Chapter 25 of Memory Loss

Part 25:-


Geet making note and biting her lips when maan looked at her and said mishty, don’t do that, it’s my right only when geet looked at him full confused then understand and thorw a pillow and said lafanga giri bandh kijiye, papa banne wale hain aur dekhiye kya kare rehe hain aap.

Maan just laughed at her and think how brij come back to destroy this happiness but he will let him succed and that sameera will not rot in hell, it’s promise of geet’s maan.


After two days :-


Maan is busy to make some phone call when geet hold his waist and snuggled more close to his chest more.Maan hold her tightly and slide his strong arms on her waist and then instruct something to Adi.

After the call he looks at geet who is sleeping peacefully like little child, he smiles then noticed the contentment  on her face showing, the blush still lingering on her face, his hand carrassed her bare back then take her more close to him and remember just few hours ago .


Flash back just couple of hours ago:-


Geet is cribbing as how much maan is busy with his so called work, maan smiles as he know it’s her all pregnancy hormones which makes her cranky like this, but his smiles infuritated her more and she throw a pillow on maan when maan said geet, kya kar rehe ho, let me read this porject report,

Geet get up from her seat and poke his shoulder and said who told u bring me here, who told u to come with me , who told u mr khurana, y did u marry me first told me, if u r so much in love with ur first and one and only love with ur files, work.

Maan smiles then said are mere mishty to mirchy baan gayi aab, jaan pls give me little time , will give my time to u and my cutie.


Geet make face full “O” shaped then slapped playfully on her shoulder and said shut ur mouth first mr khurana before I do something and hawwww, u called me mirchy and what u r Dusht Danav,Das Sarwala Ravan , huh, jo humesha mujhe pareshan karte ho and now jo aap aane chahe the ho na, not cause of me but cause of ur daughter not mine.

Maan again smiles then said jaan so u accepted na, she will be mine daughter, a cute angel , a little geet .

Geet just turn her face but a happy smiles lingering on her lips when maan said well waise Dushat Danav hoon iya Das Sarwala Ravan jo bhi hoon, hoon sirf tumhara, mere teekhi mirchy but soon maan received a glare from her and another pillow .

Later geet again cribbed for mango pickled and chicken lasagana,

Maan:-jaan mango pickle with chicken lasagana, have some mercy on my duahgter na.

Geet make face and said hawww maan, u r bad , u r mean, now it’s ur daughter only , dekha beta, kaise hain tere dadda, see, see he only loves u, not me, not ur mama, he only but before she can say anything, maan just carried her and give her long smooch on her lips then take her down on the kitchen and bring her fav mango pickle and chicken lasagana.

Geet exclaimed in joy and shouts almost maaan, Mango pickle and chicken lasagana, awww, u bring this for me.

Maan pecked on her lips and nodded yes.

Geet is sitting on maan’s lap and relishing her food when maan hands typing some file as he need to complete the work.

After finishing the food, geet said ohhhh,




Geet:- suniye na.

Maan:-tum kaho toh sahi.

Geet :-oh , hogaya.


Geet :-if u looked at me then u will know na, I’m talking about the food and it’s complete.

Maan chuckled to hear it then looked at her and smiles and said good, then smiles naughtily chalo let me help u to clean it.

Geet looked little surprise and said clean it matlab. I can do it by myself but before she can say anything , maan just placed the tip of his tongue on her upper lips then corner of her lips and licked the place and make geet shudder in pleasure, she closed her eyes and clutched his shoulder tightly when maan drawing a pattern on her lips by his tongue and his finger wondering on her curve of waist and gradually going upwards & make her shiver in pleasure .she moaned his name maan and it’s like soothing music to his ears still he loved to hear them again and again from her,

Maan’s lips now went to her jaw and nibbling there lightly then to her coller bone where his hand is busy to feast her curve where make her moan continously .

Maan’s hand open her shirt and leave her bare , the chill air make her realize.

