Chapter 27 of Memory Loss

Part 27:-

Later dadi ma got conscious and keep asking about geet when pinky informed her about the good news and dadi ma sighed in releif, she order to decorate the mansion like newly wed dulhan and start the fire works but pinky said maan sir ne kaha iye sab after u become full fit  and fine and when they will come here but dadi ma said no when  doctor quickly give her sedative as she needs rest first .


Later maan went back to Km to bring few cloths for geet then come back to Hospital and found rano and mohindar along with dar jee  and geet’ s taya jee and tayi jee r waiting for him.

He know mohindar and rano came there for their daughter and natin (Grand Daughter) but rest of the people, he try to calm his nerve .

He touch mohindar and rano’s feet and take blessings from them then went to darjee for same but rather ignore geet’s taya jee and tayi jee who r also fuming in anger y maan send their son brij behind the bar,maan ignore them then said mama aap aayiye mere sath , then to mohindar, aap bhi aaiye papa jee,he make them meet geet but doctor didn’t give permission to meet with little Angel as she needs to stay away from all infections.

After this maan placed geet’s cloths and said this to rano and came out and meet with rest of the famil members and told them that he don’t want to create any scene here ,

Dar jee agreed and said puttar hume maaf kar de , hume nehi pata tha,par kya hum kuyon ?

Maan nodded the noticed yash and meera also came there, , he greeted them and said meera to accompany geet and yash came with him to talk with dar jee and rest of the family members and went to another way  for further discussion ,


Later , Maan came to meet geet in her cabin when she is sleeping as well their angel,Meera is sitting there with rano,

Rano asked maan what happen when maan gestured her nothing to worry ,

But there still a worry lurking on rano’s mind and she said oh geet ke papa jee kaha hain?

Maan:-mama, he is out side oh dar jee ke sath baat kar rehe hain , aajayenge aap phikar mat kijiye.

Rano nodded but her mind clouded with fear as she witnessed the bitterness of rupindar ,she sighed and looked at her daughter who just slept due to tired ness,


Maan placed his hand on her shoulder then said mama, don’t worry dar jee will handled everything, they r angry  as they r blind by their love,mama, I had chat with dar jee , he will take care of it and agree with me ,

Rano nodded yes then said accha oh geet aapko dhoond rehe the ,app kahi mat jana.aur oh baad mein doctor ne bhi kaha aapko unse milna hain,

Maan nodded , when meera said aunty jee  , aap phikar mat karo, he will be now over protective for ur daughter when rano smiles happily to hear it.

Later both meera and rano moved from there when geet wake up and found their daughter is sleeping in cradle and maan is sitting there and smiling at her but she can understand the ahppy tears flowing from his eyes, she called him when maan looked at her with smiling yet moist eyes, yes maan singh khurana is crying , again after last time when they lost their first baby, now he is crying but only for happiness as they got their symbol of their love ,

Maan get up went near to geet and said thanks mishty, for giving me back my angel ,Geet slowly get up with the help of maan and said thanks to u maan and gently wipes his tears and said I’m reall lucky to have u as my husband maan and aapne mujhe mere baby lauta dia sach mein ,Maan gently peck on her lips then said humara baby.

Geet nodded happily ,maan bend and carrassed her face and kissed her forehead when geet lay her head on his shoulder,their hand entinwed and stay there and trying to absorb the moments.

Happy tears fall from geet’s eyes when maan raised his eyes brows and as if asking her what happen mishty but she nodded with smiles when maan shook his head and kissed her tears as if drinking them then slowly looked at her and said feeling tired ,

Geet nodded then said but the happiness I got to have her in my hand,I can’t explain maan.she is our everything.

Maan smiles then yes she is then looked at the cradle and said our smiles, our sun shine , our rainbow,our angel, humara rajkumari hain oh.

Geet giggled when maan makes faces and said now y u r giggling.

Geet kissed his cheek and said u r looking like cute like u baby.

