“Falling for an unknown Feeling” Part3



Here at KM:-

Rimita throw the mobile on the bed and said how could it happen, how maan veer jee find that geet, arrhhh this girl is pain in my life, every body loves her y, what she has, for her I have to tone down my behavior, for her I have to mellow down my tone, for her I have to marry that idiot vicky, I guess I could easily manipulate everything in home and office but no that old woman bring geet here for maan veer jee. I thought that maan veer jee never will accept geet but now he bring her back again. What the *******, I have to work fast to stop geet to come back in this home, but how…..Dadi ma , no she is blindly love with that geet, maan veer jee, I have to do something, she evilly smiles .


KC :-

Geet is looking at some files when maan come and said geet, kuch kha lo.

Geet:-u take it.I will later.

Maan:- geet,

Geet:-Maan, if u want I’ll stay here then just don’t disturb me.

Maan:- well then and hold her elbow and pull her towards him and said mrs khurana , u will not .

Geet try to push him when maan hold her closer and said U will not go from here, actually, u can’t cause  ……..

Geet still looking at at him and keep struggling from his grip when maan said cause u loved our company and u don’t want to see any trouble come here.

Geet look at him and said u r blackmailing me.

Maan:- yes cause u r too much stubborn and ziddi so I have to , now stop arguing and eat it.

Geet twist her lips and sat in the couch for eating some food.

Maan smiles and busy to see the file which is he left few mins ago.

Maan:- geet , I think there is some one in side in the KC who is doing this?

Geet look at him then said yea but not in KC.

Geet take a sip of juice and said don’t u see anything else than ur KC, look at other side.

Maan close the file and said geet, don’t give me riddle and tell me simply.

Geet smirked and said I’m not giving u riddle, see,if not KC then what left to our close place from where  a closed one can try to harm.

Maan think for some moments then said NT

Geet shook her head in negative way when maan said then kaun,,, the said oh no but y simran chachi(NT’s mashi, but she is very nice) will do,

Geet sighed and murmur he is business tycoon maan Singh khurana , uff kya karu mein inka .

Maan:- geet .

Geet:-NT and her family r not ur enemy maan, pls look other side in ur home.

Maan:- dev-vicky no, then.

Geet continue to munching her food and said aapke iye business empire dadi ma ko le lena chiaye.,


Geet chuckled and said uff maan,

Maan get up from there and went to his locker  and then open it and take something and give it to geet and said see it.

Geet:- what is this

Maan:- read it jaan.

Geet looked maan with shocking and surprising expression when maan said jaldi dekho.

Geet look at the folder and she is shocked and said what is this maan.do u know everything?

Maan:-no, not fully, I just seen the name of the main culprit in the after noon , I was shocked , couldn’t believe it, y she is doing it? Y rimita doing it, I thought she is very decent girl, good girl but, I can imagine NT can do it but rimita. I couldn’t believe it then I went to  a meeting and found from Mr joshi , about that she is interested about this project and then I told adi to keep an eye on her but  before that ,then this problem come on London project and by this time when I’m coming from home NT told me that she seen rimita misplaced the file and want to tell us but then she thinks it’s high  time to take some revenge from u.

Geet looked at him then said par meine toh kabhi.

Maan:-yes even don’t understand it me also, I can’t understand y u all women always ready to fight with each other .

Geet:- stop blaming us for everything,  and if NT have a problem then I will handle it.

Maan:- yes u all r so innocent, never , sorry I mean NT and rimita type girl, not every one.

Geet  smiles and said maan it’s ok.I understand. But jaha tak mujhe pata hain rimita toh vicky se pyaar karti hain then

Maan:- don’t know, let us solve this problem then will handle her,

Geet:- but maan if she done something

Maan:- trust me jaan.

Geet blushed slightly then said hmmm.

Maan called adi and vicky and said fixed video conference with them to London client.

Vicky:- bro, aap iha clients and business karte rehe gaye, where is bhabi, dev bhaiya kitna baar call kar dia hain and dadi is asking about bhabi , as uncle jee called and said send both of u there as there is some puja will held .

Maan:- Vicky, relax  and I guess u r becoming like ur bhabi , ruk jao , take breath then speak.

Vicky :- bro aapko majak sujh raha hain , u don’t have any care for bhabi and here u only care for ur business , profit and loss, no relation, nothing is matter for u.

