Chapter 14 of Memory Loss

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Maan come and slide his hands behind her and just hugged her and said she is fine, but u r not.

Geet :-matlab

Maan:- matlab  iye ke if u don’t get tensed in each and everything small thing then u were ,u know what happen to u, u were fainted , there was pain, ur bp is high , and all cause of ur tension, y geet, y in every thing u have to take .

Geet :- mein jaan bhoojh ke kuch nehi kya, I was worried ,I.. aap nehi samjhoge iy e sab.

Maan:-oh really samjhoa na mujhe ,kya hain tumharai parehsani,samajhao but tum kya mujhe samjahte ho , nehi.

Geet is getting angry and upsate after hearing maan don’t know y he is behaving like this , she said calmly mein aapko nehi samajhti toh kaun samajhta hain ,

Maan turns and said y u faint, y there was pain, y ur bp high cause u were worried , do u know what happen to u

Geet now looking confused when maan said Doctor told u many times, don’t take stress, don’t give ur self any pressure, don’t but tumhe jo don’t kehe oh tum do karti ho.

Geet :- aap bematlab mujhpe iljam mat lagaiye I accept I was some how worried more but that doesn’t mean u will  blame me for anything , what is my fault ha, aapbina bole kyuon uha chale gaye pata hain na oh log kaise hain , aap ko bura jab meine kaha mein aagar aapse par aapko pata hain mujhe kya mehesush hota hain ,ok still I can understand  that u can’t stay in front me but u went there without telling me, u went there to give them punish after u know what they done with u once, u went there before recover fully and if I react then u scold me,

Maan:-I was not scolding u I was telling u that u never listen to me sply, u know how I feel when I heard about , u don’t know how I felt when  I seen u lay here unconscious and what I felt that time ,my heart ripped apert to see u like this, I told u to stay here but no u didn’t.

Geet :- maan I was worried , I want to see u , aur itna der ho gayi so mein , mere koi irada nehi tha aapne aapko nuksan pauchane mein oya phir aapko parehsna karne mein, mere koi irada nehi hain aapke bacche ko thora bhi nahi mein soch sakti hoon .I’m sorry I hurt u , and too much interfaring in ur life, I will not.

Maan :- geet, look but geet raised her hand and said no , aur nehi , mein thak gayi hoon. And just left from there

Maan punch the table and said what’s going on, y she is reacting like this , then suddenly he heard radhika mom said U r over reacting,

Maan turned with shocked and said I’m over reacting ,

Radhika mom yes, and oh bhi but try to understand beta, her condition and sply this time so many changes within her ,and her past, beta, I know u r worried but it’s natural doctor said nothing to worry ,

Maan said how I’ll not worry ma, she fainted, her bp was high and now what she is doing and that time also , but radhika mom cut him and said what ur doing with her maan ? if u know little tension is not good for her, little shouting not good for her, if little stress not good for her then what r u doing maan with her, y can’t u reduce ur temper, don’t become like ur father maan, try to understand ur wife, she loves u more than anything, it’s her worry, love, care for u. try to think with cool brain then think what u r doing with her is right or wrong then talk with me or any one and next time if u shout or give any blame to geet then , and radhika mom left from there .

Later after couple of hours maan is searching geet in their room , garden then came to know from tasha that she was in terrace of out house.

Maan shook his head and said small thanks to tasha which occurred her fall on the ground .

Romeo noticed it and said isse kya hua.

Sasha :- sabse bara chamat kar, MK said thanks to her so , let’s help her.

Here in out house terrace

Geet is sitting silently and cribbing kyuon mein nehi puch sakti unhe kuch, kyuon oh sirf gussa kar sakte hain mujhe gussa nehi , mein kuch nehi bolsakti huh, jab dekho gussa, ek toh khud kuch nehi bolte aur karte pata nehi iha mein kaise jeeti hoon , aur mujhe nehi baat karni unse , nehi ssuni aab koi baat unki.

Maan called her Geet, geet,

Geet turned and see her maan is there but she turned and again cribbed y he is here now?

Geet wipes her tears and try to left when maan blocked her way and said geet,

But geet turned again when maan said softly I’m sorry.

