Chapter 18 of Memory Loss

Part 18:-

10 days Later, Paris :-

Maan opened his eyes to see his beautiful wife and found her sleeping like little kid on his chest.

He kissed her hair and tucked the tendril besides her ear gently and said good morning ,

When geet murmur something and hide her face in his neck more.

Maan smiles and said don’t u want to see sight seeing , when geet raised her head and noticed him and said hmmmmm, we will go but little later, m feeling sleepy and it’s all cause of u and ur passion.let me sleep..

Maan chuckled and said well ,I’ll not mind to share few more moments with u, but jaan , our baby will be hungry, eat something and it’s already 9 .30 .

Geet murmur something again and pull his hand on her bare waist when maan groaned in love ,passaion but he some how control himself and said my little innocent wifey , order two grilled mix sandwich and one bowl oat and one orange juice and one black coffee then take geet, in his arms and went to washroom when geet shouts Maaannn ,pls , leave me, let me sleep, maan she hit him with her tiny fist  when maan said chup bilkul chup and entered the washroom to give her shower .

Later geet is cribbing continuously and said I don’t like it.u love ur baby most, don’t love me.

Maan murmur not again she and her mood swing when maan cupped her beautiful face in his large palm and kissed her cute nose and said mishty  u r my life dear, and here she is our love dear, I loved u both,u know na then, will u be happy if I don’t love her equally like u.

Geet sniffed little and said dare u when maan laughed and hugged her tight & now eat something then take rest no problem .

Geet pull her close to him and said hmmm ,I’ll but u have to stay with me here .

Maan:-ok ma’m .

Later they went out for shopping and sight seeing as geet wants to go out side

After couple of hours:-

Maan: – geet do u needs to shop more.

Geet:-what do u mean by shopping more, we just came here and u have problem and throwing a taunttram, dadi ma was right, she said me , going with maan in paris is not good option , u should go in jungle and that will be best option ,

When maan gritted his teeth and mock anger and said GEEETT

Geet ignore and said maan see beautiful teddy , maan just casually asked what the need of teddy bear now

Geet looked at him like he came from different planet and said don’t u love ur baby?

Maan looked confused and puzzled and said from where it’s come now? Then shut his eyes and bit his toungue and he remembered it’s her one of mood swing and then open his eyes to found a fuming geet and said I know it,I know it, u don’t love me and almost runs from there when maan shook his head & running behind her .

On the way , geet collied to with a women and said sorry I just when that woman said can’t u see u stupid girl, useless and left then place  where Maan also running behind her and hold her and with heavy breathing said mishty, I’m sorry baba, let’s go, I’ll bought them let’s go dear .

Geet also hold him but didn’t say anything and hugged him only.

Maan :-mishty, I’m sorry when he felt something wet on his shirt and he alermed to find tears in her eyes and said geet what happen mishty and wipes her tears gently when geet with soft  voice narrate the incident happen few moments ago.

Maan fuming in anger and said shhhhh mishty, forget it,  she is not good , let’s forget her and when she will come in front of u next time , show her place now come with me.

After little bit shopping they went to near by art gallery but geet is still sulking , along with her pregnancy hormones,

Maan is trying to be calm and cool but it’s going worse  gradually, the way geet is complaing for everything suddenly and said she don’t want to come with him any where, don’t want to go anywhere, he never loved her and he never will loved their child also when maan shouts at her.


Where geet stumbled and looked at him with wide eyes which is cover with tears now and she just whisher a soft sorry when maan relazied he done a big mistake, she is going though this pregnancy change and his anger, make it more worse.he hold her close to him , try to talk with her but she avoid to reply him.

That night , maan noticed her eating silently when every day he had to make her eat , with a new romantic, some time sweet promises .

After their dinner maan came to their room and found the room is empty, he take the bowl of strawberry with whipped cream and went to balcony and noticed, geet is sitting there silently but her face  reflect  her  menalcholoy state.

Maan sighed and cursed himself for loosing his temper without any reason and take a seat besides her and placed the bowl on side table .

He softly called geet but she is looking lost out side when maan take her in his arm and said mishty, I’m sorry, really sorry,I don’t mean to shout but ,mishty, say something na, u know m feeling bored , ok see I bring ur fav strawberry with whipped cream ,  u loved them, ok today ,I’ll make u eat from my hand, have it but geet just looked out side lost.

Maan feel more sad and angry on himself and said  mishty ,pls don’t give ur self punish ok I did the sin na so punish me but same with geet, no response.

Maan closed his eyes in tight I anger on him self and sad for geet when geet said we r buden on u na.

Maan shocked to hear this and said no mishty, u r not and hold her face in between his large palm and said how could u , never say it.shhh mishty, look at me.u r my life, my soul, my only reason to lived this color ful world,u make ma human again from a beast, from a machine , but still this human behaving like beast sometime and lost his temper, pls forgive me mishty,pls.

Geet slowly look at him when maan said this child is not only our child she is our love, our dream, our every hope .

