Chapter 12 of Memory Loss

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Here on the way maan called some one and said ok that’s good no, not now, I’ll be come later let mr Dev stay behind the bar few weeks , ok , yes ,and make sure Pammi also be there , yes  my men send u all prove and I want the work done by today ,I don’t want to see any of them when I reached there ok,  then said to adi , Adi mission KC begin


At the after noon Maan reached KC and looking at office with Grt Pride  , he smirks and besides his Adi stand after adjust his specs and laughs at his trade mark style when maan glare at him , he stops and said sir , let’s go.

Maan enter the basement and along with him Adi and 10 body guards of maan.Maan enter the lift and adi remember how maan in past enter this building , this office, he smiles then enter the top floor of the building when maan said to his one trusted guard to inform some one then came out from lift .he enter the main office premises and look at Adi who said little loudly Good Morning Ladis and Gentelman  every one who r busy in work or gossip ,stand up on their feet and looking at the man with wide eyes , some of them known who is he, he is the man famous as MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Some young boys r looking at man with admire and think if they could get this personality , some girls r thinking who is he , a handsome  hot , man, some thought him as S*** man , some bold over by his personality , some looking at him with respect, some with desire.

When maan said I’m Maan Singh Khurana Owner and MD of this Khurana Construction .

Some sound is there as they heard this when Adi said he he then well he is real owner of this Company and some of u know and heard about him before, as he was in holiday so he give responsibility to his brother and he already heard maan’s slightly gritting  teeth

Adi coughs nervously then said  so every one , then said so every one move to ur work and when some one stopped him and said  we will not obey his order and don’t take him as our boss.

Maan look at the man with cold stare then maan’s lawyer come and said if u don’t then u will fired for the reason not obey ur boss , btw ur temporary boss Mr DeV will come and tell u about u soon.

Maan said something to Adi then moved from there.

He enter his cabin which is dev used and maan called the PA and said make an appointment with Saxena interior now

PA just nodded and left from there.

Maan look at the cabin and feel disgusted every where seeing half dressed or semi dressed or without any cloths some disgusting pics of some girls.

He looks and get angry he called Adi and called him said come the cabin now

Adi stammered again and asked he he sir kaun sa cabin.I mean aapka wala iye conference but maan roared do u think m here for some jokes , come here to this cabin and clear all mess now .

Receiver from adi’s hand fell on the ground and he said mess abb kya bhagwan jee , mujhe humesha aap aise phasha kuon dete ho, aab kya karu mein ,chalo adi jake samna karo DD ka , nehi GEET ka DD, uff Bajrangwali bacha lena .

Later  ,Adi went to maan’s cabin and see him furiously walking here from there.

He gulped his saliva and then pray to Bajrangwali then said Sss si sir .

Maan closed his eyes to calm his anger and said come in and clean it now.

Adi came and try to say what then see those pics and his eyes got big and he rubbed his eyes then think what is this Ram Ram , Bajrangwali save me , then meekly said sir from where this pics came,

Maan tunred with rage and adi stumble little then said m cleaning this now.

Maan again roared and said who r u for this company,

Adi stammering again ch chi chief accountant .

Maan look at him then adi said calling , m calling.

Adi some how manged to call peon and told him to clean all mess .

Here, in Jaypur

Geet is restless and murmur dekha ek call bhi nehi kya abhi tak huh, kya karu shall I call him , ha kyuon nehi , akhi mein unki geet hoon,

Geet called maan here maan is blasting over receptionist when his phone ring and he picked it up and said hello Maan Singh Khurana speaking ,

Geet:-Baba jee,

Maan’s lips curved into a smiles to hear his beautiful wife

Here receptionist looking at maan with wide eyes when maan’s eyes fall on her and said one min geet, then to receptionist do u want to say something

Recpetionsit gaping at him with open motuh when maan shouts and Recpetionist say yes sir no sir and then maan indicates her to go and said don’t disturb me neither give me any call now until I say now go .

After receptionist left from there , maan said ha bolo geet.

Geet:- kya balu ek toh aapne call nehi, na koi phikar na koi chinta phir call kyat oh wait karo and then kisi lerki se baat hmmmmm.

Maan  laughed at her then said hmm ek khubsurat lerki, kya karu , mere patni aab mere sath nehi aasakte toh mein soch but geet cut him and said KYA SOCHA AAPNE , BABA JEE SAB DEKH REHE HAIN KISI AUR KE SATH BAAT KARNA TOH DUR HASA BHI TOH NA

Maan asked her warna kya


Maan laughed loudly and said pagli , sorry geet, kuch kaam mein phash gaya tha

Geet:-haww, hmmm ,mere phikar nehi hain.

Maan:- accha oh mein jake bolta hoon kaise phikar nehi hain.

Geet smiles then said aapne khana khaya aur aapka medicine lya aur ha jada kaam mat karna, relax and don’t stress urself and come back soon ur baby and baby’s mamma missing u.

Maan smiles then said m missing u too geet and our baby.and ha khana khaungi , medicine le lya hain already, don’t worry will not stressed, tum bhi aapna khyal rakhna and don’t take any tension, I’m fine and will be fine  and come back to u tomorrow.

