Chapter 13 of Memory Loss

Part 13:-



After their passaionate kiss , both r panting but geet shied and said khana thanda ho but maan siad shhhh and then said let me devour u first then will think about rest things later ,Maan give a gentle pic and then slowly removed her saree pallu and carrass her stomach lovingly then kissed her cheeks, nose , eyes and then bend to his chin to shoulder to collar bone to bend stomach and he kissed her belly and and come towards her lips and give it’s gentle peck then licked it by his toungue ‘s lips then come to her ear and bite it slightly and then licked it and huskily said I love u geet, Geet who is breathing heavily & closed her eyes but smiles formed on her lips , a shy smiles and said slowly love u too maan.

Flashback end

Geet look at the window and seeing the sky is clouded and any time rain will poured.

She sighed and closed her eyes and remembers how this rain and water connect her with maan. She remember how they first time go to dhaba after stuff of 5star hotel insult her, how maan stood for her , how geet instigate him to had dinner in Road side Dhaba , then her masti , his irritation , how he lied about children, how he danced bhangra fast time , how he want hide inside the car as he hates rains that time, how he came out and wet and their first hug in rain, how maan wiped the dreadful rainy night from her mind and heart that day.

She wiped her tears and try to get up when she felt a sharp pain on her stomach and then her back little .she bit her lips and said iye kya ho raha hain and she looks at maan’s pic and said maan , she sit on the couch and try to gain her breath which is become uneven and she just some how pressed the emerjency button some how.



Maan feeling restless , adi look at him and asked sir, what happen, is everything fine.

Maan nodded some how but from inside he is feeling bad when adi said sir don’t worry jaise humne chaha wiase hua, dev and pammi jee r behind the bar , now we will play our next card.

Maan nodded absent mindly but his mind is clouded with some unknown fear and tension .

Maan take his phone and call his home. But no one picked it,he just frustratedly cut the call when his phone ring and it’s his mom.

Maan picked it up quickly  and said hello mom, how is geet ?where is she, y s but Radhika mom cut him and said beta jaldi wapas aajaiye ,

Maan panicked and asked kya hua, geet kiase hain, kaha hain geet?kya hua oh phone kyuon nehi utha rahi hain mere, naraj hain but mom cut him and said Maan listen to me beta will tell u everything she is fine but come back soon and don’t worry ,I’m here , ur geet is ok , come back beta now.


After couple of hrs Maan & Adi in Private jet but maan’s mind r not there ,Adi :- sii ssirrr , aap pareshan mat hoiye geet bilkul thik hogi, am be she is worried as before also ,

Maan looked at him when Adi said  oh I mean,

then softly said sir , u and geet already once lost ur first child, maan nodded and said yes a single drop of tear fall from his eyes after he closed his eyes and Adi noticed it.

Adi looks at maan intently and said to himself iye kya tha?

Here geet is lying in the hospital cabin and carrass her belly and saying sorry to her child , papa ko kitna fikar hoga na, par tumhare dadi ma toh sun nehi rehethe aur bola  nehi papa ko inform karna hoga.

At evening mansion :-

Geet lying on the bed and looking at the window and darkside as raining is there heavily, she sighed and waiting for maan,Here Pinky and Radhika mom r there in the hospital , Radhika mom is talking with Doctor .

Geet :-pinky ,

Pinky who is munching chips and said ha geet bolo.

Geet looks at the door then said oh actually mein puch rehi thi kya,

Pinky fill her mouth with chips and said oh kya puchna hain tujhe bolna.

Geet:-oh actually  na, Pinky cut her and said khatam hogaya.

Geet look puzzled and said ha kya khatam matlab.

Sasha came inside and said pinky ka chips don’t worry geet, aur aapka pati aaraha hain , his jet landed safely and he will be here anytime.

Geet nodded happily and freshness took over her immidietely and her eyes showing her happiness.

Sasha taking a sit besides the bed and said geet,

Geet looked at her when sasha hold her hand and said missing him,

Geet turned then nodded yes.

Sasha :-he is coming geet,don’t worry, aab kuch galat nehi hoga,

Geet smiles when sasha said u loved him more than urself geet,

Geet shied then said pata nehi sasha but I know for me he is my everything, my sole existence r for him, it’s him who taught me to fight for ur self, stand up for ur self respect, for ur self, fight for ur right, stand up and stand besides truth ,u know sasha on a another hand he is my mentor also.

Sasha nodded and said I know and see how MK  taught u business lession , how he mold u and make Lady MSK and pinch her cheek when geet blushed then smiles , Sasha continue but our lady msk don’t show her temper like his msk but she also get angry time to time and this time make blush geet more.

Both smiles and remember some old time when pinky said Sasha ma’m hume chalna chiaye as radhika ma’m said Geet needs some rest also when geet frowns and said  mein toh rest le rahi hoon.

Sasha nodded  and said  mk se dant khilna hain kya chalo baad mein aati hoon , take rest but geet look sad  when  sasha hold her hand and assured her that they r out side and maan will be here any time.


At night, after Radhika mom fed geet her dinner make her lie and give her medicine then tucked her in spread and patted her head.

At 9.40 p.m.

Geet is sleeping but feels some one kissed her forehead then palm of her hand then each finger very gently and sending shiver to her spine, in her semi conscious state also she can say it’s her maan only,then she feels her maan slide besides her and hold her waist and hugged her from back.