Maan’s face changed from shocked to surprised to stunned then shy to angry little then said so u r thinking that m cute ha and pull geet little on his lap when she hissed in pain and maan quickly said what happen , geet :-oh just, still there is pain, I’ mean ,

Maan’s face colors changed and said jaan it’s painning ,shall I call doctor, m really sorry u should lay down but his voice break due to their angel’s weiling , geet quickly said maan, who almost panick and called doctor when geet shouts maan, stop this all and give her to me, she needs to feed now.

Maan nodded and went near to cradle to take his life, his angel but feared to take her as she is so small, tiny,miny,

Geet is getting impateint and more their daughter is now weiling from top of their lungs,

Geet almost about to came down from the bed when doctor and nurse entered the cabin and said what happen mr khurana,

Maan who is one time try to say something so can his daughter stop crying as her fat tears hurting him more another side his geet want to come down when she is not fully fit.

Nurse and doctor quickly understand the situation and do the needful.

After few moments ,maan can see now her daughter is relaxing and calmly sleeping and drinking her food from geet who was smiling to see their daughter and carrassed her small hand and legs when doctor said don’t worry mr khurana it’s happen to many , don’t worry, we will help u and mrs khurana is there then u will able to take ur daughter , don’t worry.

Maan nodded like little kid, when geet smiles and her eyes showing him the assurance as she will help him to hold his own life.

After feeding geet slwoly hold their angel near to her shoulder and patted her back and she burped well then sleep again near to her mother’s shoulder as feeling the warmth of her mother .

Later doctor checked and now after the report is fine and doctor said to maan that , geet needs to stay here couple of days then they discharge hopefully and one child specialist will come and check later their angel.

Maan nodded  after this he settled besides her and make her relax there but suddenly he said I’m sorry mishty oh I really sorry ,I didn’t understand , actually mishty I feared, if I would harm her, she is so tiny, so small, if I hurt her.

Geet hold maan’s hand and said no maan u will never harm her, never hurt her, yes she is small, tiny but she is ur ansh, part of u, come on maan, hold her na, she needs to love by her father, her dadda who always share stories , everything and planned with her when she was inside  her mama’s womb.

Maan smiles through tears and kissed his daughter’s tiny leg and hand when she stirred and smiles but maan got scared and said see mishty, she is feeling hurt,I break her sleep.


Geet nodded her head no then take his hand and placed it near their daughter’s leg  then slowly went towards her tiny hand , her tiny pink finger when natural ,their daughter hold maan’s finger tightly and again slept there, maan felt a kind of pleasure when she touch and hold his finger by her soft tiny finger, he slwoly kissed her little tiny palm and said humara beti , humara Muskan,

Geet smiles and kissed maan’s forehead then muskan’s and said ha hum sab ka muskan she is , hum sab ka rajkumari,

Later geet and nurse helped maan to learn about changing diapiers , he felt thrilled to do it, he said it’s so exciting.

Geet and nurse smiles when muskan suddenly cried but this time maan patted her then looked at geet and asked geet u should fed her, she is feeling hungry,

Geet smiles and take muskan in her lap ,close to her bosom ,and patted her slightly which make her sleep again and which makes maan amused ,

He said but iye kaise hogaya, abhi tohri der pehele ro rehethi thi toh bhookh lagi thi na, aur aab .

Nurse smiles and left the couple and newly parents with their kid ,

Geet smiles and said maan aap samajh jaoge, dono rone mein differences hain aur abhi toh humari muskan ko neeni karna hain kyuon and kissed her chuby cheeks when she smiles in her sleep and snuggled more close to her mother.

Maan just admired the scene in front of him, the bonding between their  daughter and geet .

Later again muskan need to feed and this time with the help of geet, he make her burp and patted her slowly lovingly for sleep.


