New Beginning MaanGeet OS

New Beginning

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After geet find out her husband in the archive both r hugging each other and feel immense peace there.

Later maan take geet with him to the car parking area and said ghar chalo geet.

Geet look at maan and her face indicating, love, relief, peace but slight pain like fearing about some thing to loose. When maan give her side hug and said I’m fine geet, when u r with me what can happen with me?

Geet slightly smiles and both drive back to their home.

On the way , maan feel geet is looking at him constantly like she is still in fear. Maan want to reduce her fear for that he can do anything.

After they reached the mansion, maan said geet chale,

Geet nodded and come out from the car but as she is some thinking mode and almost trip and twist her ankle,closed her eyes in pain and slightly rubbing her ankle and try to stand on her feet when she feel that she is not in the ground but some one’s strong arms whose smell driving  her crazy now.

 She look at maan and feel relief and hold his neck then both just look at each other , here geet was lost in those chocolate deep eyes and maan lost in geet’s brown innocent eyes. Maan walking towards mansion . Both entered the mansion and maan take her in his room, he is in some where else and don’t know what he is doing ? He enters his, room and placed her in the bed but both still lost in each other eyes. Then geet come out and look here and there to see she is in maan’s room and maan’s bed and still maan is looking her , she blushed then softly said maan.

After couple of time calling him, he nodded hmmm.

Geet:-oh, dress change kar lijiye, khana laga deti hoon.

Maan just nodded, his mind, brain, all capture by geet.

After changing both come out from their respective room, and taking seat in the dinning table. Both silently eating their dinner here, maan keep looking at geet.

After their dinner ,Geet clearing the table when maan came try to help her but geet stopped but maan said kyuon mein tumhe thora sa help nehi kar sakta …Geet :- kar sakte hain maan but iye nehi chaliye room mein chaliye aur thora rest le lijiye, u r stil recover fully, and I’m coming with ur coffee there. pls no more argument ..

Maan:- geet, don’t u feel scared to give me order.

Geet nodded negatively and said cause we r friends, and it’s u who give this right to me but as friends , now maan chaliye…. ,m coming.

After doing her work, geet make one cup of coffee and take this to maan’s room.

Here, maan’s room ,maan is talking with adi and asking him about the meeting and happy that all went well, then said ok see u tomorrow.

Geet come and knock the door when maan said tumhe mere matlab humare matalab room mein aane ke liye ,geet look at him with wide eyes then maan said coffee and she placed the coffee mug in the table and said oh aap kaise hain uha aapko,

Maan :- come here geet then after geet sitting besides him and maan said geet, I’m perfectly fine but I was … actually then look at her eyes when geet said I’m fine maan, par mujhe daar laga tha tab, bahut daar gayi thi, mujhe laga ke aap but maan hold her hands and said understand geet, how u felt that time, I knew it but geet daro mat ,I’m fine na and u find me. Geet nodded then maan said now don’t think about that too much,

Geet just nodded hmmm.

Maan sipped his coffee and think till u with me and ur love will protect me. Geet I don’t know what is love, but I feel u r mine only, I don’t how I hate u couple of weeks ago, even I don’t know and don’t remember y and how I falls for u but I only guess ur innocence, love, care, respect and never die attitude r the reason. U r different from others, u  innocent yet beautiful , yet gorgeous yet  sweet, ur smiles make me smiles, my mind feel peace, ur eyes drive me craze , me lost my self, ur tears ripped my heart , break my heart into many pieces , I want to laugh when u cutely pout ,I don’t what’s happening to me but I only want ur happiness. For that I can do anything. …..

Here, geet is looking at some books then look at maan but feel him lost in somewhere, she simply called him maan….

Maan who lost then slowly said hmmm ……

Geet:-  what happen to him, is he ok, but if now baba jee kaise puchu, bahut raat ho gayi unhe so jana chaiye , kal meeting bhi hain , unhe rest lena chiaye,

Maan:- geet,

Geet :-ha maan, aap thik toh hain, kuch chaiye.

