Chapter 2 of Memory Loss



Geet get up and give him medicine and said take it .

Maan is lost in geet and take it and then again said who r u, Kaun ho tum bolo mujhe abhi.

Geet again smiles and then said mein koi nehi and turn to leave when maan hold her wrist and pull her forcefully and geet almost falls on his lap and they r too close each other when maan said kaun ho tum, kya naam hain tumahara, kyuon aayi ho iha tum,

Geet slowly look at him then said mere naam then close her eyes thinks aab kya karu baba jee, ek toh iye itne kareeb mere jaan nikal rehi hain and now inhe jaana hain sach par mein maan se sach kaise bolu aur  jhooth bhi kaise bolu unhe toh jhooth se  bahut nafrat hain and jhooth bolne walo se. par inhe toh kuch iyaad nehi phir bhi mein………
Here radhika thinking y geet is so late so she went to see what happen and seen geet in maan’s arms and maan is looking lost in her eyes and geet also .she smiles and thinks chalo kuch toh improvement hua .she left them there .

Geet slowly removed his hands from her waist and said mere naam geet hain.

Maan look at her then said kya kaha tumne

Geet:- jee oh mere naam.

Maan:-kya hain ,

Geet looks at him then lowered her eyes and take a deep breath and said geet

When maan get up from bed and said jhooth bol rehe ho

Geet instantly look at him when maan said I don’t like lie, mujhe jhooth aur jhooth bolne walon se bahut nafrat hain.

Geet said in low voice I’m not lying.

Maan hold her arms and said then y r u not looking at me , my eyes, if u telling truth then look at me and say ur name,

Geet look at maan and thinks yes he loose his memory but he is still same, his principal, attitude, anger, sav ohi hain and look at maan lovingly when maan jerked her and said go from here .get lost.

Geet:- I don’t lie, cause my friend, my guide, my philosopher, my life, my soul my heart my husband taught me never told lie, cause he don’t like lie and liar .

Maan look at her face carefully and then noticed  sindoor on her mang and mangalsutra in her neck and said r u married.


Maan: where r ur husband?

Geet:-he is here

Maan:- in this house



Maan just look at her then said m feeling tired and want to sleep.

Geet said ok good night and left from there.

Maan again lie down and close his eyes and then slowly slowly dose off to sleep. Later geet again came there and cover him with a comforter and caressed his head lovingly and said maan come back m missing u.

After some time she lay in the couch and look at maan and then slowly slowly dose off too sleep.

Next day morning, maan wake up and feel much relaxed that other days then again he remember the name geet and then that girls’ face who come yesterday night , he sit in his bed and then some one said good morning

Maan look at the source of sound and found that girl again but this time automatically smiles come in his lips but soon wiped off and said what r u doing here ?I told u yesterday night I don’t like lie and u …. U r married then what r u doing in my room

Geet placed the juice glass in the table and said aap fresh ho lijiye .

Maan want to protest but geet give him strong glare and he stop and said don’t u dare to give me those eyes and leave to wash room.

Geet smiles and said aap bilkul waise hi ho abhi bhi.

After this geet placed the juice and said aapse milne koi aaye hain.

Maan look at her and said I don’t feel good to meet any one.

Geet look at him then said she will come here to meet u.

Maan :- another she

Geet glare him and said pls talk with respect and she is my dadi so, u better give her respect.

Maan:-I’m sorry I don’t know it.

Geet:-IT’s ok

Maan take the juice and finish it        .

Geet said If u want then I can call dadi ma.

Maan just look at her then said no, I’m coming, then said ek min so I can call u geet.and where r ur husband ?I want to meet him, how could he allowed u to come here in the morning

Geet turns and said  first , my husband has trsut on me and he knows I’ll never do anything wrong and u know him and he know u  and sec yes when my name is geet u can call me by name .

