“Falling for an unknown Feeling” Part2

Falling for a unknown Feeling

Part 2:-

Where suddenly vicky come and said bro open the door first

Maan :- what happen Vicky?

Vicky who is looking so pale and said bro .oh’bro

Maan loosing his patient and said what vicky, tell me.

Vicky :-oh bro, bhabi

Maan looks at vicky and asked what bhabi, kya hua geet ko, kya oh wapas

Vicky nodded his head in no and said she is , she is’.

Maan:- speak fast vicky, I don’t have time

Vicky looked at him with shocking expression then said yes  I forgot u r business tycoon MSK , don’t have any feeling.

Maan shouts vicky stop talking non sense ‘..

Vicky:-yes now I’m talking about non sense, grt, yes sorry to disturb u mr khurana , u can carry on with profit and losst, project, files, ur business.

Dev come there and said vicky come fast we have to go HP, have to find bhabi.

Maan:- geet,kaha gaye oh.

Vicky ignore and said aap nehi jante jab ki saare things ho rehe hain sirf aur sirf apke ego ke wajay se. aapko iye laga are geet mere patni lerki hain, aapka male ego hurt hua unki success dekh ke , she want to give u surprise to she take that project but alas , anyway , But remember one thing If anything happen to bhabi then ready to face the consequence also.

Maan look at vicky then said don’t u forget to whom u r talking then to dev stay here and don’t tell dadi ma anything and u mr vicky khurna go to KC and talked with Adi about the new project as there is some problem , handle it till me return with ur bhabi and try to keep all info only within u , dev and adi ,

Vicky looked at him and then said ok when maan said  and don’t worry I will take my wife back and I know my responsibility also, whatever happen between us it’s between a wife and husband, hope this thing went into ur head.and then maan close the door.

Dev smiles when vicky said DUSHT DANAV, khadus , sadu, bhabi sahi keheta hain this man is full of attitude and bhabi bhi inse hi pyaar kar baithe ,

Dev again give  smiles when vicky said don’t show me teeth, mere dimag jal raha hain now.

Dev give him side hug and said little bro, thand rakho, u r becoming like bro, are bro promised na then

Vicky but y this situation arise when dev cut him and said some time , something happen for best may be this is for this,. Now let go and do our respective duty and  u know other wise the consequences we have to follow .

Vicky sighed and said ha.

 They fail to see  a shadow is moving from there,.

Dev enter the room and see a tensed NT roaming here and there and he asked what happen NT.

NT weakly smiles and said nothing, just stay away from me and do ur work.

Dev:-I know what to do or not, don’t teach me and I know u and ur intention also.

NT smirked really u know me, u all khurana’s still don’t recognize the real face, and trust some double faced people  and hmm and left the room but again come back and said see every where and think what u think not it’s correct some times there r something hidden behind the face.

Dev laughs and said and u told me this grt.

NT give him a look and left from there.


Here, maan driving his car and think where is geet, he called her phone and found it no response .he went to DARGAH, TEMPLE, OFFICE,  but no result , he runs his hand on his hair and think where is she?


He went back to Out house but there is also nothing, again he going out side and stop his car in front of the FARM HOUSE and went to inside asked about geet to the servant but still same result, he went to his room and sit in the chari  and think where is geet and said I’m sorry geet, pls come back,I know I was and I’m rude but I done it to save u .I don’t want u involved to that project which is not suitable, for u , I should make u understand geet, it’s my ego stop when u said I’m thinking low of u, how could I think low of u, after our marriage I learn new things about woman, after my dadi ma I met an woman who is different from every one, who is sensible, who is mature yet innocent,t yet beautiful , yes know how to handle pressure who never shown her interest on my money or fame, who , it’s my my  fault , I’m sorry geet, I just want to stay away from that project, I want to help me in our project in London , so we can spend time there, yes I want to spend time with u,.


Maan get up and feel I’ll find u and again come out from there and start his car .suddenly something stuck on his mind and he smiles and said I’m coming geet.

He reached at AIRPORT and called authority and gathers some information and then straight went to hotel Star international and after talking with maneger giving him something , coming back from there and goes to  FARM HOUSE  and instruct something to Servants  He opens the door and settle himself in the room and said so mrs khurana, I will take u back.

 He called some one and waiting for some time when geet enter the room and said dadi ma kya hua and see maan is standing there with a smirk.

She looks at him then runs and hugged him tightly and said u r fine.

Maan smiles and hugged her back and kissed her hair and said yes geet, m fine,

Geet who is crying and clinging in her shirt said but manager said dadi ma is here and looking for me and said ur life ,and hugged more tightly.and crying there.