After lunch , doctor came and check both geet and muskan and said they r doing fine, but as usual, maan’s questions start y she some times cry, is it some problem, she is so small ,she will not able to say so how they will know, and make them check his daughter again,Later radhika mom came and smiles to see her over excited son  who is looking like kintergarden kid who got some thing new ,

Radhika mom came and look now both geet and her grand daughter r sleeping when maan came and said mama, aap, dadi ma kaise hain, aapko pata hain , mene muskan ko sulaya khud aapne hatho se, aur usse burp bhi karwaya , oh geet is feeling tired, meine doctor se baat kar liya hain nothing to worry but still aap ek baar baat kar lijiye mama,

Radhika mom smiles and cupped his face and said maan, then kissed his forehead when a drop of tears fall from her eyes and said thanks beta,

Maan smiles like innocent child and hugged her and said humara baby wapas aagaye mama.

Radhika mom smiles and said ha aapka beti aapke paas aagaye, though she was not with them when maaneet lost their first baby still as a mother she can very well understand the pain of loosing child.

She thankful to Almighty for giving us back their happiness.

After 5 days geet and maaneet’s muksan discharged from hospital as they r secure and fit now to go to their home back.

Maan , radhika mom came to take them from hospital , they reached Km and geet could see the whole mansion is decorated like newly wed bride as if some one’s marriage will be there.well it’s not less than it, their princess came to this world in last 5days maan continously stand by her and help her to change their daughter nappy and make her sleep or some time burped, rano ma and radhika mom also stand and bring food from home as hospital foods r so blend and it’s killing her , she can enjoy the food and this time she need to eat more and after doctor prescribed the food, they helped, vicky came and shares jokes or some times try to stop little muskan’s cry , adi ,pinky came with toys and ballons , and romeo and pandey jee and monisha shared their happiness by distributing sweets among all hospital stuff and patients when vicky , yash meera distributes cloths among all poor children and elder,mohindar came and make her sleep with his story like he used to do it when she was kid .


Radhika mom, rano mom used to helped her with muskan and how to fed her easily , how to hold her, their protectiveness for her and muskan, she smiles and dadi ma though she was not able to come but she regularly touch with geet by phone and she already has seen her parpoti by webcam.

All r pampering her and muskan in new way, she felt like heaven, dar jee called little three times , had chat with him but no one from HP, well it’s ecpected after brij incident, but she some times missed rajjy and titto,

She looked at the KM ,all r standing there with a happy smiles when maan helped her to come out and held her protectively by her shoulder, she is entering KM again with their symbol of love, she entered here in past and each time new incident happen, each time she got some time with excited environment, her whole life is like roller coaster ride,

But with maan she never tired though she missed her parents and her past is really night mare but maan’s love erase all bad memories and replace with only beautiful good memories of maan ,now they r complete and she felt content with muskan and maan’s love, muskan their daughter really bring muskan for their life.

now she only wants to calmness in their life, she, and her maan and their muskan and every one,no more tension and drama,

dadi ma took arti then placed tika on maaneet’s forehead later muskan’s forehead when she cried again slept on her ma’s arms .


Maaneet enetered the KM and all almot want to hug geet and muskan when maan said wait one by one and take muskan from geet’s hand and lead her to near couch and slowly every one meet geet and asked again and again same questions how she is feeling, how she baby is, , some of made fav geet’s food, their non stop questions r going on and geet few times enjoyed this pamper.

Here all want to take muskan in their arms , their lap but maan is so over protective or protective said no to all except dadi ma and radhika mom, rano mom and mohindar papa jee.Later said u will take her but not now they need rest, pinky about to protest with that but soon muskan came to help her dadda with her loud crying , baas hogaya , all r worried for her when geet looked at maan who said chalo dekh lya na aab koi pareshan nehi karega mere beti ko, and give muskan to geet so she can give quickly feed

all shied and went away from there  with their respective work but pinky said jiju will be back and take muskan in my arms ha, and went away from there when maan give try to glare at her but she disapeered quickly but poor adi got the glare when he just gave his signature laugh and vanshi from there,

when geet shook her head and whacked maan’s arms playfully but he is like what now, can’t u see our muskan need little space,

Geet again shook her head and looked at their daughter who is suckling and sleeping also , who will say just few mins ago she shouts like every one got panicked, geet murmur just like his father, dadda ki beti, no crowd shanit se rehena hain usse ekele.

