Chapter 3 of Memory Loss


Part 3

Maan is sitting in the bed and try to remember the dream again and again but it’s faded away. He clutched his hair and try to remember but no result and he shouts aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Hearing his sound radhika come there and said what happen maan and put her hand on his shoulder  when maan just hugged  his mom radhika and said ma, bahut dard ho raha hain, kuch dhoondli si tasveerein aarehe hain akhon ke saamne phir gayeb ho rehe hain.

Radhika look tensed still try to be calm and say beta shhh, don’t stress urself , try to be relax.

Radhika caressed his head then slowly maan calm down and after some moments he feel more relax and said thnks .

Radhika said aapne mom ko thnks kahoge beta.

Maan freed her and look at her then try to said something when radhika said If u feel better then u can join us in office.

Maan:- I will join and I’m feeling much better , just give me 15mins I’ll be join u .

After getting ready maan joined radhika and noticed geet is also there ,

Maan:- y r u here, r  u going some where

Geet look at him then said I’m going with u and ma.

Maan:- u but y?

Geet:- look maan,  but radhika interrupted her and said well me told her to assist u as she know the office and it’s work .

Maan nodded .


Maan entered the office with Radhika and geet .Every one stand and greeted them.

Radhika introduced maaneet as her son and  daughter in law when maan try to intervene but geet hold his hand and stop him but maan clearly look disturb  and want to ask radhika about it.

After that ,  Maan enter the office and said but aunty

When geet said can’t u called her mom,

Maan:-yes but she is ur mom and

Geet:- so,

Maan:- geet, listen I’m still not accepted the fact we r married in fact I didn’t remember still about it so

Geet with tears maan I never force u for anything then and today I asked u just cause she is elder and like ur mom so, and I know u think I’m not telling u truth.

Maan:-look geet,  but again radhika said maan, If u don’t like it then I’ll not call u as my son but dear, beti ka pati bhi bete jaise hota hain na.

Maan look at radhika then said it’s ok aunty.

Geet again said phir aunty but radhika said and said don’t push him beta if she feel comfortable with this then and then left from there.

But geet clearly noticed sadness in her eyes and  give maan and left the cabin.

Maan murmured attitude dikhana toh koi geet se jaane ,mujhe assist karegi now what she is doing , with out taking my permission she just went from there , well come back geet u will know what u done now .


Geet enter radhika’s cabin and seen her looking sad and sit silently .Geet come close to her and asked ma,

Radhika turn and smiles faintly at geet and said nothing beta, bas soch rehi hoon ke mein kya galati kya hain aapne pati se dur jana para ,aapne beta se dur jana para ,aapne parivaar ko chor na para itna saal ekele sirf iyaadon mein rahi mein phir jab beta mila toh oh  bhi ,aur aab oh mujhe pehechanta nehi, aur agar pehechane bhi toh pata nehi kaise react karega aapne ma ke baarein mein .

Radhika suddenly hugged geet and said y geet, y ?mein thak chuki hoon.I want to hear am from my own son, it’s unbearable for me ,I left him when he is just kid, when he needs his mom but I had to for his safety, for his dad’s safety, for khurana family’s honor, but …….geet hugged her back and said ma.


Later ,Geet come to maan’s cabin and said  y r hurting ma, if u called her as mom what will be happen,

Maan look at geet then said first before entering the cabin did u take my permission ,as per u I’m ur husband still that is personal and this is professional and more when u left the cabin don’t u think u need my permission before leaving but  u didn’t need that and just left and now without my permission just enter here.

Geet looked at him with wide eyes when maan said now stop staring like this ,I’m going to meet ur mom , I mean ma, then will talk with u, meet me here after 40mins.

Geet nodded in yes.

After  40mins, geet knocked the cabin when maan said come in.

Geet enter the cabin see lots of file in the table maan is looking at  the blue print .

Geet said :- sir.

Maan:-hmm sit down.

Then said look geet, mom told me when but stop to hear geet’s giggle when maan said Geet this is office and it’ll better for u if u concentrate on the work not other things now see here and hear me carefully .

After maan brief the project and said we will work together about this project, we have to go to meet Mr Batra for this project and now take this and then read  carefully this is the file for new for u and then send here Miss Sharma for take the dictation and arrange a meeting with ur mom ,I mean ma at 6.30 p.m.

I need some changes here if I have to work here other wise I can’t.

Geet murmur Dusht Danav , suru ho gaya nakhra .then said ok sir. But again stop and said but said sir here office time close at 5 but geet stop quickly when she received a deadly glare from him.