Maan:-  maan said I know ur husband but how and u r geet then who is she

Geet:- who is she

Maan said yes if u r geet but I see another geet

Geet shocked and said another geet, where?

Maan:- don’t know bahut dhoondlisy tasbeer hain ek lerki jisse bula raha tha mein her her name iyaad nehi araha hain ahhhhh and Maan shouts WHO I’M , ANSWER ME,WHO IS MAAN SINGH KHURANA,HOW DO I KNOW UR HUSBAND ?How tell me ans me .

Geet hold his hand and said shhhh maan, pls kuch sochiye mat pls shhhh,dekho relax ho jaiye ,pls.

Geet make him lie in the bed and after some moments maan feels relaxed little but his face is still looking some kind of tension or thinking going on. Geet caressed his head, hair lovingly then maan fully dose off to sleep , after this geet called radhika and inform her about the incident ,

Radhika:-I think we should tell to doctor first.

Geet nodded in yes .

After doctor come and check him and listen about the incident said like don’t force him but tell him or make him understand the matter slowly slowly, try to gain his confidence,try to reduce his pain first, as he is tremendous pain right now, physically he is still recovering but in his mind he is fighting with his own identity, he seen mrs khurana and know her name but don’t know what’s relations he has with her . it’ll take some more time, and mrs khurana u have  main and huge responsibility right now, u have to more careful, more supportive, more loving towards him. And one this some more positive points like  he let enter mrs khurana in his room , he is talking with her, he want to know who is she, he share his dream with her, like this many positive note so mrs khurana it’s now ur responsibility to help him and bring him out from the darkness,.

Geet nodded  but Radhika and dai ma noticed some kind of sorrow engulfed her.

After doctor left the place , radhika said geet,

Geet:-ha ma.

Radhika:- ma kehethi ho na, toh ma k eek baat sunoge,

Geet:-ha boliye na ma

Radhika:- dekho I know it’s really tough time for u to see ur husband like this and  trust me beti when I seen him after so long years as a mother my hearts is bleeding . but I have to control my emotion for his sake, for his well being, I know it’s tough but when u feel sad, alone just come to me and poured out ur sadness but u have to be strong in front of him and mujhe bhi hona hoga, I know bolna jitna easy hain karna nehi still we have to try for it for our maan , hain na beti.

Geet nodded and then hugged her. She want to cry but like she is so numb bas murmur kab tak ma hum dono aise doosre ke galati ke saza milenge.

Radhika hugged her back and said beti,bahut jald, pata hain haar raat ke baat subha hoti hain raat jitna geheri hoti hain subha utni hi jaldi aaye, dekhna maan bhaut jald thik ho jaya, aur tumne dekha na oh tumse baat kar rha hain, share kar raha hain , let give him some time, u know last few days we can’t talk with him cause he didn’t want to talk, baas yes , no, or hmm, some time get lost from here, he was all time furious . but now he is talking , so,

Geet nodded in yes,Radhika wiped her tears and said chalo jake dekho aapne pyaare pati kya kar rehe hain,I will send food soon both of u.

Geet nodded and left from there when dadi said bahu,

Radhika :-mama, I suffered lots but I will not let my son and daughter in law will suffer, I will protect them from now, Maan’s memory will be back.I have full faith on GOD , he will surely listen to a mother’s plea.he will.

Dadi ma smiles and hugged her and said yes bahu.God will help us sure.


At maan’s room, maan is sitting in his bed and looking at window when he feel some one come inside the room and said I want ur help.

Geet:-ha maan boliye.

Maan just get up and said first tell me truth ,

Geet:- ha boliye

Maan:- apna sahi naam bolo

Geet:- meine kaha na mere naam geet hain

Maan:- if u r geet then who is that girl who come to my dream.

Geet take a breath and said do u see her face.


Geet:- then maan, may be it’s me when Maan hold geet’s waist and look at her eyes and don’t play with me.

Geet look back at his eyes and said I’m geet .I’m geet, maan’s geet.

