Chapter 17 of Memory Loss

Part 17:-

Maan nodded then looked at geet who is hiding her face in his chest and hold him tightly.but if geet know that truth also oh no what will be happen then , my mishty I’ll not let anything to harm , I will give u all happiness when I make u sad then I will make u feel happy and I know how to do that ,and kissed her forehead lovingly

Next day morning:-

Geet lazily tossing here & there and murmur dust danav, don’t know where he is going now in this hour?

Maan who is searching something on the cupboard and said hmmm mishty I can hear u.

Geet turns and looked at him then said so , I’m not hiding it huh.

Maan take our a beautiful orange color with greenish border cotton saree then said now here is ur blouse and skirt and now get up mishty.

Geet get up and said we r going together some where, when maan nodded in yes .

Geet is looking excited & said that’s grt and hugged maan and asked kaha ja rehe hain ( where we will go )

Maan :- first tell me shall I help u to wear this saree ?

Geet shied instantly & said maan, pls.

Maan slide his arms on her waist and pull her gently and rubbed his nose oner nose then said y u r feeling shy of me?

Geet just hugged him tight and hide herself in his secure arm.

Maan kissed her shoulder and said mishty , now , let’s change the dress,we have to go there now.

Geet smiles then kissed his heart and said ok then  looked at him & said will u help me to change the dress pls.

Maan at first shocked then carried her in his arm and entered  their big changing room.

Maan placed her in the floor then bring all her dress , necessary thing .

Maan:- r u sure when geet just hugged him and kissed his chest like want to say that m sumitting myself  to u fully .

Maan slowly pull her string of her  kurti and nuzzled her neck by his nose and placed a kissed there then moved her slvees from her shoulder and sensually rubbing his finger in her arm little when geet just moaned in return maan open the zip of her kurti & his finger traced her  spine line gently yet sensually   when geet bit her lower lips to suppress her moaned but can’t , then maan  slowly removed it from her body.

Geet shied and maan smiles as he know till geet’ full cover with pink hue and her cheeks turns into red color.

Maan bend litted and lift her b** strap by using his teeth and slide them down from her shoulder when his hand opens the hook of her B**.

Maan moved little and kissed her spine slightly , and geet moaned little more when maan full licks her spine sensually .

Geet moaned r increasing when maan moved the cups of her B** and carras the swell little and then pressed her N***** little and then pinch it.

Geet moaned MAAANN

Maan smiles then moved towards her front and kissed those hard bud and then helped geet to wear new set of inner then helped her removed her salwar  & Panty and see geet’s now become full red due to shyness.He smiles Naughtily  & and kissed her belly then belly button and said baby tell ur mama don’t shy too much now, cause she is looking delicious and ur dada want to eat her.

Geet snaped opened her eyes then said Maan, and turned her face when maan helped her to wear her inner then her skirt after that her blouse but can see geet is blushing terribly.

He just wants to devour her right now but he just gently kissed her cheeks and said now mishty looked at me .

Geet nodded no when maan smiles then slowly said then how will I make u wear this saree .

Geet slowly turned and looked at maan and feel herself lost in his magical eyes and maan gently wrapped the saree in her wasit then draped the pallu on her shoulder and bend on his knees to make the pleat and along with one pleat he is giving butter fly kisses on her stomach and making her moan his name numorous time .

Maan finally done with pleats then move to do the pallu and after doing it perfectly he again lowered his head and kissed near to cleavage then near to heart and said now u r looking more perfect where geet only can blush and content smiles playing on her lips.

Maan make her ready full then again scoop her in his arms and placed her on the bed and said sorry jaan when geet look confused maan gently came with few bangles then make geet wear those bangles then slowly palced golden chain on her neck and placed abindi on her forehead and then fill her mang with sindoor(Vermillion),and kissed her forehead when maan noticed tears on his mishty’s eyes.

He looked worried and said kya hua mishty (what happen mishty)?

Geet hugged him by his waist and said nothing maan, I just , y u loved me so much maan,

Maan looked puzzled then said not more than u geet, and I really know y y and how much I love u ,I just loved u I just loved , without u I’m nothing, u r the reason I’m here, u r the reason my life is again full of color , u r the reason  ur maan is smiling again . u r light in my dark path, u r the reason in my closed and suffocated life, u came in my life as angel, as light as fresh air .I don’t know how to explain my feelings geet but for me u r my everything .with u I’m everything and without u m nothing .