Maan:- no, geet, I’m fine, actually,nothing, oh baas, chalo so jate hain bahut raat ho gayi hain,

Geet nodded and get up from her sit when maan said geet, … oh….oh, u can sleep here , if u….

Geet look at him few moments then said maan, it’s ok,

Maan:- no I mean ……

Geet:- good night maan.

Maan:- good night.

Both slept in their respective room but they want to be together, their mind in peace but there is something missing, like each other sath.

Maan get up and said I have to talk with geet.abhi na tomorrow morning.


Next day morning, maaneet taking breakfast and stealing glances from each other .

Later , maan said geet, come with me.

Geet look at maan happily and join him.

Here at office, maan is sitting in his cabin when his phone rang and he said ok then he call geet to come in his cabin.

Geet knock the door and said May I come in sir?

Maan look at the door and said yes come geet.

After geet entering the cabin, maan said come here geet,and have a seat

Geet come and take a seat when maan said how is ur college going on?

Geet look at maan with happy eyes and said it’s good.

Maan smiles and said grt , I guess, now u can  have ur lunch then meet me and we have to discuss something about a project, I need ur opinion

Geet happily nodded then said thanks maan when maan said no thanks and no sorry between friends.

Geet again surprised and said friends.

Maan:-yes tum hi nehi toh kaha tha subha jab mein tumhare room mein gaya without knock kaha, u have right then when I told sorry, no sorry or thanks between friends then.

Geet blushed and smiles then said ok,

After lunch , geet come with a file and said sir, I study it, actually this is old project as there is some changes and I noted it down, sir pls see it.

Maan ok and at 4.30 there is a meeting between KC and Sharma just check the conference room with adi

Geet nodded when maan said  geet I want u help me in this project, study it and tell me ur opinion.

Geet nodded positively and left.

Later the meeting went well when maan said geet u reached home, when geet said no I’m waiting for u in ur cabin.

Maan quickly rushed to his cabin and find her sitting in the couch and doing her study for her coming college project.

Maan come and sit besides her and said sorry.

When geet looked at him and pouted then said baba jee dekha , khud kehethe hain sorry and no thanks between friends and khud hi hmmm.

Maan smiles then said ok no sorry and thanks but y r waiting here.I told driver but geet cut him and said actually I don’t want to go alone, I…..and lowered her eyes when maan said u want to go with me.

Geet just simply nodded when maan said ok. Geet from now I’ll be, but ur study also there na,

Geet :-I can manage don’t worry.pehele bhi mein aapke sath hi ghar wapas jati thi, par agar aapko aacha na lage toh.mein aapko jor nehi karungi.

Maan smiles and said mujhe accha lagega agar tum mere sath chalo toh and mujhe aur accha lagega agar tum mujhe aapne man ki baat bologe,geet we  r friends na so friends can share each other wishes, happiness, pain.

Geet looked surprised then said I’ll.

Later both reached to KM when maan said geet, oh kal se ek baat bolna tha tumhe, actually subha bhi,geet can we stay in same room,pls don’t get me wrong but …..I want to start from the beginning, can we?

Geet looked at his pleading yes determined yet affection eyes and said I’ll and we can start again.

Maan smiles and said after dinner m waiting for u.

Geet shyly smiles, later after the dinner both went to their room where geet hand over the coffee mug to him then both take their seat and chatting and sharing the whole day, in this conversation mostly geet is talking and maan is listening.

After this , maan said geet, let’s go it’s very late tomorrow u have class in college ,chalo so jate hain.

Geet nodded but stand there when maan lay on the bed and said geet, come and sleep.or u r not trusting me .

Geet said nehi oh baas and runs and take her side and wished him good night.

both maaneet sleep in peace, after so many days, and start the New Beginning of their relationship


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  1. Love the bonding btwn Maneet.. sometimes.. some relations work on understanding along with love… Nice one di.. simple n beautiful story..

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