Chapter 1 of Memory Loss



In Delhi, Geet enter the KM and asked where is maan and pammi

One of servant said maan sir is not here and pammi madam is busy to do her yoga class.

Adi murmur yoga class aaab iye shak kab se suru hua.

Geet forcefully enter the room and said mammy jee where is maan?

Pammi:- how do I know bahu rani, ur husband ,u should know about him na.

From the behind some one say if u want I’ll help darling.

Geet turn and see dev smiling wickedly and winks at her and said so jaanemaan, bolo toh help karu but as I said  u have to leave ur so called pati, mr maan Singh khurana and come back here.btw if u don’t want then wait darling within 2 days I have to force u. so choose fast ,

Pammi patted dev’s back and said dev beta , itna jor maat daalo dekho na kitna najuk hain , aapne maan ke bina kaise kaise iha uha bhag rehi hain thora toh madat hum kar sakte hain na.

Geet glare at pammi and dev and said jiska ma aise ho uska beta toh aisa hi hoga, agar aap dono soch rehe ho ke mein kam jro hoon toh bilkul galat hain,I’m not  cause my maan is with me as my guide always , may be physically he is not me now but he is with me and u will not understand and dev , after whatever u said I just want to slap u then thinks I don’t want put my hand any dirty things and remember my maan will be back and today U insult’s maan’s geet and he will teach u, u give such chi and left from there.

When pammi said dev beta aapne unhe jaane kyuon dia

Dev:- don’t worry mama , right now we have to take care some other side.

Pammi:- aab kya baki hain.

Dev:- hume lawyer se milna hain mom chaliye

Pammi:- oh it’s slip of my mind, wait I’ll come after 20mins.

Here, geet is coming out and she is looking blankly .

When adi said geet come with me .

Geet:- kaha jau adi sir saara delhi dhoonda humne but maan koi paata nehi kaha gaye mere maan, kaho ho aap, pls laut aap maan, pls.

Adi:- geet chalo mere sath , bhaut jaruri baat hain chalo

Geet:- kaha jau adi sir, mujhe mere maan chaiye ,kaha dhoondo aab unhe kaha chale gaye,kaha ho aap maan kaha.

Adi look at every where then said dadi ma  aapko bula rehi hain unko aapki jarurat hain geet, aab chaliye and almost drag her.

They reached at adi’s house when  geet seen dadi ma is talking with an another lady talking and tears fall from her eyes.

Geet:- dadi ma.

Dadi ma :- aaiye geet beta aaiye hume humara maan ka pata chal gaya beta.

Geet almost runs to dadi ma and said kaha hain maan, bataiye na dadi ma kaha hain maan.

Dadi ma said inse miliye geet beta.

Geet:-par dadi ma kaha hain mere maan.

Dadi ma:- sab pata lagega aako pehele inse miliye

Geet turn and see a gorgeous lady on  standing there, that lady is little tensed but her eyes now sparking volume like she find some treasure. When that lady geet beta,

Geet look at her when dadi ma said geet beta iye aapke sash hain humari bari bahu , maan ki ma Radhika Singh Khurana.

Geet look at her with wide eyes and then remember maan said once his mother left him when he is kid, then his nanny pammi who later become his step mom looked after him few times then mostly his dadi ma looked after him and brought him up.

Her chain of thought break by dadi ma who said beta kya hua when geet said nehi kuch nehi then touch radhika’s mom’ foot and take blessing from her .

Radhika  smiles and said aap ho mere maan ke geet, I don’t wish we will meet like that but destiny plan something else, anyway beta jaldi chaliye hume apke jarurat hain ,

Geet:- par kaha , aur mujhe toh maan ko dhoondna hain .

Dadi ma:- ha beta par uha chalna bahut jaruri hain chaliye

Geet:- par

Radhika:- kyuon ki beta uha aapka maan hain aapke liye wait kar rehi hain aab chaliye.

Geet:- oh

Adi:- geet don’t worry dadi ma and me take everything now let’s go.

Finally they left delhi to see Maan and  Radhika thinks we will be back with our maan to get back everything which we were lost here.


After 4hours of journey , they reached at Udaypur  .

After another 40mins journey ,  a village ,at night and all r so pre occupied in the thought of maan.They didn’t noticed anything just They walked from there and stand in front of  a big wooden door and radhika smiles and said one min and enter inside then few mins later come with a arti thali and take arti of geet and said now come inside as u r first time come in my house as my daughter in law,

Dadi ma smiles through tears .

