Chapter 24 of Memory Loss

Part 24:-

Maan hugged geet tightly and buried his face on her stomach and said , m sorry mishty but it’s true I only love u, she doesn’t exsit for me,but ….but that time I don’t know what is that and we came close to each other but not the way she protrayed , mishty pls.those snaps r real but not my feelings, that was imfatuation from me and betraying, trapping from her, mishty.

When Geet cupped his face and called Maan I trust u but…… I felt like burn those snaps, and that chudails.

Maan looked at him when geet continue want to kill that b******. Chi kaise chipke aapke sath .

Maan smiles and giggled to see her like this when geet whacked him and said bahut maja aaraha hain aapko.

Maan smiles and take her in his arms and then said thanks geet for the trust u have on me.

Geet pulled herself then said maan then cupped his face and kissed his lips and said u r my everything , I trust u maan, but it’s also truth for a moment I can’t see those pics, I can’t see any one close to u.u r mine only .

Maan smiles and hugged her tightly and said I know mishty and same with me.

Those pics I really that time smitten by her so called outer beauty and imfatuated her more , there is nothing but love.Mishty,I’m really sorry , I know some where I hurt u , but trust me geet those r my past, geet, I was young and I….

Geet cut him and said maan.I trust u ,pls don’t remember those things which r hurting u only ,pls maan, don’t think about those days, those day’s r not valuable for us, doesn’t matter for us.

Maan nodded but something he want to share something with his mishty but geet cut him.

Soon there is knock in the door and maan sighed and open the door to found a tensed radhika mom is standing there and asked where is geet, is she fine , I mean then pushed him and looked geet who is now crying but no one know the reason & both looked panicked and maan just run and hold her shoulder and said jaan, what happen, mishty, pls tell me what happen, why r u crying , I’m sorry sorry, all cause of me ,pls geet, maaf kar do but geet just turn and hugged him by his waist and buried her face in his stomach and cried there and said something.

Radhika mom and maan both startled to see it, radhika mom placed her hand on her head and said beta kya hua,I’m sorry beta  for bring those topic again as I don’t want to but trust me I was startled to received those pics now and like .

Geet after few moments looked at maan and radhika mom but her hiccup is start and maan quickly gave her a glass of water and said jaan,what happen, pls don’t hurt urself cause of my misdeed ,pls jaan, it’ll effect ur health and our baby jaan pls.


Radhika mom also told same but geet’s tears continously flowling though r hiccuping r subsided little but her siltents tears pricked maan’s heart.

Some how little later she managed compose herself and said I’m sorry but maan cut her and gently wipes her tears and said no jaan, u r not, y u r saying sorry, it’s me who but geet cut him and said no no , maan,oh oh ,I’m just , actually.

She again bit her lips to control her tears which is way to come out and radhika mom said beta kya hua, is it paining or any difficulty ,

Geet nodded her head like little kid then said oh I , I felt sad to see those pics as how much maan suffered because of that sameera, I have seen maan as stone man, working like robot ,machine and running away from all happiness and immerse himself in work only, how much it pained him and and I just felt she closed her mouth when another two spectatore r watching her in amused and maan just take her in his arms and said shhhh geet,pls I forgot her,yes I was in pain as I thought I was in love and she betray me but it’s blessing in disguise for me and I’m happy now that she has done it so I met u, my geet my mishty.yes one regret I have , as I mistake to judge my feelings as love for her , which is completely imfatuation in that age nothing more.

Geet smiles through her tears and hugged him back when radhika mom wipes her happy tears and kissed her daughter in law’s head lovingly.


At night geet snuggled close to maan who is in some deep thought about those pics sply from now those r came and then how come brij got their no and called geet and y,

He dose off to sleep early morning .



Geet is sipping the juice but full making faces

But maan didn’t budge and said don’t try , just complete it now here is ur full plate break fast, first complete it then will listen to anything.

Geet gulped down the juice then said u r DUSHT DANAV , BARA WALA DUSHT DANAV, DAS SARA WALA RAVAN,koi aise karta hain kya , itna khana, aap pagal ho.

Maan smirked then give her glare and came close to her and said yes mein pagal hoon, , pagal hoon tumahare pyaar mein, now stop cursing me and complete the breakfast and u know my angel will upset if u continue it.

