Geet is feeding her son when maan is just looking at the serene scene and feeling a kind of peace .

Geet kissed her son’s forehead then looked at his face who is sucking her hungirily ,she said maan ,aapka beta na bilkul aapke jaise hain uske, naak dekhiye, uske hoth, uske iye finger, sab ,aap jaise dekhiye,

Maan who just lost in his dream land  said hmmm.

Geet looked at him then up and said baba jee iye kabhi nehi badlenge dekhiye abhi kaise hmmm , ummm kuch nehi bolte dekhiye kaise bolte tak nehi,

Maan heard it and greeted his teeth and said geeettt.

Geet makes face then burped their son and make him sleep , when he is cuddling more near to his mother’s bosom and taking the warmth of his mother.

Later maan came near to geet and his son and looked at them , and kissed his son’s forehead  then said well I heard everything u say mrs khurana but I  can see my geet here , see how he yawn , when he pout , he smiles ,r indicating he is like his mama,mean u.

Geet pouted and said no way,maan aap dekh nehi rehe ho, he is like u, only u.

Both maaneet keep continue their fighting about how their son is looking like, like mother, or like father when dadi ma enterted with adi and shocked to see it,

Dadi said maan,geet, aab toh bare ho jaiye , kaise bache ke tarah lar rehe hain bacche ke parents ho gaye.

Maaneet felt embarassed when adi give his signature love but stop as maan glare him,

Later dadi ma took the little msk in her lap and said bilkul maan ki tarah sote hain dekhiye geet, humara maan bhi na aise sote the ekdam,Geet almost jumped in excited and said ha dadi ma hum bhi toh ohi kehe rahi thi mein, dekhiye na, humara beta na bilkul inke jaise hain kyuon dai ma sahi boon na,

Maan :-tum sahi iya galat toh baad mein decide karenge phele aapna bolna kam karo.

Geet turn and looked at maan then pouted and said Dusht Danav kabhi nehi badal sakte hain.

Maan glared at her then smirked .

Later dadi ma left from there when geet took few hours of rest where maan went to meet doctor for some time and a pinky is staying there for some need, after few  time maan joined when pinky went from there as she needs to bring food for geet and few cloths also, if needed.

Maan came take seat in the couch and looked at their son who is now  sleeping peacefully, his eyes fill with moist , he quickly wipes it and kneel down before his creadle and took his tiny palm in his and kissed  it and said I love u beta,thanks for coming in our live as a sun shine ,as color in our life, thanks beta, for coming back,

Maan didn’t know when tear of happiness falling from his eyes when geet slowly wipes it by her hand and said  thanks maan for giving me back my baby, aapne mere ,humara Baby lauta di.

Maan hold geet’s soft hand in his hand and pressed it with smiles then said thanks to u, after my Behavior with u, when the time was to hold u ,console u but I ‘.

Geet nodded her head no and said no maan, it’s not ur fault, it’s ur pain, insecurity, feeling helpless to see me like that  and it’s ur love which is possessive also and that time we both has done few mistakes but life make us learn and now we got back out baby, humara sapna.

Maan smiles when geet ruffled his hair little & bend to kissed his head when their little prince felt offended and shouts from top of his lungs .

Maaneet both got alermed but soon maan went before him and leaned and took him in his strong arms and  said ole mere beta, bhookh lagi hain acha aajao mere champ, aise rote nehi, iye dekho mama hain na   , and gave their son in geet’s lap, geet adjust little then helped him find her bud for his feed .

Their son is now busy to sucking her curve for his feed and with his small tiny hand try to hold  the base of  his mother curve .geet take him little more close to her and helped him to take the feed.

After his feeding session , maan took him in his hand and placed him in his broad chest and patted his back for burp and then make him sleep there when he happily snuggled close to him .

Geet looked at him and smiles to see the instant bond between her maan and their son.

At night ,maan helped geet with food and helped her to take care of their son, in nappy change , in sleeping.Whole night he was awake to see if there is any help his family will need.

Geet only felt lucky to have maan in their life, a best dadda , a best husband any one can want.

Even maan attend few meetings from hospital as he already booked another cabin side by geet’s cabin.

In this 5days, geet discover a new Maan Singh Khurana who is now loving father, protective father, who is equally enjoying the parents hood with her, who is equally helping her to take care of their son, helping her to making him sleep, telling him story though he didn’t understand anything but there is some unkind of bond between father ‘son.

She can clearly remember on day maan was busy in office due to some meeting for some imp project and full day he was busy there but still he came to hospital at night and that day geet was feeling tired due to whole day Raj , yes Rajveer, there son’s name ,

Raj whole day didn’t sleep at all and whole day geet has to take him in his lap but still he was too cranky as if missing his dadda  ,

She try to pacify him but no result, and pinky , adi, dadi ma also came but same thing , few moments stops again got cranky and more start his cry.

Later at night maan came after fresh up and took him in his arms within moment he got silent and snuggled close to his dadda’s broad chest .Geet smiles and soon maan make their son sleep and said khana hogaya iska na,

Geet nodded yes and said  ha aab sulane ja rehi thi baas iye hain ki.

Maan smiles and helped her to seat properly with the help of pillow in the bed then take seat besides her and said mishty bahut busy tha full day, u had to take care alone.

