chapter 16 of Memory Loss

Part 16 :-


Darjee’s grand daughter is back here with that man

Every one shocked to hear it.

In Guest house

Geet :-maan ,I’m going to take shower

Maan:- wait ,I’ll join u there

Geet looks shocked and shouts MAANNN

Maan winks at her & said calm down , misthy

Geet blushed and runs towards washroom when maan shouts mishty slow down ,iye lerki bhi na.

Later maan is looking few paper when geet came out and notice , her darling hubby is reading some paper when she sighed & he should marry this papers no me ,every time only work and work, huh.


Geet truns and give him innocent smiles when maan said Geet, I heard that.

Geet give him again smiles then said I’m feeling hungry , pls now give me some food.

Maan shook his head & get up when geet said maan, I’m calling dadi ma & Ma , will u talk with them now or later.

Maan:-u carry on , I’ll join u later .

Geet nodded when maan went to kitchen for some food.

After some time geet went there and hugged maan from behind who is making some chocolate milk for geet and geet kissed his shoulder & said maan.they r out side now will call us later .

Maan:-ok, but where r they ?

Geet:-oh there is some birthday party of mr shekhawat’s grand son so they went there.

Maan :- take it  when geet try to protest but stop to see her husband’s glare and pouted cutely but start to drink it .when Maan continue hmmm but is this so necesaasry .

Geet:-why not ,  they r close friends of mama and it’s curtesy also, even if we r there this time then we also went there.

Maan:-not me and left from there.

Geet placed the glass on the table & pouted huh, not me , aapko jana parta hi, dusht danav .

Next day morning:-

Early morning , geet is snuggling more close to maan & complaint maan , thand lag ahi hain , I’m feeling cold.

Maan smirks & said after this also u r feeling cold when geet slapped his arms & said besharam badmash but maan cover her fully by blanket.but his hand roaming on her back but geet said maan pls let me sleep na, it’s almost morning, pls.

Geet wake up and found maan is getting ready,she sleepy asked maan, y u r awake so early .

Maan buckles his belt & turns & said misthy today I have to go for a sight meeting , there , Mr & Mrs Sharma will come so .

Geet smiles ok no problem, come back fast.

Maan bends down little and give her gentle peck on her lips then bushed his nose in her neck & said  take care of ur self and my princess also .

Geet smiles then said tell aunty to come at home once.

Maan take his suitcase when geet stand close to maan & then said maan, if u say then can I come once there.pls.

Maan smiles and said of course u can come , no need to take any permission from me for it .

Geet smiles when maan pull her knot of her cover and geet look shocked but maan grinned wickedly & said mrs sharma will come tomorrow , still I’ll tell her then bend towards her stomach & caress it & said honey, don’t tease ur mama, stay here like dada’s girl and ur dada will be back soon then give her a kiss there.

After putting the knot correctly maan said close ur mouth, some time for my honey also.

Geet pouted then smiles.


Construction Site:-

Mssn bid good bye too Mr & Mrs Sharma then again return to inspect the work, he need not to do this but it’s his geet’s build a college where girls can study and make their career , he smiles then heard some noise coming from another sight.he said his assistance to look at the matter.then concentrate his rest of the work.

He is checking some files when he suddenly feeling dizzy and just held his head when he sees

Chote shahab ,iye paper toh pura nehi hain

Chote shahab mat rehene dijiye iss taveej ko iye koi aacchi baat ki nishani hain.

He gets up when he heard maan, maan , and turn to see and found his life is there.

He feels his life is full of light now , he get up & said geet tum iha.

Geet cried maan what  happen ? aap aise and just hugged him when maan want to say those things but he kept it aside and asked nothing’s just. When geet cupped his face & asked how do u know it?

Maan looked at her puzzled when geet said how do u know my name is mishty also?


Maan look more confused and take a sit then said I don’t know geet, I just feel I should call u by this name , like it’s ur name , like it’s very close to my heart, very familer , I really don’t know , geet.

Geet smiles through her tears and kissed maan’s forehead & then said it’s ok maan, it’s good sign u remembered those things which is related to our past , our love.

Maan looked at geet when geet said chalo , now if u have done with ur work then let’s go back to home.

Maan:- well, geet ,

Geet frowned & said not again maan, and pouted her lips when maan pinch her lips gently and geet moaned ahhh maan.

Maan smiles and engulfed her in his arms & said mishty I’ll be back by two to three hours sure, have some come jaan.


Geet smiles then said come soon then twist her lips & said then if u have to go out side and will busy full day then maan cupped her face & said jaan it’s lmin work , suddenly came and I have to go, if I have any other option then I would have deny it long ago ,

Geet :- come soon , I’ll be wait for u.

Maan nodded.

