Chapter 28 of Memory Loss

Part 28:-


Adi nodded and note down and then said ho jayega sir

Maan sir, there is few more thing left ,w ill talk to u later, let, set the case stronger so that that two criminal never came out from behind the bar and make a work that no way dev and pammi will take any kind of help being khurana ,we r snatching khurana’s surname from both of them as pammi never married and sec dev cause of his crime and make sure to arrange a press conference tomorrow.


Maan looked at adi and said hope u got everything clear .

Adi nodded positively when maan said take this file with u and u might be know what kind of thing u have to be done now and remember no, negligence in this matter at any cost.

After Adi left maan went back to his room for his angels who r eagerly waiting for him.

He entered the room to find her little angel is now in her mama’s lap for her food. Both r looking to happy, maan smiles and slide besides geet when little angel looked at maan and give him smile then again concentrate on her job when geet chuckled and maan hold her shoulder and said she is so small geet, so soft, some times, I felt may be I willl hurt her, geet smiles turn turn muskan another side and adjust her with her feed and said u will never hurt her, she is ur symbol , see her,

Maan smiles and carrassed his daughter’s tiny legs and carrassed it gently but their daughter feeling

After feeding geet burped her and make her sleep when maan again got busy another call then joined and said hmmm so, how r u feeling now?

Geet :-ummmm much better,

Maan:- tomorrow doctor will check u and muksan up.

Geet nodded and placed her head on his shoulder when maan said kya hua mishty,

Geet:-soch rehi hoon ki  how many things happen in our how many things we faced together

Maan hugged her side way then said ha mishty, see told u with u our journey will be interesting when geet blushed and when chuckled and kissed her forehead.


Next day doctor came and check geet and muskan , geet is fine healing fast and muskan also fine, Doctor prescribed few medicine for geet and muskan.

Maan noted all and keenly heard all instruction and glared at every one the home as if want to say now u have to obey this all

After doctor left ,maan took his daughter in his arms and start to make her sleep well,


When dadi ma chuckled and said to radhika , bahu, let’s wait for infinity order from maan about his daughter

When geet cribbed and said dadi ma our .

Dadi ma:-yes we know but how over possessive ur husband is

Geet pouted then sighed and think and smiles also.

Dadi ma:-but I loved this maan, who forget his anger and become matured man more.

Geet smiles when radhika also nodded but dadi ma said after whatever happen with him in past, he lost, one by one many person betray him when geet came in his life, and she had to bear the fire of his anger, hatred for others.

Geet placed her hand on dadi ma and said dadi ma it’s ok .

Dadi ma squeezed her hand and said no beta, u really did a mervellous thing when I lost hope, u bring our maan back , he forget to smiles, u bring the smile in his face, he forget the life is more colorful but for him all become blank,

Geet looked at maan who is giggling and happily talking with their infant baby who didn’t understand a single thing but still happily sunggled close to her dadda’s broad chest and arms.

Geet smiles and said I didn’t , dadi ma, his love make me smiles, his love, trust, care, respect, affection make stand in my legs, many people see him scolding me, but he was recitifing me, he always stood by my side,he make me trust in love, he bring lifes in a shattered ,battered life.he gave and is giving respect  a girl who was garbage for her own family ,who always taught her to accept anything if it’s wrong for her also.


Radhika mom hold geet’s face and kissed her forehead and said I don’t know who brings light on whose life but I know one few things and most imp u both deserved to be with each other and destined and meant to be together always, it’s GOD’s Wish,  u both saved each other, u both bring love and learn and taught each other a new meaning of love ,I always pray to GOD for both of ur well being and both of ur happiness, both of u deserve to be happy always .


Later few days whenever maan was in KM, he will be with Muskan, playing with her helping geet to give her bath or changing her dress , telling her story,

How many times, geet told him to take rest , or how many time she want to say she is not position or age to understand story or play but didn’t get the hear to say the man who is so much in love with their daughter and engrossed with her.

But in office Maan become Maan Singh Khurana , and a terror for everyone .Single mistake didn’t spare by him till now, but he didn’t get angry easily if the mistake is really grave and as like past he don’t want the time to spolied by mindless gossip . he is still punctual for the work , don’t like to get late for any work.

Like one day he get late and come with tired face and looking totally worn out due to work load .

Geet is wake up as she is worried, for him, though maan said numrous time to sleep fast but geet some times, didn’t slept with out him.

She noticed his tired face, red eyes and ruffle hair,

She frowned when maan smiles and said oh just work load ,how is she, sleeping well na,

Geet smiles and helped to take maan’s waist coat and loose his tie then opening his shirt button and said she is fine but missed her dadda today .

Maan smiles slightly then geet hand over his towel and said take shower , will bring ur food here.

When maan said mishty, no need, I’ll be but stopped as his sherni mishty glaring him

Whe maan just chuckled and said ok baba, m going, but u will not step down , called some one.

