Chapter 11 of Memory Loss

part 11:-

Geet slightly smiles then said I thought, how does u know me so well maan?

Maan kissed her forehead and then slightly move towards her eyes and kissed there and said cause I see u in ur eyes, I see myself in ur eyes . Geet blushed and slight pink hue creep in her cheek when maan kissed her cheeks and said loving ur cheeks with this color more .

Geet blushed more when maan pull her close and said I know ur fear geet,I understand it, Geet ,I don’t know how I can make u understand

Geet hold his hand and said u don’t have to be I understand maan, may be I’m little childish or little immature but I understand u , when maan smiles then placed her on the bed and make her lie and said accha thora childish and immature

Geet make face and said ha thora sa oh bhi aapn ke liye aap kitna pamper karte the aur app but suddenly geet stopped and  tear drop make a ay to her cheek when  maan kissed it and said Geet, when geet siad It’s ok maan, mein thoa so jau,.

Maan nodded and pull quilt over her and hold her close to his heart and said so jao.

Geet smiles and close her eyes and maan lovingly patted her head some times carrass her back .

Next day :-

Geet is huming a song and roaming in the garden and looking every flowers when Dadi ma came and give Geet her company and both women talking about various thing, soon Radhika mom also join them.

Later geet is roaming in library  as she is feeling bore so she is looking for some book ..

Here in Office:-

Maan is going thorugh some imp file when some one knocked his cabin’s door when eh said come in.

Adi enter the cabin and said Siii Sirr,

Maan:- from when u have this problem ?

Adi looked puzzled and said what… siiirr siiirrr

Maan still continue his work and  said stammering , from when u had this problem?

Adi laughed at his tread mark then shut up and said no sir, yes, sir.

Maan look at Adi and said will talk about later ur stammering problem , first see this file and take out every info about this company as I guess something about it.

Adi nodded after fixing his specs little and said yes sir then said sir there is notice from KC , they want to review the deal and but Maan cut him and said in a strict voice what deal , we cancel the deal much before then , Adi said yes sir I know it but they said there is some contact means clause and they said u signed the contact.

Maan roared what rubbish ?

Adi fumbled little to see the rage in maan’s eyes and voice which is not so loud but steady and firm.

Adi :-I don’t know sir.I told Mr Saxena to find out about it.I guess they fardge ur signature when maan give his famous lopsided smiles and said they r finished and said kk , tomorrow fixed a meeting with MR Saxena and all board of directors and u and Miss Sasha should present in the meeting.

Adi nodded in positive way then said and more thing no information about our meeting or Kc will not reached to Geet. Am I clear and sply tell this to miss Manchanda.I don’t want any trouble reached to geet.

Adi nodded and assure him about it.

At night

Geet is watching tv when maan returned and said tum itne der tak kyuon jag rehe ho?

Geet smiles at him and said neend nehi aarehi thi, phir aapke beti mujhe sone kaha deti hain without her papa.

Maan smiles and then come close to her and kneel down to the floor in front of the bed and patted her rising belly and said my sweet angel go to sleep, papa is here now, don’t disturb mama,

Geet:- dear, tell ur papa, u r not disturbing me but ur papa, y he is so late and didn’t inform me about it ,

Maan:- hmm sorry beta, tell ur mama, I’m extreamly sorry as suddenly stuck in very imp meeting and hold his ear and makes baby face.

Geet seeing this laughed whole heartedly and said maan aap bhi na then asked what about dinner and maan assured her that he took his dinner in office and then went to washroom to take shower when geet herself went to kitchen for some food for her husband, as she know her husband’s dinner in between his work means what .She smiles to think how much Maan again engrossed in his work,

After heated the food , she called  one of the servant to inform maan to come down for dinner.

After taking shower , maan noticed his sweet wife is not in the room, he is about turn when servant inform him about his dinner is waiting in the dinning room.

He nodded and left for it as he know unless he  eat something .He smiles and went to down stair but at first he fakes anger and said y she is taking too much stress when geet give him glare and dismiss all servants and said I’m not taking any extra stress but if her husband will not eat proper food in the night and slept like that then it’ll the reason for her stress.

Maan still said still , u when geet cut him and said don’t u like it.I know u don’t like anything done by me. Who I’m ha.and start sobbing.

Maan shook his head and murmur mood swing and pull her and said who told u I’m not liking any of this.I always loved to taking care by u, loved by u, chalo aab  iha shanty baitho,I’ll eat ,ok

Maan sat on the chair before that make geet sit there confortably and said dadi ma and mama kaise hain ?

