Chapter 26 of Memory Loss

Part 26:-

Maan whisper Happy Diwali Mishty and it’s my gift to my jaan, hope she like it.

Geet smiles and whisper back I loved it maan, it’s best gift, u give me the home back where we start our life, where we has so many beautiful memories, u give us back our Ashiyana, our Paradise.Waise with u every where I can find my paradise but this is something .

Maan smiles and said I know mishty.

Geet smiles when dadi ma said beta now take her in ur arms when geet shied but dadi ma tease are y u r shieng we already witnessed how ur pati carried u many times, kyuon maan sahi bol rehe hain na, geet is all red and hide herself in maan completely ,Maan chuckled to see her like this , and carried her to the corridor for her hand print again ,  After this dadi ma said well we couldn’t bring the game u both last time play but as geet’s face showing how tired she is so it’s passing now so.

Maan nodded then radhika mom said maan go and take her to ur room,

Maan went towards their room and entered their after ages , geet clutched maan’s neck tightly, her eyes welled up when maan looked worried and asked what happen jaan, mishty,

Geet nodded no then kissed his cheek then said thanks for giving me back our ashiyana,where our love start,

Maan chuckled as he know what she felt now.maan kissed her lipes gently then placed her on the bed and said now wait ,let me bring ur night suit and change then have dinner and sleep.

Geet said noooo

Maan shook his head and said what no, and take out the night suit of her and said chalo mishty , come fast.

Geet get up and said u r machine huh, aajo change dress, eat dinner and slept well, what is this I’ll not .

Geet folded her hand near to her chest and pouted cutely.

Maan looked at her few moments and clearly know she is looking at him from corner of her eyes, .Maan went back to washroom when geet make her face full”O” then said hawww ,see beta, how ur dadda ignoring me, ur mama and u, huh, aane do aab hum bhi baat nehi karenge.

Maan came out after few mins and find geet is standing near the window but her eyes is on washroom door but when he came out, she just quickly turn her face but maan came close to her back and said kya soch rehe hain mere mishty ha.

Geet gapsed as his bare torso is touching her back now and his hot breath on her nap giving her tickling sensation, she just nodded nothing and closed her eyes when she felt herself on his arms . she looked at him and his intense gaze not helping her at all, it’s just making thing more tough for her, she lowered her eyes when maan blow on her face and make her shiver , she looked at him with cute complaining pout when maan just smirk and then geet noticed herself  the place and it’s washroom , maan slowly placed her on her feet then said mishty,I know u want to do something now, u want to enjoy and I’ll be happy but jaan, u need rest, see urself  , u r tired jaan,

Maan slowly opening her dress where geet is lost in maan who is keep talking about how tired she is looking, how much rest she should take, how baby will be restless if mama didn’t take proper rest , food so the mother and baby will healthy, and then how he find out few yoga for her and it’ll be good for her and baby then how she needs to eat healthy but with her fav food but not street food as they r not too hyginic , maan is keep going on when geet cupped his face and peck on her lips and said I love u Mr Khurana.

Maan smiles and said I love u too mishty and scoop her in his arms and make her sit in the bathtub which cover with warm water and rose petals and  maan slide her down and then said u need to this.

Geet hold his wrist and said but I need u and ur baby also.

Maan smiles and kissed her cheek then and said for u and our baby m always with u,

Then maan make her relax there and poured some oil on his hand and rubbed little then slowly placed it on geet’s shoulder when she moaned maan pls it’s tickkle

Maan smile massaged her shoulder to neck to her slim arms to upper chest to stomach when geet moaned and clutched the tub rim lightly.

Maan hand went to her toes and her each finger to her ankle to her calm knee to thigh , then slowly washed his hand and noticed geet’s on her dream land , he smiles and know his simple touch what can do with his mishty, how much he affects on his mishty he peck her lips and said jaan don’t dream now, we will have the full night , geet almost moaned ,and said maan,

Maan smiles and said  accha baba,chalo now see it’s late , u have to eat food na, see our little baby is hungry and thinking how mama dadda r busy to romance with each other and making me hungry.

Geet twist her lips and said it’s not my fault baby ,ur dadda is teasing me . here maan is  pouring warm water and asked how ,kab meine tease kya

Geet stammers oh oh .

Till maan complete to give her shower and said complete mishty.

Geet then noticed and think iye humesha asie karte hain .

Maan cover her with big puffy towel and scoop her in his arms and said it’s my right to tease u, love u, care for u , respect u, adore u,pamper u cause u r my life mishty my geet, MaankiGeet .

Geet smiles contendly when maan placed her again on bed and take a loose fitted nighty and one hand took the intercom to for dinner.

Geet smiles and relax to pamper by her maan.

