Chapter 20 of Memory Loss

Part 20:-

Without any response , Her hands roam on his bare back when maan groaned but soon she smashed vanilla cream on him along with some liquid .

Maan groaned and said what r u doing mishty?

But geet pushed her near the wall when maan is looking at her fully, only wearing a sating light violate sheet but her whole hair is tie up and the way she is looking at her it’s making him hard and the next moments, maan got thousand volt when geet slowly bring something from back and smashed that on his torso and said in his ears huskily before breakfast need some desert mr khurana and bit his ear lobe gently.


Maan hold her shoulder then groaned in plassure ahhhh mishty where geet said shhh today , it’s my turn , u tease me lots and start her torture and teaseing session kissing him, licking him or rather say vanilla cream with whipped cream with choclate sauce and then gradually going downwards and just stopped before the waist line and give him naughty glance and then slowly bend down to lick him .

Maan try to hold her but then let her do the what she wants , but maan never thought it’ll full torture for him, her soft kisses some times, too rough but he is enjoying this and gradually it’s becoming sweet torture, his mishty is really teaser.she licking some place  , rubbing those forbidden , secret place like, it’ll kill him, he groaned, and think it’s more than enough now , he hold her shoulders gently and then pull her carefully and with a swift moment make her beanth him when geet is wriggiling and said no , u have to see punishment, u tease me, choriye , choriye and play fully hit him but maan caged her under him well  and said hummm, chriye ha, geet is still wriggling but soon moaned as maan deeped his head on the vally of her curve and give their hot kisses .

Geet only can moaned and her moaned increased when maan’s hot palm hold her soft curve and another curve hold by maan’s mouth passionately, crazily.

When geet is pulling his hair and moaning continously where , maan suddenly put a ice cube on her n****** then sucking them, bitting them softly some times, passaionately, some times licking them & make them red like crimson.

It’s like some tresssure to maan and he is  devourng her curve when geet moaned in pleasure and bit his shoulder & makes maan groaned in pleasure.

When maan looked at her but Geet twist her nose cutely then again bit her lips to control her moan as maan’s finger is now playing on her another secret place.


Geet screamed when maan’s finger enter there.she keep tossing her head in pleasure and and bite the pillow to control her scream in pleasure.

Maan smiles and whisper huskily near to her ear, mishty, this is beginning , just wait.

Geet try to hold maan but couldn’t as maan take her into another world of their passionate night.


Un aware from destiny and some one who will again try to play with their lives and make their peaceful life mess.


Next day morning, maan wake up to find his beautiful mishty  who is cuddling close him like kitten and hide her beautiful face in his chest.

He tucked the loose hair behind her hair and kissed  her hair then looked at her serene face and kissed it when geet stired little when maan give him kiss on her lips when geet moaned maannnn.

Maan smiles naughtily and look at something then called reception and said something then smirked and said now mishty and whishper good morning mishty, wake up now.

Geet stirred again and hugged him more which makes her soft bare body collided with his taut body.

He groaned and said this girl na, will not change mujhe pagal kar degi ek din then laughs and said already m crazy for her and with her & in her love.

He bend down and slowly whisper again mishty get up now or else.

Geet nuzzled her nose on his chest , maan shook his head and moaned  geett but feel geet is giggling silently .

He smirked then bite little her ear lobe then sucked it and make geet crazy but geet don’t know what will be in next teasing and next moments geet feels the warmth is missing, she opened her eyes and want to know happen suddenly, she thnks may be he will tease her more like his other punishment but the next moment she want to see him but next moments she found herself floating in air and guess her naughty husband scoop her up in his strong arms.

She shocked then smiles but seen his dark eyes with full of desire she gulped her saliva and smiles at him weakly.


But maan came and enter the washroom and said mishty and bit her nose slightly then said I know what r u thinking but don’t worry , I’ll not tease how could I, rather I will help me errrmmm I will help u.

But geet sensed something but maan make her sit in the hot & cold water tub with rose scent.