Geet cried in joy and said oh maan and  hugged him .

Later they make their way to out side when geet said maan, u will not say where we r going?

Maan looked here & there then said oh geet, actually ,we r going , actually, let’s go na, it’ll be surprise for u.

Geet hold his hand and said maan, when maan closed his eyes and said ur papa jee called me and tell me to bring u once to meet there .

Geet shocked to hear it and said what and u agree with that ?how could u maan, when u know what happen to me there in that house.

Maan hold geet’s hand and make her seat in the chair  and said jaan , I know what they did with  u, and I know they commit mistake , sin , but jaan ur papa jee was helpless , he is still repenting jaan, he want to just see u once, ur mama and papa jee r helpless in front of dar jee, pls geet give them one chance for me at least.

Geet lowered her head when said geet,  pls , geet I know what they done in past but for once if u meet with them there will be no harm.

Geet :-but mere baccha.once they try to kill my baby.

Maan hold her protective hands which r laying on the gently rising tummy.

Maan kissed her hands then kissed her tummy and said trust me geet , till m with u there will be no one will look bad at u or our baby. I know regarding baby I lost ur trust , I failed to protect our baby once but trust me geet when geet cover his mouth by her palm and said shhh maan, I trust u more than anything for me and our baby, with u we both r feel secure and safe and in peace, we know when u r with us nothing will happen and whatever happen in past it’s our destiny , not in our hand na, I know u attached more with our first baby ,I know maan and tears start to fall from her hazel eyes when maan cupped her face and said shhhh geet, no more tears, our baby is coming back, see , she was also sad and think to come back. Now if u agree and say then we will go and meet them once..

Geet :-hmm when maan said mishty I know it’s difficult but how can I deny a father when I’m on the way to become a father if anyday when geet u will be father in this world and I’m not sad or upsate or angry on papa jee or mama but hurt some where y they don’t try to save me  from those torture .

Maan don’t know what to say, he know and understand geet’s turmoil .

Later they went to meet geet’s parents but after geet agreed fullheartedly  .

Maaneet enter the park where Mohindar and Rano r there  waiting for them.

Geet clutched maan’s arm tightly where mohindar and rano r watching their little geet who is now wife of some one and would be mother also.she is still looking kid but there is some maturity in her face and her face is glowing , there is some content smiles playing on her lips and how intensly she is holding her husband’s arm openly.she is always dare devil never fear to show the truth , how in past she fight for her rights then her kid and right now she is showing every one I’m wife of Mr Maan Singh Khurana.

Rano feel her eyes  clouded with tears, and pain how to face her daughter now.

Mohindar hold rano’s hand when maaneet come close to them , rano just said geet, geet puttar and cover mouth to suppress her cry when mohindar try to touch his daughter’s head but stop in mid way and said puttar , beta , geet,

When geet try to suppress her own cry and said kya aap dono aapke puttar jee ko gale se nehi lagayenge ( will u both not hugged me) and then rano broke down and pull her in her motherly arms . both break down and cried their heart out but here maan got tensed to see his geet is crying like this , he want to stop her but don’t know hwo, too much crying is not good for her health but .Mohindar noticed the unesiness on maan and asked kya hua puttar jee.(what happen son)

Maan :-oh when rano and geet break from their hugs and cry and looked at maan and geet quickly said Maan, kya hua aapko?(Maan what happen to u)

Maan:-mishty , nothing oh actually oh, he is hesitating to express his concern when  geet smile said I’m fine maan, then to her parents mama & papa jee oh actually he is worried for me, actually now doctor told us , me sply so seeing me in tears.

Both mohindar and rano r happy to hear it when rano bless them and said I’m happy for u geet, I happy to see perfectly fine and happy with ur married life..

Geet blushed when mohindar said beta jee iha khare khare baat karne se behtar agar humlog kahi baithke baat kare aur mujhe lagta hain geet ke ma ko usse ki beti se bahut baat karni hain.

(Son, it’ll better if we go some where and talk there instead of standing here and I guess Geet’s mama want to talk with her)

Maan :-ha thik hain, it’s ok  let’s go to our house.

Maaneet’s house in HP:-

Rano and Mohindar  entered their house and mesmeraized by the decoration , they can easily understand all is geet’s choice.

They noticed there is one more person , they greeted him when geet introduced him as adi he is geet’s brother.

Rano closed her eyes in pain as how much geet craved for brotherly from brij but got nothing instead her own brother try to kill her .