Later at night after geet settling muskan neatly , she kissed her forehead and get up from bed, yes in bed muskan will sleep with her parents .

She smiles to see already a possessive father is developing.

She wonder where the possessive dadda suddenly disappear , she smiles then think may be some official work and leaned besides muskan for some sleep .


Study room:-

Maan is talking with adi about the charge sheet , police is making against Brij Handa despite of protest came from Brij’s parents but he is stubborn, he make sure brij should recived third degree, he went to meet him, his brother in law, ,  brother of geet, a brother who can protect his sister from all evil here r the cause of her pain, now every one r thinking how to protect  a sister from that that monster who used to be her sister.and his shameless family r still blaming geet, his blood bolied , his knuckles turn white in rage, hs eyes turn blood red .

His trance broke by adi when he sighed and looked another side as he felt himself more guilty for the incident took place last few days ago, though, he give severe punishment to brij for his deed but how could he forgive himself , if he think more logically and placed more guards here then brij would never be able to enter and do something like, what if something happen with geet and muskan , he closed  his eyes a drop of tears fall down from the eye when adi said maan sir, it’s not ur fault, u have done already whatever u can, it’s our bad luck but again it’s our luck that we could able to save geet and muskan in right time,

Maan :- adi ha but y thte situation arrive, y that B****** r able to enter here again, once he harmed my geet and our first baby and that slowly leads to miscarraige of geet first time .

Adi can remember how maaneet’s marriage almost spoiled due to brij’s sudden attack and before sangeet also then after marriage the over caution and then geet fall down from stairs  ,and then they , their meeting inturrpt due to a voice , both maan –adi startled and noticed mohindar came .

Maan quickly starighten and said yes papa jee.

Mohindar :-oh maan beta, dar jee called and told us to go back as but maan cut him and said no u will not go papa jee, and more we will talk about that later first papa jee, geet and muskan needs u, muskan’s naamkaran ceremony is coming pls papa jee.

Mohindar couldn’t say no to him as he also want to stay.


Here in police lock up:-

Brij is tieing by rope from four end and  police beating him , his back cut, he is shouting but still police didn’t stop, they break his every bone almost.Later hospitalized him but the chargesheet against him so strong and more maan’s power stop brij’s parents to do anything or save him.

Though maan himself want to punish but some times it’s better to do it like this, as people say u don’t have to dirty ur hand by touch a filthy ,

Brij’s ‘s forehead turned bluied red ,his eyes r puffy and red and lips cutted badly, his elbow, knees r broken , his chest and more back has received several hitting.

But the sin he committed may be it’s nothing.



Maan slowly come back after decided and order something to adi and slide besides geet when she turn and snuggled comfortably in his embrace.Maan kissed her forehead and lips then rised up and looked at their muskan   , he bend and kissed then slowly try to get up when geet hold him tight and said muskan’s mother need u now,pls.

Maan can see the tension, pain is there as after the incident they didn’t have time to spend time as a couple their world already revolve around their daughter, but his geet, his mishty also need .


Another room of Km:-

Mohindar narrateed rano how man deny rupindar’s demand to free brij from all charge , how dar jee this time support maan.they requested maan to free brij but maan is stubborn and this is leading a confrontation , shouting but dar jee held them and take them away.

Rano shied and silent tears fall from her eyes.


Next Part:-

Another room of Km:-

Mohindar narrateed rano how man deny rupindar’s demand to free brij from all charge , how dar jee this time support maan.they requested maan to free brij but maan is stubborn and this is leading a confrontation , shouting but dar jee held them and take them away.

Rano shied and silent tears fall from her eyes.


In Maaneet’s Room:-

Both maaneet r sleeping peacefully in each other arms . when their cute little angel also sleeping happily .Moon is slowly slowly signing brightly to see them happy and peaceful.

Though it’s once so tough situation for them but they fight with every odds   .


Early morning, maan is looking at his cute family , his cute little daughter drinking milk and holding her mom’s hand cutely,

Maan smiles and side hugged geet when she placed her head in his shoulder ,said aapki beti bilkul aapki tarah dekhiye ,

Maan smiles and said ha pata hain but oh uski mama ki tarah ,

Geet smiles then said maan aap so jaiye , thak gaye honge.