She just blushed and hide herself in him and try to regain her raged breath cause of the torture maan cause.

Maan smiles where her hand went on her shirt to behind and cupped her buttock little then move to her back , he gently yet seductively stress the spine line and make geet bite her lips to control her moan .

She pushed maan little and looked at him angrily as he is keep teasing her and she just bite his lips then kissed his neck and bite his ear lobe and sucked it and make maan groaned.

Maan pull her face close and slammed her lips with him and kissing her passionately .then slwoly scoop her in his arms to take her in their room to drown in their love.

Where both reached and don’t know when just they all bare and under soft duvet to make love, bite, kiss, sucked, licked and explore each other more and more.

Maan’s finger, lips and tongue  kissed, licked, sucked, bited geet in an extent which makes her screamed in pleasure.her lips r swell more, her shoulder and coller bone bearing the make of her maan’s, her curve r swell and sore and her buds r deep red like crimson and too too swell .

Where geet’s nail, and teeth didn’t leave maan’s shoulder, back, biceps to give her marks.Both of them r so lost in their passion but with care for their baby and with care and passion they reached goal of ectasy .

Maan slide out from her slowly and then take her sweaty form in his sweaty form and hugged her lightly .and kissed her forehead, eyes then carrassed her back and shoulder and said r u feeling ok mishty?

Geet nodded yes and hugged him tightly.

Flash back End

Maan’s chain broke due to again the ring of his phone when geet murmur bandh kijiye na sone ne nehi dete nahi aap nahi aapke beti nahi aapke phone

Maan chuckled to hear it then said adi hold on one min, then moved from there after tieing a sheet near to his waist .

Geet frowned and twist her lips to see her maan again was busy with phone.

Here maan went to balcony and soothing chilly air make him calm and with the news adi is giving.

Adi :- sir all r settle and under control, we trapped dev, pammi and sameera from all front , dev and pammi under the charge of attemp to murder, forgerdy ,and etc and for sameera, murder, attempt to murder, smugler, kidnapper etc , all will rot in hell ,I mean in jail, no chance to come out from there, their hearing will be in coming week.

Maan smiles with contentment finally, his  ,geet’s and her family’s will recived the justice, and culprit will be under cutody of law always.

Maan then asked about Brij when adi said I have talk with dar jee and he said he will see it , don’t worry, brij will not call and will able to reach to geet and brij was bailed by Sameera .

Maan hold the railing tightly when adi said but don’t worry, for this saxena sir said we can make another charge as brij is under the charge of attemp to murder of geet so, but need to consult with u and dar jee, I have already chat about this with darjee but he told me to asked u, sir what to do now?

Maan closed his eyes to think when a soft pair of hands hugged him from behind and kissed her back then said what happen maan?

Maan opened his eyes and then pull geet in front and looked at her innocent face then her bump on her belly and remember those days, how brij try to kill geet, how brij suffer those days, how her pain, tears make everything pale, how they lost their first child and maan just hugged geet and said to adi, what others got , he should also got same ,

Adi smiles and know very well about his boss , his maan sir, he will never compromise with any one when the matter related with his geet, family, mama, dadi ma and truth.


Here,Geet can sense some tension in maan, she quickly carrassed his back then kissed his chest and said pata hain aapke beti kya kahe rehethi thori der pehele

Maan quickly changed his composer and looked at geet who is making pattern on his chest and said usse bahut iyaad aarehi hain , dadi ma ki, bari dadi ma ki.

Maan smiles and kissed her forehead and tucked the loose hair then said kyuon uske papa hain na uske pass .

Geet pouted cutely then said kaha hain see , he is busy with phone, file work, and here unke laadli beti is feeling bore, huh.

Maan:- hmmmm but what about her mama.

Geet hugged him and said kya kare dada make her busy whenever dadda get’s free but bite her tongue as what she said just little ago.and she just hugged or hide more in maan.

Maan chuckled then said accha dadda make ur mama busy then tell ur mama don’t look so ediable and irresistable.