Geet feel angry and sad and said vicky, don’t u every forget he is ur elder brother and this is the way to talk to ur brother. What he done with me or whatever happen between us , it’s between us,.

Vicky :- bhabi aap uha ho

Geet:-ha mein iha hoon and for ur kind information all cause of ur brother, now say sorry to him.

Vicky feel shame and said I’m sorry .I ….

Maan cut him and said vicky, it’s ok, baas jaldi se jo kaha complete karke meet me at my cabin.

Vicky:-ok bro.

Maan cut the call and turned to geet and said geet,

Geet:-Maan,I’m sorry I know I lost my temper but

Maan hold his hand and said geet, he loves u like his own sister,and

Geet:-I know maan, he loves me and me also but I can’t heard anything from any one about u ,it’s between us, it’s between husband wife , neither we fight in the public so all r coming to but she stop when they noticed some one knocked the door.

Maan:-Come in

Vicky:- Bro, bhabi we told them about the conference and they agreed. We have to go to conference room within 30mins, I told pinky to arrange everything and adi arranging other side .

Maan nodded when geet said vicky, do one work, go to home and take care of dadi ma and see what NT is doing.

Vicky:- ok bhabi but there is rimita and dev bro.

Geet:- vicky, I know but still go, we need dev for some work and let rimita rest some time, she doing lots of work

Vicky look surprised and think but what she done, other than taking rest, shopping, cooking.


Later at conference room:-

Maan make sure all r going well and for their favor.

Maan:- sorry Gentleman for this urgent meeting and whatever happen, actually there is some misunderstanding in time and date of the start of the project and I accept it’s my fault.

Geet hearing this closed her eyes in pain and think rimita all cause of u, a man never done anything wrong or said sorry today he had to do it all cause of u. u will pay for it.

Maan:- Mr bell  we r sorry for the unnecessary problem happen but trust us Mr bell  this will never repeat as u see we r always keeping our promise, but one thing sure by this time we again research about the project and we come out for another plan as back up.

MR Bell:-I understand mr khurana but as u know we want more professionalism from ur end but as  ur company has huge good will and we worked together before so I’m not overlooking this last time but pls mr khurana make sure this will not repeat next time.

Maan:- no Mr bell we will not repeat this,

Mr bell :- but we need  another meeting and we want to see the plan so if possible can u come to London now.

Maan look at geet when geet said yes we will come mr bell, thanks for considering our plan, and I apologizes again on behalf of mr khurana, now pls tell us the date, time, place when we can meet next time .

Mr bell:-ok let me ask my secretary when the place and time r free,

After few mins they decided after 2 week they will go to London.

Mr bell:- thanks mr and mrs khurana and we r really excited to continue this project.

Geet:- same here also mr bell.

Maan:- thanks mr bell then the conference is complete.

Maan sat in the chair and closed his eyes like a burden reduced from his shoulder.

Geet look at him and want to caresses his face but her pain is still lingering, yes she can’t let him face this alone . but y maan said so much rude words to her.


Maan:-yes u r , after u coming my life, all spoiled ,I told dadi ma but she is adamant to make me marry to u and see the result, and u always interfering in my life .I told u stay away from me but no, u r  the one ziddi woman I have ever seen, I told u to not accept the project and u ignore me, I told u to let vicky or dev handle the project but

Geet:-par maan.

Maan:- no more geet, I don’t want to hear a word from u. what do u think u will do anything and I will tolerated  all non sense. U think u will take any decision and I will accept it.

More geet, u misplaced those files and don’t remember what file I’m talking about, what do u want geet? Do  u want to take revenge or u r dumb .

Geet look at maan with teary eyes, she know he is heartless but what is happening it’s beyond her expectation, and what a tragic  thing she loves him like madly,her world revolve around him, she can’t take this any more,

When maan said geet, y r u standing here, do what ever u want to do, u want to continue that project go ahead .but remember one thing, but forget me to ….but before he can complete the sentence geet runs from there, where maan said but forget met to help u if u face any problem, u will handle all ur problem and the maan turn to see geet is no where and again said this woman never heard full thing and now left from here. Great. Dadi ma ko bhi puri duniya mein iye mile thi, ….then sat in the chair and smiles and said pagal hain, thora sa dantu toh muh phula ke baith jayegi, kyuon dant rehi hoon, kyuon kehe rehi hoon. Mana kyat ha oh project le uha problem hain but no madam will do what she wants, now will see  her later, let me complete this meeting other wise another problem will come, waise meine usse mere sath London le jana chatha tha but no , chalo, aab kya kare.but ,ok I will talk to her and make her understand y m against this project, not cause I don’t want her to work in this alone, but cause it’s risky project and too much problem r there but how I will convinced her, already I said those things but when she was so adamant then what can I do?

