eChapter :-


They sat together infront of Sacred fire where Priest chanting holi mantra but both them not looking happy..he is not ready for marriage n she has no option as whatever her family she has done till now…she pout at him who just shrugged it off…

Both has diffrences yet both care for each other , they r each other best friend.

But Both r each other best friend but she is his everything….n he is her. Friend, mentor, guirdian n both r angel for each other….but they love each other lover but love each other like friends.

Both fought but both care for each other but never share the deep feeling of each other but their family make them marry n now they r Married …

They don’t know if they will ever fall in love as they r only best friends.but does love accept or obey any rule can happen anytime.

They entered the palace after initial aarti n Dadi sa said take bahu rani in ur arms kuwar..

He said is it necessary…Dadi sa firmly said yes n he scoop her in his arm like scooping a flower so small so petite so fragile so soft so vunrable yet magical…they entered inside the palace for new life .a new road is completely waiting for them.their eyes met through veil for a moment n then he just look away n she murmur Dusht Danav….

He squeezed her soft waist n glare at her who pout n softly said kuwar sa who just smirk at his sona.but didn’t say much….

He put her down n said I hope the all rituals have completed by now…

Dadi sa n masa rolled their eyes n said nope n they continue when Dulha & Dulhan looks irritated.Dulha cause he don’t like this all neither trust anything n she felt tired…

Later ,when masa helped her to settled her in their room when she said I wanna go back to my home…to my mamma. When he said don’t u feel u old enough to stay alone, u r old enough n now how many days u want to walk n hold ur mamma’s pallu n dad’s finger…

She pout n throw something at her when Masa intervane n said stop it…u both r from royal family this type of behavior doesn’t suit u both…

Both nodded.he coughd sona who turn n said hmmm kuwar sa….

He said that was my pant n my T-Shirt u took…She for the first time blushed n then murmur hey bhagwan I was thinking y I for different feeling after wearing it…the smell the feeling omg.she look at him cutely & said u can wear my one…

He was drinking water n coughed it out when she ran to him n patted his back but again his bare back come in contact with her soft palm n maan just snapped her n said stay away….

He just went from there n make she  hurt with his behavior ,no one ever had a rude conversation or no one ever snapped her n her kuwar sa never …she bite her lips n turn her face… to hide her pain…she noticed her husband who just went from there with plain face as he has some work ,GOD knows what work…she left to stay alone , it’s her first night with her husband, her kuwar sa…she pout n said for this reason I don’t want to marry..but none listen to me..




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