Chapter 21 of Memory Loss

Part 21:-

 Maan who is fuming in anger and rage and looking at sameera like will kill her by his only look when sameera looked partified first time to see maan not maan, MSK in front of her.


Later geet called maan suniye .

Maan:-geet, go back need some work then will talk to u .

Geet:-maan par.

Maan almost shouts can’t u hear in one go, what do u want now?don’t u think m doing some work rather than chatting or romancing ,ha.

Geet tremble to hear this and instantly tears clouded on her eyes but before maan can say anything she runs from there .

Maan almost jumped off and said mishty, listen, listen mishty , damn it y  I have to shouts on her and splyin this condition , maan called adi & said send pinky to MANSION now.

Adi startled then said now .

Maan:- do u have any problem to understand simple thing or , adi :m sendng her now yes sirrrrrr.

Maan shook his head and said after this come with me to conference room.


Maan glared at adi when adi laughed at his usual manner and said oheee hhhheeee heeee but suddenly stop and said shall I go .

Maan nodded as he is too busy to call his mishty whose phone is currently unavaliable ,

Maan cursed himself for this . he keep trying and finally got when a slow sound came hmmm.

Maan:-mishty r u there, , r u fine .


Maan:-jaan, mishty, I’m really sorry,pls ans me na.

Geet try to control her sob and some how said m fine, don’t worry.


Maan instantly know she is controlling her sob then said mishty I’m but geet said it’s ok, I should understand , anyway, m feeling little bit sleepy, talk to u later.


Later in conference room:-

Maan can’t concentrate on any single thing and his mind is cover with geet’s unsaid words , her try to control the sob.He sighed when adi said sir

Maan still in some kind of shock or trance and said huh

When adi shook him and said sir,commisioner sir saying something to u

Maan:-ha geet bolo

All r in shocked and looking at maan with wide eyes.

Maan looked at adi then said ha.

Adi gulped his saliva and think , kya sir mujhe geet samajhe rehe hain, oh no, geet ke BABAJEE mere rakhsha karna , but then he looked at maan who is looking


Lost and looking at him may be then again gulped his saliva and said BABAJEE , GEET KE BABAHEE pls pls raksha karna .

Adi again called him when maan said huh , ha, oh sorry sir, pls sit here, m coming within few min.

When commisioner said r u fine Mr Khurana

Maan nodded somehow and moved from there.

When adi looked at up and think geet ke BABAJEE kya ho raha hain iha

All r now looking at him when adi again said save me geet ke BABAJEE


Later maan composed himself and attend the meeting with commisioner and talking about various matter regarding sameera and her deed and maan and his family’s safety.

Later maan again busy with another meeting then went to meet dadi ma who is conscious but still under sedative

Later dadi ma wake up and doctor check her up fully .


After some time ,Maan sat there some time then geet came with pinky

Later geet said dadi ma , mein chalti hoon, when maan said wait mishty, will go together,mama will come and we will be.

Geet:- no it’s ok I’ll go m feeling little tired and but before she can complete the  sentence , maan almost punced on her and said what happen geet, r u ok, we should check once with doctor, can’t  u tell me before, see, u r looking so pale ,tired, let’s go,

Pincky bite her own cheek to control her laugh and looking at dadi ma who is intently looking at them then smiles when pinky said geet tu jana maan sir ke sath mein iha hoon.

Geet:-par. When pinky make her look at dadi ma who is looking little tensed now as if she is sensing something wrong, geet quickly said ok, will go with maan then ,let’s wait for Mom.

Maan noticed all eye conversation with pinky and siged ,and think it’s cause of his behavior if he could, little bit calm down then it might be ,

Later maaneet r on the way to back to mansion when maan try to break the silence ,but geet kept looking at out side & ignoring him.

Maan sighed & called her Mishty pls listen to me once .

Geet:-maan,pls I’m feeling too tired , let me rest and just went from the car.

Later maan make geet’s fav food and went to their room to manao

He knoked the door and called mishty

Geet who is hugging maan’s pic and lay there just

Maan slowly open the door and see his mishty lying on the bed and cuddling herself and hugging something

He went near to her and place the tray on the table then caressed  her cheek when geet just stay there motionless.

