Chapter 19 of Memory Loss

 Part 19:-

After maaneet leaving from there that lady sighed and said ufff maan u r so, forget me , such a joke, ur one and only steady girl friend Miss Sameera Khanna.

Here geet is looking at maan who is highly disturb and refused to eat anything as he is not feeling to eat anything right now.

Geet :-but maan who give her a glare and left the room.

Here geet is feeling confused but she know and understand that this is something related to that lady who was giving her negative vibe. She closed her eyes and soon feel maan is hugging her tightly and said sorry mishty, in my anger and I just , sorry mishty, let’s have the dinner,

After their dinner, maan is looking little better when geet said what happen maan, y u r so sad.

Maan engulfed her in his strong arms and said mishty, I need u .don’t ever mis understand me or leave, u r my life , u r my first and last love, u r my everything.

Geet kissed his lips then his neck then his heart and said yes I know maan and don’t ever say like this or think ,I’ll be with u till my last breath.

Maan slammed his lips quickly  and nibbled her lower lips there is no tomorrow and then lick it before bite it passaionately then again lick it to sooth the pain and enter mouth to take her every sweet.

After some time he left her and kissed her forehead and said love u mishty .

Geet hugged him and said love u too maan.

Next day , after noon, maaneet went to see a movie as they will soon fly to their next destination .

Geet is so engrossed in movie and along with maan with her,she forget everything ,

They enjoyed the movie, well geet enjoyed most and maan enjoyed to see her most time ,

They come out from the hall when geet pouted cutely  and said har samay lafanga giri ha maan.

Maan bit her ear lobe and said where and when I did that mishty but it’s ur fault .


Maan:- well let’s talk it some other place where I can say rather I show u and bite her cherry cheek and nose then said let’s go there.

Geet is continuously cribbing for this affection showing by maan openly but she is enjoying it also equally .

They went to restaurant and geet said maan wanna taste some thing continental now.

Maan looked surprised and said what , continental and u, r u sure mishty?

Geet nodded like cute child and said yea pls pls maan.

Maan smiles then said ok let me order for my mishty and my angel..

Geet smiles shyly and maan quickly placed peck on her lips .

After this , geet said maan, I want to use washroom, pls wait , m coming.

Maan: – need any help. Mishty

Geet looked dumbfounded and  said shut up maan, u r becoming besharam now , lafanga giri toh koi aapse jane .

After coming out from washroom geet again softly collied with a woman who is wearing kneelength skirt and tube top hugging her body extra.

Geet quickly recongnized and just try to leave whem that woman make her stop  and said geet, right so, u have the hobby to collied with each and every passer by.

Geet stop in her place and said sorry to say I don’t have any time to collied with any one but yes some people have intention to collied with me or coming in my way, and now excuse me.

That woman :- well miss geet  when geet snapped her and said this Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana , do u get that miss whoever u r ?

That woman try to control her anger and said it’s Sameera, asked ur husband dear, u will get more about me.

Geet almost leaving when said we have more work to do rather than wasting time on something irrelvent thanks Miss Saxena.

Geet went fom there and joined maan who already paid the bill and is waiting for his mishty.

Both went back to their hotel.

At night , maaneet drown on their passion and love and fill the room with pleasureable moan.

Later at night geet wake up , after hearing some mumbling and see maan is saying something, and found he is saying sorry geet, don’t leave me, pls ,I loved u only, trust me mishty, u r my everything without u ,I’ll die .

Geet felt shiver to hear it and she quickly hold him close to her heart and snuggled close to him to give him her warmth so can he feel little peace.

But geet know something bothering him but what is that?

Next day maan helped geet to packed and at the after noon left for another place.

When they met Sameera in the air port .

Maan’s eyes spitting fire as if look can killed people then sameera is dead now when geet hold his elbow and said maan, let’s move.

Where , sameera said I want to talk to u maan when maan snapped her rudely and said it’s Mr Khurana and I don’t know u and don’t have time to waste my precious time here.

Both ignore sameera and went from there.

Flight is little late and maan said he will inform dadi ma and went to call out side as there is network problem & geet said she want to buy something as she noticed it out side as flight is not little too late, maan :- mishty wait I’ll go with u,

Geet:- maan, m fine , it’s near by shop, will come before u finish the call and went there

Here , geet select the thing ,when geet is looking another thing when  suddenly some one said geet, I wanna talk to u.

Geet tunred to see who is that and said what is ru problem miss , y u r following us, security , security when sameera said geet, listen to me , y u r spoinling three lives ,

Geet stunned to see the audacity and said baas bahut hogaya and try to called security again and sameera shouts GEET, ur doing wrong with me, u will pay for it  but security came and  said yes m’am .