Geet smiles then sensed there is vanila and jasmine scented candles every where.

She smiles and hugged maan and said thankkkkkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu MAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Maan smiles at her childish yet sensuas antics . he smiles and peck on her lips and said m coming, and will join u and wink at her when she just blushed .


Maan get up & geet screamed MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN.

Now maan stratled and bend down & asked what happened  mishty ?

Geet cover her mouth & said what r u doing maan? Laaj saram kuch hain na oh kahi chor aaye ho, bahar aaye ho toh aise ghumenge.

Here maan is utterly confused and asked mishty but geet slapped his hand playfully and said aap kuch peheniye aise nangu pangu ghum rehe hain, baba jee see na what happen to him now, he changed now , see na, aab aapka bacchi kya hoga, dekhiye kaise iye change hogaye, baba jee and pouting cutely when maan said don’t give problem to ur baba jee and get up and take towel to wrap his waist.



Geet here fully cover her face when maan said mishty, don’t love to see but soon geet thorw  a mug of water on maan and said besharam , u r not zalim singh khurana but now become also besharam singh khurana huh.


Maan open the door and said well when ur giving me so beautiful name then I’ll surely prove u how besharam I’m and again wink at her.


Geet make a face .


Later maan came inside to found geet is playing with water.

He smiles and think , she will be mother soon here playing like little kid.

He placed those things in the tray and side in the tub silently where slowly enter the tub after removing the towel and join his mishty.


Geet stratled then smiles then looked at him in horror when she noticed his hand holding something and maan open the jar and then bend and poured little and it’s smell so beautiful when geet said maan but maan said trust me mishty.

With olive oli first then jesmine liquid soap maan helped geet to take shower but which take hard time for maan to control his urges .

After this maan wrapped her in towel and himself then make her ready.

Maan:-Mishty we will go to that place and it’s very beautiful place then we have to return tomorrow night so,

Geet hugged him and said I’ll forever remember this beautiful journey with u maan.thanks and kissed his heart.

Maan cupped her face & said mishty for u happiness and one smile I can do anything .

Geet smiles and said my maan.

She is happy that after long time her maan is back. Who is with her like her soul , her beat of her heart.


They went a beautiful place which sourended with a beautiful water cave along with water falls , it’s like so dreamy, beautiful, but geet is so super happy that she is keep kissing maan’s cheek when finally maan thought mishty, u will get rewards dear.

Later they went into a shopping mall to buy gift for mama, dadi ma, pinky, adi, sasha, tasha, romeo, monisha, pandey jee when maan taunt don’t u feel u buying less, still many r left.

At first geet didn’t got the meaning then said Dusht Danav.


Later maan came back and called back at home but the line is jammed , he left a msg to their fax machine as they r starting their journey to their home tomorrow night.

He end the call and streached his arms to relax when maan felt a soft hand enter his front and tore away the button of his shirt and then a chill thing move on his chest make him jolt.

He hold geet’s hand and groaned mishty what r u doing and turned to see her but find her in ravishing red & white short satin nighty.

Her hair is flowing in air and her eyes r half open with love & her lips half parted .

She came close and removed the shirt from his shoulder and sensually carrassed his taut chest, shoulder and said wanna ready for the night mr Khurana.

Maan is totally shocked to see this new avtar of his mishty and just nodded and soon again feel a chill sensation on his neck then a water from the icecub r floating from his neck which geet look with desire then she goes there and kissed the ice cube and then licked the placed to his shoulder to chest to abdoment to his naval & makes maan groaned in pleasure but when maan pull her for a passionate kiss .

Maaneet r so lost in their kissed and forget everything.

Maan scoop her in his arms and placed her in the bed and removed his shirt fully and within a sec tore geet’s nighty and make geet gasped then her inner and throw them away.

Maan smiles and said mishty, u take panga with me and then naughtily smirked at her and soon bring those ice cube and along with two more things .