Maan bend and kissed her cheek and said I’m sorry mishty.

Baas within 2 sec geet just went on his arms and hugged him tightly and crying there and said I’m sorry maan,I know u were and r distrub still I…I should understand this time but don’t know what happen to met that time and and I reacted like that I shouldn’t and I’m really sor but maan slammed his lips on her supple lips and make her shut .

Later maan make her half lie on him and now geet’s back is touching maan’s chest and geet is playing with his finger when maan said mishty  ,

Geet makes face and said no will not take any more bite,

Maan:- jaan pls have it, for me ,pls

Geet open her mouth when maan make her eat the morsel.

After the feeding session, maan said jaan , take rest few moments, m just joining u within 30mins.

Geet nodded as she know  now maan is going for some work,

Maan kissed her forehead and eyes then give a gentle peck on her lips and make her lie on the bed gently .

After  30mins maan came back and see geet  is sleeping peacefully now.

He smiles at her then joined her besides her and take her in his arms and kissed her hair and said mishty, my mishty .

Geet is tossing on the bed and sweating profusely .



Sameera:- will u not share with ur wife that once we share few intimate moments with each other mr khura but geet slapped her hard then said no more words,he never crossed his limits but u did

Maan hold geet and said calm down mishty, let’s her bark , don’t react.

Geet:- maan, I’m but no I will not tolarate any one to raised a finger on my husband  and cut the crap and listen to me no one will trust u, once he thought he loves u but it’s clear imfatuation and what u did with him , u will pay


Geet get up then try to calm down her raised her heart beat and then looked at maan and her heart bit calm down instantly and smiles at him then Geet kissed maan’s eyes who is sleeping with peaceful smile.




Next day morning geet is getting ready when she noticed something on the table and it’s

Note from her maan.

Mishty, I need to go early as has some work,jaan pls have breakfast and will come

At lunch ha jaan mmuhhaaaaaa

Ur maan, dusht danav

Geet smiles then kissed the note and here in office maan in conference room and said to adi, adi listen sameera is here just to have me again or say have to destroy khurana again,

Adi nodded then said but sir , what did she say to dadi ma?

Maan with tremndous anger she was pregnant with my child.

Adi almost shouts WHATTT

Maan :-yes, and this news dadi ma didn’t trust when she throw her last weapon  and show some fake tears and fake papers and pics of us but those pics r morphed pic of us, but dadi ma didn’t trust it and slapped her hard but Sameera push her and said she will kill me and geet and our …………..

Maan stoped but till his eyes r red in rage when adi said sir,

Maan:-I will finish her adi, she try to mess with MAAN SINGH KHURANA ,she try to destroy my family, she hurt my dadi ma, will never leave her.

Adi know his boss, well he himself soft type don’t want this type but now he know for sameera need this.

Adi said yes sir u r right and she will pay , I told my men, don’t worry work will be done by today evening.

Maan is smirking then said ok adi do it fast ,I need that B**** behind the bar .


Later in  maan’s cabin , maan is sitting and talking with some one as there is big news that Miss Sameera is behind the bar in the charge of attempt to murder.

Breaking News

Miss Sameera under arrest ,

Miss Sameera is behaving like mental pateint

Flashing news :-


Some one soaking in blood found in her room ,in her bed.while she is drinking wine that time. Police said may be she lost her sense or have mental problem we also gussed like that when a person drinking wine while  a dead body on her room, sply on her bed.




Here in mansion, geet suddenly witnessed this news and gasped in horror as she know who can do that, she quickly called him but no maan is busy in some meeting.

She called again but this time adi but same thing ,

Geet murmur:- see this two men, what they think of themsleves, what they r doing with sameera exactly.

Geet called sasha next but same ans and she is looking too frustrated and throw the phone in anger and said where is every one now

Then suddenly pinky called her and said geet, kaise hain , break fast kya medicine lya, rest le rehi hain na, accha sun na.

Geet murmur maan ki assistant huh.

Pinky:- geet tu sun rehi hain

Geet :- nehi gana ga rehi hoon

Pinky :-tu na bilkul aapne pati ki tarah ban gayi hain , Doube DD.