At 8.30pm:-

Maan :- adi yes, my work done, m on the way, yes it’s some XYZ road. Yes . ok. Bye.

Guest house:-

Geet is roaming here & there and thinking about maan, she said adi bhaiya where is maan, if he told u that time he will be back by now then what happen?

Adi :- relax geet, let me call him now again, u don’t worry, u need to be relax geet,u know na.

Geet nodded but her mind is not here.

Here at the road :-

Maan stop the car to buy a rose boquet but he can’t find it later he finds only jasmine.

He buy it.and about to turn when some one push him from the back & said tu ohi hain jisne uss geet ko save kya ha, maan at first stumbled then held himself and turns and looked at them , there 3-4 people cover their faces with cloths and hold a sword and rest of them r holding some sticks ,

He look at them & then said who r u all, what r y trying to say?

Goon 1:- we r from this place andu and that B***** Geet destroy our but soon received tight punch on his face and fall on the ground whe another Goon try to hit maan but maan dodge & hit with his another hand  then kick him in his stomach .

But some one from behind  hit maan on his head.

Maan screamed in pain GEEETTTTT.

Here in guest house geet is feeling some this is going wrong , her heart is crying in pain ,her heart is feeling in pain of million niddles.

She look at maan’s pic & said where r u maan, pls come back.MAAN.

Here in the road :-

Maan hold his head and falls on the bonet almost when  one goon kicked him from behind he falls on the road and see those jasmine flowers fall on the ground , he try to hold them but one of the goons said this flowers r for that B***** & try to smashed them when maan roared HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY and hold his leg and push him forcefully.

Maan try to stand and some how he get up but his vision is going blur and he is feeling dizzy . he notice some one try to stab him by a sword but somehow he hold it , but before he can do more some one from behind hold his both arm and another man try to hit when  a sound of shooting is there.


After couple of hours:-

Geet is crying continuously, Adi try to console her but can’t ,

Yash placed his hand on geet’s shoulder when geet whimper more & said y it’s all time happen with us?what’s our fault ? y destiny always taking our exam y?

Before yash could say anything maan said in soft voice mishty.

Geet heard it & looked at the source of voice when  she noticed maan is coming out with doctor and a bandage on his head

Geet looked shocked then found maan has blood in his head where bandage ocver it.

She cried with cover her mouth by her hand .she said maan when maan slowly take a sit besides her and doctor said sorry here strike is going for some legal matter but we dressed his wound and give him medicine , sorry couldn’t give u any room in the hospital, actually here politics took all anyway, injury was not so dep but still he needs rest and take him home.

Yash & adi nodded and helped maan who intently watching geet.

At morning

Maan is tossing and try to find geet but her side of bed is empty.

He opened his eyes and noticed her sleeping in couch and holding a frame tightly.

He get up & went close to geet and blow a air on her face  when geet stirred little and opend her eye when maan said khwab, mere khawab,.

Geet’s eyes got wide & notice maan said mishty u r really my dream, my khawab.

Before geet could say anything, maan just carried her in his arms & said huskily, y hugging my pic instead of me ,

Maan slowly placed her on the bed then said sorry mishty,I was late yesterday and scared u, I don’t know who r they  as their face r covered but they came and talk something rubbish then our fight start.

Geet  just looked at him then said maan,do u know how much I scared, maan pls go away from here .

When maan said not so soon geet, I came here for some work will continue it.& this is not new for us geet, we faced it here before also so. Don’t worry ur maan will .Geet hugged him from behind when geet said maan pls.

Maan  turns and cupped her face & said geet I want to say u something.

Geet’s eyes fill with tears when maan wipes them & try to say something but his phone ring.

Maan looks irritated  but take the phone and his face expression change , he said kk will see it later.

Maan:- geet, jaan

Geet who is placing bed neatly said if u want to go out side then forget it btw u r telling me something what is this maan?

Maan smiles & said mishty pls.

Geet:- no means no, u will not go, I’m coming with ur break fast.

Maan sighed .after geet left the room , maan just said I’m sorry mishty & left from there.

After few time geet came & noticed room is empty,

Geet:- may be in washroom.

She placed the food tray on the side table and said maan , come soon, food will be cold other wise .

Still no response , here geet cribbed see baba jee how he is ? Can’t he response once . see him, uff dushat Danav.

Geet looked at washroom door then panicked & asked maan, r u there?

Geet with slow step going towards the washroom and push it little and the door is open fully.

Washroom is fully empty, hse held her heart in fear & just whihsper maann.


At after noon, guest house:-

Maan came back with little tensed face , as he know he have to face geet who is too upsate on him.

Maan noticed geet is lieing the bed and looking at his picture.