Maan carrassed her face then tucked the loose hair and said thak toh tum bhi gaye hoge, full day ha.

Geet smiles and about to say when felt their daughter is sleeping now. She carrassed her face and maan take her and helped her to burped well then make her sleep ,when the little one snuggle near to her dadda’s chest more.

Maan kissed her little head ,and patted her lovingly, when geet looked at him in awe .

Later again early morning their muksan wake up from her sleep as her nappy wet, but this time maan changed it carefully and now take her in his arms and said mere princess, neend nehi araha hain sona, .

When muskan show her cute gummy smiles as if she understand her dadda’s word, maan smiles and kissed her nose then said ok ,then dadda will play with u , tell story ha.

She smiles little , maan sat on the couch and looked at geet who is sleeping but looking tired cause of the delivery period and the sleepless night for their angel, as she has to take care of her. He sighed and wish, he can do anything to wipes out this little restless also ,later , know also the contentment geet is feeling now, she never felt before,

His chain of thought broke due to thei princess who is looking at him little angrily  like ,y her dadda is now thinking when she is with him.


Maan quickly said sorry mere baccha , acha aaj dadda aapko ek story sunegnge ha.

Maan start to narrate a story to little muskan who understand nothing but felt hapy to pamper by her dadda, how maan keep patting her lovingly and narrated a story also.

After some time maan felt her sleeping peacefully, he held her close to his chest and slwoly get up to placed her in her bed when he noticed geet is looking at him lovingly and said I love u maan.

Maan wondered then chuckled and blushed also little and geet looked at him in awe and think awww maan singh khurana also blushing cutely,

She is falling for this new guy , yes new more matured calmed guy , who know how to control his anger, how to think logically and now he is more perfect, well he is best , well he was always baas unke gussa aajata tha. Her chain of thought broke when maan kissed her lips and said don’t pout like that ,it’s only  increased the desire for u.

Geet blushed and said badhmash , u r dad now maan, saram kijiye.

Maan slide besides geet then kissed her cheek and patted their daughter who stirred little again dose off too sleep , maan said well mrs khurana , for ur kind information where is the rule that if u become father then u can’t love ur wife.


Geet smiles then said aap se baat karna na bekar hain.

Maan pulled her close to his face then said accha kyuon oh bhala ,itna acche pati ko kaise dant rehe ho, dekho, aapke beti bhi gussa ho jayegi.

Geet pulled his cheek then said kabhi nehi, mere pati hain na bahut badmahs ho gaye hain aur mere beti toh mere hi sath degi and winked at him but in real she wants their daughter supports maan more when maan smiles and said I wish really she do it always.

Geet raised herself then said waise ek baat bolu,

Maan:-hmm bolo

Geet:-  aapna bahut cute lag rehe the ,

Maan squeezed his eye brows when geet continue with ur way to tell story to ur angel, and giggled,

Maan at first frowned then smiles and shied when geet said Mr MSK now telling sotry to infant , and this is the same MSK who once upon a time didn’t know how to tell a story but now dadda msk become such cute story teller.

Maan looked at her then pulling my leg when geet cutely kissed his face and said no , m proud of u and falling for u again .

Maan smiles and said I love u geet, and u make me maan from MSK.

Geet nodded no and said u r always maan behind the mask of MSK.


Both smiles and try to grab little more sleep.

Later in morning maan wake up and find geet is feeding their daughter and  dadi ma is talking to her about puja will held for muskan.

He get up and said y u didn’t wake me up and dadi ma, y u came out from ur room, didn’t doctor advice u to take rest.

Radhika mom came with break fast and said tu jake pehele fresh ho phir aapne beti ko lek eiha e nikal aur humari kaam mein mat ghush .

Maan makes face when he noticed geet giggled after burping their daughter said ha ha has lo , he went to wash room to take shower and morning ruoutine and after quickly complete all, he came out and said aap logo ne break fast nehi kya.