Sameera give them angry glare and said don’t u dare to touch me, m princess of  patiyala and this woman and u geet Think geet think why she take u here ,suddenly, first love always be first love, anyway, it’s my gentle warning for u.

Geet shocked but not for this piece of news but this audacity and said I don’t care about mental patienct and her stupid warning thank u, pls take care of her.

Geet moved from there and found maan is searching her near by a shop entrance.

Geet almost runs and hugged him tight .

Maan at first shocked then stratled and said mishty what happen dear?

Geet rubbed her nose in his chest then nothing but her voice and gestured made him worried where then maan noticed few guards and sameera r arguing about something and got it.

He looked tensed for geet and angry on sameera when sameera shouts MAAAAANNNN.

Maan hold geet in his arms possessively and take her with him back.

They reached their new destination and geet is feeling tired due to various reason so maan said mishty take rest today .

Geet smiles and after their dinner both dose  off to sleep early .

Next day morning, geet is feeling some one carrasing her face lovingly and instantly she knows who is he?

She smiles and snuggled closed to his chest .

Maan smiles and bend down and kissed her forehead and hugged him more tightly .

Geet in his chest said maan, shall we go back to INDIA, m missing ma and dadi ma, pls.

Maan smiles and said accha, so u don’t like to spend time with ur maan, hmmmmm.

Geet looked at him but found him angry and said maan, aap naraj ho( maan r u angry on me)

Maan slowly turns his face and showing fake anger and said hmmm.

Geet get up little and said with worried voice maan, aap but soon noticed there is wicked smirk lingering on maan’s lips and geet hit him and said badmash .

Maan :-ouch , geet, don’t hit me, what will people say, wifey beating her innocent hubby.

Geet got up half way and sitting on her knees and said hawwww , u r bad, evil, ahhhaah people will say innocent hubby, I know how much naughty u r.

Maan also get up and said accha m naughty, pls explain honey, how much naughty and in which way m naughty ha tell me.

Geet twist her cute nose and said in every possible way, u r,

Maan smirked accha and coming close to her and then grabbed her waist little and said so m naughty ha mishty said huskily .

Geet shied then said ha and try to push but maan is strong and pull her close to him  and said so my mishty said m naughty ha, when my mishty said I should be naughty  ha and without wasting any moments take geet in his arms and start tckling her and make geet smiling happily.

Here another side Sameera throwing everything in her room and shouting  u will be mine maan, u will be, I’ll kill geet and ur so called child. U r only mine  mine , she is looking like devil, wicked and laughing like maniac .

Here after some time , geet is resting on maan’s chest and said maan,I think we should order our food , go and take shower.

Maan:-I’m feeling tired.

Geet:- maan , go na.

Maan :- u make me work hard and make me tired now giving order, ok in one condition will go , if u help me then.

Geet  shied then murmur baba jee, how besharam he is now, all tiem naughtyness then think ignore his remark as she know y he said those things and said maan what kind of help u want I know and no more badmashi pls go and let me order some food atleast, pls. go, atleast  for ur darling angel.

Maan pouted and sighed then snuggled closed to her neck and kissed her there and said u know ur way, u know if u say about my angel then I’ll but geet don’t worry ,Im MSK and know my way and wait for this.

He get and placed a sheet near his waist when geet cover her self upto her upper chest by satin sheet and order for some breakfast.

After maan went to washroom, geet smiles and thinking about their morning love making session, well , suddenly an idea popped out in her mind and she called again then slowly tie the sheet around her and waiting for something

Maan is taking shower and then suddenly feel some one is entering the washroom and smirked what happen mishty, feeling alone out side .

Without any response , Her hands roam on his bare back when maan groaned but soon she smashed vanilla cream on him along with some liquid .

Maan groaned and said what r u doing mishty?

But geet pushed her near the wall when maan is looking at her fully, only wearing a sating light violate sheet but her whole hair is tie up and the way she is looking at her it’s making him hard and the next moments, maan got thousand volt when geet slowly bring something from back and smashed that on his torso and said in his ears huskily before breakfast need some desert mr khurana and bit his ear lobe gently.

Maan hold her shoulder then groaned in plassure ahhhh mishty where geet said shhh today , it’s my turn , u tease me lots and start her torture and teaseing session kissing him, licking him or rather say vanilla cream with whipped cream with choclate sauce and then gradually going downwards and just stopped before the waist line and give him naughty glance and then slowly bend down to lick him .


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