He remember when he called her back to  inform her but geet’s response were so minimum, hmm yes.he closed his eyes, he know he gave pain to his mishty but had to go there that time.

He sat besides her and carrass her head when she get up with a jerk but maan held her shoulder & said mishty relax.

Geet push his hand little then said if u r feeling hungry then shall I brought some food for u.

Maan nodded but hold geet’s wrist and make her sit on his lap then said sorry geet, It’s urgent so I had to but promised geet, I’ll never go to anywhere until u will say me.

Geet give him painful smiles then said I’ll come with ur food .

Before leaving the room, geet just said do I have any rights on u to decide whether u will do something or not.

Maan cried geet, pls.

That day geet is trying hard to avoid maan.when maan is trying hard to talk with her, talk with her.

Next day evening:-

Maan :-  I have to tell Geet , how can I, damn it. She is in so much pain already not any more now, I can’t lie any more she is my wife, she has the right to know about my memory back, I have to tell her,see this is lame excuse , already I hide it  , no more.I thought after this project will give her this surprise but no I will tell her about my memory back.I can’t hide it any more.

THUDDDD , after hearing this sound maan just turn and noticed geet is standing there and glass shatted in the pieces .

She looked at maan her almond shape eyes r fill with tears, hurt pain,betray of not telling her the truth ,

Maan:- geet when geet stop him & said y maan, y,

Maan run closed to her and cupped her face , geet pls listen to me.

Geet:- sorry I shouldn’t ask u the questions, sorry.she turns to leave when maan hold her & said pls jaan for once listen to me.

Geet:- no maan, no I can’t pls leave me.

Maan :-no I will not and hugged her tight when geet said maan pls , leave me, for once listen to me.pls maan.

Maan’s hold on her shoulder going loose when geet said chandu will bring ur juice & left from there.

Maan punch the wall & said damn, I want to give her surprise but

Next couple of days geet is still avoiding maan and stay aloof from everything.

After 5days , maan came and noticed geet is sitting in the terrace & watching sunset .

He smiles & take a sit besides her .

Maan gently holds her hand & said geet,

Geet freed her hand & try to get up when maan said mishty pls,

Geet turns & said I’ll tell chandu to give u evening coffee.

Maan looks irriated & hold her hands & said geet, look at me now.

Geet still looking another side & trying to freed her hand when maan turns her  to face him and said y u r avoiding me, y geet, y  u don’t want to hear me once. What is my fault, I know I done big mistake by hiding the face but mishty I just want to give u surprise.

Geet pushed him & said what kind of surprise is this mr maan Singh khurana, tell me, first u came here and fight with those goons, I told u don’t come but no u and ur zidd, then I told u don’t go out side but u went  then u hide about memory back , u know hwo much pain I felt , u don’t know, cause u never intend to understand it when maan said geett, hold her again by her shoulder.

Geet smiles  painful smiles when she said u know what happen to us when u kidnapped, u know what happen to me when u r not  with me what happen to me ,that dev gave me proposal , u know what kind of proposal, geet feels maan’s hold on her shoulder tight more,

Geet :- maan, pls,leave me, I have enough of all, I’m tired, I can’t take this any more maan, pls.

Next day geet is doing some work when maan came with rose boquet and said this is for my mishty, sorry from ur maan.

Geet noticed, she can’t reject it, cause for her each & everything from maan is precious . Close to her heart.

She meekly said thanks after taking those but said roses r very beautiful flowers but it has lots of thorns also, what an irony na.

Maan closed his eyes in pain.

At night geet in their room thinking about past incidents, how maan kidnapped, then how their lives changed fully, how she find maan then maan’s memory loss, then how they become friends, their little tiffs again come close , how up & downs they saw then become one again ,but then again maan’s accident & now memory back but y maan hide it from her y maan, y,

She whimper sightly ,& cried slowly maan, y.

She huggs her knees when some one from the behind streach her legs gently, held her from behind & kissed her ear & said sorry mishty I never intent to hurt.I never,I . might be I don’t know what happen there but I can understand the pain u felt that time and even now all cause of me. Mishty I know I caused u so much pain but trust me not for once I intent to do it.I just want to give u happiness, jaan for once trust me.I want to give u surprise , I was so happy when I remember everything I gain my conscious on hospital but then when I want to say u this noticed u in pain, due to my condition so .I know I should tell  u  , I know.

Geet hold maan’s hand which is lay on her gently rising tummy, she take a deep breath then said good night maan.

Maan sighed but kissed her forehead .

Next day :-

Geet:-ha adi bhaiya ek ticket for me no I don’t want to go to meet my family neither I will stay here, pls book one ticket for me.

Maan just come out from the wash room & heard it.

He said with anger and pain GEEETTT

Geet just cut the call & turn & said ha.

