“Falling for an unknown Feeling” Part4

Next Part:-

Maan is sleeping on his stomach when geet came from washroom and wiping her hair and said maan, uthiye , come on get up maan.

Maan:- geet, let me sleep after so many year I have my good sleep.

Geet smiles but she know how maan was lonely and became machine, she went near to her maan and cares his head lovingly when maan automatically put his head on her lap .

She bends little & kissed his forehead.

Maan smiles and then said geet, thanks for coming back in my life, thanks for giving me and our relation one chance, thanks for proving me Ill be good husband thanks for giving me another chance to our love and pull her geet face for a kiss .

In kitchen :-

Geet is making paratha when Vicky came and said oh bhabi

Geet who frying the  paratha asked what happen vicky ?

Vicky looked down and said I’m sorry . geet stop her work and looked at him then said vicky

Vicky bend his head and said all happened cause of me .

Geet quickly said nehi Vicky, never, y u r blaming urself, vicky u r  not at fault, vicky , it’s a mu , which one created by rimita , if u r thinking that u loved her then it’s not ur mistake vicky, love happen anytime  with any one how it’s ur fault vicky, u never know about her true intentions then , u loved her but it’s her bad luck she choose something ,else. Vicky u don’t have fault neither u can feel guilty . y u will fell guilty for that matter , come on vicky don’t let her rule on ur heart and mind so much that u r feeling guilty . now vicky come one forget it, something happen for best,some times we don’t know but it’s happen.

Vicky :-hmm but I need time bhabi.

Geet sighed then said ok but don’t feel or make ur self guilt over something. Now give me a smile  my little devar.

Vicky smiles faintly.

Later in office maan is finishing all the pending work fast as they have to go for a meeting in LONDON tomorrow morning so he need to finish most of the work today.

Some one knock his cabin door when maan said come in .

Adi came and adjust his specs and said sss sir

Maan shook his hear to hear his stammering and wonder y in the world adi always stammer in front of him , he shrugged and said what happen adi

Adi :-he he but stop instantly after maan glaring at him and adi said quickly oh Miss Rathod came for the meeting.

Maan :-oh ,damn , I have to for a shopping with geet and here again I stuck with this meeting.hmm , I’m coming to the Conference room , tell her to wait there.

Maan get up from his seat and went to meet Miss Rathod in conference hall.

Here in XYZ shopping mall, geet is waiting for maan last 2hours but he is not where to seen.

she is cribbing cutely  when u needed him , he will no where to seen, y he is like that baba jee,

she bought few dresses for her and him .

Later at night maan entered KM and seen every one r chatting in hall when dadi ma said are maan beta , maan just asked dadi ma where is geet?

Vicky:- y, bhabi is here I mean in her room only, what happen bro, u r looking tensed but till maan runs from there like he will participate in Olympic .

Dev, NT, Dadi ma ,Vicky r looking at him like he came from some other planet .

Dadi ma:-now , y he is running like this?

Dev:- don’t know dadi ma anything.

NT:- geet is looking happy few mins ago then .

Vicky:- forget it this husband wife will make us crazy one day.

Dadi ma :- vicky who said what dadi ma, I didn’t say anything wrong ask Dev bhaiya .

They continue it more

Here in maaneet’s room:-

Geet is giggling to hear maan’s panic voice when she called and threaten him .

She remember how she lied she will go away from this house any time, when he didn’t care for her.she smiles when she came to know y maan couldn’t make to shopping with her.

She smiles and didn’t notice that maan is there and shocked to see her giggling, smiling and talking with his pic

Maan :-so Mrs khurana playing with me ha, ok honey , we will play both together.

He entered the room and placed the file on the table and went to cupboard and take out his towel when he heard  sound like something fall on the floor . he smirked and know it’s geet his geet throwing something on the floor.

He went to washroom when geet said hawww , this is so, he didn’t even looked me ok one he didn’t reached at shopping mall then didn’t even say sorry jaan , neither took me in his arm nor he say anything huh anything didn’t even a word ,ok mr khurana  even I’ll not also talk with u huh dush danav, sadu , kharush, das sar wale raven.

She stormed her feet went away from there here in side the washroom , maan controlling his laugh and urge to take his cutie wife in his arms. She is looking so cute now .

Maan:-I guess she left the room, let’s hurry up maan, fast complete ur shower and after dinner take a good sleep cause after u no us reach LONDON u will not get rest jaan and nor I.