Maan freed her and cupped her face and said geet, I’m fine dear, don’t worry ‘..

Geet wipes her tear and said but they told me that then look at maan and said maan,

Maan hold her tightly and said shhh, don’t shout I’m helpless, I don’t have any other option.

Geet look at him some time and then slapped him hard and said what do u think of ur self mr khurana,  u r heart less , so am I also,u never think of any one feeling and u r now playing with other emotions also,

Maan:- geet look

Geet hold his collar and said what maan Singh khurana, u never think of any one feeling, hwo could u said this to me, ur life in danger, how could u maan and again hold his coller, u told me to left from ur life, house and business .I left, u told me after our marriage don’t expect anything, u told me not except ur love, ,care even any emotions, but still some how I feel u care for me, u showed emotions towards me, u save me, protect me and I thought u  have heart, feeling but I’m wrong u have nothing , now tell me y r again played with my emotions, what ur actual intention , oh  u r here to tell me I’m ruining ur family reputation, or u want to give me divorce, no u will not as dadi ma will hurt then ,  y r doing this to me, what’s ur intentions, tell me.or give me new blame but she was cut by maan who seal her lips by his and kissing her senselessly, madly like he want to poured out something,, Here, geet is melting like ice cream in his arms and slowly kissing him back,

After maan break from the kissed hugged her back and said I’m sorry geet, I never intend to hurt u,I just want to back, I know my way , or process is wrong but what to do, I can’t contact u, I search u every where and I’. failed but geet closed his lips when maan kissed her palm and said geet, I don’t know what happen to me when u left me, when ur  not return in my life,

Geet thinking sayad galat sun liye ghar ke place mein life bol rehe hain but soon maan said  but geet I find something missing in my life, something is incomplete without u, something I miss.I don’t know geet, what is it?I just know I want u with me, in my life, in my work, u have to stay with me.

Geet smiles and free herself and said in which relations maan Singh khurana?

Maan again pulled her and said U r but geet stopped him and said u need me for what maan, oh I guess, u r feeling I can now satisfy y desire isn’t it ?


Again geet cut him and said oh mistake that is marry me isn’t it,.

Maan rubbed his temple and said y r u so impossible now, y r u don’t understand or want to understand my feelings, my word,

Geet :- u did same thing maan, I want same thing but , but pls don’t think I’m taking revenge I can’t and u will never understand me, anyway, now come to the point so u here to take me with u but listen mr khurana I’m not going with u, I will tell dadi ma and I’m sure she will understand,

Maan:- Geet don’t be stubborn, if I done a mistake and then I said sorry .I want to rectify mistake  mean I want to rectify all my wrong deed with u, I want start from the beginning again. How I proved geet I’m missing u.

Geet:-hmmm u know what maan it’s temporary missing me , but time goes u will forget me like out of sight out of mind.

Maan:- geet, aise nehi hain.

Geet:- asie hi hain, maan ,accept it.

Both r argued with each other when maan’s phone ring and maan picked it up and said ha adi bolo, abhi nehi baad mein right now m busy, nehi it’s urgent what ok m coming back.

Geet:-what happen? Dadi ma kaise hain? Jhooth mat bolna.

Maan:- nothing , dadi ma thik hain  oh actually London ka project ko leke problem baar rehi hain, I guess we have to go.

Geet:-kyuon kya hua?

Maan:-oh some mis understand between us, mean our company with the client.

Geet:-ok, u can go and meet them.

Maan evilly smiles and said u have to go with me.


Maan:- cause , u r head of this project.

Geet but how is it possible as I don’t .

Maan:-Oh I made it but u adamant to do that project, wait before again u jump into the conclusion let me clear I decided about this project much before and now pls no more argument , will do it later, let us meet them first.

Geet:-yes only for this project meeting then removed from this like u removed me from that project and my project also.


Flashback(Part1)( what happent hat day, what maan said it’s half will come later more what happen that day):-

Maan shouts at geet what do u think of ur self , u can do anything, decide anything and no one will protest, just cause dadi ma give u power u r misuse it, what do u think it’s ur company then let me clear miss handa its our company , khurana construction . do u get it miss handa.

Geet looked at maan and say I’m mrs maan Singh khurana.

Maan turns and said  no , u r not , if u then u should understand me and my word but no.


Flashback end:-

Car halt at the KC and geet come back from past and said hum aagye.

Maan look at geet and said yes,



Here at KM:-

Rimita throw the mobile on the bed and said how could it happen, how maan veer jee find that geet, arrhhh




White rose(sorry for this precap)

U r mine only mine do u get it.


U r  under arrest mrs khurana



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  1. yeh kya shock hai arrest geet for what

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