Geet shouts –PINKY

Pinky:-opps sorry baba , forgive me accha sun wait for me will go there and join.

Geet murmur y, this is indeed done by maan, huh khud nehi aayanege toh bhej rehe hain then said ok. Aaja iye baat bolne ke liye tune mujhe phone kya tha iya phir kuch aur.

Pinky:- see I told u ,u r replica of MK now see m coming avein aarehi hoon. Kyuon nehi aasakti.

Geet with irriatated voice said pinky ,m not in mood to joke now, if u wanna come then come.

After this small conversation pinky report this to maan and maan know y geet is souding like that,maan:-pinky still go there and stay with her .

Pinky nodded yes.

Where maan said I know u got to know the things happen with sameera and innocent mind, but she deserve it mishty, she try to harm u, harm dadi she will face me it’s just start.


Later , Here in office :-



Maan is smirking and sipping his coffee when geet came & said maan,oh sab kya hain, what r u doing ?

Maan looked at her and his mind become more fresh  & said mishty, what r u doing here and before he can y anything geet just hugged him tight and said I was scared ,what is all going on , oh sameera but maan cut her and said mishty,shhhh, all  will be fine trust me and sameera will got what she derseve ,now don’t think about this , don’t like ur pale face .

Geet smiles little and hugged him again and said I trust u but fear ,

Maan tucked the loose hair strand behind her hair then said how is our baby mishty,

Geet :-fine and get up from him ,

Maan know the mind condition of geet’s and just pull her in his arms  carefully to give her long passionate kiss then whisper nothing, she is getting what she deserve.

Geet looked at him then maan said mishty, m fine and don’t worry.

Geet hugged him & said I was scared.

Maan:- don’t be, till ur maan is with u mishty

Both sitting there maan on the chair, geet on maan’s lap and talking with their life , how is dadi ma, how is KM and whne they will again go there and about their kid and maan tease her about kids

When geet just blushed more and more.

Suddenly geet said awww,

Maan:-kya hua geet

But geet just smiles happliy and kissed his  cheek

Maan looked confuse and look at geet when found her smling happily.

Maan pull her little and  asked btw what happen to my mishty is looking so happy.


Geet smiles then pull his hand and place his hand on her  stomach and said feel it and maan looks more puzzle

Geet smiles to see it then said ur baby.

Maan’s eyes twinkle in joy and said our baby, then suddenly said in panick what happen , kya humara baccha ko,

Geet slapped her head then said nothing baba, aap bhi , see ur baby playing foot ball with me, his first kick.

Geet looked at maan with happy expression when maan is sitting there idle then said our baby kick .first kick.

Maan quickly bend over her tummy and kissing there and said our baby, then look  at geet then said her first kick not his ok.

Geet make face then said huh, no kick done by him not her huh.

Maan greeted his teeth and said Geet.

Both start their teasing session again when some one knock the door and maaneet come back to their love paradise and maan said hmm come in and geet get up from his lap.

Adi came and said sir some new clients r waiting for u then looked at geet and said sir.

Maan:- hmmm , wait for me on conference room, m coming .

Adi nodded then said how r u geet?

Geet pouted and said m fine and no need to go some where else,let’s talk here and m going to meet sasha and left the cabin.

Maan shook his head when adi looked at him helplessly

Maan:-hmm bolo

Adi:-they took her hospital and took medical examination now report will come later ,she is behind the bar but now what to do,we know minimum alchohol baas nothing more will be in her blood.but yes her finger print and few more evidence will be against her.

Maan is keep smirking and said don’t worry next set off plan is ready, call our lawyer to make the next set of case.

Adi nodded and left from there.

Later maaneet met dadi ma is hospital and dadi ma is now much better , she talked with maaneet and said how much geet is glowing under maan’s love

When maaneet blushed then geet said pls come back dadi ma soon,

Dadi ma smiles and said I will beta for my two daughter and this badmash and hold maan’s ear playfully.

Dadi ma smiles and said thanks geet,


When every one laughed and Geet slowly wipes her happy tears when radhika mom just admired their glowing love and trust and understanding.

They return back from hospital when maan said mishty , let’s fresh up and will eat dinner first ,geet nodded yes.

After dinner maan make geet sleep peacefully


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