That night maaneet both avoid each other where whole family is surprise to see it ,

Dadi ma called both maaneet in her room and asked what happen maan, y u r behaving same with geet, can’t u learn from ur mistake enough what this all  ?

Geet quickly said nothing dadi ma oh toh baas aise hi, I mean he is little tensed over office as he is going out for many days and u know who will handle office ye s dev and vicky r here still u know how much maan loves his work so he is just little bit tensed , worried u know na , how he is nothing much, kyuon hain na and looking at maan .

Both maan & dadi r looking at geet the burst out in laugh and dadi ma said hmm I can see it beta then said ok beta, good night have rest and as both of u have morning  flight and kissed their forehead then hugs them .

Next day , maaneet take blessing from dadi and went to take their LONDON flight.

In flight :-

Geet took window seat and excited like little kid, well she went many times aboard still there is excitement in her may be this time she is going with her husband, she is smiling and giggling.

Maan happy to see her smiles and said jaan but soon she frowned and turned her head like little girl. He smiles but soon he discover a possessive wife when air hostess asked for their lunch.

Maan smiles and take help from his darling wife as he know his one word towards air hostess or any one will wake up the sherni . it’s not like that geet is not trusting him, she trust him more than anything, for her trust means maan now, yes from past week both discover each other well . they know each other more, their likes, dislikes, their unsaid words also they can understand now , their teasing , their fighting , their longing for each other all r their and yes their love, that love for that they can die for each other yes in this small span of time thy came that close to each other, maan smiles when geet murmur aapne aap muskura rehe hain huh, ( now he is smiling to himself, huh) I’m sure there is something when she noticed that smile turned into smirk like he is thinking something devilish yes her husband is devil but she loves him. She closed her head and tries to grab some sleep before they reached their destination.

Geet wake up when she feels some calling her, she opened her sleepy eyes and found her maan is looking at her lovingly and said jaan, wake up we will be reached soon , go and fresh up honey.

Geet smiles in return.

After couple of hours , at Maaneet’s rooms , in Km, in London :-

Maan came out from washroom and finding her jaan no where to be seen.

Maan :- where is she now, geet, geet , she quickly wore is track and black vest and went out side  and find in kitchen his sweetheart is busy in kitchen giving instruction.

He smiles and absorbing her every gesture.

Maan coughs to get her attention when geet turned and find her hand some hot husband is there & looking at her intently.

Geet suddenly frowned and turned again to her respective work.

Maan shook his head and within a sec geet feel herself carried by maan like feather, she shouts Maan What is this leave me I have so much work , gosh maan, can’t u hear ,Maan , arrrhhh, u r beaching like deaf now when maan said woman I’m not deaf but will become if u continue ur scream like this.

Geet :-hawww and hit his chest and said u r mean, I will not talk with u and turned her face but soon discover herself in the soft bed when maan closed the door by remote and said so u will not talk with me , geet turned said no .

Maan folded his hand and looking at her intently when geet said don’t looked at me like this .

Maan came forward when geet turns her back towards him and maan asked y jaan, if I’m looking at like that then ,what happen to u .

Geet felt some one’s breath on her nape when she closed her eyes and here maan smirked to see this effect on her.

He smiles and put his hand on her waist & nuzzled her neck by his nose & said geet who just moaned hmm,maan.

Maan smiles then said I’m sorry geet, but that day I really stuck in meeting and I really want to give u my company , want to spend my time with u but.when geet turns and cupped his face & said it’s ok maan, I can understand it. It’s not ur fault,work is imp maan we have full life when maan said no geet along with work u r also most imp in my life geet.but as I promised I will give my time fully u when geet’s eyes wide but maan kissed her eyes and said don’t be surprise we will spend here almost 6months when geet shouts WHATTT?

Maan closed her mouth by his hand and pull her beneath him and said shhh, listen me first as here we came for the meeting along with that some one need to supervise the work so we will be here and along with that we will try to know each other more, here work pressure will be less comparatively Delhi but that doesn’t mean we will not work, ha.and yes we have to Paris for a business conference after two week.

Geet nodded then kissed maan’s palm when maan smiles to see her gesture and geet smiles and hugged maan.

Next two days maaneet r busy with little office work, little house work as they r again do up their home according to their taste where work less masti more.

