Chapter 2 , of RTL&B 2

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Maan put the receiver n then look at the mirror .he don’t know when he felt tears fill his eyes..he is strong boy but …he still remember his dad’s words…

Flashback :-

Maan took permission n call back his home when his masa , dadi masa all felt happy n elated to talk with him but his father scold him n said a Prince can’t be so weak heart n call home every time n it’ll not help him to continue his study or do excell there….

His Baba sa , hukum maharaj know he is strict to the little boy but this is rule for every royal sons…they may hve born with golden spoon but they have huge responsibility on their shoulder n from now if he wouldn’t be strict with him then he will take this all lightly ..but along with this some where the innocense of childhood is vanishing..

Maan’s Father make him remember his duty for his study n do excell there if also he is feeling weak then forget this all n can come back stay here but to forget about getting anything…his fahter make him remember he is from royal lenage  n they r not ordinary to sat n use this power money…if he is thinking to do then he can go back to his uncle way , his uncle who ran away cause he don’t want to work n want to stay in Palace so… his mom couldn’t able to take pressure n commit sucide so she wouldn’t have the pressure to brought up her own son…..his fahter goes on…


Maan felt humiliated , insulted n said sorry n put down the phone.he will never call them..

Flash back end

He wipes his tears n went back to his room.when Arya came n sat besides him…he said what happen maan?

Maan wipes his tear n already make him compose n said nothing Arya…

Arya pout n said u r hiding a thing from ur friend…Maan smiles n said yes I have eaten ur laddo…

Arya look shock then burst out in laugh n both do it…Maan know he can’t share his pain with them or anyone if they also humilate him by saying he is weak as boy..but what is  wrong to be weak as boy? What is difference to born as royal ppl….His small brain didn’t able to take everything easily..

There in palace , maan’s masa n Dadi masa not look happy when maan’s dadi masa scold maan’s father….n said is it the way to talk with a little child..y u r taking ur frustration or anger on the little child…ur borther ran away is it his fault , ur first wife is dead but y…u didn’t give any love or respect to ur sec wife n whose fault it’s u can’t see or notice ur own fault n scold him…for ur negligence we have lost a baby..ur sec wife suffer from miscarrage but u r blind….u have such nice son n u should love him , pamper him n if he is wrong then make him understand. He is kid .u have to make him understand not by scolding all time. He is not at the position to understand this all…

Maan’s mother hold dadisa..n said masa….

Later maan’s masa was sitting near the bed of maan when maan’s father came n said I’m sorry ….

She turn but her eyes fill with tear….she lowered her eyes when maan’s father came n sat down infront of her n said I can’t forget maan’s mother ..the raw word make maan’s masa flinch when maan’s father quickly said I didn’t mean to hurt u…but she was integral part of my life n she just left me…I never deny u r mother of maan but I don’t want another child so sudden …Without love that child would be unwanted n I don’t want to make it feel…I know u r mother u love me u but I need time…

She smiles n said It’s ok….loving u is my destiny or falling for u..but not loving me is ur choice …

They didn’t say anything….

6months later, there is tournament;


Maan is crossing like criss-cross way n push the ball to another player then take the ball n cross another n finally push the ball towards goal & beat the opponent goal-keeper.

He try to give the ball to Arya when some one push him from behind n he fall down….Refree give foul …they got a corner kick….but it didn’t give any good result they again continue the game…n this time another one got injury by maan’s team n maan’s team got against penalty but thank to Goalkeeper he saved it…

next time someone from an opponent team push maan’s face by elbow n his lips cut badly n he fall down….Maan has to came out his lips swell badly n ice pack applied ….

Half time…start when coach encourage the team boost them…

Sec half start;

He turn n another goal in the sec half  , he make his team win by 2 goal….Later his injury treated by doc.

He came back after the match to notice his sona n King Raghav is there n both r waiting for him n Arya…

King Raghav congratulate two kids n give them two packets of Motichoor ki laddu n Kaju barfi…But soon heard a sound of sobbing which turn loud cry…

Geet look at maan n her bhai sa n both receive couple of injury …she cried when maan come n said sona…

She shook her head n hugged her baba sa….

King Raghav assure maan n took geet n said maan n Arya get ready we r going to celebrate ur win n u got holiday..

Arya nodded with happiness but maan said but kakasa…I can’t go…

King Raghav said u can now go n pack ur things…will talk later…

Maan nodded when Arya frowned to see him deny…..

Here king Raghav took geet with him…after some consoling word she stopped crying but still sobbing slowly…King Raghav said my princess is so brave so smart….y u r crying…

Geet look at Her father n said they r hurt…she pout and tears again start flowing when Maan came n said but they r healing now ..a angel n give me medicine n it’s all fine..

