Hidden Truth & Unconditional Love &Trust ,Epilogue


Maan read the invitation card of Nandini’s marriage in coming week , but he prefer to ignore it as he will not let geet face them again , her so called family who only gave her pain, but dadi ma told them to go once as it’ll not looking good but still, looking good or not , he don’t care, what if they will again say anything and in this condition when his geet is pregnant .

He can’t take any chance now, he need to be more protective and for that if he have to anything then he will, he called ADI and instruct him and said do as I said .

Then called his travel agent and book two tickets of Simla, manali as this two places both mmaaneet went once, many memories r there and they need to make few more memories there.

And more he smiles naughtily with some erotic and wild thoughts of their coming togetherness.

He review once again the whole calender of coming one month as this coming one month he want to give it to his mishty only  and their unborn child , he smiles with the thought ,

He looked at their marriage pic and smiles then remember how excitedly and happily geet told him first time, he felt goose bump covering his whole body , his onw blood ,his part r there on her womb, how excitedly he bend down and kissed her womb numrous time as if kissing their baby.

When geet just smiles through her tears of happiness and with a huge relief as they once lost their first child but now their angel is coming back,she was drowning in pain and grief but never understand the pain her maan is feeling , though he was not bilogical father of their first child but he felt more pain than her , as he accepted their child, more than him, how much he was waiting for the day how much he was surfing net to know about new born child ,pregnancy, pregnant woman, how much he was busy still give her all time, how he pamper her, loved her , care for her and sacrifice his all needs, wishes, desire just to keep their baby safe , fit and fine, just keep her safe, fit and fine.

She still remember in AMRITSAR , after karvachauth , how he expressed his desire for the first time , how much he want to become dadda, that day , that moment she felt the lost is not only hers but his also, their also, they lost their first child but she drown in her pain only, he never blame her , for anything, just one day his patience, pain, grief all r coming out to see dev was there and talking with her.

She sighed and thought the incident and think what they want and what happen,

She ruffle his hair and called him softly maan,He get up and said mmm then kissed her forehead and full face, every kiss r so tender so soft ,each kisses sealing a promise.

She felt blessed to have him in her life, she has seen his rough, passionate, intense sight now she will see his soft tender sight also.

Next day, they r ready to move for simla where dadi ma went to USA as Annie need her, Maan has chat with dadi ma about Nandini’s marriage and what he thought about it,

At first dadi ma was offended that they will not attend then understand the situation and agreed as for her also, geet’s safety and comfort first though geet will adjust but still they can’t take any risk, as there will be people from  HP side and nandin’s beahvior last time also, dadi ma agreed with maan’s arrangement.

After two days, SIMLA:-

 Geet is running her hand on her still flat tummy and smiling when maan hugged her frm back and nuzzled his nose on her neck and said what r u thinking mishty?

Geet giggled but soon moaned as her dusht danav husband playing on her neck by his lips.

Geet hold his hand which is now on her bosom and turn and said maan pls ,  when maan smiles and said pls ha.

Geet turn and slowly peck on his nose and said suniye na, I want to say u something very imp.

Maan keep kissing her neck   when geet forget everything and moaning soon then again drown on the passion world.

Later very late morning, geet open her eyes but feeling little tired yet contented . she smiles shyly then turn to looked at maan’s side but the side is empty. She pouted and fronwned and said after carrassing her little baby bump , see ur dadda, wake up early, can’t he let us know.

She get up slowly and smiles then said aane do aapne dadda ko will see him, she smiles and giggling with the thought of maan and how to tease him.

She get up slowly and turn to take sheet to wrap her barebody when suddenly felt a cotton on her body,she looked at herself and found she is clad in her maan’s one of the shirt and loose track pant, she just can’t remember what is that and when she wore it. As per her memroy after their passionate , beautiful intense moments, she slowly fall onto deep sleep on her maan’s chest after listening calm and steady heart beat of his.

She shied then think may be he make her wear as the last night chilly also, here, in Simla sply,

She slowly went to washroom for her morning routine , when maan came from jogging full sweaty and panting heavily. He looked at the bed and found is empty and called mishty, geet?

Where geet is taking shower and shouts y u r shouting maan?

Maan turn and said so u inside the washroom what r u doing?

Geet makes face and said playing glof, do u wanna play.

Maan chuckled then said yes ofcourse wanna play but not golf something else,

Geet:- lafange

Maan:- only urs excusively

Geet:- whatever ?

Maan removed his vest and sat on his rocking chair when geet shouts MAANNN

Maan get up with a jerk and said kya hua jaan, is it everything al right , I mean , is the baby is kicking u, or something , shall we consult with doctor, shall we . when geet said chup bilkul chup aap na , nothing happen? And within 1months baby will kick , in which medical book, did u read it?