Radhika mom is talking with her grand daughter who is looking at her some times and some times  try play or sleep when dadi ma said aapke pyaari patni ne mana kar dia bola unhone nehi khaya then both radhika mom and dadi ma giggled and make maaneet embarrassed completely .

Later rano joined them when maan come out with muskan and went to down stair when pinky came with adi with a file and few gifts.

They gulped to see maan is there in this late hour as they expect him to office at this time,

Adi murmur aapke wajay se late hua , iha aane mein aur dekhiye maan sir bhi iha hain now ready for blast.

Pinky  looked at adi then said aab mein kya karu,mujhe kya pata tha iye maan isr ha honge mein toh aapne dost aur iss angel se milne aayi this.

Adi :- aab kya hoga, geet kaha hain aapke wajay se phash gaye hum, aab sher ki muh mein aake gire.

Both pinky and adi continue few more when maan came said kya ho raha hain iha aur tum dono iha kya kar rehe ho?

Pinky looked at maan and gulped her saliva then laughed like adi when adi looked shocked and joined her .

Maan :- pinky, tumhe bhi adi ke beemari laga hain kya

Pinky nodded yes then no then again yes.

Maan shook his head and sit in the couch after settling muskan in the lap well and then said aap bolo kya hua .

Muskan stirred little then again hold maan’s one finger near to her cheek and slept.

Both adi and pinky r looking at muskan cutely and in awe then both said oh hum.

Maan carrassed muskan ‘s face and kissed his forehead then said if u  both of u have correct and good excuse for coming here then get lost from here before I…. pinky qucikyly said no sir , yes sir oh mein geet se milne aayi thi, usne kaha kuch help karna hain and adi sir aapse.

Adi stood froze and forget y he has come here, what is the actual reason?


Maan raised his face when maan again said oh no , and said to adi, wait here, let me changed but soon noticed nakul coming with fresh cloths and nappy for muskan and siad geet ma’m send this for u.

Maan wondered how could geet understand this all then chuckled as she is mother , then changed muskan cutely and looked her crib also ready well if he is msk then she is gmsk .

He chuckled again and placed her there where adi’s hand itching to hold  his little niece.

Nakul said sir ur vest, ma’m send it to u.

Maan again chuckled then said ok then to adi, sit in study room, m coming.

Adi nodded and stand there when maan said slowly but firmly do u need any spl thing to tell once again or do u have hearing problem now?

Adi nodded no and runs from there,maan changed quickly then take her muskan in arms and went to his room as he know there might be something imp for adi came and muskan’s another feeding time also there.

Geet smiles to see him with muskan and feeling releif as she is feeling herself getting heavier as know muskan will wake and cried for feed.

Maan settled her in geet’s lap then said sab baat ho gaye.

Geet settled muskan near to her curve when she automatically started to latched and geet said ha ,radhika mom,rano ma and dadi ma went to discuss further thing, and pinky has to helped them ,she will joined me later.

Maan nodded and kissed her forehead then looked at her angel and left from there.


At Study room:-

Adi is pacing here and there with tension not for the work but for maan’s anger as he know , his maan sir didn’t like any one would disturb him when he was with muskan.

He gulped his saliva and praying when maan entered and said hope the reason is good enough to bring u here and disturb my peace.

Adi chuckled then give him the file and said here is the file of dev khurana.

Maan’s jaw tighten and he take the file and start to read but his facial expression change and said good job ,

Adi smiles and said sir, he confessed how he trapped u as u r his elder borther and had soft corner so ,

Maan’s eyes turn red and said yes that is the mistake I have done in my life,think from heart not from brain and let him do , let him take over,


Adi siged then maan said and what about pammi.

Adi :- sir, one good or bad news don’t know but we came to know that she was not certified as nanny , uncle ,I means mr khurana , didn’t know this and has seen her struggling with proverty and that time he bring her,

Maan siged and said I know it, from dadi ma and later mom told me.

Adi:-but sir no one know few truth

Maan squeezed his eye brows when adi said she confessed that , she mixed drug in mr khurana’s drink and lead him to do this as he thought ,adi paused there when maan’s face turn red with anger and anguish and the thought what his parents felt, what his mother went through .