Here geet is crying and leave the office and think aab aur nehi, he didn’t want me in his life, he think I’m only brining problem for him. Ok now I’ll go from his life, roj roj ke parehsani se unhe dur rakhna hoga,I’ll go and but where, I can’t go to Papa’s place then …..

I’ll stay here two days here then left from here too.I’ll not go to papa’s place, he will think it’s my fault, all only think all bad things happen cause of me.

Flashback end


Geet look at maan and see him staring at him and then she get up from the chair and said when u needed me  for this project again call me I will come .

Maan just look at her then said u think I take u back only cause of this project.

Geet look another side then said yes

Maan:- geet,

Geet:-I think u should inform vicky about rimita.

Maan come close to her and hold her hand and said we will talk about us , not any other geet.

Geet look at him when he continue y r u thinking I’m taking u back only cause of this project.Geet,

Geet:- yes and then, there is problem and u need my help, and baas problem solved so I can go.

Maan:- geet, I’m sorry , geet, I don’t know anything about how to say things .I just, I don’t know in anger, what I said .Geet ,frankly speaking I didn’t want to marry any one, so I told u at our honeymoon, I want to tell it on our first night but seen u happy, shy, I don’t know y not feeling to break ur any dream but I feared if u keep dreaming about any life with me . I can’t give u ,I’m not like prince charming person.I’m not romantic person. I don’t know anything romantic things .I feared if u keep dreaming about me as I seen  ur looking at me something differently.

So I decided at our honeymoon and I confessed and I was shocked and surprised to see u accept that also. Later we work together and don’t know y I felt something for u.like I can’t see u in pain. I can’t see u hurt but what a ironical things it’s me who hurt u, give u pain, give u tears in ur beautiful eyes. It’s me who insult u, humiliate u, but trust me geet , I never want to do it, u know my temper and all know isliye I told dadi ma don’t spoil any girl’s life but she want to see me marry, she want to see my child she want to she my wife, she want some one who can take care of me and she have , she gave me angel,

Unknown feeling


Love until you can smile

pain is just so real to happen                                                  

even the dead are cruel

being with someone is a mile

having this paper and my pen

is an everlasting jewel


never too late to fall in love

never too late to feel the pain

never to stop until you can

never to forget to thank above

this feeling is so insane

hardly to forget that she’s my wife


i don’t know what lies ahead

the things that should matter

and the things to let go

though the heart  bleed to be with her

that somehow feel failure not being by her side

then i should let my heart lead me

 from maan to geet

by (simi91)






Geet look at him with teary eyes when maan knelt before him and said geet, yes she gave me angel , an angel who come and bring color in my life but I send her  away but u know I feel suffocated , I can’t stay in peace, I can’t stay happily after u went from my life, but I can’t expressed it and think u will come back as u know ur maan has big ego. He don’t know how ot express, what to express so when I didn’t find u I just played and trap u to come with me. I’m sorry I hurt u again and again but geet I realized I can’t stay without u.I just feel lonely, pls geet come back.I will try my level best to change but geet cut him and said I’m sorry and happy. Happy cause ur honest confession but sorry I can’t right now I need time. I need to realized I really loves u or it’s just .pls maan give me some time. And then geet just runs from there.

Maan sat in the floor rooted , feeling lost, sad hurt and in immense pain.he know after their marriage he never give her any happiness but he himself don’t know when he falls for her, don’t know y he feel sad to see her sad but he is the one who give her only pain and make her sad .

Maan :- it’s my fault and it’s my punishment , I will wait geet, I know u love me and will come back or I will take u back in my life.

Later he come back to KM, all r waiting for maaneet together.

Dadi ma informed by Nakul that maan’s car is in the KM.

Dadi ma:-NT bring the arti thali.

Rimita come forward and said mein laaun dadi ma.

Before any one can say anything more maan come there alone .

Vicky:- bro, aap where is bhabi?

Dadi ma:- beta, geet,kaha hain.

Maan looked down and said  she will not come and goes towards his room when dadi said and u come back with out him mr khurana.

Vicky stops her  and dev said dadi ma pls but rimita said poor geet bhabi, kya kya socha tha par , kya kare  sab sahi kehethe hain maan veer jee ke sath unke jodi . but vicky shouts RIMITA.

