We and Our Home(MG OS)

We and Our Home


Geet came back from office and enter their room .she want to cry, cause she is missing her maan,

Maan is out of station for some days.

Maan don’t want to go any where but it’s geet who send him for this meeting but now she misses him badly. She hugs his shirt and lay in the bed; she is taking his masculine scent from the shirt and remembers their moments.

After some time she wants to call maan but know he might be busy with his meeting .after too many arguments geet make him understand the imp of meeting  ,

Maan didn’t want to go there cause of geet’s ill health, but geet can’t let suffer khurana construction as it’s maan’s dream. Maan lonely make this construction biggest, no 1 in India.

Geet smiles to remember those struggle full days when both of them how work hard to bring kc in no 1 position .

Geet just crying there and then dose off to sleep with a maan’s shirt and pics of maan.

Next day morning dadi ma knock the door but no one give any response.

Dadi ma looks worried and just again knock the door but same thing no response,

 She just pushes the door and it’s open and dadi ma found, geet is lying in the bed and hugging maan’s shirt tightly.

Dadi ma:-iye lerki bilkul pagal hain khud insist kya maan ko jane ke liye now dekho, and dadi ma touch her forehead but it’s burning hot .

 Dadi ma called nakul and doctor.

After doctor check geet up. He  said to dadi ma she is already weak and now must be skip her food and mdcne , upar se aise high fever , she needs completely e rest for  1 week and mind ko jada stress karne mat dena .

Dadi ma nodded in yes.

Later at after noon maan is retunred and looking still angry on geet as she insisted him to go away from her for this business, this project can handle by any one but geet always doing her manmani.

Maan ignored their room and go to outhouse straightly.

Nakul informed dadi ma that maan sir is there but.

Geet heard it who is sipping soup slowly or rather say dadi ma fed her.

Dadi ma said kya hua aap ruk kyuon gaye maan kaha hain?

Geet almost get up from the bed and said oh iha nehi aayenge dadi ma, oh humse naraj hain,

Dadi ma:-iye kaise baat hui, aapse naraj kyuon hain.

Geet:- oh humne unhe jor kya na kaam ke liye bahar jane ko so,

Dadi ma:-phir bhi u r ill and he know it.

Geet nodded her head in negative and said no he is not aware of it,. Oh meine jhooth bolke unnhe bheja uha

Dadi ma shook her head in disappointment and said aise nehi karne chaiye the beta, anyway, aap iah rukiye I’ll meet him and tell him .

Geet hold her hand and said nehi dadi ma, oh humse naraj hain, kisi ki bhi baat nehi manenge pls dadi ma mujhe ek baar unse baat karne  dijiye.

Dadi ma nodded then said baas samal ke jaiye, nehi meien aapko chor deti hoon out house tak.

Geet:-nehi dadi ma aap iha rukiye mein khud chali jaungi .

Dadi ma:- nehi bat chaaliye hum apko chor kea ate hain.

After dadi ma escorting her there and leave, geet silently walk up to the bedroom and found maan is sleeping there but he is tossing here and there,

She smiles and thinks


when they coming here  how nakul  said also that maan sir asking bat geet madam’s health but give instruction to him that no one should know that this and maan sir making dinner for geet madam but bolne se mana kya, agr koi puche toh bolna gokul ne banaya hain.

Dadi ma smiles and said jhagra bhi karega, naraj bhi rahega aur gussa bhi karega, iye maan bhi na, bilkul baccha hain abhi, bhi,

Geet shied.

Flashback end


Geet look at maan and goes near to him and just laid besides him and said maan I know u r pretending to sleep but u r wide awake ,

Maan want to smile at his mishty who knew him more than anything .

He just turns when geet said maan,I’m sorry and put her hands on his waist,

After this maan feel geet’s hand very warms, almost like it’s burning.

Maan instantly turns and said mishty kya hua,

Geet’s eyes already welled up due to fever and stay away from maan one day.

Maan hugged her tightly and said ok ok, rona mat, sorry baba, geet r u burning?

