Chapter 10 of Memory Loss

Part 10:-

After some time geet sniffing , sobbing and said I think all is story it’s like

Maan held her chin and said it’s story , story of a brave girl and her Sadu husband.

When geet pouted and said don’t u dare to say anything about my husband , and I’m not brave oh toh aapne hi mujhe aise banaya.

Maan laughed and give a peck on her eyes and said acha.

Geet hold him close and said hmmmmm then maan said I know  from my side or by me it’s too early but I guess some times it’s happen like that.

Both look at each other and their eyes full of love, care, peace, calm ness after a huge strom pass by them.they face it together and they won yes there is some affer effects of the strom but that will be also going away with time and their immense of love.

After 2 more weeks

Geet is lifting her shirt to show her tummy and patting it lovingly and giggled and said aab kya kahaya jaye ,

Maan come out from the washroom wearing only jeans and towel hanging on his shoulder when he said geet oh mere shirt nikal dona jara mein tab tak break fast karleta hoon aur ha but his voice stuck to see his wifey like this when geet hurriedly pull down her shirt and nervously said oh oh m I’m searching ur shirt now but soon her breath got stuck when she feels he is standing near to her and his breath is falling on her, she shied and her heart beat going fast and when maan huskily said what r u doing here, kya dikh rehe the?

Geet whose breath got fast and just said oh oh but unable to voice it and soon she feels maan’s hand pull her close and hold him gently with firm hold and said kya baatein ho rehi thi ma beti mein , papa ko bulaya bhi nehi ha,

Geet closed her eyes and leaned on him when maan dipped his head on her shoulder and said Bola nehi kya baat ho rehe the ma beti ke beech,

Geet some how say oh oh hum,when maan said hmm bolo and rubbed her shoulder above the shirt by his nose then slide the shirt little and rubbed more there and where geet lost in there and maan’s hand work on her shirt’s button and opening it and placed his hand on her belly and when geet received the contact of his cold hand on her stomach she gasped when maan said kya hua misthy , shhh ek dam shor nehi karna,geet open her eyes and try to understand what maan is telling but who is busy to plant wet kisses on her shoulder where his hand pull more gently close to him and said mishty kya hua bolo na ha , chup kyuon ho ,and maan’s lip got close to her cheek and kissed there and then about kissed her lips when geet said little loud maan and maan just stopped he is looking at her blankly  then hold his head and said what is happening and just sit in the couch beside the dressing table,

Geet got scared and said kya hua maan aapko and hold his hand when maan said geet, pata nehi phir se kuch dhoondli si tasveer geet, ek aurta ka aur ekk geet ahhh when geet hold him and maan hugged her by her waist and said geet pls help me geet ,when geet hold him close to her and maan just hugged her tightly ,

After two days maan got ready and see geet’s sulky face when maan said geet kya hua y r u sad

Geet :- aapko jane ki kya jarurat hain delhi

Maan:- geet , If I don’t have any work there I will not go, I have some reason, for my work,


Maan turns and cups her face and said geet trust me nothing will happen to me

Geet:-yes this is baat u told me that time but but

Maan hold her face and said geet look at me pls, agar tum aise muh karoge toh mein when geet hugged him and said pls mat jaiye

Maan hugged her lightly and said geet, ok nehi jata thik hain ,

Geet look at him when maan said to adi on his phone that cancel the deal and said ok now happy geet,

Geet is looking at him and smiled but maan just nodded and said can I go to office now at least,

Geet nodded then said meekly mein aapke sath chalu,

Maan look at her in disbelief and then said chalo,

Maaneet enter the office and maan said geet to wait in his cabin , he will join her later after one meeting,

Geet nodded in yes , and looking at some magainze then a file casually, Her eyes then fall on the table and her lips curved in beautiful smiles, she carrass the pic and then said mere maan,

At lunch time , geet noticed maan look tensed and lost in some where, he is smling and talking with her , when  geet said  kya hua maan,

Maan smiles and said kuch nehi geet, chalo aaj hum kahi ghumne jate hain,


Maan cupped her face and said geet nothing happen, it’s normal .Geet looked at him then said I was just worried for u , it’s ok if u don’t want to share. Maan try to say something when geet cut him and said I know u don’t love me, u don’t accept me as ur wife, I know but  I thought u , I’m ur friend I’m sorry .

Maan look at geet few mins then said then geet u also didn’t understand me neither my work nor my feelings.I’m not God , that every time I will listen ur all accusation, every time I try to co operate with u but what u r doing , giving  me blame, I don’t want to give tension that’s y but it’s baseless now ,

Geet try to say something when maan said baas, let’s go home.


Maan:-Geet, no sorry iye aaj nehi last2 weeks se ho raha hain, kuch bhi karo toh tumhe lagta hain ,I’m faking so, pls


Later whole evening, even night maan maintain distance when at night geet hold his hand and said sorry,

Maan:-it’s ok geet, so jao, I’m also tired now.

Geet:-but maan.