Maan:- what’s prove do u have that I’m maan and u r geet, when I can’t remember anything ,what’s relation we have ?now u telling me that I’m maan, ur husband , kal tak ur toh bahut bari bari baat kar rehi thi

Geet:-I don’t have any prove , I only have my love for u and I have faith on my baba jee and I have u maan, ur trust, faith on me, ur love with me,

Maan leave her waist and said u talked nicely,but don’t implement ur innocence on me

Geet:- yes I know and u always called me Miss Hoshiyarpur Express and I don’t need to do that .

Maan look at her and DO I

Geet:- maan , pls once trust me and believe I will  help to gain ur memory but don’t worry I’ll never force u or let u feel like this, baas aap relax ho

Maan little calm now then I’ll try  and said I want to go out side ,.

Geet:- of course u will

Maan said I trust u as u said ur name is geet but I don’t know u r same geet who came to my dream

Next few days geet is taking care of maan and giving him company for break fast, lunch dinner, some times dadi and radhika mom also come and join them,

Slowly slowly maan is opening up with geet. They r more like friends now.

One day geet is sitting in the dinning room and looking at some magazine when maan said geet where is every one ur mom and dadi,

Geet murmur baba jee aab kya iye saarei umar ma and dadi ko mere dadi and mom samajhenge .

Maan:- baba jee se baat karna bandh karo mein kuch puch rehi hoon

Geet:- maan, aaj Sunday hain and they went to  Temple

Maan:- oh ok, I forgot it.

Geet quickly said r u ok maan, kya mein doctor ko bulao, aap thik toh ho na

Maan  look at her then said geet, I’m not ill yes I forgot my past that doesn’t mean I can’t misplace little bit of information , it’s just slip of my mind nothing more and geet don’t behaved like typical wife and sply till me regain my memory I have doubt .

Geet frowned and think Mr Khurana I’m ur wife , just once u remember all then u will see what will I do with u.

Maan get up and said look, ur mom told me to join office slowly slowly I also bored here, yes I know u r here to accompany me but still, so I hve decided to join office from tomorrow, what say?

Geet taunt him y r asking me ,who I’m . u have doubt and what not? Do u ever see I’m forcing u to accept this relationship no then .

Maan look at her then geet said I’m going to outside if u want then can come.

Geet left from there and maan said attitude mujhe attitude dikha rehi hain wait geet.

Geet come out and look at the outside when maan joined her both look at the sight,  said I’m sorry geet, look I forgot my past so I , it’ll take time for me to accept this reality , hope u understand when geet said I’m sorry to and understand it .

Both stand there some time then  geet seen some birds r flying away in the sky she said it’s beautiful,both walking together and then they seen the mansion first time carefully. It’s beautiful, in front of beautiful red and light purple color mansion, it’s too Big like some royal man worth it.

A big iron gate is closed   and they smiles and said it’s beautiful,

Maan:- who ever done the plan a good architect

Geet shocked and surprised and turns to see him when he said look geet whole mansion is covered by different small trees and flowers,  a beautiful garden and  lots of butterfly r flying there. then they come out and seen a beautiful small jhula one side after little more walk another side there is  big pull .

Maan continue this is called home when geet said yes too much peace where u can come and stay for some days for ur peace,

Maan:-yes nehi toh aajkal work pressure, too much hectic life mein hum humare liye time kaha laa pate,

Geet look at him when maan said u know geet how much I told u to buy a home like this in place where only we ……. But suddenly stop and look at her then hold his head and said geet, mere sath iye kya ho raha hain mere sath and he sit in the garden and holding his head.

Geet quickly hold him and shouts for help

Later doctor came and said look mrs khurana it’s good sign he is remembering slowly slowly as I said earlier also don’t put  pressure let him recognize thing, let him remember about his past.

Geet nodded in yes:-

Precap:-Maan joining office



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