Geet:- maan, they all slept. Let me , m fine , m not some doll,

Maan chuckled and with smirk said u r my moti mombatti

Geet looked at him few moments when her face turn full shocked then she try to throw something when maan runs inside the washroom

After took his food , geet went back to his room when maan wiping his hair with towel and looking much fresh.

Geet placed the tray on the table and said aap aiye iha and make maan sit in the bed when she wipes his hair and maan encirled her slim waist and placed his face on her mid riff .

Geet :- feeling tired na.


Geet wipes his neck, shoulder and said y u didn’t wear something .there is raining out side, u will catch cold,


Geet took the towel and place in inside the washroom and said come here and let me feed.

When maan:- jaan, u r tired, go and have some sleep, muskan’s waking time is nearing, I’ll eat.

Geet:-I’m perfectly fine, with ur lots of instruction and mama and dadi ma, m fine,

Maan smiles and let geet fed .

At night both maaneet snuggled into each other and muskan who is happily sleeping between them

Next day, maan is getting ready for the office when geet said suniye.

Maan stopped at his place and suddenly grinning widely when geet noticed and said what happen now, u r thinking something na, u r thinking to pull my leg na.I know like office day u loved to do it, always tease me, u know how I got affected by ur closeness ann but she stopped with shocking expression and closed her motuh by her own hand and shook her one time negatively and another time positively.

When maan smirked and chuckled and said interesting then concentrate to comb his hair when geet cursed herself for her blabering .

Geet turn and try to leave when maan stopped her and said mishty what do want to say ,

Geet:-kuch nehi.

Maan:-hmmmm,I got it ,

Geet stopped and turn and said what u got,

Maan rolled his toungue inside the mouth and said well what u have said few moments ago.

Geet’s eyes got wide when maan continue that is the thing u want to say, do u have like  many more u can say me freely , without hesitation, after all we r …such a but geet quickl throw a coushon from couch and said we r ha , u r Dusht danav, dekha I know u want to pull leg.huh & twist her lips


Geet turn to leave when maan pull her and kissed her cheek and said u r such a nautanki geet, tell me, when Puja will be start.

Geet makes face then said m not drama queen, it’s u ha, btw how do u know about PUJA.

Maan:- my dearest wife,m ur husband and more imp I’m MSK and I know.

Geet raised her eye brow and said oh really hmmmm, anyway, come fast and we have to take papa jee and mama to air port, as meera want to take them to AMRITSAR as mama and papa want to DARSHAN  ,BABAJEE for us,

Maan nodded.

Maan:-ok mishty, I’ going now, have two imp meeting and a press conference also,

Geet:-oh that one u postponed it for some reason.

Maan:-ha, I postponed it but today there will press conference.ok take care bye and kissed her forehead then muskan’s forehead and little finger and said take care of urself and ur angel.

Geet just smiles and admired them little.

After maan left from there, she was busy with  muskan ,where whole home is busy to prepare the puja .


Maan is doing something on some file when some one knocked the door.

Maan:- come in

Sasha entered the cabin when maan looked at her then again engrossed in his work .

Sasha :- MK, u called me ?

Maan looked at her  with stern expression then said  Miss Sasha Singhania, We survey ur work and contribution towards our company and us and ur loyalty, for this u defiintely deserve a promotions and so I’m giving u post of head architect of LONDON Office and U have to take care Canada office’s Architecture deparatment also.

Sasha looks shocked and then said thanks MK but it’s mean I have to go away from here .

Maan give her a envelop of the order then said yes,

Sasha:-but MK when maan stopped her and said whatever u have done with geet, as a human , as a man and as husband of geet, I know u might be thinking those r happen much ago but that time I have done mistake by not giving imp the matter may be, it’s too shameful for any woman to get humilate in front of every one, and more another woman has done it for her stupid, nonsense jealousy , ego, anger, revange and insecurity.Miss Sasha tell me one thing, did geet harm u, she appointed here for her work due to her talent and capability but u r from the beginning out of ur stupid jealousy, illusion and insecurity make things complicated for her , but more u insult an another woman , don’t u have any shame, and more u hide it, blame her, u has done lots of things, if I start to count then and placed it infront of Board of directors then what will happen?

Miss Sasha I want to sacked u right now but geet hold me, she still didn’t say what u had done with her,anyway, I’m grateful also as u give ur loyalty towards our Empire during out bad time also, so I will not sacked u now, just giving u this and from now u will report about any project there , the head of HRD and another thing from now called me SIR. I have great regards for munshi jee and wish u could have think about him atleast. Anyway, u can go now and remember one more mistake and supidity u will be sacked for forever and grave of mistake will make u forget ur career also,today evening there will be a puja for our daughter , come as Head architect and blessed her .


Sasha nodded and left from there with sad and moist eyes.

Maan called adi for some discussion as he know may be geet forget and forgive sasha but he can’t , his blood boiled to think all those incident and whatever he heard from adi , he closed his eyes, one side geet was in so much problem and another side his rudeness and then sasha was adding problem for her, how she handled everything so well with that delicate situation . she is really angel, for her maan’s respect increased double triple level.





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