Geet:- then y u shouts at me . it’s not my wish to come here, u choose this place, u said me we will get our honeymoon here and u , u.

Maan pull her almost in his lap and said I’m sorry, ur husband is bad, very bad, like beast and like machine don’t know any emotions, only know how to shouts , but mishty but ur stupid husband loves u lot ,love our child and he went to spend some time with them, ur maan lost his temper in fear that u don’t like anything that time, y, what happen to u that time, that’s y I shouts but still it’s not good excuse, and I’m really really sorry , mishty pls forgive me pls.

Geet looked at him intently when a tears flowing from her hazel eyes but maan wipes them gently .

Geet :- I’ll think ,and placed her head on his shoulder and hugged him by his waist and stay there silently .

Maan sighed little but his inner guilt don’t make him relax when geet said y u r  to tensed ?

Maan smiles at his innocent wife and kissed her hair and said nothing mishty, will u take those strawberry as u loved them now.

Geet nodded yes then said but will u feed me?

Maan at first surprised then said of course mishty.

After some time , maan found her sleeping peacefully and a smile lingering on her lips to be with her husband.

Maan sighed and said sorry again and kissed her hair and eyes .

Maan scoop her in his arms and placed her securely in the bed then think how he behaved today in the art gallery , he shouldn’t, he shouldn’ t have shout on her like that, already she is such vulnerable situation then her pregnancy hormones .

He noticed her frown as if wants his warmth now and he slides besides her to take her in his arms.

Next day after noon, movie hall,

Maan is looking at geet who is too much engrossed in the movie and enjoying it.

Later they came out when geet hugged him by his waist and said maan, y here people r so much on showing off.

Maan looking at her puzzled when geet said see how they shameless kissing or some times almost makin ewww chi, even in broad day light .chi chi, baba jee, forgive them.

Maan chuckled to hear this all but soon make a straight face and whisper u know geet maximum of them r not even married might be.and mainthing is they loved each other might be, it’s their style so forget it.

Geet looked at him then said we should go some where else, ur daughter will have bad influence of all this & dragged maan almost from there and don’t aware a pair of angry eyes r looking at them like want to kill them

Maan almost laughed and said mishty , .oh mishty.

Both later enter  a beautiful restaurant it’s half open air half flowting on water  and more there is beautiful a romantic music played

Geet placed her head on maan’s shoulder and said u know mama told me that u came here when u r so small and making her hand like to show maan how small he was then.

Maan kissed her lips and said and u r not even born that time.

Geet pouted and said I want to taste some local food.

Maan:- geet, no, u will not, mishty , I will order some thing else. But don’t

Geet twist her lips and removed her hands and said I’ll eat only local food nothing else and ur baby wants it.

Maan:- geet, stop blackmailing , gosh, u r so stubborn now .

Maan order local dish but along with that prepare some back Indian dish as always as he know geet can’t take it .

After waiter giving them the food, geet make faces and said yuck, I can’t take this smell maan, pls throw it away.

Maan shook his head & said I told u, warned u but u r , now eat those then said to waiter pack the food as they will take it.

When geet said r u planning to eat them .

Maan nodded and said cause those r my fav and now complete it and some times listen to me also.

Geet:- u r dush danav I always listen to u , it’s u never listen to me,

Maan placed a spoon full morsel in front of her mouth when geet said 2 days ago , u didn’t let me sleep for a moment and today  at shower u came and we make and she stopped her talk and lowred her head but maan can easily guess, her cheeks r like cherry red.

He kissed her tightly and said Y u stopped suddenly , continue na.

Geet shyly smiles and turns her face another side when maan brought her close and said I just love u and ur innocence geet, u r making me crazy.

Geet smile and hugged him like hide herself in him..

Again they r unaware there is pair of eyes fuming in jealousy and anger  to see them together , happy and content .

Maaneet went from there as geet is looking tired and need rest also.

Maan make her change her dresss then after some time maan came with a hot water and mixed a little salt there and wash geet’s leg there again after gently massging them when geet moaned maan but maan got panic and asked what happen mishty, it’s hurting kya?

Geet nodded no and said it’s so soothing don’t know y, my calf muscles sply aching so much but now feeling good.

Maan kissed her forehead and after washing his hand bring little fruit and said have it

Geet:-but maan , maan kissed her cheek and said mishty, it’s for ur health , ok have it little and rest will later .

Geet nodded and eat little and lie down as she is feeling sleepy .

Later that night geet is feeling body ache and complaining about it to maan when maan give her a very gentle massage her whole body with olive oil and soon geet feel so relaxed here

Next day , geet came out after wearing a skirt and a blouse and said maan.

Maan smiles and said what , it’s ur choice to go there to meet dadi’s ma distance relative cum friends now what to do.

Geet pouted and said I’m not regretting my decision but I’m telling u to help me now , to wear this saree.

Maan pull her by her waist and take the saree from her hand and said huskily from when u forgets to wear the saree also.

