ll I Trust U ! ll ~~~Maaneet One Shot ~~~

I Trust U !

Trust…is most imp word for any relationship n if its for husband-wife then its more……

Geet lost their baby n drown in her own sorrow where maan trying his best to make her normal…..At first dev n dadi ma interfere then when geet gain the normalcy ,maan turn busy with his office work n Dev trying to take advantage of this….

Dev try to accompany geet in orphanage or try to show his fake pain n console her…n all deeds showing maan intentionally…..

At night , maaneet didn’t talk much they were there in own land of pain n guilt n insecurity…

One day dadi ma asked geet to meet Maan at Farmhouse but Dev reached there when maan witnessed dev hold geet’s hand n left from there….

But after that Geet slapped hard dev n said this is ur last warning , dare u touch me with ur filthy hands …..don’t u dare but if u want to killed by my husband then …

Geet left the place with heavy heart.. she came home when maan notice her but didn’t say when geet also didn’t say n just went to dadi ma’s room..

Geet want to confront dadi ma, Geet:- dadi ma what do u want ? r u regretting me to marry with ur elder grandson…y u r behind our happiness, peace, y u want to break our relationship?

Dadi ma look at her n said geet, beta when geet snapped her n said y u r behind my peace Savitri Singh khurana? Y its always khurana’s spoil my life or want to or behind it….its ur laadla grandson dev who came n snatch my innocence n my life n my family , its ur  grandson for whom our holiday spoiled at shimla ,its ur grandson dev for whom my engagement stop , its ur grandson dev for whom my husband face accident n in the name of help , he make a deal with me n now also its him for him we lost our baby…..

Savitri devi listen everything n she know the pain but she utter but the baby was als dev when geet screamed baby was maan ….me n my husband maan singh khruana was the parents of my unborn dead child..do u know ,Mrs Savitri Singh khurana its seem u forgot u have another grandson….but I am not forgetting anything…I wish to forgive ur Grandson mr dev khurana but not forgot what he has done with me…or my husband….

Dadi ma looks defeated n said I never wish anything bad for u when geet sobbed then dadi ma….aap kyuon nehi dekh pa rehe ho, maan mujhse dur ja rehe hain..I can’t live..I had enough , everyone left me..but now…..

They r oblivious from the fact that maan is listening, maan went from there & where geet console by dadi ma…

Maan stop at his room n now after listening to those , he can clearly guess who wrote all this mess who make this in his life…he give , he want to confront that idiot but no he will not he will kick him out from this mansion, aab aur nehi….but before that he need to make up with his mishty whom he ignore also ….may be she was drown in pain  but as her lover, husband it’s his duty to know her more….

Geet entered the room n feeling like not doing anything nor eating…she sat near the bed n notice maan’s pic she keep looking at the pic when someone hold a morsel of roti dipped in curry…

Geet look at the source n find out maan is there n said have it shona…..Geet bite her lips to control the sob when maan said I made it by my own hands ur fav Aloo, Gobi Paratha n Shahi Paneer…..n here Jeera Rice with Butter Chicken ….

Geet look at maan n the tears of pain, happiness, guilt, sorrow all r flowing when maan wipes them by his free hand n said kuch meine kuch tumne , kuch halat ne hume majbur kya dur jaane ke liye aur use jada humare beti ne….but geet hum insaan hain galati humse hi hota hain n iye galati hum sudharenge, tumhare beti ko aana parege ekdin humare paas…tab mein use iha humare pass rakh denge takee oh kabhi bhi hum se dur na jaa payee…

Geet took the morsel then said but usska shaadi toh karvana parega na…..

Maan don’t know when the tears r falling  from his eyes also….he said I will choose ghar jamai n tie him also….

Geet chuckled but then wipes his tears n said aapka khaana ….u can’t take this spicy food when maan said geet I had today light food during a conference ….I don’t feel like but soon got angry glare for his sherni n he said ok baba make some soup for me but first have it , n tell me how is it?

Geet smiles n said bahut accha, aap itna accha cook I mean Punjabi khana ..

