Chapter 15 of Memory Loss

Part 15:-


Her cheeks turns scarlate red and she lowered her eyes when maan held her chin and then slowly by his one hand he carrass her cheek then placed his finger on her face from ther forehead to eyes to cheeks to chin to lips , he rubbed it and about to rubbed more when geet freed her and moved turn from him and blushing heavily when her breath got uneven but she can’t move as maan hold her from behind  and pressed his shoulder and said I want to spend time with more than anything geet, I want , I want to, u can never bother me for anything ,I would love to listen ur demand, I want to pamper u , I want , geet and then pull her by holding her shoulder and said never dare to say those words which u said today after noon.if u say it again then u will ,


Geet amused to see his possessiveness after long time she don’t want to say anything but enjoy the moment but she said IF I say then kay hoga ,

Maan:- then u will see it .

Geet laughed little when maan whihsper near her ear want to see the trailor now geet ?

Geet try to go from there when maan evily smirks at her  and pull her close to him by her waist and said wanna watch the trailor mrs khurana ha, and before geet said anything maan bend his head towards her shoulder ,and kissed it slightly when geet feels her stomach is doing somersault ,Geet pushed him and runs from there .

Maan groaned in frustration,

Maan went behind her and said geet, who is now on out side enjoying the cool breeze.Suddnely, she feels  shiver when  a pair of  arms hold her from his waist and said y u want to enjoy this weather alone ha?

Geet looks totally shocked when maan just pull her close and said it’s like rain will start any time.

Geet smiles and remember how much maan hate rain and said rain means muds .she chuckled when maan noticed it & asked what happen now ?

Geet happily said oh kuch purane bat iyaad aagyi.

Maan squeezed his  eye brows & said hmmm matlab , Geet :- means some old things .

Maan:-Care to share it.

Geet nodded her head negatively but mischive lingering on her face .

Maan smiles ok, mrs khurana and dipped his head on hair and said so geet, what happen in past that bring smiles on ur face ha.

Geet feels, heaven there ,she just clutch his hands when maan rised his face but dipped it into her slender neck and kissing it .

Geet’s eyes wide open but soon she held maan’s hand which is now on her stomach and here maan’s intensity of  kissing r increases.

Maan gently hold her hand when geet titled her neck to give him more access .Maan highly obliged it and dipped more to nibble her soft scenes.

Geet moaned maannn, and it’s like soothing music for maan , he turn her quickly to see her flushed face which is glowing more now .

Maan kissed her forehead then to her eyes and then he cupped her face gently but yes passaionately Geet, I want to thanks  geet for giving me another chance, I want to thanks  geet for forgiving me after making lots of mistake, I want to thanks  geet for making me feel full , I want to thanks  geet for coming to my life, I want to thanks  geet for giving me more precious gift in this world, I want to thanks  geet for always stood besides me, I want to thanks  geet for loving me, but I will not cause thanks is a small word and it can never come between us, geet ,but I’m really happy, and lucky to have u in my life, which life darken once but my angel came and lighting it again with her all love,then bend to capture her lips gently, he slowly kissed her lips like he is sealing their love by this kiss then licking her lips by his tongue here, Geet frozed completely to hear all and see this all she just become statue , she gasped when she feels him nobbiling her lower lips and bit it slightly.then enter her mouth as he took the chance of her open mouth.

He is kissing her like there is no tomorrow, he kissing her every sweet necter of the mouth .

Maan hold her waist firmly and pull her closer to him and continue to kiss her ,Geet try to match his passaion but she know she is student in front of his immense passaion  . she just hold him tightly.

After they broke the kiss , due to lack of air , geet flushed like crimson color , when maan smiles at her but geet shied and hugged him like want to hide herself in him.

Maan chuckled and hugged her back .

Maan look at her and said geet, when geet is trying to control her raised heart beat .

Maan again called her softly geet,and she is looking at him shyly.

He smiles and said geet, can we ?

Geet look little puzzled when maan bend his head to whisper in her ears softly yet huskily that he want to take their relationship in next level ,

Geet shied like newly wed, they r one long time ago but still she shied, whenever maan touched her, loved her, she hugged him and placed her head on his heart.

Maan looks little confused as he wants to hear the acceptense and manjuri from her mouth but he is waiting patienently  as he know her shy nature, he chuckled to think how one side she is sherni and another side she is so shy .

After some moments , geet said very softly maan, I’m urs only maan, then slowly raised her head and said maan I want to love by u, I’m dying to see the distance between us, I want to stay in ur arms forever, I wants u love, I want feel ur love, cherish ur love again,pls love maan.pls love me maan.I know we r one but I want to feel u. maan

Maan feels like he is king of this whole world after hearing most beautiful confession by his lovely wife, he smiles and kissed her forehead.

Geet shied then just pushed him and runs from there.

Maan is shouting geet, geet, mishty, ruko.

