Chapter 30 & Final Part of Memory Loss

Final Part:-

 Maaneet r sitting in the chair of hall of KC where they arranged a press conference of KC and KA (Khurana construction and Khurana Empire)

Reporters congratulate them and they start their question .

Reporter1:-congratulation sir , congratulation mam.Mam sir Congratulation for ur achivement and for ur daughter.

Both maaneet smiles and ackoneldge  then Reporter1:-sir do u have any specific plan for ur future and sply for KC & KA

Maan smiles and said we have few plan and we will disclose slowly next queestion

Reporter 2:-As we know ur daughter is so small how u will manage mrs khurana , and this is very big responsibility.

Geet smiles and said for me my daughter and my family come first and I can’t neglect them as a mother my first priority always will be my daughter and as she is small now I have to look after her most but yes if maan need my help in any prject I’ll give my hundred percent or will try to give , may be it’ll be easy my boss is my husband and the company is his

Maan smiles and said well we will divide and decide who to look after this matter but can say as CEO of this company geet will give her hundred percent and when we will need her will see the fact that we have little daughter so after her need she will see here.

Reporter 3:-but isn’t harm ur company ,

Maan:-no , it’ll not certainly

Reporter3:-but y the need to promote her in CEO place as cause she is ur wife mrs maan singh khurana


Maan is tring to control his anger and said no but cause she deserve it, we never did or took any wrong decision give promotion , we believe to encourage deserving person , Mrs Khurana promoted ans got the position not cause of my wife but as GSK she did this for company , , we took always this type of decision by consulting with board of directors, thanks for the question , next.

Reporter 3gulped his saliva when Reporter 4 :-asked mam we heard that u r working on some NGO and helping needy people.

Geet smiles then said yes as I want to say without my husband and his constant support make me do it,

Reporter 4:-is it cause of ur personal exp mam’, I’m sorry but I wonder y u would like to help other than it


Maan try to say something when geet said yes little bit of my personal exp , make me thing over the situation , make see the another side of it, I’m lucky to have maan in my life but not every girl,had or will have Maan Singh Khurana in their life.when a mere 18yrs girls abandon from her family , when a girl who is faked for marriage  then throw away that girls need support but when this society didn’t look at her with love, care but blame her that time if a Maan Singh khurana didn’t came to save that girl , then what will happen to them, they need education and the finanacial support to stand up in their feet so no problme can shake them,I know in this situation mental trauma is much more but along with that u will felt lonely destereted when every one will abandon u. and more education will help u to choose between right or wrong, education will help u speak up for ur rights,education will open the window of ur mind .and little bit help for them financially to help them to stand on their feet.I really don’t know how it’ll help and cause it’s small and we have to long way to go ,we need all of ur co –operation for this,

All clapped when maan just looked at his mishty with proud smile, she is truly GMSK

Maan smiles in proud

Reporter 1:-Sir any plan of party.

Maan smiles and said yup there will be one ,as dadi ma and mom want to celebrate it,

Reporter5:- ma’m what is ur parents reaction ?

Geet smiles and said they r happy , as they r so simple and they just want to me to stay happy always baas

Reporter4:- what about ur other relative ur brother and uncle aunty

Geet:-I have my full family here, & u will get to see them .

Reporter 4 smirked and said r they from ur pind I mean village

Geet looks little uncomfortable but soon recover and yes they r ,when do u have so much curiosity for ur gossip, let’s wait little and know the truth also.

Reporter 4 looked away as if her mission failed for the gossip .

Reporter2:- sir who will handle Rajasthan grp as we heard that is from ur mother, and u r here will be busy with ur full empire

Maan smiles and said thank GOD , I have many person who will help me and more my three brothers , they will help me and us.

All looked shocked and said in unison what?

Maan smirked and said u will see them or u r all know them already, anyway, it’s more than enough we have this conference, we r giving u all invitation for our party tomorrow, now excuse us  both went out.


At cabin , maan is relaxing on the chair when geet just hung up her phone call and said suniye na maan.

Maan just said hmmmm,when geet saidwhat is this hmm , m asking u something and u r just hmm,

Maan pull her almost in his lap and said toh kya kahu sweet heart,

Geet :-lafange m asking u about the party,

Maan:-yup party, dadi ma and ma want to give this party for our success,

Geet nodded positively and said ok

Maan carrassed her cheek on back of his palm and said r u ok

Geet nodded yes and wrapped her arm on his neck ,m fine maan,I’m used to it now don’t worry, few people will like this , anyway , I have to go back now.

