Falling for an unknown Feeling

Falling for an unknown Feeling





Maan is roaming in his room and still sulking and feeling shame to his behavior and think how could he said those rude words to geet. Then soon he defend himself what can he do when all proves against geet, when nt and adi told ‘. So’..but geet’s eyes which are full of pain, hurt after I accuse her .

Dadi ma come and said May I come in Mr Khurana?

He turns and said dadi ma.

Dadi ma :- dinner lag gaya hain if u feel and want to eat then come and join every body and I request u pls don’t create any more drama once again.

Maan try to say something again when dadi stopped him and leave the room.

Maan feel guilty to create drama in front of Meera’s  in law . They come to meet maaneet but what they seen.

Maan:- y m feeling so helpless in front of geet, I just don’t know what happen to me with her?


Maan come to dining room and see Meera  and Yash and their family left from there . just Dev, vicky, NT(wife of Dev) and Rimita(wife of Vicky) r there.Dadi come and join them.Every one looks so sad and hurt. But wait y there is some happiness in NT’s face?kya sab sahi bol rehe hain ?

He takes  his seat then seen Geet is not there.

He look here and there and want to see her but no sign of her when Dadi ma said Dev beta,aap mere room mein aana , dinner ke baad aur ha kal jara hume Temple le jana.

Dev agreed when rimita said Dev veer jee kal mein aapke sath ja rehi hoon , as vicky ke paas time nehi hain.

Vicky who is eating and said don’t lie , me just said I’ll be little busy tomorrow as I will go to meet Mr Patil with Maan bro, as bhabi will be not there.

There is sudden silence when vicky mentioned Geet’s name and maan looked shocked and said geet nehi ja rehi hain mere sath.

Dadi looked at maan then ignored him and said to dev, I will be wait for u in my room and rimita bring my medicine also.

Rimita nodded and slowly slowly everyone left from there but when vicky come to left maan said vicky what happen? Where is geet? Y she will not go with me?

Vicky stops and said bro , just tell me u r doing this intentionally or it’s just’. Don’t u remember ur so called harsh and rude words u said to bhabi.and u r the one who said to stay away from u,ur life, ur office and ur family and now u r asking, bro ur wish is fulfilling.

After that Vicky left from there.

Maan is sitting there alone and thinking about the incidents happen from the evening. How rudely he yelled at geet, behaved with her but he didn’t wish to but don’t know y what happen to him when he see those prove from nt.

Maan got up from there without touching the food. He didn’t feel to eat,. He went from there and stand in the garden for some time to think, his brain said prove is right but his heart say geet can never be wrong but then what is the actual story ?

Maan:- but where is geet, after the incident ,I didn’t see her but y m feeling so sad ‘.. but it’s me who want to stay away from her. I don’t know y dadi ma insist me to marry her and I have to compromise for the first time but till now we maintain our distance still today I just, but I can’t see her sad or tears in her eyes also but y. what’s happening with me ?y m feeling so sad and hurt now to hurt her.y m feeling guilty.


Next day , Maan get up and doing his work out but he is some how don’t feel good , Nakul come and give him juice and left from there .

Maan look surprised to see him there and think where is geet today.


Later when maan is ready to leave for office he noticed every one is there except , dadi ma and dev as they went to temple and then may be some shopping as meera’s god bharai is coming weeks but where is Geet, from yesterday where is she?


At KC:-

Maan is busy with meeting , and after complete the meeting maan come and see Mr Patil come and said Thanks Mr Khurana , so we will meet at Hotel International at 7.30 p.m.and pls bring Mrs Khurana as my mrs want to see her, yesterday We couldn’t attend the function  .

Maan nodded an thank to God that they didn’t attend the meeting as it’ll be cause more pain for every one and shame also .

Later he attend the party but don’t feel like to stay there, he just make an excuse and said vicky to attend it and left from there.


Later at night maan come back to home and went to his room and found there is no one.

At late night , there is no geet.He is now feeling suffocated more and then he skipped his dinner and went from there and enter his room , he is like what is happening, y m feeling suffocating and where is geet from past 1day after I scold her , she is no where to seen.

He just went to the  cupboard and open for the night dress and find there is no dress of geet’s.

He panicked and then it’s strike geet left the house and him,.

 Then he runs to dadi ma but dadi ma is went to meet meera as she is not feeling good. Here vicky come from the party and  said  so finally u come to know ur wife is missing , left the house.

Maan:- vicky,

Vicky:- bro, pls, it’s not our duty to see ur wife is not here or not

Maan roared VICKY , don’t forget she is ur bhabi ,wife of Maan Singh Khurana.

Vicky:- so u remember she is ur wife, grt, anyway bro, do u know then where is ur wife,then

Maan looked another side and like some thing pricked on his heart. Then he leaves from there.

vicky shook his head and said y dadi ma spoiled two lives

That night maan lay in the bed but can’t sleep as his mind is occupied in many thoughts and sply in geet. He just can’t sleep and then his phone ring and it’s adi.

Maan:-yes adi.

Adi:-Sir,there is bad news .

Maan :-what bad news Adi”.

Adi:-oh actually, there is a project on London which we got but now for some unknown reason clients take step back and and they didn’t want to do the project with us and said we unprofessional and don’t from where they come with lots of issues suddenly.

Maan got up from the bed and said stay in the office m coming .

Where suddenly vicky come and said bro open the door first

Maan :- what happen Vicky?

Vicky who is looking so pale and said bro .oh’bro

Maan loosing his patient and said what vicky, tell me.

Vicky :-oh bro, bhabi

Maan looks at vicky and asked what bhabi, kya hua geet ko, kya oh wapas

Vicky nodded his head in no and said she is , she is

 Here another place

 A Lady get up and looked here and there and tears falls from her brown, big eyes and she said maan,Cry

Precap for last part:-

Kya maaneet phir se milenge

Kaha gaye hain geet,

Y maan feeling guilty,

Is he falling for her or it’s only guilt or something else,

 Y maan blamed geet

 What’s nt’s role here

IS rimita has good relation with geet?

( this r the key of this short ,tiny SS)

Maaneet and rose (guess  the color cause color symbolizes the relation so , pls guess it)



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  1. poor geet how can maan behave rudely with her
    he even don’t know where geet is or when she left i hope she is f9

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