Maan:-pls geet , it’s not good for u or our baby, so jao, mein iha hoon.

Geet nodded and lie in the bed but her eyes refused to close at first when maan come and cover her with blanket and patted her head then due to maan’s care, love and her onw tiredness, she drifted in to slumber.

Next day morning:-

Geet wake up with a smiles and take blessing from Baba jee

She look at maan’s side but it’s empty, she thinks might be , he  is busy do his regular work out or taking shower.

She smiles and get up and then take his dress from the cup board and placed them on the bed and then smiles and went to kitchen for making coffee for maan.

She made coffee and just about to going to up stair when dadi said are beta aap itnie jaldi kyuon uth gaye. Maan ne kaha tha aapko disturb nakare, chaliye thora sa rest le lijiye.

Geet smiles and said nehi dadi ma mein thik hoon, mein iye maan ka coffee, aur phir mein toh rest lungi full day dadi ma.

Dadi ma :-par beta, coffee tum maan ke liye.

Geet smiles and blushed then said dadi ma oh unhe coffee pasand hain na, mein chalti hoon  baad mein baat karte hain coffee thanda ho jayenge,


Geet almost reaching near to her room when pinky said dadi ma , maan sir k phone aaya tha geet ka phone baaj raha hain she is not picking so he is worried unhone kaha raat tak he will be back.

When geet turn and said matlab

Pinky said are maan sir is out of town na, oh tujhe but without hearing full coffee mug falls from her hand and she is looking blank and said maan is out  of town, unhone toh kuch nehi kaha, maan is out of town, one drop of tear fall from her eyes then she just turn and enter her room.

Dadi ma and pinky r looking this with shocking face then pinky said maan sir ne kya kuch nehi bola , geet se dadi ma.

Dadi ma:-pata nehi beta, mujhe dekhna hoga.

Dadi ma and Radhika mom r trying their best to calm geet but no result, she is just blank and said maan mujhe chor ke chale gaye , oh mujhe chor ke chale gaye .

Whole day she is going like that, doctor came and give her injection and made her sleep, her health is detroting , here no one can connenct with maan.

At mid night , maan still is not home and Geet is sitting in her room blankly, she can’t sleep just hugged maan’s shirt tightly and siad pls mujhe maaf kar dijiye na.pls maan when some one said geet in soft loving yes panic voice when geet turns with tear ful eyes and face and look some one very close to her heart standing there then that man hugged her tightly . When maan said geet kya hua,aise geet said maan mujhe chor ke chale gaye the kyuon ?

Maan look at her then hugged her and said geet, geet, look at me dear,

Geet nodded no .

Maan some how hold her tight and said geet, kisne kaha mein tumhe chor ke gaya, there is urgent work so I have to go ,

Geet hold his shirt and said nehi aap gaye, u r angry on me, u didn’t love me, u didn’t trust me, u hate, u r angry on me.I know it’s dream also u r not here, it’s my illusion and it’s all dream, it’ll , it’ll here some how man manage to call Doctor and here Geet keep murmuring different thing.

Dadi ma and Radhika mom came and maan asked what happen to geet when Dadi ma explained everything ,where maan closed her eyes then look at geet who is clinging to him like small baby. He patted her back and head continuously and kissed her forehead and said m here, geet, m here, shhhh.

Radhika mom :- y do u leave her like this?

Maan still looking at Geet then said mom I’ll tell everything to u tomorrow but I never leave geet, it’s some urgent thing so I had to go.

After Doctor gave injection to geet she falls in sleep but hold maan tightly .

Her fist hold maan shirt tightly and another hand hold his neck tightly.Some how maan placed her on the bed then try to move as he have to change his dress but geet hold him tightly , he some how slide besides her and hold her tightly . Continuously patted her back and head lovingly, he feels guilty as he didn’t inform and had to leave but, he never think this kind things will happen .he hold her tightly more and again kissed her forehead, hair and said don’t worry geet I’ll never leave u, how could I leave u when my existence depends on u.

Next day morning, geet slowly open her eyes and slowly adjust the situation the feel some one hold her tightly and she is lying on something rock solid but there is some  familer scent and then she noticed maan is sleeping and hold her tightly her one hands hold his shirt and another hand hold his waist and she just smiles but soon frowned and remember how maan left her and just try to move when she feels his hand hold her by her waist .Geet try to move his hand when maan feels it and look at her and said what happen geet? Do u feel pain or something, geet, kya hua?

Geet softly said no.

Maan get up and make geet sit in the bed and said toh uth kyuon rehe ho asie,kuch chaiye, feeling hungry , wait let me when geet again said thanks but don’t bother urself for me.

Maan look at her then smiles and said naraj ho bahut

Geet try to get up when maan said ruko, and quickly went to her side and take her in his strong arms and said hmmm so bolo kaha jana hain subha ke 5.30 baje hmmm.

Geet:- washroom.

Maan take her there and said if any help needed call me don’t give stress urself.


After some time geet came and said thanks but looks very pale and her eyes looking red ,

Maan shook his head and then again picked her up when geet try  to say something but maan said baas ek aur shabd nehi, chup ek dam.