Geet make face full “O” when maan said muh bandh makhi ghush jayegi.

Geet pouted but soon felt a kick on her belly and she said ouch

Maan quickly looked at her and said what happen mishty and hold her stomach but geet playfully slapped his hand and said aapke pyaari beti , aur kya then gently patting her belly and said “Dalbadlu”


Maan chuckled then asked fine or is it paining ?

Geet looked at maan and found a concern on his eyes and said m fine maan,.

Maan smiles then kissed her belly and forehead and make her eat her food and again geet start complaing how bossing he is,

Radhika mom is looking this all and feeling peace, she came down and joined them when maaneet looked at her and greeted her .

Radhika mom nodded but her eyes moist which noticed by both maaneet .

Maan looked at his mom then geet said mama, kya hua,

Radhika mom :-I’m sorry for yesterday , I was disturb and don’t want bring them again today but.actually it’s my fault it’s came to my name before hand but I never opened or it’s hide behind many more imp letters so and now

Maaneet quickly understand when geet get up slowly and hold her hand and said mama,pls don’t say sorry mama, u have full right to scold u, u r ma ,u have right to know what we r doing or have done, it’s ur right, it’s ur love,mama if I was at ur place then may be I would then she paused and said mama I know u r upset and angry and have full right to know the thing , mama and he needs to give explanation to u and m with u ,

Maan startled then see the mischiveious yet genunine smiles and her eyes give him the indication y she has done it.

Maan smiles inwardly at his mishty and think how lucky he is  to have her in his life , and he know, she want to clear this tension for the last time from this home.

He smiles then come kneel besides his mama and said mama, those snaps r from my college days when we both r engaged for the sake of so called love, for her lust, greed and for me it’s imfatuation , he sighed then said mama, as that tender age don’t know and many times we came close but never cross my limits those pics r from many functions which held on our khurana mansion or khurana construction or college, university, but soon after our separation I moved from there and try to forget her.


When geet hold his shoulder and said but can’t, sameera’s betray make her hate all woman and some she paused then looked at radhika mom and said  u r not there and pammi mom almost try make him against u but he didn’t trust her but his mind said y u didn’t protest and just came from there without any protest.

Maan looked at her n awe when geet said mama, he try to find u many times but can’t and slwoly become robot and working like machine, his life is become colorless, and he took the betrayal of sameera too in his heart.

Radhika mom looked at both of them then said oh my son and hugged him where maan first time cried after his childhood and said I’m sorry beta, I shouldn’t left u there in full of misery ,pls forgive me but I was helpless that time , I’m sorry.

But maan wipes her tears and said no mama,pls …..

After some time radhika mom said will say u both y I depart from there without protesting but not now, later now listen ,maan take geet with u to our farm house which u bought last month but didn’t see and make geet see and decorate the home as per ur wish.

Maan nodded and said geet to come with him.

Geet nodded and left to change the dress when radhika mom asked maan about those snaps sudden appearance.

Maan:- will find out mama, I guess sameera plant some one to send it here .don’t worry will take care of this.

Radhika mom nodded in yes.

Later maaneet left for farmhouse ,on the way geet dose off to sleep where maan admire her innocent beauty.

Maaneet reached at farmhouse almost near to after noon and maan got tensed as geet need to eat but his mom arranged every thing .

He came down from his car and and shook geet who mumbled something like don’t disturb her.

He smiles and kissed her cheeks then take her in arms and went to inside the farmhouse.

Servants r already there to helped them with luggage and maan took inside their bed room directly with sleeping and cuddling geet.

Maan quickly order lunch for geet then make her wake when she pout cutely and compalined how he always behind her , make her wake from her sweet sleep and sweet dream.


Maan pull her in his arms and said u can have plenty of sweet sleep and sweet dreams but u and our kid need little food as it’s lunch time.

Geet pouted then shouts Pasta , yepppiii,maan thnkuuuuuuuuu and kissed him on his cheek then said but where is pickle .

Maan who is sipping water almost chocked and start coughing and looked at geet who is looking at him and said kya hua,

Maan with great difficulty said mishty pasta with pickle

Geet nodded with smiles and said ha mango pickle and with pineapple jam, ,I just loved it.pls pls bring it na ,

Geet hold his hand and said go and pls bring it on.pls pls…..