Geet smiles and hold his hand which lay on her stomach when she feels something wet on her nape and then she realized maan is crying silently, her maan is crying no, maan who has so much strength and fight with every odds never let his tears falls then she try turns when maan said geet, kyuon kya aisa, kyuon geet, kyuon.

Geet slowly turns and look at him and said maan when maan said promised me geet u will never leave me.

Geet nodded in yes and said I promised u.

Maan just hold her tight and cocooned her and said so jao geet, and kissed her forehead.

Geet at first surprised and want to ask maan y this kind of behavior but her drowsy state didn’t allow her to ask anything and slowly she dose off to sleep in her maan’s arms.

Next day morning

Geet wake up and find maan is sitting in the sofa and looking through some files, geet smiles and said good morning , maan :- good morning, how r u feeling now?

Geet smiles and try to get up when maan come and helped her and geet said m fine and now more and hugged him from his waist .and said maan, sorry sorry ,

Maan chuckled and said so u knows.

Geet lowered her head and said I was worried and tensed then I was missing u ,

Maan cupped her face and said geet kya sirf ohi reason tha,

Geet nodded yes when maan said accha chalo aao fresh ho lo and scoop her in his arms when geet said aap kaise ho, aapka saara kaam thik se ho gaya?

Maan nodded yes then make her stand on her feet on washroom and said chalo  mein iha hoon, don’t worry.

After doing morning routine , taking shower geet came out wearing bath robe when maan see her morning fresh look after taking bath, He lost in her and keep looking at her lovingly , geet lost also and shied her cheeks turns red soon she felt his warm finger on her cheek grazed there slightly and geet lowered her head more when maan said softly uha tumhara dress hain pehenlo, mein bahar hoon, kuch chiaye toh bolna mujhe.

Geet who is breathing heavily just nodded yes.

After wear light pink color suit , maan came and see geet is trying hard to tie the string on her back, maan helped her then helpd her wore mangalsutra and sindoor when geet is more than happy .Maan kissed her forehead and said na jaane kaise se bandhan  mein baandh rehi ho geet tum mujhe , tumse dur rehene ke kyhal se bhi mujhe daar lagta hain.

Geet look at him when maan said doctor will check u up then,from now u will stay infront of me 24*7 .I feared u might .

Geet hugged him and said no ,I’ll take care of myself. I’ll not .

Maan smiles and said mujhe pata hain , chalo aao iha baitho and help her to seat in the bed.


At evening

Geet is sitting in the barandah when she heard maan’s angry sound , she get  up and enter the room when maan is shouting at some one on phone.

After his phone geet asked maan, what happen maan?

Maan try to control his temper and said nothing geet, I’m going to study will be back soon, stay here and if u need anything then just call me.and kissed her forehead and left the place .

Geet :- hmmm jab dekho gussa ospe gussa uspe gussa, ek toh mujhe chor ke gaye the  meine kitna miss kya par mere sath time nehi spend kya phir kaam pe lag gaye.

After couple of hours Geet came to study room when she heard maan’s conversation with Radhika mom.

Maan:-ma aap aise bol rehe hain, pata hain na ,

Radhika mom:-beta aap samajh kyuon nehi rehe hain

Maan:-ma pls, mein kya bolta mein delhi gaya humare KC ko wapas lane. Iya phir dev and pammi ko unke gunah ke saja dene.

After hearing this Geet gapsed and said MAAN.

Maan and Radhika mom turned and look at Geet ,

Maan already tensed and said almost in rude tone what the ,  y r u here, can’t u stay in one place,

Radhika mom try to intervene but fails to do so.

Geet who is holding the mirror door and said aap delhi gaye the aur kis liye gaye mujhe .but maan cut her and said go to ur room, geet,

Geet  shouts I will not , I will not and come and hold maan’;s shirt and said y u always hiding things from me, aapko andaja bhi hain mujhe kya mehesoos hota, kis dar kesath mein jeeti hoon.nehi u will not understna,d har time khone ka daar, u don’t know what happen to me when u r away from me, u don’t know those days when we don’t know where r u ,what happen to me, how I spend those days, u will never understand me, u will never, but u will when I’ll go away from u , that day u but maan shouts GEEETT, and hold her shoulder and said dare u say one more word from ur mouth.

Geet who has tears in her eyes just said if I will say then but maan again cut her and with serious voice said U already tired it , not more.

Geet look puzzled and said matlab.

Radhika mom stop them and said nothing , maan , geet both of u stop now and maan calm down and geet come with me and removed maan’s hand from geet’s shoulder and left from there with geet.

After geet left from there maan throw the weaight paper from the table then the flower vase .

Here in maaneet’s room

Geet asked radhika mom kya hua tha mujhe ma , kyuon oh aise bola, oh kyuon aise baat kar rehe the , oh kyuon nehi samajhte mere daar, oh kyuon aise ,

Radhika mom  give her a glass of water and said shant beta, oh  kisi aur baat ko leke pareshan hoke tumpe chillaya, and about went to delhi beta oh tumhe pareshan nehi karna chathe the , he know u will be worried . I know beta u r right on ur place and like him , but shhh don’t cry, give him little time, let him calm then talk with him.

Later at night maan come to talk with geet but she ignored him and look at out side and think about all previous incident , yesterday when she was in hospital , that time also maan said like that , what happen to her, kya uska baby ko when she hugged her tummy in protective manner and asked beta r u fine ,

Maan come and slide his hands behind her and just hugged her and said she is fine, but u r not.


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