Maaneet’s Happy Family (OS)

Maaneet’s Happy Family

 A  child runs on the beach and her papa runs behind her to stop her. That little child is  giggling and said  to her papa , papa catch me, papa catch me.

After some time papa hold his little princess and said now caught u.

That little girl giggling and her papa throw her in the air then catch her and her giggling transferred to laughter.

Some one called them from behind, maan , pari, stop this, kitna baar keheti hoon, aise daur na phir iye kya catch catch, mere jaan nikal ke chorenge aap dono.

Pari who is giggling and hold maan’s neck said mama  , u r scared about this game, don’t worry , my papa will never let me down, hain na papa.

Maan kissed his princess cheek and said yes my pari, geet, don’t worry, y r panting, is anything problem.let me call doctor.

Geet murmuring hay rabba, ek toh iye dono aise khelte hain, mere jaan nikal jate hain phir puchte hain kya hua, now calling doctor, here pari and maan both called geet together mama…..geet…..

Geet looked at them when pari said phir se aapne baba jee se baat karna suru kar dia.

Geet looked at pari and with fake anger said pari, don’t mock me like ur papa.and maan u r spoiling Pari.

Maan:- mein spoil kar rehi hoon , tell me how.

Geet:-tell me how, don’t u know, ur darling princess running like mad then her papa means u throw her in the air and then both laughing like this, do u know my heart is almost stop beating.

Maan:- this is not possible.,

Geet:- what is not possible maan? App dono daur nehi rehe the kuch der pehele aap dono ka kaam dekh ke mere dil ka haal, dhakan bandh ho jata almost.

Maan:- not possible.

Geet:- maan, don’t irritate me now.

Maan:-I’m not irritating u, it’s ur hormone which is,

Geet ‘s eyes wide opne then she said pari beta, bari dadi is waiting for u, there is Ice cream for u also.

Pari kissed her papa-mama’s cheek and runs from there.

Then geet turns and placed her both hand on her hips and said well mr khurana , do u know one thing,

Maan :- what?

Geet:- every one growing up but except u. u don’t see  ur daughter is here and u r talking about pregnancy hormone.

Maan try to control his laugh then said well mrs khurana , pari will not understand this.

Geet:- this is false impression about ur darling princess.

Maan raised his eye brows and asked what do u mean?

Geet:- she already asked me about this pregnancy hormone and …

Maan confused and said well when I mentioned about pregnancy hormone earlier also?

Geet:- just one week ago. Ur memory is not so sharp mr khurana, u r old now.

Maan  frown and flared his nostril and hold her waist and pull her close and said don’t u forget u still madly in love with me and second I’m not old honey and my charms still works on u.and my memeory also sharp, it’s just slip of mind. Nothing more.

Geet:- oh oh too much confidence is over confidence about urself. Check it honey. Ur memory is decreasing and ur charm also.

Maan:- no jaan, and cover her lips and kissed her  then said now look at ur self , blushing like newly wed.

Geet playfully hit him in his chest and said jaan, but u should be careful about our talking cause pari is now growing  up and her curiosity is increasing also.

Maan hugged her and said hmm, I know I should be carefull but it’s all ur fault.

Geet try to freed herself and my fault ?

Maan chuckle to see the anger on her face and cutely kissed on her nose and said my darling wife, it’s ur temper , which is increasing day by day and all cause of pregnancy hormone so, what to do,

Geet:- again u blamed me , but pari’s time u seems to happy and don’t complain but now, me and my son is problem for u.

Maan again pull her for hug and said hey jaanu,I was just joking , How could u think like this? U r my jaan, and with pari and now with out new love still my love is same no it’s increasing. I was just want to tease u.

Geet hugged him back and hmmmmm.I know but some times I fee l like that,

Maan chuckled to see his innocent wife  and said u know u said this on pari’s time also.I don’t love and blah blah.

Geet:- so what,I’ll ask u till my last breath and u have to ans me , samjhe mr khurana.

Maan:- of course jaan.

After some time geet:- maan, pls ask dadi ma, where is pari now?I don’t think she will stay one at place.

Maan:-ok baba.

Maan called his dadi and after some time hung up.

Geet:-where is our princess?

Maan:- she is with adi and pinky playing there.

Geet:- this is miracle maan. Pari is playing calmly.

Maan:- yes. Well u said she is growing up now;

Geet:- well, then it’s well other wise it’s really hard job for me, u don’t know how is ur daughter,day by day her naughtiness is increasing.  And typical ur style, mein Pari Singh Khurana hoon, ek baar jo kehe dia baas kehe dia. And totally aapka attitude.