Geet’s eye open but then she twist her nose and for what , mr maan Singh khurana saying sorry to me, who never done a mistake in his life. Who never think others can also have heart and but maan hold her shoulder and said sorry geet, I never want to hurt u and see don’t u have to taunt me.

Geet freed her and said dekhiye I’m not  taunting u but  but maan cut her and said can we talk in side the room.

Geet look at him then nodded and said but ,

Maan raised his eyes brows and said but when geet complete I’m still angry on u .it’s just normal talk ha,

Maan look at her amused then smiles slightly .

Maan:-hmmm aab chale .

Maaneet came out from the terrace and see all r sitting in the dinning room , Geet smiles at them when maan said sasha and adi meet me after couple of hours with Saxena file.

Both of them nodded in yes.

Later in their room ,

Maan said geet, sit here and then hold her hand and said I know I might be no I reacted over and scold u without any, and more I didn’t inform u also but I have my own reason Geet Look at him when maan said first I had to go there as I don’t want to give u any kind of tension  , I know I must , but geet yakeen maano mere dil tumhe dukh dene nehi tha, it’s just don’t want to give any kind of tension so I , anyway, y I gave them punishment , it’s nothing infront of what they have done with us, it’s nothing , they have to repent each and every act from now, it’s just beginning when geet hold his wrist and gasped in fear  but maan kissed her palm and said don’t worry geet, I will not let them harm us , and trust me.

Geet nodded but look little tensed when maan give her side hug and said geet .

When geet placed her head on his shoulder and maan continue , I went with adi there to take over KC .

Geet moved from his shoulder and look at him with wide eyes when Maan narrate the whole story  when geet keep gaping him with wide eyes and said itna sab kuch ho gaya aur aapne mujhe kuch nehi bola , and poute cutely .

Maan look at her cutely pouting at him when he is looking lost to see her pinkish cute lips  ,he raised his finger and placed it on her soft lips very gently and said shhhh ,meine nehi bola isliye as I don’t want go give u tension sec I want to give u surprise by take over KC and KM, after hearing this  geet’s hold on maan arm become tight and she said aapne sacchi mein humara KC & KM wapas le lya.

Maan smiles and said ha Geet,

Geet smiles then again frowned when maan said kya hua aab, mein aapse abhi bhi naraj hoon.

Maan smiles then said phir ,mujhe pata tha agar tumhe pata chala uss time aaur tum mujhe kuch na bhi kaho phir bhi tumhara udas chehre leke mein kuch nehi again take a deep breath so I don’t and then jab tumhara tabiyat kharap hua, When I seen u like that it’s like thousand niddle inject in my body, It’s like some one piercing my heart badly ,I feared to loose u ,I can’t afford it.I’ll die without u geet.

Soon geet cover her lips by her finger and said aaj kehe dia so kehe dia phir kabhi bhi , aapko maja aata hain na iye sab baat keheke , aapko pata hain dard deta hain iye sab baat mujhe phir bhi kehethe ho , aap samajhte kyuon nehi ,

Maan again said and  geet, I don’t want to hurt u but  geet cut him and said u hurt me and left from there when maan is keep saying geet, dear, listen to me.

Next full day geet ignored maan and at night she is sleeping with dadi ma when maan came and said dadi ma how r u feeling now.

Dadi ma smiles and said I’m good beta , but look at maan’s face who is continuously looking at geet with longing face.

Dadi ma:-phir se jhagra hua hain kya

Maan look here and there but not at dadi ma when dadi ma said aaiye aap iha baithe , aur bateiye kya hua .

Maan :-oh dadi ma actually then said dadi ma I’m telling u but promised me u will not react or stress urself  and then narrate the whole incident .

Dadi ma gapsed when maan said dadi ma, ma ne aapko kuch nehi kaha kyuon ki , I told her, as it’ll give u immsense tension so.

Dadi ma :-par beta.

Maan:- dadi ma I know , chupana aise baat par mein kya karta , aap ke liye aur geet aur humare aanewale bacche ke liye .

Dadi ma hold his face and said aap ke upar geet naraj hain na ,

Maan nodded then said innocently kal se baat bhi nehi kar raha hain aur kal toh mama ke sath y, dadi ma,

Dadi ma smiles to see the innocent maan also who is lost in work pressure and circumstances where Radhika mom smiles to see her big son is complaining like little kid.