 Geet, u have fever.

Geet:- abhi kam hain, still sobbing.

Maan hold her face and said geet, tum iye, aise kyuon karte ho, khud mujhe bhejte ho phir.

Geet:-oh toh mein pehele se ill thi then just bit her tongue and saidh oh. Mein.,oh…aap..oh mein…

Maan :-tumne mujhe aur mein, iye sab ,how could u do that to me geet?u send me away when u r not feeling well, if anything happen to u?and y should I blame u when it’s my fault to not understand it. It’s my fault. I..just but Geet hugged him tightly and feel the warmth from his body,geet murmur something .

Maan just hugged her back and kissed her head and said what happen geet? Aab ro mat , I’m sorry , jaan,

Geet rubbed her noses in his chest and said no, it’s not ur fault, actually …aap agar na jate toh oh aapke business pe asar parta aur meine nehi chathi aise kuch ho, aur iha dadi ma hain na mere khayal rakhne ke liye….aab nehi the phir bhi, work come first and this project is imp.

Maan:- jaan ,I respecr ut thought but ur health is alos imp , bahut prject aayega but no project is more imp than u, u r my everything , if any thing happen , oh God , ym thinking like this, nehi kuch nehi hoga tumhe mein kuch nehi hone dunga tumhe .

Geet understand maan’s fear and just hugged him and said mujhe kuch nehi hoga maan.

Both laid there in each other arms some more time .

Then geet asked how was the trip and what about project, everything is fine na.

Maan smiles and said tumne medcne lya hain,

Geet nodded in yes and said aur dadi ma ne mujeh soup bhi pila dia .

Maan smiles and said good girl and said uha project ka kaam aache se chal raha hain aur sab se bari baat agar mein uha nehi bhi jata tab bhi koi problem nehi hota . baki sab milke samal lete iye kaam.

Geet innocently asked accha par mujhe toh annie ne kaha ke uha aapka jana jada jaruri hain, aur kaha then suddenly geet stop and said accha hain, chaliye mujhe sona hain.aapke paas, kal se neend bhi nehi aayi acche se aapke bina.

Maan smiles and said ok jaan , come sleep in my arms.

Geet snuggle close to maan and maan wrapped his arms in her waist protectively.

After some time maan suddenly remember geet’s word about annie told her that maan should go for this project.

Maan puzzled and said but annie aise kyuon kahegi?jarur kuch baat hain, mujhe usse baat karna hoga.

He then look at geet who is sleeping peacefully,.maan kissed her forehead.


At night , maan doing some work when geet came and said aapne annie kyuon danta,oh aapne sasural wapas jana chathi hain.

Maan :- geet, idhar aao ,

Geet goes near to maan when he wrapped his arms in her waist and said jaan, she is going back cause her mother –in law called her back for some urgent work.

Geet:- ok, par usne kaha ke aapne usse danta kyuon ki usne mujhe aapse dur kya.

Maan smiles and said yes , iye sahi hain, dekho geet, mere baat dhayan se suno iss duniya meine sab acche nehi hain, sab og tumhari tarah masoom nehi hain, uss project ke kaam mein agar mein nehi bhi jati toh bhi chalta aur iye baat annie ko pata tha phir bhi usne jaan bhoojh ke  tumhe iye sab boli and u force me to go there , then maan stopped and geet said oh mere sath aise kyuon karti hain agar uske ghar meine problem hain toh mein kya karu maan, agar arjun kisi aur se pyaar karte tho mein kya karu

Maan smiles and said no darling it’s not ur fault, we know that in fact the way annie force arjun to marry her it’s shame to called her as khurana’s daughter .

Geet :-I’m sorry maan, mein uski baaton mein aakar aapse…

Maan placed his finger on her lips and said shhhh misthy u have the rights to ask me anything jaan, ur  my wife .

Geet smiles then said ok, chaliye aap dinner kar lijiye,I’m feeling hungry.