After dressing her,and later feeding her ,maan make her sleep when geet just loved this pampering ,maan tucked her under cover and kissed her forehead.she is like baby and with maan, she become his wife some times,some times his friends, some times his companion, some times his lover some times like little kid who loved to pamper by her hubby .

Maan get up slowly after make sure nth time that she is sleeping soundly .

Maan went to dinning room to take his dinner along with sit with his mama and daid ma after long time when he found them crying and talking some thing.he got alermed and said mama, dadi ma what happen , y r u both crying now ,

Radhika Mom and dadi ma wipes their tears and dadi ma said this is happy tears after , sash bahu ke beech asie bahut si baat hain , aise bahut ankahi baat ,jo itne dino tak andar chupe hue the aaj bhar aarehe hain.

Maan came close to them and wipes their tears and kiss their cheek and said thanks to GOD  that, I have my full family back.

When radhika mom cut him and said but the family is still missing .

Maan looked at her when dadi ma sobbed again but maan hold their hand and assured them by his eyes and said family will be fulfilled soon.

They just looked at maan with hope and smile.

Later after dinner and little chit chat ,maan went back to their room for new morning with new hope, new ray of life and manything but not aware a little strom also will be come .he slide besides geet and kissed her forehead and tucked the loose curl .when geet smiles and said maan,and hugged his waist .Maan smiles and hugged her back and lay down their after long time to gain peacefully sleep in their KM.


Next morning maan wake up to find geet is snuggling  happily on him.

Maan just looked at her happy and smiling , he kissed her forehead and just staring at her face as if drinking her innocent happy beauty.

Maan keep looking at her and remember all incident how they met, they fight, how both of them become each other savior, how they teach each other , how they fight with each other and then fall for each other, their journey of lover to husband wife to now would be proud parents .

He smiles and thank to GOD for giving him geet as his wife , life partner who not only as a wife,but as a  friend,true soul mate stood besides him in every thick and thin.

Who taugh him good or wrong, who make him realize between right or wrong , who make him realize , his own fault, his own good, who is his angel .

Suddenly his chain of thought broke due to geet and her word ,y u r smiling alone, what happen?

Maan looked at her then pull her and give her little hug and said m thinking of my mishty, my baby’ mother who is still baby .

Geet pout and said huh m not and snuggled close to him and taking his warmth and scent when his phone ring and geet murmur mere dushman. Mere saut huh I hate ur phone.

Maan smiles and hugging her tight and another hand take the call and soon geet found himself smiling and his whole face light up with big and happy smiles then said ok bring him, we r coming.

After cutting the call maan just hugged geet tightly and said mishty mishty , m so happy, m so happy after long time, my search is going full , my family will be complete,

Geet full time looking at maan with shocking and confuse expression and said maan.

But maan is so happy didn’t let her say anything just express his happiness by his love and take her in his happy world where geet also submit herself happily as her happiness on maan’s happiness.

Later when geet wrapped her bare body with maan and said aap toh bata dijiye na kya hua.

Maan smiles and carrassed her face and said did I hurt u .

Geet said noooo and bite his nose and said now tell me first.

Maan pulled her little more then said u know geet y I went to HP .I went to HP to search one person who is our life , who was angry on us, who left us just cause of silly misunderstanding cause of NT and Dev, I went there as there is our guest house and many work is going on so thought may be he would be there but no he was not, later after I met what happen u know and when I came back from there I went to chandigarh as thought may be he is there no there also he is not, I send my men, hired best dectectives but got nothing .till couple of days ago when I heard about it ,I have to find him any how and finally I have and sent my man but again he disappered or try to looking like that when I went to met him and finally succeed to manao him and he will be here today.

Geet smiles then said u r talking about ur younger brother Vicky, (maan’s father adopted him)

Maan nodded when geet said but if u went to meet him , y u didn’t informed me and y u didn’t bring him that time.

Maan chuckled to hear it and said oh jaan, I want to give u surprise and more I was not sure if he would be convince by me or not so, then later after convince him, I came to meet another shock.

Geet get up and wrapped the sheet tightly on her body and said kya maan

Maan:-oh he lost his family , his wife dead after giving birth his daughter.

Geet gapsed and hold maan’s wrist tight when maan said ha geet, in this time, vicky fall in love with a simple girl, Sangeeta her name , they married soon but vicky couldn’t gather the courage to call me back or dadi ma or informed us about it

Maan paused little then sighed and said Then he said what happen to Sangeeta and he gave me their daughter, and a little cotton ball ,just 2months old but her luck.I told him to come , he needs family support more than him, his daughter needs it , sply motherly love but he said he needs time as he has done big mistake by jugding people , for his one mistake today his daughter is suffering ,I req him lots when he begged infront of me and said I need time and finally he agreed and today he is coming here with his daughter ,

Geet smiles but tears also fall from her eyes and she said what her name, our little daughter, vicky’s daughter.