Geet went to terrect and hide her blushing face when she feels drizzling from the sky.

She smiles and raised her hands to play with rains drop.

Maan came there and want to scold her for coming here like that but soon his anger vanished to see her like that an angel came to giving him all happiness, an angel who is not like little innocent kid and what an irony she is carrying their child,

Maan felt immense happiness in his heart.

He noticed geet is full drenched now in rain and got alerm as she will catch cold so he shouts Geet, come here ,

Geet nodded no and busy with her play with rain.then shouds maan, come here na.

Maan:- geet, dear, u will catch cold come back when geet completely ignoring him & his word and said I know I know u will not come here , cause u don’t like rain, ur conception about rain is only muds, that time also u said it in dhaba, baaresh mein bheegna matlab gandagi, keechar and laughs and said but maan this rain is giving us first feel of love, beautiful smell from soil, hot tea with pakora , it’s so delicious and in rain u can and maan complete her sentence u can romance also and without any further noticed just scoop her in his arms and said and love u full night, like there is no tomorrow, love u like u wil melt under my touch when geet shied and said maan ,pls.

Maan smiles and said what happen geet ?

Geet nodded no but soon she discovered herself going towards down stair and she said maan , I want to play in rain, pls maan.

Maan:- no honey, u have to change ur dress fast and no more playing in rain, I affaried what will happen in future ?

Geet squeezed her eye brows and give him a look  when maan said don’t give me that look, but it’s indeed true I have to handle two children ,

Geet looks confused & said two children matlab ,

Maan enter their room & said well u see one is ur womb and another on is carrying by myself.

Geet :-oh ok, then after few moments she turned and shouts WHATTT and noticed maan is smirking .

She trying to hit him wriggled to come out from his grip when maan said waiting ur energy for wrong work, save it, ti’lll needed for this night and geet’s face look “o” shape and then eyes lowered and red colors crept in her cheeks.

Maan bends and kissed her cheeks then enter the washroom and make her stand there.

Geet :- mujhe aapse baat nehi karna hain and pouted at him.

Maan smiles and pull the string of her salwar when geet’s eyes got wide open.

She gapsed maannn.

Maan smiles wickedly and said what happen geet?

Geet feel dizzy and soon feels her kamiz sliding from her shoulder geet try to hold it when maan huskily said I’m helping u geet, don’t u want my help?

Geet left his hand when maan freed her upper part from her and kissed her ear lobe then and geet just moaned in pleasure, his hand roams in her stomach and his mouth nibbling her ear lobe.

Geet held his hand and moaning maannn & maan left her one ear and take another ear for his nibbling when his works on her salwar , he open the string and freed her from it.

Geet gasped when she feels it but her instant reaction she lifts her leg to freed her from that.

Maan dipped his head towards her neck and then to her shoulder where his hands roaming on her waist where he start to nibble her both shoulders and then in one swift moments, he removed the B** strap and geet moaned ummm when maan hand roaming on her Panty now.

Geet just couldn’t take it any more and turns and hugged him tightly & buried her face in his neck.

Maan smiles to see his shy mistress when he feels her lips roaming on her neck and he groaned in pleasure .

Her intensity of kissing r increases when maan hugged her more tightly and bit her earlobe .She moaned and  digged her nails in his shoulder.

Maan can’t take his beautiful wife’s sweet torture and snapped the B** hook and roaming his hand passionately on her bare back. To her shoulder and almost removed her B** which is now hanging .

Maan freed geet who closed her tightly to hide her shyness but feels her upper part now completely bare and her maan is looking at her intensly .his heat of gaze is on her now.

Maan whishper u more beautiful that a rose geet, ur frangnace is more beautiful  & sweet than jasmine .

She blushed & hugged him and maan is feeling her softness through his shirt.

Maan just carried her in his strong arms and take her again to their room, then placed her in the bed and dim the light as he know how shy geet is feeling now.

Geet feels the dim light and soon she feels her handsome hubby joining her and she gasped more when she feels him full naked.

She shied more and maan just whishper kya hua geet and nuzzled her neck by his nose, and geet wriggled more but maan continue his torture one side to another side to her shoulder, coller bone to her throat then he raised his face then he traced her face by his long finger from her forehead to eyes to cheeks to to her chin to her jaw to neck to shoulder to throat to coller bone to cleavage to her curve when he reached there geet moaned increased more.he carrass the swell of her curve then went to her hard buds and tweaked them by his two fingers then pinched them and geet screamed in pleasure MAANNN , he smiles and give few wet kisses to her belly & the went to her curve and bit it slightly and again pinched her buds but this time little bit more passaionately & Geet Screamed MAAAAAAAANNN ahhh then she wriggled to freed her  but maan didn’t left her and caged her under him lovingly when geet look at him when  he went to her face and said


Listen, O lovely lady

Cease your anger

I promise by the golden pitchers of your breasts

And by your necklace snake

Which now I gather in my hands

If ever I touch anyone but you

May your necklace bite me;

And if my words do not ring true,

Punish me as I deserve.