Maan smirked and just rubbed his thumb on her lips casually but geet feel something running down on her spine and and geet said maan pls baas kijiye , mujhe bhaut bhookh lagi hain.

Maan smiles and said chalo.

That day annie stay in the Km but next day before leaving the house she is doing her drama and cursed geet.


Geet looking sad but dadi ma assured her and try to console her.

Next two days maan is busy with another project and when he is return back it’s very late and he is feeling tired and geet also went to sleep as she is advice for rest.

After one week maan got some free time and think to give this time to geet only.

He told dadi ma that he wants to go for a small holiday .

Dadi ma said ok,

But  maan said par aap toh iha ekele honge then

But dadi ma said beta I’m going vicky’s home for some day as earlier it’s decided.

Maan:-oh yes I forgot it.

Geet come and said aap kahi ja rehe ho dadi ma.

Maan look at geet then dadi ma said ha beta iyaad hain na, hum aapse kahe the vicky ke paas jana hain as he is alone in Bangalore and bahut  din hogaya usse mile hue aur yash bhi hain uska exam ke time , so,

Geet sadly nodded and left the place.

At night, In maaneet’s room ;


Maaneet sit in their bed while maan doing some office work geet just cribbing.

Geet looks sad and murmur baba jee agar dadi ma Bangalore jayenge toh mein toh ekele iha rahungi iha , ek toh iye aapne kaam meine busy rehethe hain doosra mujhe office jane se bhi mana kar dia as if I’m still ill as per him now aab kya karu  mein .

Here maan heard it and smiles and said geet kya bol rehe ho jara jor se bolo , mujhe kuch suniay nehi de raha hain.

Geet murmur baba jee inhe aab mere baat smajah mein nehi aaraha hain, sunaiy nehi de raha hain, kal kehenge mujhe tum dikahi nehi de rehe ho, ek dadi ma the jo mere sath de te the aab dadi ma bhi chale  jayenge toh iye mansion mujhe bhoot banglow lagenege , aur iye hain inhe samajh mein nehi aaraha hain  kuch,and geet continue her cribbing .

After some time maan hold her waist and pull her in his lap and said jaan , kya tab tab se aapne baba je ko pareshan kar rehe ho , mujhe kaho kya baat hain.

Geet at first shocked by maan’s sudden pull then said kuch nehi, aap aapna kaam kijiye.

Maan look at geet and said aapna kaam hi toh kar rehe hain,

Geet look at maan then said mujhe choriye aur aapna kaam kijiye.

Maan pull her more closely and said aapna kaam hi kar raha hoon jaan.

Geet look at maan who is massaging her back slowly slowly and then just open the dori of her kurti  and huskily whisper  jaan.

Geet just froze their and words got stuck in her throat. She couldn’t blink also.

Maan enjoy this sweet torture and said geet.

Geet slowly come back to reality and  said pls maan.

Maan:- shhh, aaj aur koi baat nehi then pull her head close to her and capture her lips gently, he is caressing her lips first then gently nibbling her lower lips then suck it.


Geet just clutched his shoulder tightly.

After long time both break due to lack of air and maan said darling u r sweetest , actually u know what  I ate gulab jumon today but after this u r sweeter than gulab juman .

Geet blushed and just hugged maan tightly.

Maan hugged her back then slowly slide down the kurti and kissed her shoulder to neck and give a bite in her neck gently .

Geet moaned maan.

Maan slowly pull her to see her face but geet more tightly clutched him.

Maan smile and think after so many months still his misthy blushing like new bride. They r one much before but still his misthy blushing like this is first time.

Maan just gently lay her on the bed and said misthy look at me na .

Geet said no.

Maan :- tum aapne maan ki baat nehi sunoge.

Geet just open the eyes and see maan is looking at lovingly with passion full eyes .

Maan bend his head and give her a kiss on eyes, forehead, check, nose, and ear, then again capture her lips again after this he bend down more and kissed her neck, throat and then said geet, r u ready for tonight.

Geet blushed and hugged him tightly.

