Valentine’s Day (Maaneet OS)

Happy Valentine’s Day


Maan came out from his office and said to adi, it’s very late, u should be at home now, pinky is expecting and she need u.

Adi laughs and said jija jee same thing applicable for u also, geet also need u and u know she is also expecting.

Maan slightly blushed and think about his lovely wife.

Both said good bye to each other and leaving the office for their respective home.

Maan reached at home at 9.30 p.m. and it’s late. He know geet is very angry and he was not informed her about his late arriving.

Maan enter the house and found light is off. He switched on the lights and find out hall room is empty.

Maan:- where is every one?

He goes towards kitchen and no one is there , he came back and  found a note placed on the dining table.


Dadi ma and annie r attending marriage of mr shukla and as usual u forgot it.

Maan smiles at his wife and think she knows everything but wonder where is she?

He come to stair where another note placed and mr khurana , don’t stress ur self. 

Maan smiles and kissed the note.

He came up upstairs and saw another note.maan, aap bhi na. kya karte ho

Maan again kissed the note and come in front of their bed room and saw another note on the door.

Maan, aap kyuon mujhe pareshan karte ho,aapna bahut badmash ho gaye ho

Maan smiles and this time also repeat his action. He enter the room and close the door and find out another note .

Maan,baas kijiye mujhe saram aarehi hain

Maan smiles and same time repeat his action and then placed laptop on the table and see another note on bed .

Maan, aapko toh bolna hi bekar hain , kitna pareshan karte ho, ek aap ho aur ek aapke beti hain.

Maan smiles and think now where is my jaan.

Maan goes towards balcony and saw a note on the door of balcony.

Mein kaha na, don’t stress ur self, I’m here, just close ur eyes and I’ll be in front of u.

Maan smiles and close the door and after some moments found pair of hands hugged him from behind and said I miss u , y r u coming so late, don’t u know I was feeling alone, dadi ma and annies was going to attain party, u r not here and I’m fully bore, in fact u r forget to call me .

Maan smiles and placed a kissed on her palm and said Sorry jaan.

Geet smiles and said no it’s ok.

Maan saw a tear escaped from her eyes.

Maan said r u crying?

Geet nodded in negative and said no, and yes also.

Maan looks confused and said no and yes , kya hua jaan, koi pareshani,I’m sorry for late coming, as I was busy with meeting so. Any problem, shall I call doctor.

Geet:- uff maan, aap bhi na, chote chote baaton se itna pareshan ho jate ho.aaiye iha baithye.

Maan still look confused and today I feel our daughter for the first time.

Maan look puzzled and asked meaning?

Geet take his hand and placed it on her abdomen and said ur daughter kick me. And today her mood is playing foot ball with me.

Maan smiles and kissed her abdomen and waiting to feel the kick.

But still after some time no result when maan try to say something he feels the kick and looks delighted and again kissed the abdomen and said hello beta, I’m ur papa, how r u? come soon princess, ur papa and mama r waiting for u .and don’t tease ur mama too much now that’s right only mine, and when u’ll come then u and me will be in one team and tease ur mama.

Geet smiles and playfully slap on maan’s shoulder.

Maan hugged her waist and said love u jaan.

Geet ruffle his hairs and said maan hum itne baar feel kya uske ahaat ko phir bhi haar baar new lagta hain.

Maan:- ha, oh toh hain, oh humari zindegi hain.

Geet smiles and then said  now jaldi se fresh ho jaiye, another two surprise r waiting for u.

Maan nodded and goes towards bathroom to take shower.

Geet is placing dinner table.

Maan came and see all food r his fav. He looks little angry with.

Maan’s monologue:-

Iss lerki ka mein kya karu, kya jarurat tha, isse itne , uff, agar mein kahu toh madam naraj ho jayenge, but iye bhi baat hain she made all my fav food just cause of my happiness.she did it only cause of me.

Maan stand behind her and placed couple of kisses on her neck to shoulder and said thank jaanu.

Geet smiles and said itni jaldi thanks mat boliye, more surprised is coming on ur way.

Maan smiles and said ok I’ll wait.

Both sat in the table and geet fed him but before it maan told her to take a bite from it . geet take half of the piece and then maan take half .

Maan :- nakul se kehe do , he will clean it now come with me and have some rest.

Maan carries her and enter to their room. He placed her in the bed and said now relax for some time.

After that, both chatted for some time.

At 11.30 maan said , geet it’s late now, go to sleep.

Geet:-pls some time,I’m fine and ur daughter also, pls talk with me some time na.

Maan agreed but tension is still there.

Just before mid night, geet said maan pls close ur eyes.

Maan :- geet, kya hain itni raat baje.

Geet pouted and said pls maan.

Maan shook his head and close his eyes when geet placed a gentle kiss on his lips and said Happy Valentines Day my dear hubby.I love u maan.

Maan smiles and placed a peck on her lips and said Happy Valentines Day my dear wify . love u too dear.

Geet:- maan.something is here for u.

Maan look at the envelop and said what is this,

Geet:-opne it maan.

Maan opne it and found a cd and some snaps.

Maan see the snaps and understand it’s snaps ultrasound of their baby.

Maan caressed those pics and then put the cd on laptop and see their little angel who will be come within 3 months to their life and bring new joy.

Maan smiles and a tear escape from his eyes and he said thanks geet, it’s best valentine gift for me. U and my little angel. He kissed the scene and then kissed geet’s abdomen.

Both   watched the cd many times after some geet falls sleep and maan help her to lay in the bed. Then he takes her in his arms .maan kissed her forehead and said good night and then to her abdomen and said good night my angel, both dose off to sleep and waiting for their angel.

Ho Oo.., Ho Oo.., Hooo.., Ho.. Ho..Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yakeen Utar Aayi Jeet Mein, Jaise Chaand Utar Ta HaiKabhi Haule Haule Dheere SeGun Guni Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Tarango Mein TumChhoo Ke Mujhe Guzari Ho YuhDekhu Tumhe Ya Main Sunoo, Tum Ho Sukoon Tum Ho Junoon…, Kyun Pehre Raat Aayi TumKaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yakeen  Main To Yeh Sochta Tha, Ke Aaj Kal Kuch Bataane KoFursat Nahi Phir Bhi Tumhe Banaake WohMeri Nazar Main Chadh Gaya, Ruit Pe Duaa..Aur Ban Gaya Badle Raaste Jharne Aur Nadi, Badli Deep Ki Tin TinChhede Zindagi Dhun Koi Nahi, Badli Barkhaa Ki RimjhimBadlengi Rituein Ada.., Par Main Rahoongi Sada..Usi Tarah Teri Baahon Mein Baahein Daal Ke Har Lamha Har Pal Zindagi Sitaar Hogayi, Rimjhim Malhaa HogayiMujhe Aata Nahi Kismat Pe Apni Yakeen Kaise Mujhko Mili Tu

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