Chapter 23 of Memory Loss

Part 23:-

 After some time,sameera with wide eyes just looking at maan then just suddenly fall down and maan just smirk and said adi inform the authority and let’s go from here.



Maan take adi with him and move from there .

Here in mansion , geet is talking with their child accha beta, tu bol mein kya jada tang karti hoon tere dadda ko, nehi na, pata hain tu mujhe samjhegi but nehi nehi mein tang karti hoon , tu toh mere daar se  mujhe aise mere sath hoke baat kar rehi hain asal mein mein unhe bahut tang karti hoon but kya karu unke bina raha nehi jata, dar lagta hain,aur tujhe bhi tere dadda ke sath jada pasand hain and soon geet felt a kick and she explained in joy ouch, accha betu, dadda ke baarein mein sunte hi masti sujh raha hain ha, sona.

Radhika mom is watching it and wipes her happy tears then coughed and said geet beta.

Geet who startled first then smiles and said ha mama, aaiye na dekhiye na aapka pota kitna badmash ho gaye bilkul aapne dadda ki tarah, ahhh dekha , dadda ka naam lya nehi he will kicked me.

Radhika mom smiles and kissed her forehead then said god bless u my dear child then said I hope u ate ur food and medicine beta.

Geet nodded yes then makes face and said how much I have to eat those yucky foods mama.

Radhika mom smiles at her child bahu and carrssed her hair and said beta, u know na, those r for ur good health and this is for change of hormone u r feeling like this ,

Geet suddenly hugged her sasu ma and said m missing maan, mama, don’t know y, he is just with me few hours ago but now m missing him terribly .


Mama:- I can understand beta but this time u need ur husband’s sath, every woman needs their husband in aspect of  physically, mentally ,all cause of more ur pregnancy hormones , iye time aise hota hain.

Geet shied when mama kissed her forehead and instruct maid to take care of geet and give her juice later and said m going to meet ma now,take care of ur self

Geet nodded and said come back soon.

Later Maan came back but some thing is bothering him, adi asked what happen sir,

Maan nodded no and entered their room to see his mishty , want to take her in his arms as if want to feel her now.some fear lingering on his mind.

Maan noticed his cutie, his mishty is talking animatedly and smiling, giggling happily .

He felt content and think his all worries , tensions r vansih in thin air

Maan coughed and called her mishty.

Geet turn and looked at him then smiles broadly then frowned cutely and said I’m angry on u and my beta also.

Maan look perplexed and said geet.

When geet get up and maan noticed, she is wearing his shirt and three quarter pant .

She is looking so cute with his cloths and more her cute rising belly ,make her more beautiful.

She came close and said m angry on u and u r smiling here , huh , see beta, ur dadda , he is smiling on us

Maan chuckled and then said beta, tell ur mama stop nautanki, m coming will meet u,let me wash myself.

And soon maan went to take shower and here geet make her face perfect “O” then said see ur papa how mean, m doing nautanki, huh, aap aaiye ek baar then see, will not talk to u, will not nehi mein toh baat kye bina rehe sakti but will try ha, will not talk to him and ouch, beta kya kar rehe hain tu, iye ekdam aapne baap pe gaye hain , see ek baar kaha baat nehi karenge toh nakhre dikhana suru jaise aapka pyaare dadda dikhate hain nakhre, Dusht Danav .

Geet is busy to talk with her baby when maan came from washroom and found her talking so lovingly and make him smile,

He said so mrs khurana kyuon bore kar rehe ho meri beti ko .

Geet who was busy just heard it and looked at maan and gulped her saliva to see him like this , when maan turn after taking his track pant and black vest and found her gaping at him with wide eyes and mouth.


Maan coughed and come close to her and slide his arms on her waist and said

Checking me ha mishty and rubbed his cheek on her neck then placed  a wet kiss there and make geet moan in pleasure and lost, maan’s closeness, his fresh smell, after shave, soap and more his bare torso  all r intoxitating geet too much .

Maan places serizes of kiss on her neck to shoulder and said kya hua jaan and bite her ear lobe then sucked it

Geet who is lost in his love and warmth suddenly remember and pushed maan when his towel almost loose and maan quickly hold it to save his honor when geet giggled then said hmmm aise kar rehe hain jaise he is newly wed huh,

Maan heard it and open the towel and make it fall on thud and said well m not, but took precaution for u but now when u don’t mind then I can  ,

When geet almost shouts and turn and cover her face with her palm and said iye kaise hain , pura ki pura behsaram aur har time lafanagagiri inka, dekho kaise aapn towel utar dia chi chi, kiase ghum rehe hain laj saram sab kaha gaye, iye jaise bigar gaye ,mere bete ko bigar denge, betu kuch mat dekhna ha , close ur eyes, don’t see ur dadda become bashmash, besharam , ouch beta mar kyon raha hain ha, baap ka beta huh.

