Chapter 22 of Memory Loss

Part 22:-

When every one laughed and Geet slowly wipes her happy tears when radhika mom just admired their glowing love and trust and understanding.

They return back from hospital when maan said mishty , let’s fresh up and will eat dinner first ,geet nodded yes.

After dinner maan make geet sleep peacefully

Maan tucked her under soft duvet and kissed her hair and eye the slide besides

Her and hugged her from back ,tightly and kissed her neck and dose off to deep

Sleep .

Next day morning , geet is murmuring y she has to take rest, can’t maan see her fit and fine no, dusht danav ,huh kaise iye hain,

Maan is smirking and said stop murmuring mishty .

Geet make her face perfect “O” then said aapko kya aapke aage piche ghumti hain kuch tittlya aapko toh bahut maja aata hoga .

Maan:- aab kya kare tumhara hubby ka charm hi kuch aisha hain no one can ignore me na,and see it’s not my fault also,if  some girls but stopped there to see the angry looked at his meeshty’s eyes and gulped his saliva.

Geet:- y u stopped here, continue ur so called flirting act with those chipcali.

Maan chuckled then just smiles and it’s irritate geet more, she said see maan, if u look any one else than me then I will but geet’s voice lost in her throat when maan is approaching towards her with smirk in his face.

Geet gulpeed her saliva then smiles at him weakly when he inched little towards her where his intense eyes r caging her there. Soon geet close her eyes but within few moments felt there is no maan and open the eyes to found him smirking and tieng up his tie .she fumed in anger and said u ….

Maan:-what now

Geet :-huh and went from there when maan just smiles.

Later, Maan came down to get the file and notice geet is sulking she asked jaan, mishty, what happen?


Geet who is sobbing and said oh khatam ho gaya

Maan:- khatam kya khatam ho gaya.

Geet  with sobbing voice said oh oh mere chips.

Maan first look confuse then said chips, mishty, with wide eyes.

Geet:-ha toh , I want to eat chips but see I came here found chips packet r empty nothing is there,

Maan shook his head in disbelief and said mishty, now get up and will bring fruit juice for u, that is good for ur health more not this chips and m going for some meeting, pinky and others will be here and if any problm just call me.

Geet suddenly said ha ha, aap jaiye , u don’t have think for me and my baby, hum ma , bete ek doosre ke liye hain y u will think, that ur baby will be hungry, ur baby want to eat chips, go na, do ur meeting , huh, who we r for u,no one, chal beta we will stay together, ur dadda is so busy,

Geet get up slowly from the place and give a glare to maan and start to work when maan said geet stop there.

Geet :-y, I will stop, u can go and attend ur so called meeting.

Maan fished his phone and said adi, bring a 2dozen of chips packet in different flavor, yes, 2dozen  of different flavor, I don’t know which is good in market but get them now,

Geet turn slowly and rubbed her tears with the  back of her palm and looking like little doll and said aap mere liye la rehe ho?

Maan who is already disturb as here his mishty is crying  and another side, he has two imp meeting lined up and the case of sameera and dadi ma .he is full frustrated but he can’t loose his temper sply on his mishty .

Maan with sacratise voice said nehi, paroshi ke bibi ke liye. He cut the call and again call his PA and said Miss Seth , can u post poned my two meeting for 1hrs, yes.

He cut the call and see geet is again crying and maan now feel to take out his own hair , he went close to geet and said mishty, geet what happen ? jaan , looked at me, see, y u r crying now, just few moments, chips will be here, how can I neglect my mishty and my baby, ha.

Maan pull her in his arms and hugged her tightly when geet said something in her sply langugage which r muffle through her cry and as her face is hide in his chest


Maan look more puzzled but know have to handle this situation with delicacy and kissed her hair then cupped her face & said mishty,shhhh, u don’t have cry and say sorry to me, u can do anything with me, u have the full rights on me,baas wait little more u will have ur chips.

Geet smiles then said but want curd also and I am sorry,sorry to disturb u I know u have busy life meeting but m sorry I always want to stay with u in ur arms & ur baby also now want to eat chips with sweet curd.

Maan smiles and again fished out his phone and order to get sweet curd for his queen of heart ,his mishty, geet.

Maan settle down in the couch with geet who is snuggling close to maan and hugged him and said ,mein aapko bahut parehsan karti hoon na, but mein nehi chathi kya karu,mujhe aapke sath rehena ka dil karta hain humesha.

Maan pull her more close and kissed her cheeks then said mishty, u never give me any trouble neither u will, like I also want to spend time with u and our angel.

Geet smiles little and snuggle more close and kissed his heart and just lay there with content face and smile.

Later adi came with chips and curd when maan said thanks Adi and m sor but adi cut him and said it’s ok maan sir ,I can understand it, as geet is my sister also, no problem.