After this maan give her kisses from head to toe. He loves her, caressed her, fondling her, and cherished her in more passionate way.

Both going to their same goal.


After some they reached to their climax. Maan slowly laid besides her and painting heavily.

After some time both catch their breath and maan pull her in his arms and kissed her forehead and  said  u r too sweet mishty

Geet shyly smiles and hide herself in his arms.

 Next day, maaneet chor ne gayi  dadi ma airport

 After this maaneet return back to Km.

This 7 days, maaneet every day  spend time together, they make food together, they swim together.  They dance together,

 Some times they went long drive.

Some time  geet drives some times maan drives .

Both loves each other like crazily, both explore each other newly. Every time they found them like they r new. They r like newly wed couple……………

They went for shopping together.

 Maan make geet wear new new saree, some time maan make her ear it by himself.

Geet teach him about INDIAN cooking when maan teach her about Western cooking.

At 8th day maan want to give geet some surprise but then he thinks kay doon, sab kuch toh hain geet ke paas phir, ok let me try it.

 Maan makes food for get all r Punjabi dishes. The he choose a beautiful white and golden color silk saree for geet and matching jewelry.

Then left a note for her.

Geet after bathing come out from washroom and find  the saree and jewelry and the note with bunch of roses .

She smiles and kisses the bunch of roses.

Note:-mishty now I’m feeling jealous after u kissed those roses, it’s my right jaan.

Geet stop there and looks here and there.

Note continue :-

Uff mishty don’t look here and there, wherever I’m ,I know u better jaan. Now stop looking here and there just wear this and come to the back side of the garden.

Come fast

Ur maan is waiting for u.


Geet smiles and kissed the note and said mere maan.

After wearing the saree and jewelry, she went to backside of garden and see the garden is beautifully decorated .

Just suddenly some one slide his hand in her waist and kissed the nape of her neck.

Geet smiles cause she know the person , the person who rule her hearts, who know her much better than anything.

Maan led her to dinner table and  both fed each other, lost there , after some time maan asked her for a dance  they dance their sometime .

After the dance maan carried her in his arms and take her to their room.

Their room , which is filled with love, care, passion  for each other..


That night they love each other more passionately, explore each other in a new way .

After that they lay in each other arms  when maan looks at geet who just smiles at him and give him   long kiss on his lips and said mr khurana , I love u , I love my maan,

Maan pulled her closely and said love u too jaan, my shona, my misthy,

Geet:- I love u  my honewala baby ke papa.

Maan smiles and said love u jaann then said what kya kaha tumne

Geet just shyly smiles and nodded in yes and said u r going to be a papa maan. actually I feel it before u went to that project 2 weeks ago but feared , so going for  some test and test result is positive . so doctor, tell me this today morning.

Maan kissed her lips then said but itne din kyuon laga result aane  meine.

Geet hesitates at first then said Sasha told doctor to hide this but 2days ago  when geet again went there and heard Sasha said it , she just directly confront annie and doctor and got to know , doctor said I send a parcel in Km to said it to me but some how it’s not  reached at me but today doctor give me another copy.

Doctor said sorry to me. Actually.

Maan make a note to confront sasha for this matter then  said ok,I’ll take this matter , u don’t worry about it and no more argument. One day I heard u to forgive sasha and she is working in our office but no more. Shhh, now forget it and let us live the moments .

Maan bend and caressed her stomach and said baby , my little angel ,I’m ur papa baas kuch din then u’ll be  in my hand , ur papa and mama’s hand. In our hands.

Maan kissed her stomach and continue her talk for some time.

Geet feel tears welled up in her eyes and she thanks to baba jee.

Maan look tears in her eyes and said geet, kya hua shona.

Geet:-khushi kea soon maan, aapka sapna pura hone wala hain . isliye.

Maan come close her and kissed those tears and said jaan,  u r my life, my everything and u r giving me world best gift, thanks jaan.  Kissed her lips and forehead and take her in his arms and both slowly dream about their sapna, their child, then dose off to sleep.


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 love u all



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