Bind me in your arms, bruise me with your thighs

Choke my heart with your milk-swollen breasts

Lock me day and night in the prison of your heart.


Geet shied now her cheeks become scarlate color and left herself to drown in his love. And maan take the opportuniy by giving her lady loved and chesrished her by his love, , he traced her face to belly by his lips now , he left his claim lovingly yet passionately on her, he kissed her like there is no tomorrow in this world, he kissed her, licked her sucking her softs skin , making her wriggled in pleasure, moaned his name again and again in pleasure, make her soft delicate curves sore and more pinkish and buds r become  hard and red by his continous rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking and bitting them some times and make her digged her nails in her scalp and shoulder. After his sweet towture he went to her legs and kissed her every finger their then to her ankle and it’s like he worshping her then he gradually going up to her ankle to her calf to her knees to her thight , rubbing it little then kissing her there to her inner thight to her femine .

He kissed her there and then moved to her stomach and kissed her belly button then her full belly and murmur something later geet understand he is now talking with his daughter, and placed his face in her gently rised belly and geet feels something wet , she knows he is crying, cause he is still in some darkness where he is searching for a light where he can see his past life.


She smiles happily and entangled her fingers on his hair ,and come rolled on him and kissed his face, his tears and said maan, I’m here na showing u the light , showing u ur past life when maan said geet still I seen some hazy pic when those pics will be clear geet when but geet cut him by her kiss on his lips and make him forget again , she kissed his eyes, chin to neck to shoulder and bite his shoulder and make him groan then to kissed his chest,abdomen and then said I’m lucky have u in my life , I’m lucky and thanks to God for giving u as my life partner when maan rolled again and hugged her then  maan came to his lips and kissed her lightly then said geet ,thanks for making me father , thanks geet giving me the best news in my life and then kissed her eyes again when geet said u told me na that thanks is little word and it can never be ceom in our paradise then.and pouted when maan slightly bite her lips and make her winch in pleasure and pain and said maan who is just now smiling and geet  said u r bad, real devil dusht danav then smiles and said if u want to give me something then again make me urs , and always  stay with me, always give ur love, support and trust and  scold me when I will tremble in my way , when I will make a mistake but maan protest and said my geet will never commit any mistake, I know my mishty more than anything ,ur really indeed my khawab(DREAM) and within a sec he entered her when geet’s eyes widen in pleasure by maan’s love and maan’s word, my geet will never commit any mistake, I know my mishty more than anything ,ur really indeed my khawab(DREAM)

Here, maan is moving slow at fast give geet time to adjust but noticed geet is lost some where when he asked geet what happen , r u in pain, m I hurting u then but geet looked at him and said no maan , I’m not and giving him peck on his lips .heremaan smiles to hear it and moved in rhythm , rocked her completely, take her a new world , make her forget everything except their love & passaion .

Geet cluthed his shoulder tightly when maan hold her tightly after few times both reached to climax and maan falls on halfly , half on bed and panting heavily where geet tightly shut her eyes and try to gain her breath .

Later at late night maan wake up after sweating badly, he get up and gulped a glass of water  , he looked at geet who is sleeping peacefully.

He smiles and wants to forget everything but couldn’t

He closed her eyes and again sees it

A woman placed gun towards geet and said today is ur last day geet, no one will save today not even ur maan , and try to push the trigger

Maan opened his eyes and again feels suffocating, he went to washroom splash cold water on his face & closed his eyes to get rid of the nightmare but he sees again his angry avtar and break the mirror of a bathroom and shouting , cried in anger and anguish y geet, y?

He again opened his eyes and pushes his hair and said what is happening with me,

He later came back to the room and slide besides geet and hugged him and try to forget all.


Next day morning :-

Geet placed the coffee mug on the side table and noticed maan is still sleeping, she sit besides him and said maan, maan,

Maan open his eyes and smiles to see his gorgoues, beautiful wife, he get up little and indicate her to come close and hugged her tightly then said good morning geet.

Geet smiles and kissed his heart & said good morning.feeling tired then bite her toungue but maan said yes darling little bit & u know na , I was busy full night yesterday and then but geet closed his mouth by her palm and maan,

Maan laughs and kissed her palm where geet shied & give him the coffee mug.both smiles where maan is teasing and geet shing like coy bride

After three of weeks , HP:-



Maaneet reached guest house with Adi & yash .

Maan:-geet , tell dadi ma & Ma about ous reaching.

Geet nodded and called them.

Yash:- don’t worry maan there is vicky, roemo, pandey jee and manisha r there and security there dev is behind the bad.

Maan:-I know I’m not worried but still like anyway, let’s go and fresh up fast.


Darjee’s grand daughter is back here with that man

Every one shocked to hear it.


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