Hidden Truth & Unconditional Love & Trust MG SS Part1

One day after , maaneet come from office, seen whole house is dead silence, they surprise about it, usually this time nandini and preeto r laughing or sharing jokes here, but they shrugged of and went to their room .

Later at dinner time, Nakul inform them dev-nandini went to see a movie. When they asked about preeto , lucky come and told her mind is up sate as she want to go to movie but he denied it.

Geet want to tell him when maan said ok, come and eat the dinner but lucky said they will take it on their room.

Maan agreed when geet said aaj sab ko kya hua aur aapne mujhe roka kyuon?

Maan:- geet, they r adult and matured enough, and it’s between husband wife , we can’t interfere in their matter, and I know u wants their good but some times let them handle it, it’s their life, btw do u like if any one come and tell us how to solve our problem  or take our relationship.

Geet nodded no then said yes , u r right maan, I’m sorry.

Maan smiles and said geet, now complete dinner.


Next day morning, geet snuggle more close to maan when maan said geet and cover her bare waist and said hmm’..

After some time, geet moaned maan,

Maan who buried his head on her curve and devoured her, love her and make her moaned with pleasure.

After some moments when both r panting and maan kissed her neck and then her eyes and nose and then again capture her lips passionately then kissed her forehead and said my sweet heart.

Geet blushed then shyly said office jana hain hume.

Maan :-hmmm,then said chalo .

Geet looked at him and said kaha.

Maan bend his head and tickle her by his stubble on her shoulder and collar bone and said washroom for taking shower together.

Geet blushed then giggle as she feels tickling.

But soon their peaceful, love full, romantic moments interrupted some one knock the door when maan said who is that?


Both maaneet shocked at this then maan said geet u go and wear the dress, m opening it and then he take his black pajama and wear it. And his black vest and open the door and Nandini who look angry, wild said where is ur so called wife?

Maan got angry but maintain his calm as she is relative of his wife geet and now daughter in law of this house.

Maan said she is ur elder sister and wife of mine , take her name respectfully.

Nandini:-huh then said oh oh, really but what she done , after this I can’t even u can’t when u will know the truth .

Maan almost shouts when geet hold his wrist and said nandini kya hua ?

Nandini almost raised her hand to slap but maan hold it and shouts NANDINI.

Nandini who is trembling on anger and said aap mujhe gussa hone ke wajay aapne patni se puchiye usne kya kya.

Here, geet who is horrified to see this and clutched maan’s another arm’..

Maan shouts DEV. DEV’

Dev come and stood behind Nandini and said bro’..

Maan shouts DEV, control ur wife

Dev slowly plead nandini come with me.

Nandini shrugged his hand and said ek min and then give some pics to maan and said see this and see ur wife and her loyalty towards u.

Maan:-Dev ,take ur wife from here and I don’t need anything , I know my geet and her love for me, just a paper or some pics will not prove anything to me.

Nandini  laughed and said really when dev almost pull her and geet who hold  maan for support when dev almost dragged her out from there and here geet almost collapsed and maan support her’.maan just hugged her tight and held her so close that no one will touch her, hide her almost from this world.

Geet break down and murmur with sob  I only sob  love u. sob  I never sob   think any sob  one else, sob  maan pls sob  trust me’

Maan :- geet, I know sweet heart, pls don’t cry, but soon her sobbing turn to hiccups and she just hold his vest so tightly like a life support of her.

That day maan canceled all meetings of her and want to take her from there , to divert her mind but geet stopped him and said I want to go to outhouse when maan said but geet, I’ when geet cut him and said pls maan.

Maan nodded and both went to outhouse and geet take her to their room and then said maan.

Maan come close to her and I want to say u something,

Maan look at her intently when geet continue pls listen to me once , it’s not only about me, it’s about us, my past, ur past, our past, my life, ur life, our life, it’s our my dream, ur dream, our dream, it’s about my love, ur love and our love, it’s about ‘.. then look at him and cupped his face and it’s about our child, our unborn child who left us before come to this world, who left her parents in this world alone, devastated.

Maan shocked and said child, our child when geet said yes, aap sunna chaoge uske baarein . humara baarein,

Maan just nodded when geet said maan, aap mujhe trust karte ho na.

Maan hold her hand and said geet, I don’t know, what happen in my past , our past as I forgot but I trust u .I see love, care, respect, trust in ur eyes, I really want to know what happen in our past but u know geet that day in hotel u told me that story and I now realized it’s about us, it’s our story hain na geet.

Geet nodded then said ha maan oh humara kahani hain, jo bikhar gaya , adhe raste mein,

Maan hold her hand when asked and our child, geet said oh aapka jaan the’.

Maan look at her when geet said maan iye baat meine aapse aapke memory loss hone ke baad isliye nehi kaha kyuon ki doctor ne aapko stress dene se mana kya, mein kabhi nehi chathi, kisi bhi reason ke wajay se aapko chot pauche, aapko taklif ho, aapka thora sa taklif mujhse bardasht nehi hoga, aapka ‘. Then again paused and asked maan abhi mein jo bhi kahungi , mujhe nehi pata aap kitna trust karoge, uske baad kaise rehega humara rista, par maan mein aapko koi jor nehi dungi, iye puri tarah se aapke upar hain aap kaise isse lene chathe ho, par age ka raasta asan nehi hain bhaut taklif hogi aapko , kyuon ki kuch aise sacchai aapke saamne aayegi, bahut muskil,dard bhari hain iye kahani, jaha pyaar ke sath sath aap ko sayad aur bhi cheese milega, mein nehi chathi, aapko phir se ohi dard , par ‘. Mein nehi chathi koi bhi bahar wala aapko kuch kahe, isliye nehi ki mujhe dar hain kyuon ki isliye iye humari zindegi hain, humari kahani hain, humari dard hain , jo koi bahar wala samajh nehi sakega,  aur mein isliye aapko saare baat batana chathi hoon kyuon humne shaadi ki hain kasam le hain hum dono ek doosre ke dost hain, hum sab kuch ek doosre se share karenge, koi bhi baat nehi chupayenge ek doosre se.maan kya aap mere baat sunoge.kya aap humara past, humara pyaar, humara kahani, humara bacche ke baarein mein janna chathe ho?

Maan hold her face in between his hands and kissed her forehead and said geet phir shaadi k eek aur kasam hain hum har halat pe ek doosre ke sath denge , chahe oh skh ho iya dukh ho, aur iye toh humari zindegi ka oh hissa hain, usse janna ka haq hain mere, bolo mujhe,humara baarein mein.mein tumhare sath phir se oh safar mein jana chatha hoon .bolo geet,bolo.


Precap for last part:-

Pyaar Rab hain , humara pyaar ko khud baba jee ka blessing hain.

Iye mere galati hain kisi galat ke sath de dia meine, par aab mujhe saare galati sudharna hain.

Hoshiyarpur express ,dushat danav.


 Hope u all like and love this part

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  1. I was in search of this ss from long time
    Ufff how could nandini react in tht way even after knowing tht how geet is

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