and take geet in his arms and said darling. we should thank dadi for this gift.

Geet: – hmmmm.

Maan: – what hmmm,

Geet: – iye baat aap , pehele bhi bol chuke ho,

Maan: – ha but ek baat  tumhe nehi bateiy ke dadi send us here for two week, so.

Geet shocked and said what two weeks.

Maan puzzled to see her expression and said what happen darling, u r not happy.

Geet: – get up and cover her with a spread and said no jaan, actually, I was surprised. So reacted this way. I’m very happy, cause I will stay with u two week, no, work, no phone call, no disturbance. Just only me and u.

Maan pull her and said yes only both of us only.

Maan look naughtily at geet then removed her spread and geet shouts maaan, what r u doing?

Maan looking at her then picked her up and going towards the bathroom and geet said maan,

Maan:- no honey,I told u earlier I’ll never let u alone .

Both enter the bathroom and maan closed the door with his leg.


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  1. Rajshree Bansode

    Superbbbb writing di…
    Daadima ne kya surprise diya hai Maaneet ki…
    It was really nice..

  2. Superbbb os,loved the surprise given by dadimaa 🙂

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