Geet peek from his father’s shoulder n look at her bhai sa n her kuar sa…

She pout …but her father’s sweet consoling words make her belive …

Maan met his parents neat the farmhouse  n maan came to know his masa was not well so they couldn’t come to meet there , here also they came to meet doc for his masa..

Maan’s eyes fill with tear n he hugged his masa…who hugged him back…Maan sobbed kya hua….aapko masa…aap thik ho na..apne kyuon nehi baatya mujhe , aap kyuon aise karte ho…aap jante ho na  n he continue whe masa took him with her….

Both mother n son spend time with each other.wining trophy of match r not so grt or close to maan than staying close to his masa…her love , warmth n care make him fine..his every injury every agony vanish in thin air….his masa who scold him for his mischieve or wrong doing..who is taking care of him when he is disturb n she will help him …when he was ill she will help him..when his exam is coming she will stay besides him full night…..she is the piller for him

Mother is Replica of GOD

Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu

He smiles n snuggled in his lap…when she caressed his head lovingly…she kissed those wounds . mother kiss mother love can heal manything it’s soothed the wound..

o meri aankhon ka tara hai tu

she wipes her tears , which r flowing for pain for herself for her unborn dead child , her only saving grace her healing medicine is her son maan…she didn’t hold him in his womb but she is her son…

Jiti hu main bas tujhe dekhakar, iss tute dil ka sahara hai tu

She still remember how he explained with enthusasim about his winning match. How he played….

Tu khele khel kayi, mera khilona hai tu…

She kissed his head n look at his boot , ball ,jersy, she took them n neat placed them..her pride is maan..her garv hain uska guroor …

She has so many dreams for him , for his childhood for his adulthood.for his good…

Jisase bandhi har aasha meri, mera wo sapna salona hai tu

She sat down n ruffle his hair carressed his face with motherly love …her eyes admire her son…her pride

Jisase bandhi har aasha meri, mera wo sapna salona hai tu

Maan’s father notice this all..he felt guilty but he is so helpless…some times situation make everything against ….

There Geet get up n rubbed her eyes..she looks little scare when her masa took her in her lap when she hide her face on her neck she rubbed her back n asked softly.. are mere rani beti dar gayi..

Geet said hmmm, bura sapna tha…

Masa smiles n kissed her hair n said aapke masa hain na aapke pass phir kyuon darna hmm…accha aapko pata hain jab dar ho na tab hume kya jata hain ?

Geet look at her masa n said kya?

Masa said tab hum Bhagwani ji ko bolte hain dar bhaga do…aap toh dost ho baccho ko …hmm… with this n few more consoling words make geet calm down…

Masa make her saw moon n kissed geet’s head

Chandaniya chup jaana re

Masa kissed geet’s eyes n tucked her loose hair …

Chan bhar ko lukh jaana re

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye

Masa make her sleep in the bed n patting her when she snuggled into her..her lips slowly curved into smiles

Bitiyaa meri so jaaye Hmm.. Neendiya aankhon mein aaye Bitiyaa meri so jaaye

But Suddenly geet startled n sobbed when her masa took her back to his arms again…

Leke godd mein sulaaon Gau raat bhar sunaaon Main lori lori Ho main lori lori

She humed the song she patted her swing her slowly in his arms…n romaing back n forth

Palkan mein sapna saje Dheeme dheeme haule haule Pawan basanti doley

Pleasant breeze blowing there , masa hold geet tightly one side a warm feeling from her mother another side good weather make her calm…

Dheeme dheeme haule haule Pawan basanti doley Leke godd mein sulaaon Gaon raat bhar sunaaon Main lori lori

Geet’s Masa roamed the whole room n finally make her sleep in the bed but geet hold masa’s pallu tightly…

She kissed her forehead n admire her daughter , her princess lovingly…

There in King Raghav’s room

Arya is sleeping on his father’s chest….King Raghav put the story book at the side table n finally able to make him sleep..his story his activity …he chuckled but his son….is too naughty n didn’t get tired so easily ..he chuckled….

King Yashvardhan , father of Maan , sat there alone n watching moon when dadi ma , his masa came, he just put his head in her lap….he can’t express his feeling his pain but a mother always understand her child…

Next day all celebrate the win ..they may be royal ppl but they has their own sweet n simple way to celebrate it…

Maan & Arya went back to their hostel n they came back after their final exam…n went to their respective home..their parents ,sply masa loved them pamper them…

Though maan maintain little distance with his father but King Yashvardhan want to reduce it n he took maan with him for a long drive…

Maan was little apprehensive but agree to go n on way king yashvardhan talk manything but maan ans minimum….he fear he felt distant with his own father.