Then went to shop some time or some time movie .

Like one day, maaneet went to see a movie but the way geet is praising over the hero maan is getting angry.and adding fuel in maan’s jealousy some young boy r gaping at geet .

Maan instantly putting his hand on her waist but geet said maan let’s go to that side but maan said no let’s go for that side see there is some , some when geet looked at him & said there is nothing maan, chaliye na.

Maan:- geet oh actually but geet pulled him with her and they entered the music section where various cds for latest and old and different kind of music .

Geet is happy and busy to see the various CDs dvds when maan is observing those boys who r intently looking or gaping at geet.

Geet :-oh no I’m searching this vol 2 but it’s not here now what to do when a boy came and said yes ma’m any problem I’ll help u.

Geet give him most angelic smiles and said yes oh actually I’m searching for the vol 2 of this CD but it’s not here.

Boy give her a smiles & said no problem ma’m , I’m here na to help u don’t worry I’ll giving u actually some exclusive  and sply antic pieces r for only collection we have few cds for this , but only few good  person like u bought those , anyway I’ll bring that  wait for me.

 When maan noticed this just came and stood besides geet and said what happen geet? Is he disturbing u?

Geet:-oh no maan, he is helping me such a cute boy he is .

Maan looking he will burst out any moments now, his wife, his one and only wife calling another man(18yrs teenage boy) is cute huh  when that boy came there almost running and said here it’s geet smiles and said thanks a lot  when that boy smiles and said no problem  ma’m any time u have any problem just tell me and I’ll but soon his voice cut when he noticed another pair of angry eyes almost try to burning him there.

He gulped his saliva when maan said darling , let’s go we r getting late and pull geet close to him more.

Geet :-yes maan, thanks little boy and turns when that boy stood there like statue  and try to understand the situation .

His collogue came and said he is most famous industrialist MR MAAN SINGH KHURANA .

Here maaneet went to another shop for some jewelry where maan is cribbing y he agree with geet for this shopping or movie , they r still roaming here & there don’t know from where this women got energy for this shopping .

Geet noticed it and smiles then come close to him and kissed his cheek then corner of his lips and moved from there quickly where maan stood rooted in that place .

Maan’s trance broke by geet’s sound when she said maan iadhar aaiye (come here Maan ),

Maan stand besides her and said hmmm .

Geet:-maan help me to select some unique and simple necklace for dadi ma and meera ,and Nt and simple brace late also and for men I think brace late not from here I’ll bought something else when maan said geet we r here for 6months so what’s the need to buy them now , we can buy them later also   when geet said maan yes sure but that will be for more things as we will come later also , just leave them and help me na.

Maan sighed and murmur something inaudible for geet .

After this all maaneet almost done with this they r ready to return to their sweet home when geet noticed a young couple r kissing each other intently , she smiles and said hay so dreamy, look maan, they r so adorable hay marjava.

Maan feels what is adorable here, they r kissing in front of every one and it’s adorable. Huh . but next line from geet, give him thousand shock kash koi mujhe karta but she stopped in mid way when maan is looking at her and geet give him a smile and said oh let’s go when maan

Said what r u trying to say geet? Huh can u explain me little when geet murmur mar gaya now I’m gone sure when geet meekly said nothing I was just wondering the weather is so hot na here.

Maan: – don’t change the topic.

Geet is trying to avoid the question when maan pull her and geet collide with maan’s broad chest when maan slide his hand on her stomach and pressed it gently and said can u explain what r u trying to say few mins ago?

Geet :-nothing , I was just avieni , maan m feeling to so tired let’s go na .but before geet move little maan make her turn and looked at her intently when geet said ok fine I just want to say ,I just but before anything maan slams his lips with him and kissing her intently , passionately at first geet shocked then feel like she is in heaven and respond her equally with same force.

Both r drowning in their passion  where geet’s hand massaging maan’s scalp and maan’s hand geet’s back to waist and they didn’t want to break their kiss but they have to due to lack of air .

And they heard claps from every where.Geet shied and hugged him tightly and said maan.

Maan smiles and hugged her back.

Geet slowly whispers I know only u have the right to kiss me I told that only make u feel jealous .

Maan shocked to hear it and see the naughty and shy grin on geet’s face and then said u will pay honey.


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  1. booth are on unofficial honeymoon maan big J from salesboy

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