When maan come from behind and hugged her and said  anyway, kya baat ho rehe the mere beti se , waise correction mishty, baap ka beti , hain na beti , my princess, my cutie , and carrassed her bump little and like their baby loved it and nudge there little and make geet smiles also.

She loved how baby loved to listen and react in every time , her/his dadda mentioned .

Maan kissed her cheek when geet pouted cutely and said m angry on u and my beta also.

Maan kissed her another cheek then said msihty correction this time pakka beti, ha next time will give u beta pakka.and make geet blushed .

Maan come in front of her and kneel down and opened her shirt button when geet hold his hand and said what r u doing maan.

Maan :-kya kya kar raha hoon, aapne beti ko pyaar kar raha hoon, now stay calm few moments then opend the shirt button till her curve and kissed her stomach then said wait angel, let me make ur mama comfortable as she was standing from long time , and he  just get up to scoop geet in his arms and make her sit on the bed then placed the pillow and adjust them near her back and leg and make her comfortably half lying there where geet smiles and loved this ,as much as maan pamper her ,

Maan kissed her eyes ,forehead then went to her belly and carrass it and start talking with their kid.

Geet smiles then ruffled maan’s wet hair and said she is missing u fullday.

Maan kissed her bump tummy then said sorry beta, dadda was little busy with his work but promise now dadda is here so will give her full time .

Geet smiles then noticed how maan is busy with their kid and she felt most lucky woman in this world to have maan as her husband .how much he is and was busy still he is giving his time and love to her and their baby.

Geet smiles then take extension and said bring snacks, juice for her and coffee for maan .

When maan raised his head and noticed it and smiles then naughtily smirked and said accha beti hum dono baad mein phir se baat karenge and ha I’ll say some good stories now have some sleep, let me check ur mama little bit as she will be angry other wise on me , u know kitne gussa karti hain oh.

But soon baby kicked and geet said ouch and maan said aww, see baby also accpet it when geet playfully hit maan and said bigariye mat meri betu ko aur he is not angry on me but he is angry on u and mein bhi har time masti na,

Maan:-masti kab kya but before they can argue more there is knock on the door and maan said let me check then we will continue and cover geet with soft duvet . he went and open the door and see one of the servant standing there with tray ,maan take it and said will call u later and close the door.

Maan came and placed the tray near side table and said so now have it first.

Geet smiles and finish  the juice and urge maan to complete the snakcs as he didn’t take anything after break fast.

Maan:-jaan I don’t want to but geet glare him and said ok don’t eat and I’ll not talk with u.

Maan sighed and take the snacks .

Later maan confirm from the doctor about next day appointment.

Geet who is sleeping cutely after their lovely intimate moments.

Maan kissed her forehead then get up and wear his track pant and went to take the file and laptop to complete few office work as when his mishty will get up he can’t get  time.

Radhika mom came and asked about geet when maan said she is sleeping and will call her,mom nodded then said after geet get up come down and will have dinner and dadi ma will bring home tomorrow also, we will go for geet’s check up then take mama .

Maan nodded and said I have a talk with doctor, she informed me that dadi ma is better baas kuch medicine and no stress and have some restriction in food.

Mama nodded in yes.


Next day maan noticed, geet is pouting cutely as she didn’t want to eat milk but maan being maan make her drink it then give also give bread toast with bananna and egg and make geet more angry but their cute fighting didn’t stop there when maan said she has to eat few fruits after check up and there will not spicy food which she took chupke chupke.

Geet keep cribbing how DUSHAT DANAV her hubby is.

Maan smiles and at last they stop as radhika mom intervened and warned them to behave properly they r going to be parents but behaving like kids.


Later they entered hospital where maan hold geet securely as she is nervous don’t know y but may be last time whatever happen , have deep scar on her heart, as maan can understand as both of them dreamt of their first kid that time but , but now he make sure no mistake .

They entered the cabin and greeted doctor later doctor escort geet in check up room where geet looked maan longingly and maan accompany her .


After check up doctor said after 1week there will be one ultrasound to see baby’s position , as she know how is baby still and everything is normal, little bit nosiatic problem will be there as it’s common , few woman has this problem till the end of their pregnancy,weaight and blood pressure r normal, hope mrs khurana maintain it


Maaneet smiles then geet said doctor, She is kicking some times too much is it fine na and some times nothing.


Doctor smiles then said no mrs khurana, there is no problem, it’s common, actually they r also moody and when they wake they loved to play and some times they nudge to make space for them and some times, they slept well,

Maaneet looking at doctor in awe then maan look at geet with smiles who is still in dazed and smiling cutely.

Maan hold her hand and pressed it little when geet looked maan and smiles contently.



Later maaneet met dadi ma and after doctor’s check up they took dadi ma with them .


After couple of days ,geet is reading a pregnancy book when she got a phone and  servant said it’s from her mayka,

She didn’t hear properly just said connect the line and she take it when from the other end said OYEEEEE GEEETTTTT.

Geet shivered and her hands start to shake and think how is it possible?

She shiver to say something and cut the call in fear.