Dadi ma :-toh manaiye usse, she is ur wife na.

Maan smiles then said dadi ma oh toh hum mana lenge usse,and give his dadi ma lopsided smiles when dadi also smile back at him.

Maan came slowly near to bed and then slowly take geet in his strong arms and said dadi ma good night, then see his mom also there and said ma good night.

Radhika mom , Dadi ma both wished them good night.

Maan look at geet who is unknowingly come close to him and hold his neck tightly and placed her face on his chest.

Maan smiles and carried her towards their room then make her lay on the bed properly.

Then slide besides her and smiles naughtily as he know next day geet will pounced at him. He chuckled then think how his life changed due to geet, one day he was in darkness but the day his angel came to him, she bring back all life to him, giving him more precious gifts . he smiles with content when he thinks about the little life living inside geet’s womb, he feels shiver and then slowly brought his hand near to her gently rising belly and carass it and said good night baby, kal aapke mama ko manana jo hain and patted her then slide his hand on her waist and pull her close to him .

Next day morning

Geet snuggled close to maan more , and hold him tight by his waist and rubbed her cheek on his chest and smiles and think she is dreaming like old days , she smiles and then thinks how sweet those day are but his sweet maan again become dusht danav.

Tears falls from her eyes to maan’s chest when geet heard maan  said kya hua geet, ro rehe ho , after hearing this geet open her eyes and then get up little and looking at maan in awe then ask lowly aap sach mein iha ho,

Maan chuckled at her when geet touched his cheek and maan relished the touch fully, but geet quickly recover and get up and said aap iha kya kar rehe ho.

Maan looks puzzled and said matlab ?

Geet  removed the duvet and said aap dadi ma ke room mein kyuon ho aur dadi ma kaha hain,

Maan chuckled at her then said waise mrs khurana aap sayad abhi bhi sapno mein ho iya neend mein ho, pls try to look at this poor room then u will find whose room it’s

Geet then look at the room and gasped and said kaise mein , mein toh dadi ma phir iha kya ho gaya , phir kya mein sapna nehi nehi  toh  when she feels maan’s hot breath on her neck and maan said huskily no, I bring u here  by  when geet feel tickles in her whole body and said by

Maan continue his sweet torture and pull her close by her waist and said slowly nuzzled her neck by his nose and said I bring u here .

Geet is breathing  heavy when maan said by carring u ,

Geet feel heat on her cheek when maan said u know what after carring u in my arms I felt I was carring  a flower and so light  and  when I seen u sleeping in my arms like a cute innocent baby, but geet look at him in wide eyes when maan pinch her cheek and said chalo ready holo hum break fast ke baad shopping ja rehe hain.

Geet look at him then rubbed her cheeks and said I’ll not go any where and leavee me

but maan pull her close more and said u will go with me and kissed her cheek slightly.

Geet shocked by this behavior and said dekhiye when maan make her free and said dekhungi jee bhar ke now go and fresh holo.

Geet try to argue with him but noticed maan calling some one  and she twist her lips and said khud jab chahe pas bula lo aur khud huh mein nehi jaungi unke sath kyuon jaun ek toh jhooth boke bahar jate hain phir dante te hain mein pareshan hoon toh oh gunah aur pareshan ho then geet goes pause and said I really made him sad and giving him tension , oh bhi toh meine sahi nehi kya na, par un hone jo kya oh bhi thik nehi tha, mujhe pareshan kya upar se danta nehi jani aur nehi baat karni hain.

Maan who complete his talk and said geet, u can continue ur cribbing session later right now u need to fresh up.

Geet giving him glare and went to washroom .


Later at Study room

Maan is talking with adi when geet said mujhe aapse kuch kehena hain ,

Maan :-ok adi rest of the talk later then  adi bid good bye and moved from there when geet knotting her duppata and maan teased her by saying kya hua aaj bahut obedient ho gaye ho  waise mere baat toh asani se sunti nehi aur aaj mujhse baat puch rehe ho kya baat hain when geet pouted cutely but noticed maan is smirking  and she quickly say mein pinky aur sabke sath time spend karna chathi hoon.

Maan relax and said hmmm , well go ahead but kya hain na abhi oh log office gaye hai aur aab tak adi tha iha oh bhi office ja rehe hain so.