Maan wipes her and his tears then said Vanshita

Geet smiles and said bahut pyaari name hain,bahut sundar,

Maan smiles but suddenly geet screamed when maan startled and said jaan,kya hua,

Geet nodded no and said nothing are aap hatiye chaliye mujhe bahut kaam karni hain and geet almost jumped when maan hold her and said geet ahista, what r u doing now, and u r not doing any work and before u argue let me remind u that ur devar vicky said me or warn me that bhabi will not do any work as he needs u and our baby fit and fine so , and now come and have bath.

Geet pout and twist her lips and said I hate u and vicky, u both r jalim, both Jalim Singh Khurana huh and went to wash room for bath and morning routine where maan shook his head in disbelief ,

Maan get up and and warpped the sheet near his waist  and called adi for further arrangements, then went to wash room door and said may I help u,geet pout then said hmmm, maan smiles and said then open the door,Geet slowly open the door and maan enter the room  to help geet

Later maan is ready and looking at geet who is instructing servants last min touch.

Maan smiles to see her enthusastic nature

Later vicky arrived with his little daughter , here maan said everything to Radhika mom and Dadi ma as they r now prepared though they r sad to hear about Sangeeta still they r happy to have their son and grand daughter back.but the sadness for sangeeta will be there forever.

Vicky arrived nd welcomed by every one, he felt guilty more to give them pain to stay away , he touch radhika mom’s leg and said mama

Radhika mom hugged him tightly and cried , both cried though maan gave his love to vicky like his parents but still a mother’s place can’t be fulfill by any one.


Vicky came near to dadi ma and look guilty at her when dadi ma slapped him and said how dare u leave us alone, can’t we have the rights to scold u, can’t vicky, y u left us, u vicky .

Vicky just sobbed like child and hugged her and said m…..m sorry dadi ma I never want to leave u I thought u r doing injustice to dev and nt soooo.

Later I found truth but didn’t get the courage to come back and then sangeetha, and all ,I’m sorry dadi ma.see na GOD punish me my , sangeeta left me and vansheeta .

Dadi ma nodded no , beta, God never punish his son, yes he took ur sangeeta but not punish u.

Vicky cried like baby and asked then y.

When geet said cause God also needs good person, yes he took ur sangeeta but give u, Vansheeta .

Vicky looked at her few moments then nodded faintly .

Geet come and slwoly took little vansheeta from her nanny’s hand , when vansheeta squreemed little then again lay calm in geet’s hand.

Geet kissed geet’s forehead when vansheeta open her eyes and it’s showing the colors of her eyes ,full deep and it can touch ur soul when vicky said she got snageeta’s eyes.

Geet smiles and kissed vansheeta’s forehead, eyes when she just smiles and showing her gummy smile ,maan came and hugged vicky when vicky again broke down, but maan hold him tight in his arms and stoping him from breaking but he know how tough it’s how it’ll be without ur life partner the mere thought shook the entire exsistence of maan , he just looked at geet who is happily and animately talking with vansheeta and soon maan shoot a prayer to GOD for her well being, without geet, he is nothing .

His trance broke due to geet who is calling him when vicky said kya hua bro, maan shook his head nothing but his moist eyes didn’t go unnoticed by geet who know him more than him.

Geet come and give him vansheeta and said have her maan, she needs her bare papa.

Maan smiles and with tears in her eyes take her but said if I hurt her geet.

Geet smiles and said how can her bade papa will hurt her ,

Maan smiles and took her and kissed her forehead and tickled her little and make her giggled when vicky looked shock full to see her big bro is laughing, giggling with little child and thought may be he will soon become papa so this change.

Dadi ma said yes u r seeing the magic cause ur bhabi who came in his life and our life like angel ,GOD’s gift.

Later vicky found maan is playing with sangeetha and making her drink water with little spoon slwoly slowly the pateince he is showing , it’s beyond imagination and sply with kids, he smiles and thanks to GOD to send their geet bhabi in maan ‘s life.


Later ,at after noonmaan went to office few works as he promised to come back here , geet is busy with sangeetha and vicky felt little relief now , his daughter will get mother’s love where radhika mom make vicky lay on her lap .


At evening there is caos when vicky come out and find some one is pulling geet bhabi by her hair when radhika mom is trying to stop her ,Dadi ma shouts chor do usse.

Before he can understand anything geet shouts, leave me brij veer jee.

Vicky get another shock and another shouts geet’s screaming MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN

When vicky noticed brij almost try to stab geet , he just rung and hold his hand when brij shouts oyeeeeee, hat ja bemat marega tu,bhi , isse toh aaj marna hain.