Maan laughed and said well she is mine daughter, so it’s obvious na.

Geet:-Maan but itna attitude, oh bhi abhi se.

Maan:- well hse has attitude but never dis respect any one, baas she has her own principal and I don’t’ think it’s wrong.

Geet pouted and said u never will see any fault in her.

Maan:- well now enough complain about my daughter r, now talk about my little angel here and ,maan bend down and kissed geet’s  little bump and said how  r u my little angel? Ur papa is here and want to meet u soon, come fast and then u and ur didi and ur papa will tease ur mama more.

Geet smiles and ruffles his hair and said beta tell ur papa that ur prince of ur mama and u’ll team with ur mama and will tease  ur papa and didi.

Maan :- no geet, it’s my little angel.

Geet:- no it’s my prince.

Maan :- no geet, it’s my little angel.

Geet:- no it’s my prince.

Maan :- no geet, it’s my little angel.

Geet:- no it’s my prince.

Maan :- no geet, it’s my little angel.

Geet:- no it’s my prince.

Pari came there and saw her parents fighting like kid and shout mamaaa and papaaaaa.

Both maaneet looks at pari and saw she has frown on her face and said mama and papa, I’m calling for long time but u seems to busy with ur argument,

Maan:- no darling, we r just discuss about something.

Pari:- I saw it and bari dadi is calling u both.

Geet:- hmm, we will be there within 10mins.

Pari nodded and runs from there.


Geet:- maan, we will redecorate pari’s nursery room again. This time color will be blue. Cause my prince will come.

Maan:- no, color will pink cause my angel will be come.

Geet:- don’t argue with me,

Maan:- mein nehi, tum argue kar rehi ho.

Geet:- jee nehi, aap  kar rehe ho.

Maan:- don’t argue with me, I know it’ll be pink color cause my angel is coming.

Geet:- ai lo aapko sab kuch pata hain, aajkal construction business chor ke astrology suru kar dia kya?

Maan:- geeettttt.,

Geet cover her ears and said uff maan, don’t shout at me. U r scaring my prince.

Maan soft down his tune and said I’m sorry but ur jokes r useless these days, and remember I’m Maan Singh Khurana and I know everything .

Geet mimic him I’m Maan Singh Khurana and I know everything . ahhhaha, pehle iye bataiye aap kaise sab kuch jante ho, aap ek normal human ho and u don’t know neither doctor told u that it’s boy or girl.In fact we told her to keep it secret cause we only want healthy baby.

Maan:-I know , my memory is sharp and it’s . but it’ll be girl and now end the argument.

Geet:- maan ,I know ur memeory is so sharp and  u proved it today a but darling It’ll be Boy and now end the argument.

Both maan geet turn each side then after some moment both burst out in laugh and said same time maan…. Geet… and then said  iyaad gaya humara college ka din . baas issi tarah hum larte the.

Geet:- ha , bahut maja karte the. Tab kya pata tha ek din hume aapse pyaar ho  jayga and then we will proud parents of pari and will gonna be a another child’s parents.

Maan:- no, life is such circle, that day when u left me for ur marriage  and I felt I lost u but u surprise me time to time geet.U convince ur dad and then yash to whom ur marriage fixed that time and then he help us to marry each other. And now both of family is happy.Yash is happy with meera.

Geet:- yes , jaanu.baas we r waiting for our child .

Maan:- let’s go nehi toh pari will come and complain to dadi ma.

Both goes and saw the face of pari which is frown and both know the reason.

Maan sit besides her and held his ears and said sorry my princess, oh kya hain na, ur mama want to see the new side of sea and I don’t want to refuse her.

Dadi:- but pari told me that both of u r quarrelling with each other again.

Geet:- no, actually we discussing about some business project also.

Dadi ma rolled her eyes and shook her head in disappoint again and said grow up maan, geet.

Pari giggling to see her parents scolded by badi dadi ma.

But maan take her in his arms and tickling her and she laughs loudly and it’s hearing like some sweet music.Geet also join.

Dadi ma see them and felt happy for her family.


Note:-This is just one part story.

Here maan,geet college friend and know each other from college and falls in  love from that tiem but fails to say but when geet’s dad fixed geet’s marriage maan proposed her but geet say nothing and goes from there and maan felt lost. But geet convinced her dad and yash to whom geet’s marriage fixed . yash told her (Geet’s Dad)  father and  ) then they maaneet marriage possible.

Pari is maaneet’s first child 8yrs old. And now maaneet expected another child .


 Hope u all like it.pls read it and comment it. Ur comments inspired me lots. All my silent readers pls press the liked button.pls forgive for any mistake.


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