She wipes her tears and said bare acche se sajaya aapna ghar puttar jee(u arrainge the home beautifully daughter)

Maaneet smiles when adi as usual give his famous laugh and said he he aunty jee all is done by geet. Queen of this house and maan’s sir heart when rano and mohindar looks happy and maaneet r blushing .

Later they settle in the living room where geet and rano went to maaneet’s room for some talk.

In maaneet’s room :-

Rano take sit besides geet when geet said how r u mama ?

Rano smiles then said tu kaise hain bata pehele (how is u geet tell me first?)

Geet :-m fine mama, with my maan, first when I went there missing u all and sply night I….I missed u mama.

Rano chocked her voice in her throat and try to say something when Geet said I missed still, every , every night, every moment, when I feared I want ur arms to hide my self, when I achive something I want to share with u. when I feel happy I want u, when I first fall in love with maan , I was nervous don’t know what is this and what to do , that time I want u mama, I want to share my happiness  my fear, my sorrow, I want to tell u mama many things mama, when I first time feel my baby moved u r not with me mama u r not ,y mama,when We lost our first baby and geet couldn’t speak much just start sobbing.

Where , rano looked shocked to hear it, her geet’s first baby, for whom geet fight with every one, stand against her own family , near and dear ones.

Geet with chocking voice said u know mama those every time who is with me , my maan, for me, sometimes, he became my mama, some times, my friends, some time my mentor, some time my husband ,He is with me in every important phase of my life, when I got sad , he came and took care of me, make me forget my sorrow, give me confidence, when I got my first achievement it’s he first congratulate me and make feel more happy, when I felt first kick that time also he is with me and when we lost our first baby he only he look after me and my sorrow , yes mama, our first baby cause more than me , our babay was for maan, his dream,but I failed him and I coldn’t save his dream that time.

Rano take her little daughter in his arms and said shhh beta, mat ro, tune kuch nehi kya tune try kya but kehethe hain kuch cheese humare hatho mein nehi hain, aur damad jee bhi iye jante hain beta ( shhh, my dear, child, don’t cry ,u did nothing dear, some times we don’t know or wish but something happen it’s also like that , and our son in law also know it)

Rano carras her face when geet said but mama y u were not with me, y u didn’t support me or protect me mama y?

Rano lowered her head then said it’s my fault beta, I tried but couldn’t get that courage and then this society and their thinking bind me .

Geet :-mama ,this society is bigger than me, ur own daughter mama?

Rano don’t know what to say just stay silent and let the tears falls from her eyes

Here in living room,

Maan also asked same question to mohindar ,this society is bigger than ur own daughter mr handa, for once if u tried , I know u helped her to go away from this place but y u didn’t try to contact her, y u didn’t came to meet her , she cried, ,she cried and craved and longed for u all, Mr handa I seen her cry, her lost in thoughts  her fear, her shivering in night, her unsaid words towards her parents

Mohindar:- puttar jee, hum jante hain humne bahut bari galati ki hain ho sake toh maaf kar dena, hum kabhi himmat hi juta nehi paaye uske sath iye samaj ki beriya humara dimag mein aise gheer gaye the(Son,we know we r at fault, if possible try to forgave us,we never try to gain that courage and this society and their rules make us bind with them)

Maan:- exactly ,this society is bigger than ur daughter and her dignity , her safety, her happiness.

Then after some pause maan again said I don’t know how I will be as father but for me, my child’s happiness come first if he or she is right in that place , then no society no relation will come in my way and maan complete the sentence with firm tone and its make mohindar realize the mistake he done and how best father will maan and how lucky his geet is now,

Later they  went from there as they promised they will come later once again.

That night , geet in her sleep keep crying for her parents, and whole night maan try to console her , once maan thought that it’s wrong decision to let them come and meet geet .

But next dya geet said thanks maan and hugged him and kissed his chest then said u r best husband , thanks for giving me opportunity to meet with my parents again, I have no burden now on my shoulder  they looked at each other and they understand again their unsaid words and maan take geet in his protective embrace and said I’m happy to see happy .for me ur happiness is most nothing matter most.for once I thought it was not wise decision but  when geet said it’s best decision maan, it’s indeed.

Both smiles at each other.

Later rano and mohindar came to meet that after noon but got to know they went for geet’s check up when rano got paniced but adi said don’t worry aunty jee, geet is absolutely fine, it’s just normal check up , wait here , they will come back now.