How could any one do that, stoop so low.

Adi soft whisper uncle jee never betray his family, ,he said this here sir.

Maan raised his hand and said leave ma alone.

Adi nodded as he know it’s too too tough to digest , the grave of the situation is too big .



Here in maaneet room,

rano is looking after muskan when geet went to take shower quickly,

Pinky came and said aunty jee, hum ja rehe hain shaam ko aayenge , aap geet ko bole dena.

Rano nodded positively .

After pinky left the room, geet come out when rano said about pinky, geet nodded and wipes her hair and said ok mama,

she filled her mang and said mama, aap jara mere iye dori bandh denge mama.

Rano smiles and helped her then said tujhe iha inte khush dekhke aacha lag raha hain.

Geet smiles then said sab maan ki wajay se mama, oh baas khush rehe mein bhi.

Rano cupped her face and said , bahut pyaar karti hain usse na.

Geet:- geet ki zindegi maan hain, unse suru ,unpe khatam, oh hain mein hoon.

Rano looked at her little daughter who is become deewani of her maan, she smile and kissed her forehead.


Here in study room,

maan is looking at the pic , his family, his parents and , he was so small but happy with his family, but he didn’t remember much , as he is small .

He closed his eyes and let the tears fall ,

How much he want to bring back those days but, his dad , who trapped by that B***** , his mama, whose whole life destroyed, whose happy family destroyed by that B*****

he want to screamed, he want to shouts, he want to kill dev and pammi.

But he know if he will do anything like that it’ll kill his family, no he can’t bring back those sadness ,pain , he will give dev and pammi punish but in his way, they will till their breath rot in jail, never will seen sun light but not only that something more,

He looks at the pic then at the file then at the diary , where his dad confessed ,

He closed his eyes and read the letter


I’m sorry maan,I’m sorry radhika , I have never give ur place any one in my life, I don’t know what happen that night, I want to say few things , uss raat meine jaan bhoojh ke kuch nehi , mujhe maloom nehi tha kya hua, meine sirf pee thi juice something and then its tasted different but didn’t pay attention as my think was u radhika, want to be with u and share something with u, but then suddenly feeling dizzy and went to our room but then didn’t remember much some hazy thing like u came to meet me, I assume it’s u and we , u , kissed me,I was over whemled , I never expect as u shy but then I was so much happy then didn’t paid attention and then I carried away but later next day I remember only ur tear , ur sad, hurt face and … self and pammi in bed ,full bare, ,I really don’t know what happen , radhika, I felt myself  shatter, I want to scream I want to shout but then u run away from there, I tried to speak with u but mom got angry slapped me, well she did right ,I deserve to be punish but the punishment is nothing infront of ur pain, the way I hurt u, I know I had committed sin, I know sorry will not heal it but radhika I only love u , I accepted only dev cause I can’t lead her stay alone that time, I just accept it cause some how indirect or direct I fault, I deceved u, u loved me purely radhika but I never did, my love is shallow in front of ur love, …….


Maan closed the file then looked at the pic then his phone..

He called adi and instructed him something when adi gasped as know it’s really,

But maan said he know what he is doing, he need severral charges against pammi and dev.

Note down:-


1.fraud , deceving, faking, Mr and Mrs Khurana , Savitri devi

2.attempt to kill Maan singh khurana

3.fraudergy against KC & KM and Khurana Empire


1.sevaral illegal business in the name of khurana,

2.faking marriage ,

3.stoling jwellery ,land

4.killing un born baby

5.try to kill Mr and Mrs Maan singh Khurana

6.Take over KC illeagaly

Adi nodded and note down and then said ho jayega sir

Maan sir, there is few more thing left ,w ill talk to u later, let, set the case stronger so that that two criminal never came out from behind the bar and make a work that no way dev and pammi will take any kind of help being khurana ,we r snatching khurana’s surname from both of them as pammi never married and sec dev cause of his crime and make sure to arrange a press conference tomorrow.




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