Maan nodded but before let her free, take her into soul searing kiss when his hand wondering on her waist and  her hand makes fist his hair tightly, both almost loss on each other and their kiss .fianly due to lack of air make them take break when geet looks full flushed and maan smirked and said till u blushed like first kiss.

Geet blushed and hugged him tightly.

Later at evening , geet is busy with two naughty angel muskan and vansheeta  when maan came and said what’s up?

Geet makes face and said aapke do laadli mujhe pareshan kar dia, dekhiye kyaise aapke tarah nakrah kar rehe hain, see I’m trying from long time to make them wear this dress but both of them like u.

Maan chuckled  then said y u r scolding my princess ,ha, he slowly bend on his knees and kissed both angel’s cheek and make them giggle

Geet smiles and said dadda’s girl.

Maan:- mishty, let me fresh quickly , will help u and don’t u dare u to scold them naughty,

Geet smiles first then twist her lips & murmur dusht danav, always took their side.

When her angels also smiles as if they understand what their ma and bari ma said.

Geet smiles and bend down and said accha haasi aarehi hain, feeling laughing at ma ha badmash , she tickle them and make them more giggle.

Where vicky noticed this from out side the door and smiles through tears,he thank GOD, for giving geet in their life and his maan bro and geet bhabi r showering their love at his daughter like their own daughter,

He knock the door when geet turn and said are vicky, come in na, y u r knocking the door.

Vicky smiles then bend and kissed two angel then said bhabi, oh, I want to say , oh sasha came and gave this to u.

Geet looked at the envelop then took it and said sasha came but where is she?

When maan came out after his shower ,wearing his towel only and wiping his hair when he heard geet and vicky.

Maan asked both what happen, y both of u r looking tensed and this sad face.

Geet looked at vicky and said vicky came to give this envelop for us ,

Maan looked at it and said to geet, what is this and who gave it to vicky.

Vicky:- bro, sasha came and said me , she is going some where and giving this envelop to u.

Maan nodded and told geet to read it when vicky said m going bro, but maan said wait vicky there is nothing to hide that u r going from here, now geet told us , what did she say now again?

Geet shook her head and said

Respected MK and GEET

I’m sorry for whatever happen in past,I know this sorry word is very small infront of the sin I have committed,I know no words will support my sin but I don’t know how and y I have the feeling MK love me or like me , may be I thought his truston me something else, may be his trust on me , make the feeling on my mind something else, and the imfatuation grown as obsession , before geet no one , any girl can come close to MK like that and here I had seen geet was going close to MK and MK’s undying trust on her, they shared a unsaid emotion , bond, and more boht of them know something about each other, I don’t know what happen to me, my obsession make me jealous and I thought geet try to trap mk and mk is falling for her and I want to show geet her place , so try it but doing this never thought what is geet feeling or mk, I was blind by my rage and obsession that I crossed all limit as a human , but I thank GOD that all my sin never harm geet so much and she got her Maan sir in her life, Geet trust me I never want to hurt u,but my rage, obsession, make me think but later I came to know the feeling I bore in my heart is nothing that imfatuation and MK is urs only, he never gave a look on me like that but the look he hold for u geet it’s divine more passionate.

U both  r GEM and made for each other, I know my sorry is nothing and neither I’ll ask for ur forgiveness but will say I’m truly sorry for my every deed .I know geet u  will forgive me but I will never be able to forgive u and I just want to say Always stay together MK,GEET, , be happy, may God bless u with all love, success, joy and peace and prosperity,

Right now, I’m going , no no don’t worry I’m going to fulfill the duty u and mk gave me.I want to go away from this all so can I repent for my deed but I’m not able to do it.

As it’ll be another betraying or sin from my end if I will not support u and help u and mk , may be u will have many more good and capable employee in ur end still the trust U and MK has on me.don’t worry Geet MK, I’m not giving this letter for ur  sympathy or want to gain something , just want to erase few of my sin and confessed my feeling,I will never be able to do it infront of u two but in this way I can.

Have nice future ahead

Take care, give my lots of love to , two angels and my reagrds to all elders



Maaneet and vicky stay there few moments calm and geet look at maan who just shrugged his shoulder and said vicky, go get ready, we will be join within 1 hrs.

Vicky nodded and went when geet again try to say something but maan said mishty, come and help me.we don’t have much time.