Maan:- hold on geet, give me time , m brining it on.till then change ur dress,

Geet nodded then said maan,and bring little sea salt also and moaned to think how deliccious it’ll be to eat.


Maan gulped his saliva and think how will be the taste then said wait 2mins , m brining as he know his mom will packed all here.

He get up and went to bring those .

Geet quickly changed her dress and waiting for maan who is still no where .

Here maan is searching sea salt as it’s not packed and shops r closed now as it’s after noon but now maan want geet have some food first then he willbring them here and runs back to upstair

Here after few sec, geet got tensed and almost shouts how much time need those thing to bring, mr khurana , dusht danav.

Maan came and noticed her murmuring and said mishty,

Geet turned and said y u r so late , m wiating for u so long and u ,u, huh.

Maan placed two bowl fill with pickle and jam and hold his ear and said m sorry jaan, oh actually ,I …

But geet held his hand and said y u r saying sorry, it’s ok . then smiles and  sit and said come here na.

Maan come and sit on the bed when geet slowly climed on her and said feed me.

Maan chuckled then said but mishty, ur sea salt is not here .

Geet held her head then make face and said nothing.

Maan :-I’m sorry, as it’s not packed and shop was closed jaan, sorry, pls maaf kar do, aaccha pakka promised willbring sea salt within evening.

Geet smiles then said ok but one condition will go in shopping with u and u will let me eat gol gappa then only I will talk to u .

Maan about to protest but his geet way to smart , he nodded then smirked which is un noticed by geet as she hugged him tight .

Later maan fed her and make her sleep as she needs rest but little early geet wake up from the after noon nap and searching maan who is no where seen .

She called his name then slowly get up and find a note,

Mishty m on study room, come here ,

Urs maan

She smiles then went to washroom and fresh up then meet maan in studyroom but found him engrossed in some file and call, so she slowly went to kitchen and with the help of servant make some pakora and coffee for maan and tea for her.

Here in study room,

Maan is looking at the file then smirked and instruct adi about something then said to himself so sameera u were trying to hurt my geet by faking about brij and bring him back from jail, well u reaserched well, no doubt but don’t worry something is waiting for u.

Maan hide the file in cupboard and think how sameera let brij out from jail to scare geet and break our relation and along with send those snaps to create misunderstanding between my family, well sameera now u will pay,u stoop so low and crossed all limits and u will pay for it.

Maan chain of thought broke due to pleasant sound of his mishty’s payel.

He smiles then turna nd found her with one of the servant and bringing little snacks and tea and coffee.

He smiles and called mishty when geet just smiles and blushed , after servants left from there maan quickly pulled her in his arms and kicked the door to close and capture her lips for a soul searing kiss.

After some time break the kiss due to lack of air but he dipped his head to start his sweet assult on his mishty , he kissed her shoulder neck,full face then open the string of her suit and pulled her dress little to kissed her bare shoulder more.

Where geet lost in his love and moan his name .

Maan slowly pulled out then said mishty , u r too delicious mishty.

Geet shied and said maan ,pls.

Maan :-meine kya kya, oh toh tum itna delicious ho kya karu aur bolu.

Geet playfully hit him and said dhat.


Maaneet settled in the couch when maan said accha mishty, ma said too look at this farm house and decorate it as per ur taste , don’t worry, do as per ur wish and we will stay here 2days .

Geet smiles , they talk little more about decoration and different things. Later they ready for little shopping.

Here in HP:-

Darjee bit brij when brij said aap aapna insult bhul sakte hain mein nehi usse batamiz lerki ko bhugatna hoga, I’ll kill her to destroy the honor of this family when darjee again raised his stick to hit him , brij just caught it and said dare u do this again, will forget everything and make every one gapsed.



Geet making note and biting her lips when maan looked at her and said mishty, don’t do that, it’s my right only when geet looked at him full confused then understand and thorw a pillow and said lafanga giri bandh kijiye, papa banne wale hain aur dekhiye kya kare rehe hain aap.

Maan just laughed at her and think how brij come back to destroy this happiness but he will let him succed and that sameera will not rot in hell, it’s promise of geet’s maan.




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