She is sweating badly and thinking is it true or some night mare, how come brij call her and got the no of .she just cover her face then suddenly called maan’s no is engaged and she is crying maan pls picked up the phone na.

But no result , she is shivering and crying badly.when the door opened suddenly and she shouts don’t come here . when maan said with shocked mishty,

Geet opened her eyes and found her maan is standing there and she just almost runs to him and maan shout geet samal ke but geet just runs and hugged him tightly as if her whole life is depends on him

Maan hugged her back when geet almost clinged to him and said he is back, maan, he is back to kill my baby, he is back.

Maan shocked to hear it and hugged her more tight but careful about her rising tummy when geet is said maan, pls hold me, pls don’t leave me, he , back.

Maan hugged her and then slowly scoop her in his arms and take near to couch when geet is clinging to him and hide herself in him.

Maan settled himself on the  couch where geet is sitting on his lap and hugging and said maan pls take me some where he is back, he is back to kill me ,maan, oh mujhe nehi chorega, I can’t loose my baby any more, no what if he attack on u,pls maan, pls.

Maan cupped her face and said GEET looked at me jaan,pls looked at me but

Geet keep blabering when maan shouts GEET , LISTEN TO ME, FIRST.

When geet looked at him with tearful eyes and softly said u r also scolding me.

Maan closed his eyes then take her shivering form in his arms and filled her face wth tender kisses and said sorry numrous time then said mishty If u will cry then I will scold u, do u know who it’ll harm u ,ur health and our baby, jaan m here na, u trust me,

Geet said yes when maan wipes her tears gently then said jaan now tell me what happen and don’t be scare ,mishty m here na, nothing will happen to u, me and our baby, ur maan will not cause any one to touch our family now, tell me.

Geet gently lay her head on his chest and said oh , mujhe call kya tha, oh brij veer jee.

Maan who is still calming himself just feel blood rising through his vein and he just remember those dreadful days and how brij numerous time try to attack their first baby and how , he closed her eyes and hugged geet tightly .

When geet said I don’t know how he get our no but I know sushil call me and say some one from my mayka call me so I took the phone maan,I fear, y he is back, aab oh kya chahathe hain humse,

Maan himself don’t know and just hugged her tight and try to calm her down when his own breath is raging high with tension and anger.

Later after geet calm donw little , geet said don’t mentioned it to dadi ma but inform mama as she can help if needed..

At first maan reject the idea as it’ll be another burden for mama but geet insist and said what if mama came to know from some where else then so they decided to say this to mama and went there to mama’s study room.

when radhika mom is reading a paper and few pics r lying on the table .

Maaneet enter the room and maan said mama want to talk to u.

Mama:-yes maan,I also want to know and  say something to u, hope I will get few clear ans from u.

Maaneet ful stunned to hear it and maan nodded yes then said mama, I will give ans and try to clear the confusion if any but mama pls listen to me.

Mama:-wait maan, geet can u leave us for few moments .

Geet who is still feared about the phone call very reluctant to leave maan and stay alone, she little bit clinging in fear to maan who said mama say here na, she is little tensed ,she will not mind ,pls mama say


Mama take deep breath then said forget it, maan, now tell me, what is the problem.

Geet slowly removed her hand and said aap dono baat kijiye, mein baad mein aaungi.

But maan hold her and said no when radhika mom said beta, don’t stay here, well see I don’t want to give any tension now but have to clear few things from maan, what I don’t know or may be u.

Maaneet quizzed their eye brows when radhika mom took few pic and said what is this maan, I don’t want to say this infront of geet as of now as now she needs to be relaxed but I guess or may be she will think y I want to talk to u alone but this is the reason.

When maan looked at those pic , there is pics of his and sameera’s , few hugged, few maan is dancing with her closely and few sameera is kissing and few is like maan is but both r smiling very much.

Maan felt floor r moving from his feet and he just looked at geet who look blank now and then slowly removed her hand and moved from there .

Pics fall from his hand when radhika mom asked r those pics r real.

Maan lowered his head and nodded yes and said m sorry mama , m sorry geet, yes they r real but trust me, I never cross my limits.

Radhika mom closed her eyes when silently geet moved from there but

Maan continued I just…..

Radhika mom :- we will talk about this later but first handle geet and go see her now.

Maan runs behind geet who entered their room and looking at out side blankly .

Maan came there and called her geet, geet, but no response when maan hugged her from behind and said m sorry jaan, m me jaan. U know me na, jaan pls.

Maan make her see him and said jaan pls say something.

But again no response when maan fall on his knees and said mishty pls say something.


Maan hugged geet tightly and buried his face on her stomach and said , m sorry mishty but it’s true I only love u, she doesn’t exsit for me,but ….but that time I don’t know what is that and we came close to each other but not the way she protrayed , mishty pls.those snaps r real but not my feelings, that was imfatuation from me and betraying, trapping from her, mishty.

When Geet cupped his face and called Maan I trust u but……


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