Geet look sad when maan said geet, chalo pehele dadi ma se milte hain oh garden mein hain.

Geet nodded meekily and went from there when maan smiles .

Later at break fast table radhika mom and dadi ma making fuse over geet’s care and food, and resting time.

Geet helplessly look at the above for baba jee and then to maan and pouted cutely .

Maan:- dadi ma, ma, she is much better now, and I want to take out as I had a conversation with doctor they agreed as geet need to change and ghumna chiaye usse,

Radhika mom :-ok beta but don’t take tension and I should send pinky with u .

Maaneet together no when radhika mom said no,ha abhi toh no baad mein jab fight karna start akroge bacche ke sath and see maan u mainly,  when geet said unka koi galati nehi mein bhi toh stress lya unhe pareshan kya when maan said nehi ma sahi bolarehe hain I should be careful , then to ma and dadi ma don’t worry I”ll take care of it.

After the break fast where ma and dadi ma made her eat nutritions food then big glass of milk with saffron then  give her medicines and then after millions times asking her how she is feeling and when they get assurance they send her with maan.

On the way , geet is cribbing ,mein aapke sath aayi hoon mere majburi hain ,m not still forgiving u, and sply whatever u did to me, and mujhe mere doston se milna hain , par shopping mein nehi jana aapke sath bilkul nehi ,,

Geet turned to looked at maan who is only smirking and said hmmm.

Geet look confused more and think y maan is smirking and like this huh , he is truly Dusht Danav, humesha mujhe satete hain.

Un knowingly smiles came to her lips and she turns to see the out side as she is enjoying after long time fully , beside her love, her maan, beautiful weather making everything perfect, she is hoping and praying to GOD to give back her maan’s memory .

Maan noticed her happy and content face and feel peace in his heart.

Both reached to Office soon , then maan helped her to come out from the car then lead her to the office.

Geet hold maan’s elbow and said maan, aaj toh office open hain .

Maan:-ha open hain, as they entered the lift when geet said phir aap ghar pe when lift’s door closed maan came close to geet and whishper huskily cause I want to spend time with my wife and more kya tum nehi chahethe mein aur tum ekele time spend kare.

Geet feels hyperventling and said oh oh actually.

Maan give her lopsided smiles and said oh kya geet , geet moved little far from him and said udon’t have to do nothing like this .

Maan look at her with pain and then said geet, ur destination is there go and I will meet u after 1 hour turns.

Geet closed her eyes in regret in her anger she siad this , she didn’t want to and try to say sorry but maan  take out his phone .

She  sighed and murmur bilkul jhalli hoon mein kya jarurat thi, mein thora chathi thi oh mujhe manaye but mein toh .

After finishing his call , maan asked kya hua.milna nehi hain unse.

Geet look at him and close the lift and hugged him and said I’m sorry .

Maan at first shocked then surprised then happy and hugged her back and said geet , it’s ok,I can understand , it’s ur frustration which but geet cut him and said no no ,I’m not when maan cupped her face and said geet I know u , itne dino mein , mein tumhe samjahne laga hoon, bhale hi mujhe kuch iyaad na ho , bhale hi mein ,mein bhul chukka hoon sab kuch par , mere jo dil hain na oh tumhari haar baat samajh jati hain but soon geet pushed him and said agar iye baat hoti toh aap mujhse jhooth nehi bolte aur uha ekele risk leke nehi jate mujhe aapse koi baat nehi karni and said stop the lift.

Maan look more confused and think iye lerki ek baar soft ek baar hard ho kya raha hain mere sath then remember his ma said geet’s change of mood is due to hormonal changes , he chuckled and think her wifey something become little innocent cute wify and some times sherni , ready to pounce on him, no no not on that sense but wait min , mein kya soch raha hoon, ufff  , he snapped out from his thought and said hmmm par abhi thora intejar karna hain , they were I mean Sasha and adi went to inspect  a sight on behalf of me .

Geet nodded then both going towards maan’s cabin .Maan make her sit on the sofa when he is busy with a phone call .

Geet sighed  and then listen he is calling pinky to entertain her .