Geet smiles faintly then said where is maan.

Radhika come inside and they enter and seen a beautiful hall room encrypted with white and coper marble and  a then dadi ma see  a  big portrayed of  young radhika with maan and maan’s dad. Maan is holding radhika’s neck tightly and smiles.

Another picture with dadi ma and Radhika and Raj’s with little msk smiling.

Geet again asked where is maan ?

Radhika :- well geet let me say something to u before u meet maan.

Pls sit here but geet is too impatient when radhika said pls geet it’s imp for u , maan and all of us , pls listen to me beta.

Dadi ma:- kya hua bahu oh thik toh hain na.

Radhika ha oh thik hain actually maan lost his memory.

Geet shouts whatttttt

Dadi ma sat in the couch and said maan beta.

Radhika :- right now he is sleeping, and he is ok now but he didn’t remember anything not only his name, who is he from where he is coming just remember GEET.

Geet whisper maan and tears flowing from her eyes when radhika said geet u have to be strong, doctor said there is chance for him to regain his memory but for now he needs u as he only remember ur name.

Geet again look at her then asked mean maan doesn’t remember me and our relationship.

Radikha:- geet, beta he forgets everything, his name, identity, everything, only remember geet the name,some time in night  he shouts and then falls in sleep ,

Geet almost crying and dadi ma is still in shocked and adi also.

Radhika placed a hand and said go meet him, but remember geet,  u have to take care of him with extra care right now he is very delicate situation, and one more thing he doesn’t remember, but ur name is only medicine.

Geet reached along with dadi ma and radhika and seen maan is sleeping like little kid in the bed ,

Dadi ma goes near to him and placed a hand on his head then can’t control and left from there.

Adi is looking at his sir who is always see the tough maan sigh khurana but today he is sleeping like small kid but then adi thinks  nehi mere sir aise nehi ho sakte hum sab unhe wapas layenge , unke memory wapas layenge, par mujhe unse baat karna hoga,

Radhika:- geet beta, aap iha raho , mein khana iha bhej dungi, and go and fresh ho lijiye bhaut lamba safar karke aayi hain and bahut lamba safar karna hoga aapko, aapke maan ko phir se lautane ke liye.

Geet:-mujhe bhook nehi hain ma.

Radhika smiles and said ma kaha na tumne abhi toh ma ki baat maano, If maan is ur husband then he is my son also,I don’t have any feeling to eat now but have to cause we have to go long way now and our fight is just start and we have to fight againt own family, so now eat something .


After little dinner, radhika make dadi ma sleep on her room as she is still ill so some one need to look after her.Adi settle another room.

Geet come with a soup and seen maan is sitting in the bed and looking at some the window blankly.

Geet coughs  when maan look at him.

Maan turns his face when geet said maan.

Maan:- who is maan?tum kaun ho, iha kyuon aaye ho, iye tumhare hath mein kya hain, kya chiaye tumhe.

Geet take deep breath then said mein koi nehi ,

Maan turns his head and said matlab

Geet sadly smiles and placed the soup bowl on the table and said aapke soup,

Maan:-tumne kaha nehi.


Maan:- who r u

Geet:- koi nehi, mere phechan mere ek aapne ke sath chala gaya

Maan look at her eyes and lost there and suddenly hold her wrist and said who r u?

Geet:- kaha na I’m no one I lost my identity with my near one who lost some where.

Maan:- then search her.

Geet look at maan and said him not her.

Maan narrowed his eyes and said who is he

Geet smiles my life, my heart, my soul , my everything.

Maan left her hand and said chal jao iha se.

Geet:- not before u eat it, now eat first, or let me feed u.

Maan:-  go from here.

Geet:- will go but first u eat it and take spoon in front his mouth when maan said I said leave from here.

Geet:- will go and don’t shout now,eat it first.

Maan don’t know but take the spoon and half finish the soup when maan again said what is ur name?

Geet smiles :- will tell first finish it.

Maan finish it and said now tell me who  r u?

Geet get up and give him medicine and said take it .

Maan is lost in geet and take it and then again said who r u, Kaun ho tum bolo mujhe abhi.

Geet again smiles and ……..







Precap:-Maan hold geet’s waist and look at her eyes and don’t play with me.


Geet faints.



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