Later maaneet came back and found mohindar and rano r waiting for them, geet runs to hugged her parents when rano said :- geet, how r u, is everything fine, I mean,

Maan sat besides them and said yes aunty jee , everything is fine, ur daughter is very brave , it’s just normal check up .

All felt relief with it.

Rano :- thanks beta jee for letting us meet with our daughter once again when maan said aunty jee, she is ur daughter and u have the full right on her when rano said we don’t know after whatever happen we still have that right or not but thanks again.

Geet nodded her head in no and said no mama, no papajee, u both have rights on me full , and thanks for coming here .I’m sorry if I behave wrongly yesterday.

Rano cupped her face and said no beta jee, u don’t nothing wrong, u poured out ur heart in front of ur mother and u have that right , it’s our mistake once we didn’t give u, our support but now we will but also we know with Damad jee u r full secure and safe and in peace but as a parents we r with u from now.

Geet smiles and hugged her mother when three men felt happy to see  it.

Rano :-oh I make some pickles as now in pregnancy u might need them and after hearing this geet’s eyes delighted and she said yes mama, how I want to eat them , thnku thnku mama.

Geet take them and went to kitchen for placed them securely when maan intently watching her wife and her antics.

Rano and mohindar noticed it , they smiles in happiness to see their daughter is now in safe hands , with best husband in world who can give all love .

Suddenly ,Maan said aunty jee if u don’t mind then can u share those recipe with me.

Rano and mohindar looked again shocked where adi think the grt msk , business tycoon will make pickle just for his lady love, surely love is strange .

Rano:- are don’t worry beta,I’ll make more for her, when maan said no aunty jee actually I want to make for her only .

Rano and mohindar r looking at him with intently and understand how sincere maan is?

Rano nodded and give maan the recipe .

Later every one take their lunch and chatted like family Maan feel happy to see geet is happy and thanks mohindar and rano.

Next couple of days maan got to busy with her project and rano and mohindar r giving their company to geet .it’s like dreams do come true for geet, maaneet.

Here radhika and dadi ma heard everything and feel happy for maaneet.

One day night:-

Geet is doing something when maan hold her from the back and said kaha ja rehe ho mere begam saheba( where r u going my queen)

Geet smiles and said oh , in kitchen  when maan said y u r taking kasht begam sahiba , when u gulam is here ?

Geet giggled and said u r not my gulam u r my king , king of my heart, my life .

Both giggled then maan said wait here and tell me what do u want ?

Geet :-oh mama gave na, tomato pickles, pls bring it here.

Maan :- totamto pickles when geet said yes, pls maan , go na.


After giving it , maan said so my mallika aur kuch farmayesh aapka, aapke gulam abhi oh pura karega(so my queen anything more u want then tell me , ur gulam will fulfill it now)

Geet :- no mere aka ,u don’t have to , anything more but ur mallika want to give u something now and kissed his lips .and placed a red rose on his right ear and giggled .

Maan smiles at cute antics  and said between their kiss hay if I get this type of sweet no no honey sweet sweet gift then I will fulfill ur all demands mallika.

Geet giggled but soon maan grab her lips gently and start to kissing her .

Next day morning:-

Geet wake up after feeling sun rays enter their little paradise and turn to find her hubby is still sleeping. She smiles shyly to remember their passanatione moments last night. She try to get up when maan hold her waist more protectively and said geet, don’t disturb , let me sleep now.

Geet ruffling his hair and said how m disturbing u when maan kissed her bare shoulders and said with out u,besides me and ur warmth I can’t sleep properly now ,let me sleep and u also.

Geet looked at him in awe when maan said geet u can look me at much u can now sleep.

Geet smiles then said hmmmmm & kissed his bare back and said ok baba so jaiye.

When maan pull her close and geet buried her face in his neck to inhale his manly scent which is also driving her crazy .She kissed him there when maan groaned in pleasure and said mishty .but geet is keep giving him kisses on his neck when maan moved their sheet and said now and devour her gently yet lovingly then.their passion continue more and room fill with their pleasurable moans.

Later at the time of maan’s office , geet is doing some work when maan hold her from the behind & said jaan our work is almost done here we will go from here day after tomorrow.

Geet is happy that work complete without any problem any more but she is sad to go away from her parents again when maan said shhhh don’t mishty, we will come back again ,I promised and this time papa jee told me every one from family will also come.

Geet smiles and hugged him and said I love u maan.




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