Geet is wondering what make this man some times so emotionless, strong and some times like kid like emotions.

She shook her head and help her maan to make two angels ready for the function,After this maan called nanny and told them to give  them to radhika mom and rano mom now.

When geet murmur see how fast they got ready infront of maan, does he know somekind of magic.

She is busy with her self talking with maan hold her from behind and nuzzle her neck & said  what r u thinking mishty, dou have the doubt still don’t u know that ur maan knows magic?

Geet:- no magic they r just fond of u little and fond of to irritate me huh.

Maan chuckled then said acche and planted a series of on her one neck another neck and said like them u r also under the magic of Maan Singh khurana.

Geet moaned ummmmm plllssssss….

Maan bite her shoulder and said what plsssss

Geet pouted then said choriye mujhe teaiyar hona hain, leave me maan,I have to get ready.

Maan :- don’t worry,I’ll help to get ready when geet gapsed and said noooo, and start to freed herself,

When maan pushed her inside him and said shhhhh, no , u will get ready by me only and today ,I’ll make u ready btw r u fearing

Geet stumbled and stammer y…yy…huh….y I’llllll fear uuuuuu.

Maan smirked and when his rough hand make pattern some times and rubbed her belly sensuasly.

Geet moaned and almost leaned on him when his hand, finger doing magic on her, creating havoc.

Geet felt her knees turn jelly and the time she is about to turn , maan left her and scoop her in his arms and said let’s get ready, other wise , we will be late.

Geet who is panting just hugged maan when maan asked kya hua mishty?

Geet nodded no as if he don’t know anything  ,

she know if she will say anything, he will tease more , dusht danav kiase behave kar rehe hain as if nothing happen huh.

Maan slowly give her reddish pink skirt and blouse and said do u want to help me or u will .

Geet blushed then took them and said I’ll.

Maan smiles and said u r still blushing like first time,geet there is no hidden thing between us.

Geet blushed more and turn away. When maan gently went out side and said 5mins , m coming after getting ready.

Geet called maan, maan.

Maan who just buttoing up his shirt said going jaan.

Maan quickly  half done and went inside to see and found geet is frowning and said what happen mishty?

Geet:- this saree is slipping and I’ have to make the pallu, pls help me na.

Maan shook his head and helped her when geet turn and said u r still half ready ,buttoing his shirt and said where is ur waist coat.

Maan it’s there, geet took and make him where and said maan I was thinking about sasha and her decision and her sudden letter.y she send this now?

Maan:-nothing just to gain sympathy.

Geet whacked him and said stop being so hard, she is repenting and u already send her away.

Maan hold her shoulder and said geet u may be have big heart but I’m not, just think what she has done with u, any woman , sorry human will do.obsession, jealousy if makes people do that then sorry that person doesn’t belong or stay near to my family,I gave her permission to work in our company just cause of but I’ll never forgive her geet, I’ll never forgive the problem she caused u , anyway forget it.

Geet looked at him few moments then smiles and kissed his lipes gently and said I love u maan,

Both of their lips glued into each other for few mins ,when they each other forgetting whole world and slowly drowning in their love .

They broke when geet looks full flushed and maan is smirking.

Geet hugged him tight.

Maan cupped her one face and said u r looking so beautiful , still so innocent, still shying like first day.

Geet blushed and lowered her eyes when maan smiles and kissed her forehead then eyes.


Later maan hold her shoulder and take her into their room , maan make her look at herself in the mirror when both of them went back to down memory lane ,how maan make her ready in past or the time of how maan first time noticed her wore their family jwellery .

They r remembering their old life, their golden moments .

Geet :-I’m blessed to  have u in my life ,

Maan hugged her from behind and said I’m also geet, u came & change my life. For better, u bring life in a dead soul.

Geet smiles and maan slowly make her seat in the stool and slowly make her wear bangles with matching colors of her saree.and finally kissed her both arms then finger and palm when geet slowly close her eyes when maan make her wear ear ring and place two kisses on both sides then went to make her wear necklace and kissed her nape and this jwelery r nothing infront of ur beauty mishty, so serene , so gorgeous, after seeing u my heart beats thousand beat in a moments, only u can make me restless with ur beauty when it’s u who make me live in peace and make me calm ,

Geet shied and about to say something when maan’s phone ring , eh told her to continue, he will join her and after taking the call maan noticed geet complete ready except she is waiting for him to fill her mang with sindoor.