Geet looked at him shocked them cutely smiles and sneked her hand on  his neck and said from then my hubby start to spoil me and remember no badmashi , we r late already.

Maan sighed ok ma’m as u wish and help her to wear saree with little bit naughtyness .

Geet moaned when maan helping her to wear the saree along with playing with her senses and tickling her every nerve with his love and then finally make her ready when she is totally red .

Maan :- wait ,I’ll come within 10mins when geet sat in the bed and sighed and think how much she try to make her think straight but with maan it’s not possible.

Later they went there to and enjoyed the evening with dadi’s ma friend cum distance relative .They congratulate and give lots of gifts to geet and maaneet’s unborn child, and best wishes and blessing also.

Geet enjoyed lots like it’s her own home.  Maan feel good to see her happy but guilty also as he scold her that day .his geet is so good from her heart that forgive him easily .

Later in the car geet said maan I want to attend tomorrow’s party, adi bhaiya told me about it pls pls .

Maan :-no geet, it’ll be not good so forget it.

Geet:-pls maan, then I’ll not ask u anything.

Maan:-I heard this from so long and it’s not about what u want mishty, it’s about ur health and I can’t take risk.

Geet pouted and murmur dusht danav, aapne man marje ka malik huh( dusht Danav , owner of his own mind huh )

Maan smiles then said geet, mishty, see we will come later and will attend many more party but when geet cut him and said no thanks , u don’t have to ,and still pouting and making faces.

Finally maan said ok  geet we r going , happy .now don’t make sad faces and sply stop cursing me.

Geet looks at him then hugged him tight and said love u , muhaaaaa.

Next day they attend the party  , here every year, mr Pradhan attend the party on behalf of Maan but this year he accompany with the owner of this empire Mr and Mrs Khurana.

Geet with shocking face asked maan u never attend this party, maan said no.

Geet:-y so?

Maan:-c ause I don’t like this type of party geet u know.

Geet:-hmmm but u attend mr chopra’s party in delhi oh that time

Maan:-yes mishty and slide his hand on her waist and said that cause of u ,

Geet ‘s face become full wide and said that means u

Maan:- what u , u, not u came and attend the party and after little bit dinner we will go , ok.

Geet placed her head on his heart and hugging him by his waist and said yes ofcourse my darling hubby.

Maan chuckled then asked accha geet, it’s not PDA ,like hugging me  in front of every one.

Geet rubbed her nose on his chest and awkening his desire and said romantically nope, it’s my affection for my darling hubby.

Maan control himself and just said hmmmmm

Later they attend a dance as req by every one from client to few friends and there is soft romantic music playing in the system

When maan hold geet by her waist and geet his neck and both who r already drown in the love and again  drwoning towards the music  like it’s displaying their love

Taakte rehte tujhko saanjh savere
Nainon mein haye
Nainon mein haye

Taakte rehte tujhko saanjh savere
Nainon mein bansiya jaise nain yeh tere
Nainon mein bansiya jaise nain yeh tere
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain

Pehle pehal tujhe dekha toh dil mera dhadka haye dhadka dhadka haye
Pehle pehal tujhe dekha toh dil mera dhadka haye dhadka dhadka haye
Jal jal utha hoon main shola jo pyaar ka, bhadka haye bhadka bhadka haye
Neendhon mein gul gaye hain sapne jo tere
Badle se lag rahe hain andaaz mere
Badle se lag rahe hain andaaz mere
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain

Tujhse shuru huyi, tujhpe hi khatam ho
Duniya meri, duniya duniya meri
Tujhse shuru huyi, tujhpe hi khatam ho
Duniya meri, duniya duniya meri
Yeh baat dil mein thi, nainon ne bol di
Main hoon teri, main hoon main hoon teri
Tujhko hi yaad kar ke aanhein baroon main
Milke bhi mil na paun ab kya karoon main
Milke bhi mil na paun ab kya karoon main
Tere mast mast do nain
Mera dil ka le gaye chain
Mera dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain

Taakte rehte tujhko saanjh savere
Nainon mein bansiya jaise nain yeh tere
Nainon mein bansiya jaise nain yeh tere
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do nain

Next day Maaneet came from market and geet said maan, oh u know ma and dadi ma r so happy to hear that we attend the party yesterday,

Maan:- yes but I’m more happy to see u happy .mishty.

Both laughed in content when some one said hello Maan.

Both maaneet stopped on their way and turn to see the owner of the voice when maan feel his world again stopped .

Geet :- hi but who r u?

That lady ignored geet and try to hugged maan with her charming smile but maan stopped her and said let’s go geet.

Geet listen to maan as she noticed something uncomfortable feelings in maan . when that lady said what is this maan, darling u r not giving me hug neither u r saying hello to me .

Maan hold geet’s hand and said we don’t entertain or say hi hello or anyting to a stranger.

After maaneet leaving from there that lady sighed and said ufff maan u r so, forget me , such a joke, ur one and only steady girl friend Miss Sameera Khanna.






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