When maan said with attitude Maan Singh Khurana can do anything…samjhe miss Hoshiyarpur express

Geet giggle n hugged maan side ways….she got her maan back who love to tease her, pamper her …..

Later geet went downstairs n make soup for maan n cut fruit n said to nakul give it to dadi ma along with milk n check the medicine she has taken or not…then make another fruit salad for them n went to study room of maan….

Maan smiles n after completing work maan called geet who came n sat on his lap …Maan at first startled then geet said pls don’t push me , if I’d angry then also make me stay with u n if you’d angry then also…our small parting also make my life hell n others take advantage of it..

Maan smiles n said never ever Mishty…I will…when geet said hume baat karna chaiye maan..hum communicate nehi karte khud mein rakh dete hain sab dukh pareshani …

Maan nodded when geet slowly get up but didn’t move from his lap n slowly bring the soup n make him have it…

Maan seems enjoying this pampering ….They retired for that night early as they r tired n after long time they got each other….They slept into each other arms with the promise to never leave each other…next day early morning maan’s sleep break n found geet is staring at him lovingly…

He raised his eye brows when geet nodded yes then no then rubbed her nose with his ….Maan smiles at her playfulness but soon geet again burst out in tears..

Maan got alert but then heard those murmuring , mujhe mere baby wapas la do maan…

Maan hugged her tightly n said sweet consoling words…….they seems lost in their painful worlds but this time together they will share it n the pain will reduce eventually….

Maan took geet with him to office n make her busy with work where geet felt happy that she has some work to divert her mind from the pain..Both will share their lunch or some break to spend time n talk about many things….

Holi is approaching n dadi ma don’t know what to say where dadi ma send dev out of mansion n maan asked dadi ma not to send him even in outhouse..as that place also share by maan n geet they don’t want that creep anywhere near to their paradise ….

Dev is staying near the guest house…..when dadi ma asked him to go back to Canada as she have arranged everything.Dev know that will be best for him….

Dadi ma said maan n geet about holi n said though they lost their child but they need to start fresh n it’s geet’s first holi after marrying u ,maan so…

Maan look at geet who nodded positively when dadi ma n geet sat there to make the list ….

But before the Holi , the evening, KM is geet is preparing for Holika Dahan….

When dev notice her alone there, he came there to take participant or say last time do something…

He entered the kitchen n said do u need any help when geet turn but sharply said no n remain busy with the work…

Dev:- I felt sad with the fact that we lost out child but soon got slapped …Geet look at him angrily when dev said chanata marne se sacchai chup nehi jayega geet..

Geet fumed but said firmly kaunsa sacchai …We didn’t lost anything me n my husband maan singh khurana lost…that baby is our…..n listen mr dev…yes u may be biologically responsible but u r not the father cause if I will say u father then it will be insult the word of father…it will be insult to my little baby..u know I was thinking y babajee took my baby but then got it…that baby has ur blood n my baby wants my maan’s blood …isliye she felt suffocation n went away with a promise to come back n light my life n u don’t have be sad…I have my maan who will take care of me….we will handle our loss, our pain…

Geet turn but then said u know baap hone ke liye only biologically responsible hona hi kaafi nehi hain, baap hone kya hota hain ask maan ….a father who save his child from danger , a father who provide shelter, foods for his child, a father who care for his child, a father who love his child, a father who provide healthy atmosphere for his child , my maan provide it from the day 1, he only the man who is with me, first unknowingly then knowingly…u know I may be hold her in my womb but my maan feel her…u know before than me our daughter understand maan’s touch , his voice but u will never understand n I trust my maan that he will give me back my daughter, his ansh , n now just get lost from here…

Dev gritted his teeth…..n said so u trust him n u share so big lecture but did u share the truth ….u know that u forgive me n but I guess u didn’t , ur facial expression said it…

When maan said nope she didn’t share it cause she don’t need it as she know her maan will trust her….Dev , she forgive u nope she let u go, she let u go cause of dadi ma n she want to forget the past n start a new life, she never forgive u neither she will..if its my n geet’s wish then u will rot in jail but my geet want to see dadi ma in peace, budape mein jaae unpe koi aur dukh , unka khud ka pota toh nehi samjhe paaye but geet will….n we don’t have share or hide anything as we trust each other n know if others is doing something then its for our betterment hain na shone, geet smiles n hide in maan who said ur ticket for Canada is ready, u may leave now…..