Vicky shouts Nakul called policed, called guards.where r those guard when some one hold him from behind and punch him hard and said jahannam mein tujhe bhi jana hian , pehele iss bachhalan lerki ko bheju .

Vicky shouts, dare u say anything, she is my bhabi, Maan bhai’s wife.

When brij said huh, she is not, she is married to dev khurana then that b****** left her afte r making her pregnant and this shameless girl now married her jeth , huh, that Maan khurana will also pay, this marriege is not accept but before he can complete geet just slapped him hard and geet with all force push him and said dareU SAY A WORD AGAINST MY HUSBAND, THIS MARRIAGE IS WELL ACCEPTED BY THIS SOCIETY , AND U WHO R U TO SAY ME WHAT TO DO OR NOT WHEN UR WHOLE LIFE IS FULL OF SIN, DID U EVER REALIZE HOW MANY SIN U HAVE COMMITTED AND DARE U SAY AGAINST A WORD MY HUSBAND, WILL KILL U, AND DARE U TRY TO DO ANYTHING TO ME , MY MAAN WILL KILL U ALIVE ,

Brij got furious and slapped her hard and make her lips bleed and it’s make geet stumble when radhika mom hold her and said hey u, how dare u slap my bahu , marna ka itna shaq hain tujhe.

Another man luaghed and said chup kar ,brij jaldi kar maaar daal isse aur aapna kaam khatam kar ,bahut baar hogayi iski kaise tujhpe aapne veer ji pe hath uthai when brij bring the knive to stabbed geet.

Vicky, dadi ma, radhika mom screamed and try to hold brij and stop him but some one hold geet’s hair and geet screamed brij jee don’t do that leave me, y u r behind me and my kid, leave me, brij jee, leave me but brij just laughed about to stabbed when some one hold his hand when few more foot step and they hold brij’s gang , whole thing happen so quickly brij and his gang never understood anything where geet almost fall on floor when radhika mom hold her and screamed geettttt.


Here maan came out side after purchasing the crib for their baby and Vansheeta and few more toys (well it’s full shop) and cming towards Km when he got a msg from his one of guards and he qucikly called police and more guard headed towards KM like mad man, as his whole family under threat of brij and his man gang and sply his geet and unborn child and little vansheeta and he entered the KM when police and guard r taking care of rest of gang and he noticed brij is about to stab his life when he stopped him some how as the scene make him froze and voiced chocked but after saving geet, maan just punched and kicked brij hard and throw him hard then smash his head and about hit him more when radhika’s mom screaming knock his sense and he just went to geet and take her in his arms and headed towards hospital where police is taken care of brij and his mad gang as maan has imp work as to save his love,life and child now .Geet is unconscious and lying lifelessly on maan’s arms.




6hrs passes still no news, maan’s patience also flying away with this, vicky come and placed his hand on maan’s shoulder when maan looked at him with plain face and said my geet will fine and our child also.

Vicky nodded yes and runs from there to Temple of Hospital and prayed there for his geet bhabi, his bro’s geet’s life and their unborn child’s safety.

Here dadi ma lost her unconscious cause of the shock, radhika mom sat in the Temple and keep praying for the safety of geet and her unborn child.


Where maan bend his head and remember many incident of them how, geet and he was happy after seeing the untra sound , when they witnessed their baby in the screen, when they heard the beat of baby’s heart, how much they dream , how maaneet cried in happiness as their love is coming back to them but …..

Maan closed his eyes and let the tears falls , he is feeling so helpless then get up and look at the door of operation theater when door opened and doctor came out, her body, apron full cover with blood but she just came out and said Mr Khurana congratulation ,

Ur Wife give birth of beautiful daughter and u became father of an angel,

Maan smiles with releif when he just asked how is she ,how is geet?

Dr:- both of them r fine, as the sedative is working so geet is little unconscious wait ,I know u want to meet her , will , within 1hr u can meet her.

Adi smiles when maan hugged him tight and said adi humara muskan come back, she came back, mere geet ke sapna pura hogaya, hum dono dadda,mama ban gaye,

Adi hugged his sir ,boss aka big bro tightly and nodded yes and shed tears of happiness.

Where vicky got the news from romeo and runs to give the news to radhika mom and dadi ma.

Radhika mom who is keep praying just heard and smiles and broke down in happiness when vicky said mama, let’s embrace angel with smile, she is ray of hope for us, she is fighter , she came to us win .

Later dadi ma got conscious and keep asking about geet when pinky informed her about the good news and dadi ma sighed in releif, she order to decorate the mansion like newly wed dulhan and start the fire works but pinky said maan sir ne kaha iye sab after u become full fit  and fine and when they will come here but dadi ma said no when  doctor quickly give her sedative as she needs rest first .



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