Geet quickly kissed his cheek and said mr khurana work is also imp and when we will go back home u can’t stay everyday with us na, and itna sochye mat,he will be used to it.

Maan smiles and said thanks and kissed her lips , their slowl gentle kiss gradually turn into passionate one.

Later,Maan looked at the tray where geet’s food kept, he took it and  make her eat slowly slowly and each morsel ,geet is telling him all day story what his son has done , how he make every one runs almost,

Maan chuckled and when geet said he is becoming like u mr khurana ,Jr MSK, loved to bossing over every one and want everything perfect.

Maan grinned then chuckled and said accha toh mein bossing karta hoon ha.Geet nodded innocently but maan bend over her little and rubbed his nose with her and whishper but my boss is here .

Geet shied and bit her lips which makes maan smiles.

In night also when need to change diper or after feed him, need to burped,maan has done that, maan as much as possible give geet relaxation and took and taking care of their son and her. But geet know, he also need to take care of himself,

After 5 days , geet got discharged from hospital and went back to KM.

Geet can guess from here whole KM will be decorated like newly wed bride.she chuckled and excited also as pinky already told how maan, adi, dadi ma r busy and do this all.

They reached KM and maan helped her to come out from the car and geet witnessed a KM which is decorated with flowers and geet can see it’s looking beautiful,

She slowly entered  the KM when dadi ma took arti of her and raj’s and maan’s

She  again entered the KM , her house, her maan’s house, their house with symbol of their love, with new feeling, new relation ,now more responsibilty but she excited also.

Dadi ma take her to their mandir and put a tikka and taveej on raj’s arms , A similar taveej which is tied in maan’s neck , which is bind them together forever ,

Geet smiles then dadi ma said maan to take her to their room as geet needs to rest now as well raj also.

At night , geet wake up from her sleep to find maan is walking on the room with their son, and raj is sucking thumbs and sleeping near to his chest peacefully.

Geet:-maan aap dijiye mujhe usse sayad bhookh lagi hain.

Maan:-nehi geet tu thaki hogi so jao.

Geet shook her head and said maan, mein nehi thaki hui , chaliye dijiye nehi toh phir oh uth jayega aur aapko disturb karega.waise usse bhooh laga hoga.

Maan slowly placed raj in her lap and said par mujhe laga nappy wet hain isliye sayad.

Geet smiles and settled little raj near to her bosom and who happily start to suck when geet said maan, oh bhi reason tha iye bhi hain.

Maan smiles and said sach mein ek ma sab janti hain.

Geet smiles and kissed their son’s tiny hand then maan’s cheek and said and ek dadda aap jaise jo aapne bete ke khyal aur uske sukh ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain,

Maan smiles and looked at their son who is now sleeping peacefully.

After five months Dadi ma held the ceremony of Namkaran and whole khurana mansion is hustle bustle due to this.

Here in room, Geet is can’t make her son ready as he is keep throwing tanterms when she finally said bilkul aapne dadda pe gaya hain har time nakhra karta rehehetha hain dekho.

When maan said Geeettt.

Geet:-ha ha pata hain geet mere naam , now if u got ready then make ready ur laadla,

Maan smiles and said well khuarana’s ko impressed karna itna asan nehi mrs khurana and itna jaldi haar maan gaye.

Geet twist her lips and said bare aaye impressed karne aapke bete aur aap dono nakhre baaj ho.

Maan placed little raj in the bed who is now throwing hands and legs in air and giggling , when maan rubbed his nose on his tummy and said so champs mama ko pareshan kar dia ha, not done na, , see mama was tired now, full day she was the one who take care of u and u making her run behind u, when raj pouted just like his mama,

Geet looked at them in awe when maan make him wear beautiful dress and said geet ho gaya, now ur beta will not disturb u.

Geet smiles then took raj in her arms and said badmash ,dadda ke baat jaldi maan jata hain ha. But raj only giggled.

After both maaneet got ready they came down to Hall of KM and dadi ma said aagaye aap dono, chaliye aaiye bathiye , Time of Puja is passing .

Maaneet smiles and take the seat with raj in geet’s lap.

Pandit jee start puja when raj is playing with geet’s pallu but soon got bored and start crying with noise when maan slowly patted him and said something on his ear & make him silent .

Raj again got busy with playing and geet asked aapne kya kaha iss badmash ko.

Maan chuckled and said well iye dadda and bte ke secret hain mrs khurana.

Geet twist her lips and said bare aaye secret huh.

Then both concentrate on the puja and in between checking their son after this pandit jee give Prasad for raj and then said it’s auspicious time and day so they can officially announced their son’s , little khurana’s name. and from the time of his birth , the word “R” will be perfect for his name.

Though Maaneet already give him the name Rajveer still they announced it with proud smiles in their face .

Geet kissed her son’s forehead when in reply he smiles happily and maan also bend and kissed raj’s little finger when he giggle to feel his dadda’s stubble.

Maaneet get up with raj in maan’s arms and all happily blessed the little khurana who is now again sleeping, who is apple of khurana, who is dil ka tukra of Dadi ma , who is little champ for his dadda, who is Naughty nephew of Adi mama and pinky aunty, who is RajDulara of Maaneet.



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P.S.:- This Os is different from previous one

Bundle Of Joy ,MG & JR Khurana OS

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept


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