Chapter 1 ,of RTL&B 2


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Chapter 1:-


Rajasthan…where sand is every where, there u can see palace ,royal ppl ,hardship, fighting, there is everywhere  color…there is dance music n along with friendship ,love, betray , separation, fight but in between all there is few ppl who believe in friendship, love …n there is two royal families n their friendship n it’s going on from generation to generation …but that never run smooth,everything has ups n downs like their friendship…


it’s story or saga about two human who were friends from childhood…

18yrs ago;


A 5yrs old running behind a butterfly but suddenly she fall down …..she look shock n her lips tremble &  she cried…..when her father hold her n she  smiles automatically…

Her father kissed her cheek n said y u r crying Geetakshi ?my princess was upset…..

Geet nodded n rubbed her eyes then said she was flying…

Geetakshi’s Father ; King Raghav Singh Rathod ,wipes those precius pearl n said who was flying?

Geet pout n said a butter fly….then said again she is so beautiful..

King Raghav smiles n said let’s see where was the butterfly gone after upsetting my princess.

Geet nodded ha ha …

Princess Geetakshi Rathod , angel of her Parents n family, a princess of Surajgarh kingdom..though after freedom kingdom went n now democratic rule but King n queen r there…n the people of this place respect them….admire them & obey them….

Now the royal family held many buisness n has developed  empire ….n helped needy ppl.they established school, college so can ppl educate themselves more..

Geetakshi watching butterfly n sucking a thumb…

When suddenly a hand remove it n said u will never change sona ?

Geetakshi turn n found her Kuwar sa ermmm her kuar sa….is there standing….she smiles n hugged…

He hugged her back..he , Princess Geetakshi’s Kuar sa ermmmm Kuwar Sa….Prince Maanavendra Singh Sisodia,10yrs old Prince of Kingdom Aryanagar….

He is best friend of Prince Aryaveer singh Rathod’s….Who is dearest brother of Geetakshi….n prince or Surajgarh….n elder brother of Prince Surajveer Rathod who is 2yrs old….

Geet raised her hand n maan bend n took her in his arms…when geet said where is bhai sa?

Maan turn n said he went to meet Suraj….

Geet pout n said with sad tone y ?

Maan chuckled n said he is little tiny that is y ….

Geet nodded no when Maan said Geet….u r not happy I came to meet u first…

Geet look at him cutely then nodded yes n smiles ….

A Lackey came there n said Kuwar sa, Khamma gani, Maharaj Saheb & Maharani Sahiba r asking for u both…

Maan nodded but geet said I’ll not go …I will not eat…I don’t like…..n turn her face….

Maan nodded n Lackey left when maan scoop sona n said but sona without u, no-one will eat…u know ur babasa ;Maharaj Saheb , Masa ; Maharani Saheba, then Dadi sa ; RajMata Saheba n Finally ur bhai Sa n ur little kuwar n me will not…..

Geet placed her head on his shoulder n said hmmm….

Maan entered the dinning room n his hand clapsed by his sona tightly….maaneet greet n took blessing from elders….there including geet family n maan’s also.

Maan’s mother , Maharani Kumud Singh Sisodia… took geet in her arm n kissed her chubby cheek…when geet replied back to her cutely.

Prince Aryaveer came n look at maan when geet about to scream…..but stop n look another way.

But Maharani Kumud chuckled n said Geetakshi, who pout cutely…gussa hoon mein..maan chuckled to see her antics n geetakshi said I forgot that I was angry on bhai sa but I remember …n Maharani Kumur said accha but y u r angry on ur bhai sa…

Geetakshi  pout n said he didn’t meet me first.

Prince Aryaveer came n greet Maan’s mom then said Chutki but ur kur sa came to meet u first n chuckled n make geet pout more….there was light environment of teasing between friends, siblings but their bonding is growing strong.

Maan’s Father ; King Yashvardhan Singh Sisodia came with his mother  Rajmata Savitri devi….

Later during lunch time, geet sat with them when Rajmata Radhika devi (Grandmother ) announce that coming yr geet will go to Boarding school.