Maan smiles then looked at geet who is relishing and cherishing chips with sweet curd and looking like doll.

Maan , adi smiles then adi take leave from there and maan turn and went close to her and said want to eat more.

Geet nodded no then place on infront of his lips and said have it.

Maan looked at food,a salty chips filled with sweet curves,

Maan closed his eyes and then give her weak smiles and take this in his mouth as if he said no then her tears again start to fall. He take the thing and bite it and face the horrible taste of sweet,salt and sour ,he want to throw it up but looking at his mishty’s smiling face, he gulped it slowly then said accha , aab mein chalu, bahut kaam hain mishty, aake full time mein aapko aur aapke bacche ko dunga.

Geet nodded then kissed his cheek and lips and said take care ,come back soon,will miss u.

Maan kissed her forehead and said pakka ,jaldi aj unga.

Later maan went busy with meetings then went to meet Commisioner for sameera case.

In commisioner room :-

Maan :- sir, hope, case is progressing well,

Commisioner :-don’t worry mr khurana, it’s very easily going on, I was tensed as it’ll work out or not but u and ur team helped my team lots.

Maan:- thanks , well it’s my duty as already lots of harm happen with my family and in this society cause of that woman.

Commisioner:-yes mr khurana.

Maan :-hand over few more files and said adi, give it to them.

Commisioner take those files then a cd of sameera’s confession about her crime.

Commisioner smiles and said mr khurana I must say u took risk by sending mr romeo there.

Maan:- well , we don’t have any option .if we wouldn’t took that risk then sameer might help my family and I can’t take any more risk, already she make dadi ma’s health like that and now her eyes on my ma and my wife and my unborn child.

Commisioner :-I can understand the gravity of the situation mr khurana, that time,

Maan:-yes sir for that we find out sameera’s daily routine and make a plan to trap her.we know when she full drunk and under effect of drug and alchohol so that time with the help of hotel management , we send romeo there and make him act as dead body ,she was so much under alchol and drug effect, she didn’t think that time more and didn’t understand what is happening .

Commisioner :-but there is chance to caught also

Maan:-I know but there is one MANTRA I applied in my life” NO RISK NO GAIN’ I always took and will take little bit risk which will never hamper others life but along with that I have back up plan always.I know there is chance to caught , sply Romeo’s life is little bit risk as that miss sameera is dangerous.but I know but my team was ready with another plan if that would flop,but As I know after over dose of alchol (not to harm human but it can make human drowsy ) can do what.

Commisioner :-yes now we r proceeding towards it’s end, hope we will able to make her stay behind the bar till we can find her all illgeal acitivties.

Maan smiles then after little bit official work, he moved from there with a satisfaction smiles.

On the way,adi asked sir where we r going now,

Maan smirk and said wait adi, for the last time, want to meet miss sameera to complete this chapter forever.

Adi looked at maan and think he is the same old maan who was always angry , and turning to a stone until geet came in his life to change him  and make him a human who has emotions and who can smiles also.

Adi sighed and they reached their destination .maan enter the cell and looked at sameera who is screaming loudly , leave me I said leave me. I will kill u all, I will never leave u. MAAN SINGH KHURANA, I will make ur life hell.

Maan smirked and said ur spine break still u have the guts to shouts and hawling to destroy me , grt miss sameera,

Sameera whose eyes r red and puffy due lots of cring and more the torture she is going through now as police need her more confession.

Sameera come and try to hold maan but there is division of bar and she just hld them angrily and shouts MAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN, how dare u put me behind this, u , how could u do this, I’m ur sameera, ur first love , ur … we once we share very close relation maan how could forget it.

Maan’s face turning dark to blank to angry to again he smirk then with dark face said yes once we share something but that lust from u and imfatuation and mistake and sin from me , to think u as my lover when the word love couldn’t suit u or ur image, u r like those  B**** ,who from ur college life or may be much before than that start to change ur partner who can stisfied u in every sense, like physically and finanacialy , anyway, u used me once and try every bit to destroy me but not any more ,now when u start this game and I’ll end it, I enver wished to see u once again in my life but u came and try to destroy my happy and peaceful life and try to destroy the peace of my family so, now face me MSK , this is just beginning.

Sameera looked at him few moments then said well maan, if u think I will be lost then u r doing same mistake again, if I couldn’t get u then no one, and not ur lovely geet also.

Maan:- day dream sameera, btw tumhare liye kuch news hain, ur company in AFRICA and another one in BRASIL ,another one in Malaysia about ha fashion design but in real giving supply woman to high class business man and ur another business or shall I say service in the name of social service ur NGO which is in real doing all type selling of woman and children r closed forever .


After some time,sameera with wide eyes just looking at maan then just suddenly fall down and maan just smirk and said adi inform the authority and let’s go from here.




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