He placed those things rightly near the side table & said u cover with sheet, mishty that’s doesn’t make any sense now, when we did but geet thorw a pillow towards him and murmur something.

But maan helped her with light went dim  and maan slowly removed the sheet before he join with her  full bare and said u don’t have to shy mishty when ur maan is there to cover u with his love, passion , worship.

Geet shied, red hue crept on her white milky skin .

Maan by his one hand brings something but then poured it on his hand when geet is looking at him but maan just capture her lips to forget her everything but soon geet got realized her maan making her curves sticky, she is wriggling when maan bite her lips and then licked it and said shhhhhh, and carrassed her curves, her little tummy with bump then to her thigh , waist, again cameback to her neck, shoulder.

After that maan get up and smiles  her and said now u will be more sweet but let me have something hmmm what abt strwaberry ha, he take an strawberry when geet said maan,

Maan cut the strwaberry then said wait misty, I know u r missing me and don’t go so hurry , let me eat something ha , he placed it near the below of her curve and  just rubbed the stwarebrry little there and placed it little on his  lips and eating then said wanna eat something ha and come near to her lips and kissed her, maan play with few moments  , some times maan placing those swraberry  differtn part of her body and eat it and said it’s more teasty .

after that maan just devroured her head to toe, her full body has sweet, passionate  makrs of her maan ,her shoulder to neck to collar bone, cleavage to curve to N***** to belly to waist to naval to thigh to knee to toe, every portion and even maan didn’t left to mark her most secretive place also by his finger, to lips, to tongue  then and then finally mark her soul, heart, body ,mind everything by his again.

When geet with droopy and content and shy eyes said I love u maan and maan replied with content voice love u too mishty, geet.

And then kissed her tummy again to give love to their kid who r symbol of their pure, divine and passionate love.


Two days later, Rajasthan , India :-

Maaneet came back to their home sweet home unaware of everything, every strom went from this house , in last couple of days.

Maaneet enter the house but find it calm but this calmness scaring them to the core.

He noticed sasha and romeo r taking a file and going some where when geet called them and both feel some kind of solace and both runs and said maan sir, geet…..

Maan:- where is every one ?

Sasha looking at romeo then said oh oh,

Maan with stern voice said can u tell me clearly where is everyone?

Romeo with grt difficulty said dada ma had a massive attack and on Icu now.

Soil beanth from maaneet’s leg .

They runs towards hospital and on the way what they heard from sasha and romeo again make them tensed and angry.

Maan make a mental note looking about this matter .

They reached hospital and after some time doctor came when geet is holding radhika tightly, she is herself is sad and upset and in pain but she have to be strong cause  for her maan and her whole family.

Doc:- We r trying our best Mr Khurana , don’t know only GOD can show us some way, or all u can say need some mirracle .need to wait 48hrs more.


Another shocked for them .

Maan went away from there what he learnt .

When radhika said geet go beta, she needs u now go, .


In Home:-


Maan throw everything in anger & said U r finish ,U R FINISH SAMEERA.

Geet hugged him and said maan pls calm down,pls .

Maan looked at her then said mishty, my dadi ma, she is everything for me from my childhood, mishty,I need her, we need her, our kid need her, mishty, y everytime whenever I feel all is good then .

Geet just hugged him as she really don’t know what to say.


Next day, maan is talking with his lawyer and police commisioner when sameera came & shouts how dare u mr but maan roared almost how dare u enter in my cabin?

When sameera smirked and try to come close but guard hold her this time but sameera said don’t u feel that old lady live long time

This time maan raised his hand to slapped her but his lawyer and commisioner hold him and maan, calm down, it’ll cause us only.


Maan with raging voice said u will be finish SAMEERA , wait for 40hrs and will make ur life hell


Maan who is fuming in anger and rage and looking at sameera like will kill her by his only look when sameera looked partified first time to see maan not maan, MSK in front of her.




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  1. it’s very interesting.The whole ss.a nice one.

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