All look shock but thn it’s their ritual after 6yrs children of royal family move to boarding school n with study they have to learn royal behavior….n many things….

Geet looks shock but then think her family will go byt Kuwar Arya n Kuwar Maan know the truth…they felt bad but they r helpless.Royal kids need to leanr few things than other children…

Geet pouted n then her lips tremble ..she look at her family then at maan then start crying…

Geet’s mother look tensed when Raj mata nodded to geet’s masa to take her with her.

At night, geet had fever n all look tensed where maan is looking sad..

Maan’s masa look at tensed maan n asked what happen son?

Maan :- masa is it neccassary for sona to go now ?

Masa sighed but said ha beta.she need to go there…Maan :-she is tiny masa…

Masa smiles n said but so u were also but u didn’t cry…

Maan pout but masa can clearly notice there is something change in maan’s facial expression n if she know her son then he is planning something.

Maan make an innocent face n said masa u know me ..m ur good boy…I never did any wrong then…

Masa pull his ear n said u never do any mistake , u r most mischievious kid amongst this lot n with u geetakshi also like that now..

Maan chuckled n know how much his sona love to copy him …he said cutely but masa ..she is so tiny n I am only small 10yrs old boy How could I do mistake n u only tell me once upon a time bacche toh galati karte hain…

Masa stunt when maan said masa so jaun n yawn loudly..

Masa chuckled n shook her head to see his antics

Next day , maan is reading a story book when geet turn n said kuar sa…

Maan stop n nodded bolo sona…Geet raised her hand n maan took her in his arms when geet snuggled in his lap n said mujhe nehi jana..I don’t want to go..

Maan sighed n said but u have to..Geet shook her head when maan said sona…Geet show her tears n said koi nehi sunta mere baat.aap bhi nehi .

Maan quickly said aise nehi hain Sona..u know that…but see ur bhai sa , me all had to go there.

Geet nodded no when maan said accha Sona .I’ll tell u another story u know…But geet nodded no but maan took her with him n start telling story as maan now geet love to hear story n this all make her calm…

Geet’s Father came to meet her later when she cutely complaint about her going away n hostel thing but her father divert her attention…n within coming day no –one mentioned it

Days pass when maan n Arya joined their school n make geet irritated n angry at them but she is equally missing them…

Maan noticed His friend Arya is feeling sad n he know the reason ,though he don’t have any sis but he can understand it  ..he know how much Arya attached to his siblings n sply with geet…..he smiles n know geet might be now pouting n complaing to her Sri Krishna about this…then will cry which make maan also frown then start drawing for Arya  her bare bhai sa…

He sighed n felt if he could make them meet…

At evening, maan is reading story books when Arya came n said boo….

Maan smiles n said hum nehi dare Arya…who smiles n said yes how could u but u can get scare or do the act infront of ur sona…

Maan smiles when Arya joined him n said I don’t know how could u I mean u never want to accept Lose then when maan said well neither u n it’s inside our blood…we r Rajput .Arya nodded n maan said but u know Arya I can do anything for Sona..her one smile…I don’t know she is just angel u know my masa told me about Angel came to this world n My sona is like that …

Arya nodded …n said neither I …n u know what we r not..n both laughed…then Arya said but tell me what u r reading .

Maan smiles n said Tintin…I like this.n both engrossed to read it…

Arya :-yes btw u know Babu sa said he will give Jeam Corbet n Maan replied wow…

Arya smiles n said I said I will take two one for u n one me…

Maan smiles n Arya continue to tell something when Maan sadly smiles n said hmmm.

When Arya keep saying something or anything…Maan :-so ur darling sis called u n wish u for Raksha Bandhan

Arya bite his toungue nodded when maan said m happy yaar..Arya chuckled n said but she is super angry on her kuar sa…

Maan shook his head n said pagli..kyuon gussa hain aab

Arya:-tune phone nehi kya na..u didn’t call her so she is like…angry hoon..

Maan:-I will soon…Arya smiles n both chatted then went to play ….they r the best buddy ….inseparable…

Innocence childhood don’t think much don’t understand much but spread love n joy n can’t see anything bad.



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