Maan placed her in the bed …

Geet looked at him when maan picked his phone and inform Doctor about geet wake up feeling tired when geet look at her and think she never say tired but how maan when maan slide besides her and again hold the inter com to order some food and tell geet, jada socho mat , if I will not understand u and ur condition then who will understand ha and slightly carrass her head then maan order fruit juice , and little bread toast with some fruit .

Geet murmur kitna khana mein ekele baba jee iye mujhe kya karne wale hain,

Maan look at her face now he know what she is doing , he smiles at her then said itna mat socho kaha na, auriye sab sirf tumhare liye nehi hain , iye toh humara princess ke liye bhi hain and keep carrassing her head when geet smiles shyly then thanks and u don but maan again cut her and said geet, I know u r upsate, angry on me when geet cut him and said I’m not y I’ll be or I , when it’s just, u did manythings when we don’t have p.. I will go from here, I don’t want to create any prblm in ur life, u can enjoy ur life, I know I’m just burden it’s ok I can understand now it’s my fault it’s when maan placed his finger then said shhhh bahut bolti hoon shhhh ek dam chup kaha na then said wait and get up to open the door as there is knock in the door.

Maan open the door when Mrs Sen enter with a trolley maan take it and said ok thanks , then close the door and take those plate and juice near to bed side table and said chalo kuch kha lo phir mein tumahara haar baas shanti se sununga .

Geet:-I‘m not hungry

Maan take the juice and indicate her to drink and said I know and chup chap drink it.

Geet shook her head and said I’ll not when maan said geet, zidd mat karo, u need food for ur health, dekha hain aapne aapko , chalo,

Geet turned and said I’ll not, when maan hold her shoulder and said don’t be stubborn geet, u r agnryon me ok but don’t show ur anger on my beti now look at me and complete all food

When geet gasped and said aapka beti ha and almost verge on crying and said ha saaara pyaar, fikar sirf aapne beti ke liye, mein kya hoon , main kaun hoon, mein kyuon hoon iha, kabhi socha hain mere dil pe kya beeti ti hain, aap ko thora kehe dia aur aap chorke chale gaye, mujhe bola bhi nehi pata hain mujhe kaise laga hoga .aapne socha nehi, aabs gussa hoye aur chale gaye , ek baar nehi bola aur when maan pull her and said chup bilkul chup, ek shabd nehi meine kaha na, geet looking at him with her wide eyes and said oh when maan pull her more close by sliding his hands on her waist and said huskily but strongly and dangerously one more word then u will see what I will do and now listen to me first , complete all food, if u can’t I’ll fed u and sec ,see I was hurt at first then I understand ur fear worry, and I mein e uss din tumhe kuch nehi kaha cause don’t want to give u stress which is very bad now ,and very late night got phone from adi and we had problem in our another branch so I had to go, and that u were sleeping and I don’t want to break ur sleep as u need complete rest and sleep.I tried ur phone but and then pause and said sit here calmly and now finish it.

Geet is looking at her with wide eyes and maan placed bread in front of her mouth and indicate her to eat it.

She take the bite slowly then after finish it maan held another one when geet making face so maan giving her juice and said now eat it, u didn’t eat anything properly yesterday night , did u see urself in the mirror kya haal ho gaya,

Geet making face and murmur abhi bhi dant rehe hain thora pyaar se nehi samjhe sakte the . huh, when maan placed the empty glass and plate on the table and then cupped her face and said I’m sorry to react quickly but I feel hurt when I seen tiny hurt or pain cause of me or u don’t trust me , it’s hurting me more ,I don’t want to hurt u geet, I had to go, y I’ll be left without u, when u r my soul, u r my everything .my existence belongs to u .

Here geet is heard all like, it’s her dream, she want to trust each and every word and she trust it cause she know and understand all words r coming from maan’s heart and soul but there is some fear , some insecurity something when maan come and kissed her forehead little and said I can’t live without u geet, u r inside me, u r in me, I can’t even think to hurt u,

Geet slightly smiles then said I thought, how does u know me so well maan?

Maan kissed her forehead and then slightly move towards her eyes and kissed there and said cause I see u in ur eyes, I see myself in ur eyes . Geet blushed and slight pink hue creep in her cheek when maan kissed her cheeks and said loving ur cheeks with this color more .

Geet blushed more when maan pull her close and said I know ur fear geet,I understand it, Geet ,I don’t know how I can make u understand

Geet hold his hand and said u don’t have to be I understand maan, may be I’m little childish or little immature but I understand u , when maan smiles then placed her on the bed and make her lie and said accha thora childish and immature

Geet make face and said ha thora sa oh bhi aapn ke liye aap kitna pamper karte the aur app but suddenly geet stopped and  tear drop make a ay to her cheek when  maan kissed it and said Geet, when geet siad It’s ok maan, mein thoa so jau,.

Maan nodded and pull quilt over her and hold her close to his heart and said so jao ,geet.


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