There Maaneet attend the Holika dahan n prayed to almighty….Stuff of KC joined ….Family n relatives also joined n all looks happy…

It’s after so long , finally Savitri devi can see little ray of hope…she wipes her tears n went to inside for settle something…

Maan look at dadi ma n the will of her n said par dadi ma…..

Dadi ma said I have done my investigation…I was wrong..I thought he will change but he is like …..ur accident on Shimla, site of kc mein problem ,then maan we were trapped by his fake tears , he asked n hire those goons to beat him n make him stay here in km…its all to take revenge from u…

Maan sighed n nodded , his eyes turn red when dadi ma said beta don’t ….when maan said then y u let him free,

Dadi ma said I didn’t I just don’t want u n geet face anything n nor the past harm u..I will not maan..I instilled the value in u n I will not forget it n neither will leave I will give punishment for tarnish the image of khurana , spoil the life of an innocent girl, try to harm my maan n playing with my emotion…u don’t worry…

N maan if u would give punishment then kuch jada nehi hoga  , may be he will get but geet will get disturb by media, lawyer n do u want it now, she needs to be calm n in relax , u both  r starting the new life, let’s concentrate it..let me rectify my few mistake n complete the job of head of the family….

Maan nodded then hugged dadi ma…who patted him back n said dadi ma leave it to me..u don’t want him back here, he will not neither media will know it n here any ppl, I will not let geet to see any more pain…he is going to canada then he will see there t he welcome .Dadi ma I also don’t want u to tensed n running behind a fake cheap star but like u don’t want me to involved directly nor make geet busy , it will not happen…

Dadi ma nodded n said I trust u when someone behind the door said I know it I know maan will never leave him…I have that trust on him n he proved me right…

Geet wipes her tears n went from there…

Next day Holi, geet retired early as she need to get up early where maan is busy with lawyer n adi n many others things to nab DEV at CANADA….

He retired at wee hours of morning n feeling exhausted when geet get up but maan slide his arms n hide his face on her neck…..Geet smiles n slowly caress his back his head n slowly maan fall on sleep but the frown on his face , make geet sure, he is having headache..She slowly took the balm n apply it there….

He moaned then slowly a smile curve on his lips …Geet smiles n softly peck on his eyes then stay there…She will manage other work but now more imp her maan need her….

Later geet wake up for work n said maan to take rest which he refused  n both got ready for the rest of work…Dadi ma seems enjoying the new maan who always avoided this holi, color but seems more interested  to help geet..he is keenly watching n helping geet.

Well Adi almost coughed n laughed to see the MD of KC is helping like this for household work but well in love anything can do n this work is more beautiful for maan as his geet is with him…

They r able to  ready the garden ….Maaneet do the puja before then took blessing then apply color on maan’s parent’s pic then on Dadi ma’s feet who happily blessed them n  apply colors on their cheek….

Annie n Arjun n all came maaneet n all apply color on others n when it’s turn for maan to apply geet n geet to maan, geet put tikka on maan’s forehead then on his feet when maan stop her n said I am more honor to have ur tikka on my forehead, u give me the respect honor along with ur love when maan apply color on her cheeks little then her nose n make her twist her nose …

She look cutely at maan who pulled her towards him n apply his cheek’s color to her cheeks n then rubbed his forehead with her like filling her mang with his color, his name once again….

Arjun-Annie whistled when manisha n pinkey said haye so dreamy n ……Adi coughed traditionally but prayed to GOD for this stay always like this ….

Geet turn red n try to free herself but maan seems forgot everything nuzzling her neck when geet pushed him but along with shower a gullal of Red n run n maan at first startled then shock then ran behind her…..