Maan smiles sheepishly then said then y u shouts like that ,

Geet ;- oh maan ,I want to ear something spicy.

Maan:-no way forget it and take his seat again.

Geet murmur dusht danav, keep making me eat ghash push huh,what will happen if I take little bit spicy, like naan paratha , butter chicken, palak paneer, kashmiri pulao,samosha,no, even he deprived me from pasta, for our baby there is lots of changed for this no, ur dada will become dusht danav whnever I’ll mentioned about any spicy food, one side want to eat pasta another side delicious spicy INDIAN food but here is dusht danav stopping me from all this huh.

Maan heard everything and just chuckled then said stop spoiling my princess and come soon .

Geet:-hawww, I’m spoiling ur princess, no , I’m not but it’s u who will and who said u it’s princess , it’s my princee ,mere raja beta.

Maan chuckled and left from there. When geet come out and said see ur dadda again is mising, he loved play hide and seek with me.

After getting ready, geet come to dining room, and noticed maan placing plate there when she hurried and said maan what r u doing, give me ,I’ll do it.

Maan smiles and said stop there and go and seat in the couch,I have done it almost and no arguments.

Geet pouted and sat in the couch but again said what r u doing maan? Tell me na will help u. but no response.

She sat there and reading a magazine on cooking then felt bore and rest her head little when her nose smelt something delicious and she just open the eyes and found paratha with chutni and golgappa.

She looked at maan who just smiles and said have it ?

Geet smiles with teary eyes and thorw her hand on his neck when maan said calm down Mrs Khurana , all food will spoiled.

Geet smiles then said I’ll only if u feed me.

Maan smiles and happily obliged to feed her.

After feeding geet sat on maan’s lap and snuggled close to her when maan said kya hua?

Geet:-nothing just feeling bless and thanking Almighty and babajee to give u in my life.

Maan smiles kissed her hair then said then I should thanks BABAJEE , more than u .

Geet smiles and hugged him tightly then said maan, shall I ask u something

Maan narrowed his eyes brows and said mishty from when u need permission ?

Geet smiles and kissed his nose and neck and said sahll we go once in AMRITSAR

Maan looked at her face intently when he didn’t know and noticed his own face turn hard but geet carrassed his cheek and said maan what happen? If u don’t like then actually I want to take blessing from BABAJEE  ,so I want to visit GOLDEN TEMPLE once again but this time with u and our child, but if u when maan instantly relaxed and said we will go,

Geet smiles.

Later after couple of days ,maaneet went to GOLDEN TEMPLE and take blessing from BABAJEE, for her family, for her maan and for their baby.

She thanks to babajee for giving her back their angel and maan,

She know only thanks couldn’t be enough but still she could do it.

Later maan take her HP when geet narrowed her eyes and maan said something for u.

Geet :-kya, u can say me na.

Maan:- do u trust me.

Geet :-more than myself.

Maan:-then wait.

They reached and maan take her only direct to the land which he bought once from agent which is actually took by dev and his family from geet ,

Geet looked at the land which is no more land but a building but it’s not only a bulding a but a school ,

Geet smiles and just hugged maan tightly and said I love u maan.

Maan smiles and said I make it ready few legal thing need to complete and the time our child will come school will be already start it’s first session.

Geet has tears in her eyes when maan said will make sure a college sply for woman also be here so, girls from this village need not to move on city only, they can get all study facility here and Dadi ma make sure a NGO is and will work here to aware people about NRI marriage and  girls education .

Geet looked at maan in awe and don’t know what to say more just hugged him tightly and shower his face with lots of kisses without any fear of being in HP land.she just know her maan is with her, who just erasing all nightmare and fulfilling her all wishes, desire, before even speaking, she just want to give him full happiness thought she already gave him by making him father and loved him, care for him and showing undying trust and understanding .

Both hugged each other and left from there little later towards manali for few days, holiday then from there Delhi with a new hope and dream about their beautiful future with their little angel. And their love.

They met by destiny , tied by almighty , and bind by sacrd bond of marriage and their divine yet passionate love and trust  and now will stay for life time and every time life time together, like past they faced many obstackles, problem and they know as life is not bed of roses and there will other side and they ready to face it till both maaneet r togther they didn’t fear , they just have the trust and love on each other and take any odds in their life with a happy smiles

 A hidden Truth didn’t able to shake their paradise which is build by immense love, trust and understanding and respect  on each other.Maaneet’s love is too bigger than any hidden truth

hope u all like it

don’t know what I wrote as I really nervous and wrote it only for Readers demand

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  1. Awesome yaar
    I just love it
    Maan has supported so much

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