Maan amused to see her calm still .

Maan:- what is this all geet?

Geet casualy said nothing, I’m just going back .

Maan try to calm his anger but it’s keep increasing ,

Maan :- r u crazy, what is this geet, m talking to u geet, I said sorry I know I done big mistake by hiding it but y still u r so stubborn.

Geet placed some flies on the table then try to left the room when maan hold his wrist and pinned her in the cupboard and pinned her both hands both sides.

Maan:- look at me mishty and tell me what is this all  ?

Geet:- leave me maan and wriggled there to freed herself.

Maan pressed himself on her but careful not to hurt their baby inside geet’s womb.

He intensly said so u want to go away from here, away from me, ha geet.

Geet turns her face when maan dipped his head on her neck & said mishty don’t try cause I’ll never leave u neither let u leave me.

Geet gasped as maan’s wet & intense kisses r imprint on geet’s shoulder .

Geet keep wriggling to free herself when maan rubbed his nose there & whishper sorry mishty, pls maaf kar do na, u know na I can’t live with out , mishty.

Geet looked at him then said u should think about it before hiding the truth from me & push him little when maan hold her more intensely then declared geet, baas I also had enough of zidd, not any more , now listen to me carefully I will not let u to go anywhere. So stop trying this all , and cancel the ticket either I will cancel it.

Geet;-I will not.I will not , y I will listen to u , u never listen to me, u never cared for me, u never when maan slammed her lips with his lips.Geet is struggling to free from it but can’t as she is drwoning in maan’s love.

After the kiss maan noticed geet’s still tear full eyes but swellon lips.

Geet hit him on his chest then hold her coller & said y y,maan I will stay here boliye ,tell me when u didn’t listen to me y I will, when u .I was waiting for that day when u will gain ur memory but u hide it , u hide this news from me y maan don’t I have the rights on u, don’t I have the right to say u what’s right or wrong, don’t I have the right maan, tell me na tell me.

Maan:-U have full right mishty u have full , right, I know u r in pain but trust me I never intend to hurt u , it’s just .mishty if u go away from me then how will I live .I can’t , I guess if I didn’t gain my memory then u  may stay here when geet gasped & dare u say those things again.

Maan :-I’ll not ,I promised but until u promised that u will never leave me, until u will cancel ur tickets now.

Geet looked at him with wide eyes when maan open the strng of her kurta and said don’t mishty just do it , unless I will shift my office here .

Geet :- hmm, leave me I will call them then only.

Maan move little then scoop her in his arms and then settle himself on the couch along with geet who is in her lap and looking another side.

Maan :- take it and call them now.

Geet frowned y u can’t trust me that once I told that I will call ,

Maan:-I trust u geet, but ur stubbornness many times lead us away from each other , I will not take this again.

Geet hit him & said it’s not me ur stubborn ness if u , anyway, I’m not forgiving u for hiding the truth , I ‘m just.

Maan smiles then said call adi 7 m going to bring our break fast and kissed her forehead then said geet never think to leave me and never think that I’m not trusting u.I trust u more than anything but as I told ur stubbornness always  anyway, don’t think ,, I’ll join u.


Later after maan went to office , geet received a call from her family, her family, her parents, she talk with them , when they said  that they want to meet her.

Geet:-I’ll call u later.

Geet closed her eyes & think don’t know y  still m feeling pain for the past and those incidents y, it’s hurts her more now.

She feard if they again try to harm her baby, if they again try to snatch her baby, no she called maan .

Maan:- ha jaan ,

Geet:-oh actually.

Maan:- what happen mishty, I’m baas coming almost done, what happen is there any problem , shall I call doctor.

Geet burst out in tears & said maan ,

Maan :- what happen mishty, I’m coming , just call sheetal aunty there, I’m coming jaan, shhh don’t cry…….

Later at night:-

Maan holds geet in his arms when radhika mom called him.

Maan narrated the whole incident to her as he is feeling more confuse now.

Radhika mom scold him for everything.

Maan :-I know ma but now can u help me.

Radhika mom:- bilkul aapne papa ki tarah hain when maan said ma, I need to talk to u also for something else.

Radhika mom :-I know maan, something old need to be clear now more. Anyway, see as doctor told u , geet is now very vulnerable situation, she si so delicate from her mind and have fear to loose u , so she is reacting like this, she is not angry on u beta, she is upsate, she is in fear that if she loose u, she need to build the confidence again and try to talk with her .what si in her mind, u need to talk with her, and don’t hide anything may u want to give her surprise but right now she need to know everything .

Maan nodded then looked at geet who is hiding her face in his chest and hold him tightly.but if geet know that truth also oh no what will be happen then , my mishty



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