Chapter 29 of Memory Loss

 Part 29:-

Maan called adi for some discussion as he know may be geet forget and forgive sasha but he can’t , his blood boiled to think all those incident and whatever he heard from adi , he closed his eyes, one side geet was in so much problem and another side his rudeness and then sasha was adding problem for her, how she handled everything so well with that delicate situation . she is really angel, for her maan’s respect increased double triple level.




At KM , geet is feeding their angel and thinking about maan then said muski, kya meine tere dadda ko jor karke galat kya, but I just want to clear all mess.I know Sasha has done extremely wrong but she is the one who stood besides him and us,

Her word broke when maan said but it’s doesn’t save her from the mistake she committed once or I say sin, no one woman can do that disgrace another woman and played with another woman’s honor, if any chance I would forgive her for other mistake but what about the mistake she has done by tearing ur saree, do u want to say this is just accident, it’s my fault geet I over look that time but not now, I stopped cause of u , I just give her easy punishment so she can atleast continue her career but for me she is sinner,

Geet looked at maan in awe and feeling pain to hurt him like that before geet can say anything , maan just left from there.

Geet gasped and said maan, pls. but here muskan on her lap crying badly ,Geet quickly patting her but she is crying, Geet smiles through her tears then turn her and feed her from other side, ,as geet was in deep thought and then with the little bit conversation with maan, she just didn’t see when muskan sliped out from one end and try to search feed more

Geet now looked at muskan who is sucking another side hungrily when she kissed her feet and said sorry beta.After fed her well , make her burped then rocked her for sleep.

Later called nanny to see muskan there and went to search maan but he iswith all family member when rano said beta, aap uha kyuon hain aur abhi tak ready nehi hue, pandit jee atte hi honge, meera :- geet chal ready ho ja jaldi.

Geet is looking maan who is avoding her ,she gulped down the clots of pain and went back to her room to get ready after being ready she turn and noticed maan entered the room and took muskan in his arms , geet can clearly read many emotions r going on ,one he is in guilty to shouts on her and another side the pain, he can’t safe her that time from humilation and more his mishty want to forgive the culprit.

Geet turn to say something but maan said come soon, we r getting late .

Geet nodded and joined maan in the puja.After puja, all blessed little muskan who is happy snuggled more close to her father now .

Maan placed a kiss on her cute nose then smiles at geet who finally able to smile  .

She bend her head to control her tears when maan bend towards her and said sorry mishty .

But geet quickly said shhh,maan, it’s ok , I can understand it, and it’s not ur fault,

Maan smiles and try to say something when Radhika mom said will u both continue it

Maaneet felt embarrassed but both agreed hurriedly when adi give his famous laugh and pinky giggled almost.

Maan looked at adi with his famous glare and make him shut when dadi ma said maan beta, y u r giving ur famous angry glare to him, oh bechare ne kya kya, when u both r busy in ur romance.

Maan shook his head and concentrate to the rest of the puja.

Later they distribute cloths, foods to the poor people and .

Later maan said to every one, I made few things today, ma , dadi ma and geet is little bit but few more thing.

Vicky came with vansheeta and give it to her nanny then give a file to maan  who smiles and said and vicky u also have to know it.

Before I announce it officialy ,I want to make u all know.

Every one nodded and take their seated , when maan said As dadi ma and ma gave me the whole power of Khurana Empire and Khurana Estate and Khrana Grp of company including Khurana Construction ,I’m very glad to announce that we achive our profit this time double way though we faced few problem both legally, financially more than couple months but few big project and deal manage us to get successfully huge profit,

Anyway, I have a huge dream to see Khurana Empire in no 1 in INDIA and we got it today.

Every one looks happy and claps when maan said all cause of my family , friends and more imp my stuff, they worked here like family . anyway, I’m really glad and very happy to announce that we r opening few more branch of KC in our country two in Abroad and one hospital in the name of my late grand father in Delhi and one School by the name of my late father ,who wished to see woman independent , so we r going to open it, as we got permission from Govt about it and have the land and no legal hasle as there .now in Hoshiyarpur, u all might be know that my own blood betray an innocent girl and her family and take land and jwelry from her .when geet squeezed his hand but maan just smiles faintly, then said though unfortunately or fortunately it came to me and today I want to give it back  to the real owner but I know she will not accept it when geet nodded no then nodded yes and hold his hand tightly when maan said so I want to fulfill her dream there, I want to give her surprise and here it’s Geet, A girl college for u, where girl will admit to ensure their future secure , where girl came to fulfill there dream,where girl will see new dream , where girl will achieve new heights in their life as my geet dream it.

Geet smiles through her tears but didn’t say anything as she know words will be less for anything ,

When rano wipes her happy tears and thank BABAJEE for giving maan as get’s husband after whatever happen in their life in past, still they got their happiness finally.

Maan said ,I want Rano mama and Papajee will be stay here as not only Geet as their little two grand daughter needs them,

When vicky look at him with shocked expression but maan said kyuon mama, papa jee, vicky’s wife was also like ur daughter na.

They nodded happily yes when mohindar said thnku beta jee, we never dreamt , we …. Thnkuuuuuu.

Maan smiles and said vicky close ur mouth when he came and hugs his brother and said bro.

Maan just hugged him back and said vicky, and patted his back.

Then he said well viky here r few things for u, u have to see The two project in DELHI , dada jee and dad ka sapna we have to fulfill,

Vicky happily nodded yes when maan said grt, and Adi,for u I want to give u responsibilty of fianance department KC Real Estate and KC construction and along with u r be the head of HRD of this two.

As Radhika mom now will be here maximum time and same with me so will give charge of Rajsthan office , branch to yash and meera.

Yash is looking full shocked when maan said no yash don’t take me wrong as I’m not doing any favor on u , but as we collaborate with ur paint grp of compaines from last couple of yrs so want to give u the charge ,I know it’s like taken for granted but as friends if I can trust then it’s ur .

When meera said don’t be so formal maan, we r now a family and we will look after it

Yash:- dude u can order me we will do it, cause of u today my comapines r running .

Maan:- yash, it’s nothing we r friend and a friend can help when other one needed

Yash:-but we failed to help u when u when maan said it’s ok it’s just now u can na so forget it all.

All smiles. Then maan :- hope u all have no problme with that

All smiles and dadi ma said we r rpoud of u maan, u took right decision when radhika mom supported and said no can take better decision than u .

When geet looks little disturb and maan said what happen mishty?

Geet:- oh ,maan, u,Oh. When maan give her side hug and said mishty, I remember about the thing , well now vansheeta and muskan r too small but we ,mean me and my wife geet invested few property on their name and give them few property till they will adult enough and matured , we will as their behalf will take care of them but later the moment they will adult enough we will hand over it to them.

Vicky got tears in his eyes when geet said vicky what happen.

When vicky just said bhabi thnkuuuu,

When geet slapped him playfully and said chup , don’t we have any rights on u, vansheeta is not our child kya vicky, only blood relation matter kya, if today her mother was alive till we gave it to her as she is our daughter also,like muskan.

Vicky nodded yes then hugged her and said thanks bhabi not for the gift for vnasheeta as u and bro have the rights on but I’m thanking u for u came in this house and make it home and sply on maan’s bro’s life.

When all agreed and smiles but meera and yash think don’t know who is more lucky , but for me maan and geet both lucky have each other as their life partner.



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