Rimita close her mouth  but cursed vicky and geet.

NT look at dev and smirked then went from there.

Dadi ma fell on the couch  and said iye kya ho gaya and maan, I  feel sorry for geet, I ruined her life to get her marry a man like him,   a stone man. Heart less man .


After1 week there is huge party for grand success of Shimla project .

Dadi ma some how agree to come there as vicky make her understand. But she is not happy with anything, she tried her best to make maan understand  that bring back geet but maan always said give her time dadi, If my love for her is true then she will definitely come back in my arm, in my life.just once she will tell she want to come back I promise dadi I will bring back her but now she needs time I break her heart, soul, mind, I insult her .


Party is going on full way when , Mr Sodi is searching for maan but vicky said he will come later.


Here in maan’s room , maan is talking with Mr bell about next week meeting and when he feel two pair of arms hugged him tightly and said booked two ticked for us.

Maan smiles and hold her hand and said ok Mr bell we will meet then after 1 week. Then called to his travel agency and said yes two tickets confirm karo.yes mr and mrs khurana.

Then maan cut the call and turns and see his life, he feel like something excited and just kissed her forehead and said love u geet, thanks for coming back in my life.

Geet smiles and said I can’t stay away from u. I just feel like something snatched from me. Feeling like my body is soul less, my heart stop beating. I love u Mr khurana. I love u for everything, I can’t stay away from u, if u again said me to go away but maan cut her and take her lips in his manly lips and said U r mine only mine do u get it.

Later maan take her with him to main hall and every one surprised to see them together.

Dadi ma is so happy and hugged them and blessed them.

Geet want to say sorry but Dadi ma cut her.

Every one busy and maaneet met with mr sodi.

Later the danced together .Geet feel thrilling to feel his hand on her bare waist .

Later after the party , geet went to meet dadi ma and said tell her everything about rimita and said aap boliye mein kya karu.

Dadi ma shocked and crying and said mere vicky ka kya hoga, oh aise , hum sochte the NT aise kar sakta hain when NT enter the room and said dadi ma , jo dikhta hain oh hota nehi aur jo dikhta nehi ohi hota hain.but Geet , tumne jo kaha mene kar dia aab agar dadi ma give us permission.

Dadi ma:- tum logo ko jo sahi lage iss ghar ke liye karo.I don’t trust any one geet, tum samalo mere ghar ko.

Geet hold her hand and said dadi ma trust me  ,I will not break ur trust, I will always protect our family.

After this maan called Police and police came and said Rimita khurana u r under  arrest ,

Rimita  shouts what r u saying inspector, how dare u said this when vicky  slapped her and said stop ur drama rimita, I keep  my self silent, numb just cause of my bro and bhabi and collect evidence against  u, u r playing with our emotions, u r sabotaging our company, not any more rimita, not any more, I loved u  but that’s my fault I fall for u, u r devil ,

Rimita look at  vicky then said I will not , leave u and what prove u have ,

Geet:- well we have enough prove but don’t need to tell u,

Maan:- inspector , take her.

Rimita shouts, dadi ma, pls.

Vicky said shut ur mouth rimita, cause of u, we almost lost our London project, Simla project if GEET bhabi is not here then , we almost lost those project but  anyway, u changed files and give blame to bhabi and try to separate bro and bhabi. And now u told u don’t know.u done many things against us.anyway, enough of this, cause of me this family had this torture but now I will rectify it . take her away from here.

Rimita:-I’ll not leave u, vicky neither maan and geet.


After that Geet thanks NT for helping her to see the true face of rimita.

NT:-  geet, it’s ok even me too don’t like u but that doesn’t mean I will doing something like this nasty, anyway, I warn dev but as usual he over look the matter, hope now he understand.

Dev looked away.

Later  at maaneet’s bedroom, geet is looking at moon when maan hold her from behind and said U r  under arrest mrs khurana


Geet chuckled and said for what ?

Maan:- to steal my heart, to break my promise that I will never falls in love , to break my promise that I will never  make friendship with any woman except dadi ma. But u break all my promise and now U r  under arrest mrs khurana   and ur punishment is lifetime imprisonment.

Geet turns and hugged him tight and said I accept this punishment whole heartedly.


Maan give her white rose and said can we be  friend and let’s begin from the fresh.

Geet nodded in yes.Both hugged each other .



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