Geet smiles through her tears when maan said wipes ur tears dear,it’s hurting me more

Geet stunned then said aapko kaise pata, then bit her toungue  then said oh when maan said geet, I know u even before u know urself , I know ur innerself, Might be loose my memeroy those precious moments but in those days I know u in new way, in my way ,Want prove.

Geet nodded no when maan said no,sar hilane se kya hoga

Geet again shied and said aap kaam karo mein phone rakhti hoon.

Maan naughtily smiles and said itni jaldi abhi toh baat suru hua hain.

Geet blushed and think her maan really dusht danav  , she smiles then said aap na bilkul DD ho

Maan suprised and said DD ,

Geet giggled then remember how maan’s famous as DD, Dhak dhak to female employee and she is the first female employee who give him name , new meaning of DD , Dusht Danav when maan said  geet kaha kho gaye tum

Geet nodded kahi nehi oh baas when maan said kyuon man hi man mein bol rehi ho Dusht Danav.

Geet’s moth turned into “O” then said aapko kaise pata.

Maan :- iha sunna pasand karoge iya phir  geet look more puzzled when maan said  uff tum na bilkul bhulakkar ho rehe ho ML mere hua aur tum are but soon stopped when he heard Geet gasped when maan said geet, geet, m sorry dear, don’t cry dear, pls don’t cry, but geet’s tear’s don’t stop and said aap ,isse acchas toh mere ML but maan shouts almost GEEET kabhi asie mat bolna dekho mein abhi wapas aaraha hoon.

Geet some how wipes her tear and nodded no then said ne nehii maan, aap aapna kaam ka nuksan nehi pauchanyenge , mere maan aise nehi hain .

Maan try to protest but can’t as geet stopped him and said jaise shanti se kaam kijiye and come back soon, ur princess missing u .

Maan smiles little then say and princess’ s mom .

Geet sighed and said ha bahut and closed her eyes when maan said I’ll be back soon Geet,I’ll be.

After the phone call, maan take out his wallet and see his geet’s pic there and carras it lovingly where geet takes maan’s pic and hugged it tightly close to her heart and lay on the bed and going back to past where both in their loving paradise .

Geet is crying as maan will come back after  2 days , as there is huge land slide, she rubbs her eyes and said I wil not talk to him , he is bad very bad and turn her face but her heart want to see maan now, she cried after buried her face in the pillow when some one put a blind fold in her eyes when geet shouts who it’s but soon she smelt the cologne and manly scent and recognize who he is ? she smiles and put her hand on his neck and said DUSHT DANAV , and maan laughed and said accha mein dushat Danav hooon ha chalo .

Geet placed her head on his heart and said aapne toh kaha tha.when maan cut her and said shhh now if I told u then how it’ll be surprised u.

Maan bring her in the terrace then open her blindsand geet see beautiful canopy bed with white and red curtains and table and a chair decorated with red and white roses.she smiles then maan said Happy Marriage Anniversary Mishty .Geet looked at him with all love and her eyes said she is so much in peace and happy  when maan said mishty,thanks for coming in my life and makes my life colorsful and happy, when Geet hugged him right and then said happy Marriage Anniversary Maan and kissed his lips for the first time both r lost in their kiss.After some time when they borke due to lakc of air , both smiles through their heavy breathing when maan said slowly let’s celebrate it and bring her near the table and then make her sit on his lap and then open the bowl and geet’s face look again surprised and she said maan iye kya hain.

Maan nuzzled her neck and said it’s my fav Golgappa and it’s ur fav Lasagana when geet laughed and hit him and said maan aap bhi na.

Maan :-kya hua

Geet cupped his face and said kuch nehi hua , and kissed his nose then said feed me but see maan is looking at her lips naughtily but geet lovingly slapped his arms and said no badmashi ,now feed me.

Maan happily obliged, then take golgappa from plate and kept it in front of her mouth but geet said one min and take the hand and said maan take bite and maan look puzzled but take it and then geet finish the half and said yummmmmyyy and ahhh uhaa and licking her lips when maan looking at her with desire ful eyes and geet noticed it and shied and smiles slightly,

Maan think one day her innocent beautiful wife will kill him by her innocent and innocent seducing tactics .

He just want to love her all time, see her full his life, he just felt peace to have her in his arms, he felt happy to see her  smiles.

He came out from his trance when he feels geet’s sound, melodious voice which is calling him .

He looks at her when geet said aap khana nehi khaoge.

Maan smiles then give her gentle peck and said if u feed me then and geet just innocently blushed and said ok.

She takes and placed it infront of maan’s mouth and maan said pehle tum mujhe bhi toh yummy and make her eat little then from geet’s mouth he eat and then it’s turns into passaionate kiss .During their kiss , both massages each other back and slowly maan get up from the chair along with geet who is in his arms both kissed each other passaionately and maan push the chair by his leg then both goes near to bed and collide with it and falls there.

After their passaionate kiss , both r panting but geet shied and said khana thanda ho but maan siad shhhh and then said let me devour u first then will think about rest things later ,Maan give a gentle peck and then slowly removed her saree pallu and carrass her stomach lovingly then kissed her cheeks, nose , eyes and then bend to his chin to shoulder to collar bone to bend stomach and he kissed her belly and and come towards her lips


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