Later at the after noon, geet is so happy as maan is taking care of her and more looking and fulfilling each and every wish of her, what more she wants, yes she wants, to love by her maan again , like old days, she wants her maan achieved all success, happiness in her life, she wants all peace on maan’s way,she wants to his happiness only, she wipes her tear and smiles at maan when maan asked her what happen, is anything wrong, or r u but geet cut him and said no no, oh toh mein baas then maan said acccha chalo aab bolo kaunsa ice cream , when geet said maan mujhe ice cream nehi mujhe curd chiaye oh bhi mitha wala .

Maan look at her with with amused expression then said mitha curd , kaha milega aab?

Geet:- in sweet shop

Maan:- geet , oh toh normal curd milega na.

Geet said quickly toh kya iye abnormal curd hain ha.

Maan gulped his saliva then said nehi mere matlab hain when geet cut him and said aap nehi denge toh nehi denge bahana mat baniaye , mujhe nehi rehena iha huh . chaliye ghar chalte hain.

Maan shook his head and said baitho iha , haar baat pe gussa dekho ,chup chap baitho then call waiter and order curd and some suger .

Geet looking at him confusedly  when maan said aab kya hua.

Geet twist her lips and said kuch nehi.

Maan :- hmm, accha bolo tumne kaha tha toy house jana hain, so section bolo girls iya boys, dekho mujhe toh pata hain girls ke liye jana chahiye par I’m giving u chance , fare chance.

Geet :-nehi mujhe boys section mein jana hain and what chance , mujhe pata hain mere toh bilkul ek beta hoga pyaar bete .

Waiter came and placed the curd there and said ehre is the suger sir.

Maan just nodded when geet said thanks .

After waiter leaving from there, maan take the curd and miss some suger there and after mixing up it well, he gave it to geet and said dekho meetha sahi hain iya aur meetha dalna hain.

Geet took it and then licked the sppon which is hold by maan and said it’s yummy but pls mix little bit more suger and maan did it then very gently feeding geet and geet completely it and then said yummy and licked her lips in pleasure when maan noticed it.

Maan noticed it and then lost in her luscious red lips,

Maan’s monologue :- how soft it would be, how it’s like to taste it, soft like rose petals or juice like stawrberry and sweet like honey, m feeling to lick it, then sucked it and squeeze the juice from it , bite it then licking and soothing the pain, y m feeling to enter her mouth and taking out every sweet from her mouth, kiss her like there is no one , only we, me and maan ki geet, maan ki geet, it’s echoing

When maan said  iye kya soch raha hoon mein , nehi nehi iye galat hain ,galat par kyuon she is my wife, mere hone wale bacche ki ma phir bhi kya mein usse , no I can’t lust on her ,  she is , I love pata nehi iye kaisa eheshash hain pyaar mein kya iye sab hota hain , kyuon mujhe usse choone ka dil karta hain, kyuon usse mujhe aapne bahon mein bharne ke dil karta hain . I need ans ,


Geet ‘s voice snapped him out from his thought and he get up abruptly and said ghar chalo.when geet said she will go to shopping but maan said We r getting late geet,let’s go home .

Geet look sad and said aapne kaha tha mujhe shopping karwange  aagar aapko nehi karwana that oh meine , pehele toh aap bol sakte the , meine toh nehi kaha na aapko,I know u don’t like my sath , my company I told u earlier also don’t waste ur precious time for me, it’s ok , waise bhi mein toh jhalli hoon , aapne but maan try to cut her when geet said nehi nehi aapko kuch kehene ki jarurat nehi , sab mere galati hain mein kuch jada umeed kar rehi hoon, iha aap itna time dia mujhe ,phir lunch nehi nehi hume chalna chaiye I’m really sorry to waste ur time , I’m sorry and geet try to move when maan pull her by her wrist and said GEET ,listen to me before jumping to any conclusion.

Geet who try to fight with her tears just said kyuon , meine kya kya,

Maan closed his eyes to control his temper and said let me clear some fact, geet and this is the last warning for u. but geet cut him and said sab dekh rehe hain.

Maan:- geet this is special cabin I booked for us only and here wooden wall no one will see us and so now let me finish then u will speak but this time call from home intruppt them.

Maan take it and said ok  we r coming.

Maan:-hume chalna hoga ghar mein mr sharma aaye hain as he is going to Mumbai for the project but need some signature by us.

Geet look puzzled when maan said let’s go I’ll explain everything in the car.