Geet in her cabin pacing from one side to another side and keep murmuring something when adi enter there and said geet.

Geet look at him and said Adi sir mein pagal ho jaungi aab.

Adi :- kya hua bolo, itna urgent meeting call kya maan sir ne .

Geet:-Adi sir inka memory loss hua hain but inke attitude same hain, ohi temper ohi gussa,

Adi smiles and said geet relax kya kaha maan sir ne

Geet:- puchiye mat subha se dant rehe hain ,chaliye choriye oh mujhe dant sakte and when there is my fault also but he want to continue this office after 5 when here office closed at 5 but, hume toh pata hain maan ka kaam karna ka tarika but what about others

Adi:-hmmm, aacha geet bolo, kya iye meeting iss baarein mein hi hain

Geet sat in the chair and said pata nehi adi sir, mujhe kuch samajh mein nehi aaraha hain.

Adi:- look, wait first see what maan sir will do then we will think about something and one more thing geet , see maan sir forget everything, loose his memory but his basic nature is same , he will remain same so it’s expected from him.



Later maaneet went to meet Mr Batra and talk about the business and new project when Mr Batra said I’m glad to see u Mr Khurana here.I heard lots of thing about u and from ur mom.I want to meet u personally also.If possible then join us in dinner.

When maan politely refused it and said sorry Mr batra we r busy. Will try next time.


Mr batra didn’t look so happy with this but he nodded in yes.


Later at back to office maan held the meeting and give the proposal of work after 5 .

All first little bit hesitate but soon they convinced when maan said they will give increment for this and not for  late night it’ll like , just little more upto 6.30.

All agreed with that.

Radhika is happy to see how maan managed this all but geet is thinking how calmly maan said this .


All reached at home when maaneet seen Mr batra is waiting for them there with some girl with barely cover her. Like some mini skirt with tube top with deep neck.

Maan looked away and his face expression clearly said how annoys he is.

Mr batra:-Hi Mrs khurana

Maan look at geet but seen Radhika replied , he just staring at her with shocking eyes when Mr batra said Ma’m how r u, how r u maan, how is beautiful lady?

Radhika introduced maan to mr batra and his daughter Sheela

Then asked about her sudden arrival when mr batra start I’m here for something, as u know she is sheela my only daughter , heir of batra industry, batra construction.

Radhika look at him confusingly then said I want to my daughter will become ur daughter in law. I mean, wife of maan.

Maaneet look at Mr Batra with wide eyes then Mr Batra said actually I have another proposal that I’m very fond of this young lady’s work, she is very intelligent,and beautiful also  when maan’s hand tightly hold on geet’s hand and mr batra continue so I want her as   wife but maan shouts, MR BATRA, don’t u think u r crossing limit here, u r in our house, and talking illogical thing .

Every one looking at maan shockingly and here geet feared over stressed may be effect his health and try to stop him but maan stop her and said angrily look Mr batra we r doing same project but after this meeting we have to think again and another think let me clear u , I’m married ,and next time If u said anything about my wife then I will forget ur age now get lost from our house.

Mr barta and his daughter look at her shockingly when mr batra asked u r married.but….

Maan:- yes I’m married to Geet and pull her more close and said she is my wife anything more u want to know.


Geet and every one look at maan then maan pull geet with him .

After reaching in his room, maan shouts at her what is this geet

Geet who is still in shocked just looked at him when maan shook her shoulder and said If radhika mom is ur mom then y she is calling herself as mrs khurana and y every one calling me as her son, y  geet, y , what is truth geet,

Geet come out from the thinking mode and said aap kya kehe rehe ho

Maan:- I want to hear the truth , y r u hiding something from me what is actual truth geet ?u told me and I accept it and I trust u but u r also hiding truth from me.y geet y?

Who is Radhika mom , what  is her relation with me,y r u insisting me to called her as mom,who is she? Come on ans me GEET.

Geet who is trembling to see his anger like this but more she is scared about his health , jada gussa, stress accha nehi hain health ke liye  when geet said maan, oh actually, are aapka medicine ka time ho gaya, chaliye, mein medicine deti hoon aapko  , aap fresh ho lena phir , dinner bhi karna hain, ek sath jada work pressure lena ,aaj aapne but Maan shouts at geet baat ko ghumao mat .jo puch rehi hoon sahi sahi jabab do .uska pehele tum jabab do , kya hain sach but Suddenly geet faint and maan hold her in time.

Maan look at her , her pale face, he carried her and placed at the bed and shouts .


Doctor come and check her up and then come out from the room and said something and all r shocked and looking at doctor.



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