Full Day they seems enjoying , running playing with colors like kids n first time all witnessed the child in maan who ran behind geet n tease her…at late afternoon they stopped when Guest engaged with food n cold drinks, maaneet went to take shower …After shower maan just took geet with him …they reached at the terrace of their outhouse. They spend time with their wedding video then chatted ….later maan took her to the dinner room, which changed n Where maan arrange  lavish dinner with beautiful colorful decoration of flower n curtain..Geet enjoyed…they chatted about the day then went to garden..they walk when maan turn n say on his knees n said May I ask u something with a right of ur lover, n husband n friend

Geet nodded with confuse face but said u don’t have to ask I told u maan u , u just say…

Maan smiles n said Will u be my wife ..will u be my friend n share the life with me…I want to start afresh geet? yes we have said it but now I am proposing u… as today is auspicious day n today I want to be start of new ..

Geet smiles through tears then nodded yes n said maan I want to be urs..I want to start new..I want to be ur then she slammed her lips then shied but maan continue it….

They seal their new start , fresh start again….

Maan scoop geet in his arms n went inside the room ..he light few scented candle n said romantic feel seems needed n teasingly winked …they lay in each other arms their eyes locked they giggle then turn for a kiss….they fondled each other….

Next few months they take care of each other, where maan seems taking extra care of geet for healing her mental n physical wound after miscarriage ….

They spend holiday in GOA n Shimla, they went to Amritsar to Golden Temple for seeking blessing from Babajee….They went mubbai to attend wedding of Pari, its 1yrs after their fresh start n they again start fresh now they become one in every sense , though they have intimated with each other but never crossed the last barrier ….but now they crossed all barriers n touch each other soul, mingled with each other n claim, mark each other…

They entwined with each other n only they body cover by satin red sheet when they seems no where stopping the passion the love the longing…they mutually took decision of waiting for couple of yrs for their muskan their child till now they will be with each other….

Maan pull geet again n pinch her hard bud when geet moaned n mark his back but maan smiles wickedly n slammed into her again to take her to his world of love when she throw her head in ectasy n pleasure n maan filled her with his love…..maan bend n suckled those red curve n again took they seems not satiated, they rolled they sat they lay n they make the whole sheet wriggling under them but they didn’t stop the room turn steamy with their hot moans when they busy with each other…

They slept at last but it’s morning time but they don’t care , for the first time , seems they want to be with each other..Later maan arrange a spa bath for geet n helped her…

Dadi ma can notice the glow n smiles inwardly…Geet join college to complete graduation then MBA to help maan n with time n support from maan, n dadi ma , she have completed but their romance seems didn’t stop , home, outhouse office car every where they make out ….

but this time Geet didn’t able to carry the baby n she seems tensed but Dadi ma suggest her to relax n with help of doc start medication n its help geet as the young age pregnancy n their deadly fall n miscarriage make her body weak but with medicine n time , she heal n soon she give the good news of become mother…

Maan was so happy but he took care n after 9 months they become proud parents of a son , happiness seems no bound …Dadi ma seems more happy n with time 3yrs more n another son for maaneet n again after 3yrs a daughter ….

When dadi ma hold maan’s ear when maan said now his family has completed their Daughter come back their muskan…..

Oops what happen with Dev, almost more than 10-15 yrs ago when well Dev landed at Canada to received their custom officer for allegation with drug trafficking then charge of cheating doing fraud with faking the name n robbery n murder ….then smuggling make dev rot behind the bar , he don’t understand anything but he know MSK is the behind this n with him, he can’t fight…

In Delhi Maan is beaming with joy with his whole family , a perfect happy family..


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  1. Wow …. Awesome one shot .. Dev is a creep …he wanted to create misunderstanding between maaneet but maaneets trust and love won … He played a lot and tried a lot to separate them but yet failed … Geet is broken when maan ignored her but when he heard her talks with dadi he realized and supported geet … 😊😊 on holi again dev wanted to tryhis luck but geet denied him and even maan showed his exact place … That dev is responsible for all the happenings … But atlast he got what he deserved and maaneet got their happiness back .. Lovely one … 😊😊

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