Geet nodded then said lowly dekha baba jee bhi nehi chathe sayad hum iha rahe iya when she feels maan stop at his track and turn to look at her.

She gulped her saliva then noticed maan came back to her and said tumhare baba jee chathe hain tum thora rest lo abhi , we can shopping later also ,

Geet meekily nodded.

On the way maan said he is opening a firm for electronics goods and sply for computer parts and then there is company , printing company but going on loss os we r buying it. It’s like a challege for me to make it stand  then I don’t want there r many people loose their job for some one else’s mistake.

Geet look at him in awe then said oh dev company hain na printing company.

Maan chuckled then nodded yes.

They reached the mansion .

At night , geet is keep thinking about her behavior towards maan, y she is feeling sudden angry or sad, upsate over small small thing, here maan is trying hard to co operare with her and all , still y, but oh kya kare she is craving for maan’s touch , longing for his one passionate look towards her, longing for those old days when maan is roaming around her every time but then she snapped her self and siad jhalli pagal ho gaya kya .oh toh mujhe time de rehe hain aur kitna denge upar oh itna kaam uska pressure phir bhi dekh, mein hi jada demand karti hoon jakal nehi mujhe unse ek baar sorry kehena chaiye.


Geet went to meet on the bed room and after entering the room she shocked  to see him like that , he is wearing only jeans and his upper self is completely bare, and sweat is dripping from his back , his neck to shoulder.

Geet gulped her saliva .

Geet’s monologue :-

What is this, oh gosh, he is roaming like this y, y he is taking my exam, kyuon nehi smajahte I want ho hugged him tightly , I w ant take his manly scent from his neck , I want  to lick those sweat drops ,

then she snapped out of her thoughts and said chi chi geet kya soch rehi hain iye kya ho gaya tere soch ,

she closed her eyes try to gain her breath then try to move from there when  she heard maan is saying some one we r going to HP

After hearing this geet’e eyes got wide and she said kya , maan instantly turn towards her then said some one in phone , will talk to u later  when geet said I’ll tell to dadi ma, aap ko kya hogaya aap mere sath aise kyuon kar rehe ho,

Maan try to say soemthng but geet keep saying something when

maan hold her wrist and pull her softly but firmly towards him and he get crashed with her and then sneaked his hand on her waist then said said kya hua, chup chup ke mujhe dekh ke kaha ja reho .

Get wriggled to freed her when maan looked at her and said stop this geet, u know I’ll not leave u until I finished my word now listen to me carefully,we r going to HP means there is one land I guess it’s ur as per Adi and the paper saying , as per adi I heard few things about the land and rest I will hear from it, and there is problem regarding that land as I came to know that u want to build a school there but some one rasika rathod want to build  a factory but that will be problem for farmer and villagers so we have to go there once as dev create this problem but before that I want to hear full details from u.and we have lots of time to go there .

Geet listen everything in one go  then see maan freed her little but not fully ,when geet said uha agar koi problem ho toh ,matlab mere parivaar aapko toh iyaad nehi oh sab.

Maan held her close then tucked the hair little behind her ear and said  tum bologe mein sununga sab , par tum decision loge hume jana chaiye iya nehi, cause this time I don’t want to give u any pressure.

Geet nodded and look at him as she try to say something but word stuck in her throat as she noticed maan’s desire in his eyes, and it’s too raw.

Her cheeks turns scarlate red and she lowered her eyes when maan held her chin and then slowly by his one hand he carrass her cheek then placed his finger on her face from ther forehead to eyes to cheeks to chin to lips , he rubbed it and about to rubbed more when geet freed her and moved turn from him and blushing heavily when her breath got uneven but she can’t move as maan hold her from behind  and pressed his shoulder and said I want to spend time with more than anything geet, I want , I want to, u can never bother me for anything ,I would love to listen ur demand, I want to pamper u , I want , geet and then pull her by holding her shoulder and said never dare to say those words which u said today after noon.if u say it again then u will ,

Geet amused to see his possessiveness after long time she don’t want to say anything but enjoy the moment but she said IF I say then kay hoga ,

Maan:- then u will see it .

Geet laughed little when maan whihsper near her ear want to see the trailor now geet ?


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Summary Town

Best Business Book Summaries

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