King yashvardhan know the reason n felt pain but …he stop near a hill n said u know maan when I was small like u…I never have the courage to talk with my father….he used to tell me boys never cry boys never showed emotions but u know what a contracdictary he was the most emotional man….I have ever seen….I used to wonder when I was young but then one day I came to know from him after my graduation ,I came to know he washurt by his near ones be it relative or friend or they just used his money , name n fame n he was emotional n easily trust them n for this his sar jhuk gaya tha.Maan u might be wondering y m giving u burdain of this things…I don’t want to tear ur innocnese I don’t want make u weak also…I want u to be strong yet balanced with everything…I can’t do somethings I commit some mistakes but sometimes things r not in my hand…life is not so easy n I don’t want u to be used by anyone…u may loose u may win but stay strong…

Maan look at him , he is small don’t get every thing in deeper way but he understand the tension the pain when his father kneel down n said U r my pride …u r my blood I love u more than anyone..I can’t show my emotions some time..but that doesn’t mean I don’t like u…I want to be strong but yes emotional hona galat nehi hain …boys can also cry but they should be strong n understand other tears.I am sorry beta that day I was tensed n..

Maan said baba sa u r not wrong…masa told me that u were tensed for me for my result n I was away from u…but I am also sorry ..masa told me to understand u…I know u r right …I am to be strong but I will not let anyone use me babasa…mein aapke sar ko kabhi jhookne nehi dunga, promise babasa…

Maan’s father smiles but a tear of happiness as his little son is so mature n his wife whom he never love but gave pain, is so understanding… he kissed maan’s forehead when maan wipes his father’s tears n said I love u babasa….n hugged him….

Finally the distance the gapped settled down …. Maan n his father came back during evening..Whole day both father-son due spend time together by playing or sharing or chatting n first time maan got his father like he wants.

At evening when they came back, maan was sleeping n King Yashvardhan was carrying him.Where maan’s masa almost ran but stopped to see this…She felt so much peace to see thme together .how protectively yash is holding maan…who is clinging to his father with equal peace n comfort…

Yash wash maan’s leg n hand then change his dress who is in half sleep but loving this pamper…

At night , yash fed maan who happily narrated his activity with his father to all sply his dadimasa n masa n both wipes their tear as finally yash is doing something …..

At night maan is sitting when yash is looking at book n giving him imp…yash never give any imp to anything but he want to make an effort n stay besides his son..

Later maan’s masa came n make maan sleep but before sleeping maan expressed how happy he is today? Maan’s masa smiles n kissed her laadla, her Rajdulara..

Couple of days later maan have to cancel his trip to Geet’s place as Dadi masa was not well

2 day ,Maan was playing cricket with yash n few more royal stuff who r excited elated to see their king is playing with them…when they informed by lackey that King raghav n his family came….

Maan n Yash stopped n went to meet them….they greeted them n after all greeting maan look at Arya who smiles n said gudia chal mere sath….

Geet who is holding her masa’s finger n said where?

Arya :-khelne..

Geet smiles but then look at maan n remember how she was waiting for him n he didn’t come to meet her first but ….


Geet jumps n shouts yeyyyyyeee bhai sa is best bhai sa is best…he gave me this n hugged the teddy bear n winnie pooh….when Arya said here is another gift send by ur kuar sa…

Geet pout n said mein gussa hoon…mujhe kyuon nehi dene aaye iha….

Arya sighed n said may be he is busy , u can go n meet him later..

Geet narrowed her eyes n nodded no n said Punishment milega kuar sa ko…

Flashback end

Geet said mein gussa hoon..Elders laughed almost but stopped her seeing fuming cutely…when geet’s masa told y n what happen with geet..all almost laughed again when geet fold her arm n said mein gussa hoon, n katti kuar sa ke sath aur sabke sath.

Maan came n said I’m sorry sona…who nodded no n said accha u want to give me punishment na then give me…

Sona look at him cutely when elders leave as they know it’s their regular thing n they will sorted out…this all

Maan hold his ear when geet nodded no n said kyuonnnnnnn nehi aaye …I was waiting….

She pout n said mujhe baat nehi karna….when maan said m sorry sona…

Geet nodded no n said I will not talk to u..

Maan like noo sona.ok m sorry..see dadi masa was not well…then masa was not well n I came here .

Geet turn n said phir bhi aapko punishment milega….

Maan sighed n said jaise aap kaho Princess Geetakshi who giggle then make twist her nose n turn… but Geet is geet her innocense can touch anyone n said aapko mujhe godi lena hain n ghumana hain aur aapko mere sath kehlena hain doll house n maan is like really but he can do anything…they r innocent they r kid n their wishes also r simple not complicated like elder , they can demand do anything without thinking much….


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