Geet start to tell her whole day and how Radhika mom and Dadi siad her about pregnancy where she stop in between when maan put a little morsel in front of her mouth as geet take this and maan smiles and know hwo much she wants his care, love and want to pamper by him and after few bites geet realized maan make her eat also when she frowned but maan said see u also feeling hungry and more than u , my angel was feeling and hungry want to eat from her papa so and winked at her .

Then got up and went to wash his hand and geet murmur dekha kaise aapne beti ko pyaar jada karte hain mujhe toh seedhe mujh nehi bolt eek baar bhi aur iha dekho, aur tu patted her belly little and said don’t be so happy, ha ha, papa ne kya thora sa bol dia bahut khush ho rehi hain ,hmmm,

Maan come back and take her in his arms and said mere beti ko complain baad mein karna now come with me and then make her sit again the slab in the kitchen and poured hot milk with some chocolate powder and whip cream and then shakes it and give it to geet whose eyes got bigger and said how do u know it ?

Maan poured little cream on her milk shake and said cause I’m ur maan darling ,

Geet blushed then maan said complete it and tell me how it’s?

Geet enjoyed the milkshake as it’s her fab and now she is craving more for it along with this  her maan make it , she blushed and then finshed it and burped littled when maan look at her but geet making baby face but maan luahged her at this cute antics and kissed her nose.

Geet’s yes got wide then she lowered her eyes in shyness and try to down from the slab when maan said kya kar rehe ho, geet, uff, tum na, wait. He put some fruit in the bowl and said wait then called servant to  take this bowl with one jug full water and another jug full glucose water in a tray,.

One of the servants nodded in yes. Then maan turns and picked geet in his arms when geet shied and said aap kya kar rehe ho ?

Maan bend little and kissed gently on her forehead and then going towards upward.

After reaching towards their room, he make her lay their gently then said r u feeling hungry when geet gasped and said m feeling sleepy .

Maan chuckled and said ok. Placed the tray besides the bed table and lay besides geet and after making her drink one glass water then patted her head when geet moaned arhhhh when maan aksed what happen , geet said oh some times, her legs r feeling little pain and her back also  when maan said and u didn’t inform me about it.

Maan gently pull her nighty upto knee and massages it lightly then said wait and give her little glucose water when geet said no ,, not again. When maan give her glare and geet had to take it after fnish the half glass she nodded no  when maan didn’t pestering her more as her face shown how tired she is now, maan make her lay gently and nad massages her leg gently , the her back ,geet weekly try to protest but maan cut her and soon as tried ness and maan’s love and care make geet sleep peacefully.

After this maan pull her to his heart and geet snuggled close to him more and maan kissed her forehead.

Next day :-

Geet looking down when she heard today evening maan is going for two days conference to DELHI.

She is making faces , when maan said jaan, u told em to go and attend it and now , then how but geet hugged him and said but I’ll miss u, and ur baby also . maan kissed her cheek and said I”ll be here jaan always near to u and ur baby.

Then bend and talk with their baby then kissed her stomach and then hold geet’s face in his aplm and said I’ll be here within 2days , don’t worry, it’s too urgent so I have to go when geet said I know  but her face still looking sad when maan bend little and  placed a gentle kiss on her lips when geet shiver to feel the touch by her manly lips after long time then maan just whishper near her lips I’m love u Geet, more than anything this world and I’m going for work which is for us and for our secure future and trust me I’ll be back fit and fine within 2 days .I promised it to u . and then again give gentle pick on her lips and she shudder and hold his shoulder when maan licked her lips lightly and then kissed her lips and said give me u smiles , without ur smiles I can’t go  and win on my mission ,Geet snapped her eyes open but again maan kissed her lips and make her drowsy by his love he keep kissing then said geet pls smiles,

Geet look at him shyly . her cheeks r pinkand she just smiles shyly and hugged him then said pls come back fast, I can’t live with out u.

Maan kissed her neck and said same here dear,I’ll be back , mujhpe trust hain na baas .

Geet come near to his car, after maan taking blessing from ma and dadi ma once again hugged geet then said I’ll be back and u better take care of ur and my baby’s ,

Here at Delhi:-

Police at KM, and said u r under arrest Mr Dev and Dev and pammi looked at them with horrified expression

Here on the way maan called some one and said ok that’s good no, not now, I’ll be come later let mr Dev stay behind the bar few weeks , ok , yes ,and make sure Pammi also be there , yes  my men send u all prove and I want the work done by today ,I don’t want to see any of them when I reached there ok,  then said to adi , Adi mission KC begin


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