Geet shied then make face in complete “O” shape and said hawww, Dusht Danav huh, har waqt tang karte ho, aap mujhe chaddo, nehi karna baat, go and do that with ur files and phone and Adi bhaiya, will see him, jab dekho aapke sath phone mein ,

Maan qucikly hold her but she wriggled to move when maan said with loving voice Mishty, sorry but geet quickly said pls maan, mein toh baas majak kar rehi thi, aapke kaam imp hain pata hain.

Maan quickly peck her lips then scoop her in his arms & said accha chalo , aaj aapke pati aapke liye aur humare beti ke liye ek pyaari si gift hain.

Geet snuggled happily on his arms and said accha , and kissed his both cheek and said ur laadli beti gives u this .

Maan smiles and give two kisses on her cheek and said what about her mama.

Geet slapped playfully on his shoulder then said hmmmm, well  dadda  got lots of this then hide her face on his neck and said now no more .

Maan make puppy face and said this is not fare ,my daughter is asking ans from u mrs khurana and said to love dadda ….

Geet again pinch him and said besharam dadda ki besharam beti, both laughed and smiles together.


Later maan make geet ready for with all his love and care like newly wed bride and make her wear red and pink lehenda with light embrodary and pink duppatta when geet asked where r they going,

Maan said surprised hain mishty then take her in the car and from there they went to AIR PORT when geet looked at him with surprise face and eyes,maan just peck her lips then take her to his private jet but geet said maan where we r going, don’t we have to inform ma, dadi ma, how we can go like this, they will tensed na, maan, now y u r taking maun vrat, what is going on, maan can’t u hear me, maan pls listen to me na, what r u doing maan ?maan but maan just entered the plane and take her in the inside where made her seat but she continously asking same thing when maan kissed her hard and said CHUP BILKUL CHUP.

When geet looked at all flushed first due to kiss then his looks and said oh ,mein aap , hum, sab kya sochenge.

Maan smiles then kissed her lips and said itna bolte kyuon, don’t u feel tired, just few mins ago said that I didn’t let u sleep na, now , chalo let’s have some sleep , and this is surprise and u will come to know soon and no argument more, have some sleep and don’t about mama and dadi ma , just trust me .

Geet smiles little then sleep there after snuggle peacefully on his shoulder.

Later maan said shona, mishty, get up jaan, we reached, when geet opened her eyes , she found herself on maan’s arm and in front there is huge iron gate and she can recognzie it well, ti’s their Khurana Mansion and it’s gate, but how is it possible and she looks at maan with lots of questions on her eyes when maan said will give u all ans now come and let’s enter our paradise together again.

Geet smiles with tear on her eyes and said thanks maan.


Maaneet entered the mansion with geet in maan’s arm who is lost in their dream which was brutally snatched from them but now their paradise again here and they came.


Happy Tears r rolling down from her eyes and said maan, humara ghar, humara ashiyana .

Maan smiles then both come in front of the main door and maan gently wipes her tear though he has tears on his eyes, a happy tear , when geet wipes it and both just laughed and looked at front where geet noticed dadi ma is standing there with Radhika mom.Adi bhaiya, pinky , manchanda uncle, annie, Arjun, she smiles and it’s like the day she entered this house as maan’s dulhan .


Radhika mom take aarti of maaneet’s then doing Tilak and said them to entry when maan looked at adi

Who bring something and placed it in front of the door when geet smiles at it bring another sweet memory of their marrige sply post marriage when they entered the house how maan take their foot print . now same thing

Maaneet placed their foot there and entered the house together where geet heard out side there is huge crackers burst out .

Maan whisper Happy Diwali Mishty and it’s my gift to my jaan, hope she like it.

Geet smiles and whisper back I loved it maan, it’s best gift, u give me the home back where we start our life, where we has so many beautiful memories, u give us back our Ashiyana, our Paradise.Waise with u every where I can find my paradise but this is something .

Maan smiles and said I know mishty.



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