Maan take the pinch and fill her mang .

Later both came out when all looked at them with smiles,

Pinky looks and said haye see adi, they r looking like King and queen, perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, Haye kisika najar na lage unhe and God bless them always.

Radhika mom went and take evil eyes from them when muskan giggle and maan took her in his arms when she happily smiles and snuggle close to her dadda.

Party start slowly, all guest came, congratulate them , for their success, friends, well wishers came and felt proud of maaneet and their family , how dignified maaneet and how well they manage this empire, how they down to earth still carring a personality,aura  which make them different from all.

They enjoyed the party in the name of Khurana’s success when radhika mom and dadi ma smiles and blessed maaneet ,Dadi ma :- bahu both of them suffered lots , test by destiny every moments but their true love win atlast.

Vicky came and said yup dadi ma and see how our angry young man MSK back as MAAN

All agreed when adi laughed and said not fully vicky sir ermmmm I mean vicky , he changed surely but not for outsiders but for us only, and sply for his geet, he became geet ka maan other wise he is still angry young Maan Singh Khurana.

All laughed when geet came and joined with vansheeta and said what happen y u r all laughing

Vicky nothing imp bhabi oh baas we r exchanging our thoughts about ur husband

And  that how khadoosh , sadu ur husband

Geet looked at them with wide eyes when vansheeta slapped vicky’s arms with frown expression .

Pinky said oye tujhe kya hua ,

Maan came from behind and said she is angry on her dadda cause her dadda majake uraya hain kyuon vanshuuuuu

Vicky:-let see my own daughter changing party

Maan kissed little vansheeta’s leg and said cause no one an escape from maan singh khurana’s charm kyuon honey.

When geet shook her head and murmur sab pagal ek jaga.

Where rano looking at everything and keep saying thanks to babajee , their geet got maan in her life, after whatever happen in her life, how she fight against all odds and got maan ,she shivered to think of those days but felt proud to think how well geet handle this still ,she prayed her all odds vanished and she got more happiness in her life with her maan and their daughter. Their full family deserve this.

Adi announced for couple dance when adi pinky joined, romeo with another girl but manisha said no one is here to dance with me.

Vicky and pandey jee chuckled then manisha said boring party and went away from there and make pandey jee curse him.

Later maaneet joined and vicky also joined with radhika mom

They gracefully dance and enjoyed their where maaneet r full lost in their eyes and just matching each step so gacefully.


Later at the time of dinner ,geet is busy with muksan when vicky is struggling with his daughter when rano came and said puttar jee, give me , I’ll make her drink,

Vicky smiles and give her when rano perfectly hold little angel on her arms and perfectly with her story make her drink, when little vansheeta without any sturggle or disturbance drink it peacefully.

Vicky looks at her shockingly and wondering what make her drink so nicely .

He asked it also when  rano smiles and patted vansheeta for burp then rocked her for her sleep and said Geet was like her  and I used to make her eat like,

Vicky smiles and rano continue little vansheeta make me remember my little geet .

When radhika joined and said yes and even vicky, maan also like this in fact small kids r like this they will play being naughty and showing attitude at the time .

Vicky smiles faintly and carrassed his daughter’s leg and said yes and a moather can know her child like that.

When rano and radhika both said rano said softly no beta it’s not like that ,as father also know this but may be slowly,I know how u r feeling but all of us here na, and ur bhabi is here, trust me vicky like muskan , vansheeta will always  be her elder daughter.

Vicky smiles and nodded yes when radhika mom wipes vicky’s tear and said don’t cry beta, ur wife will be hurt to see u in pain and tear and along with that ur bro and bhabi.

Vicky smiles thorugh his tears and wipes his tears and said no ma,I’ll not.


9months later:-

Maan kissing and sucking her buds hungily when geet’s nail digging his back and mark him.Both r cover with satin red sheet and it’s early morning both r sweaty , tired after their long passionate night still they r feeling hungry for each other love .

When geet felt maan entering again and this time more powerful , she hugged him more tightly where his one hand kneaded her one curve and pinching her buds occassionaly.

After another round of joyfull passionate moments, maan fall on her and looked at his flush face yet tired .

Maan peck her lips then eyes and carrassed her face and said r u fine.

Geet smiles with her eyes twinkle in joy,maan slowly slide out and rolled on and said r u sure.

When geet slowly come over him and said more than anything.

Both hugged each other when maan said that’s good, now have sleep.

Geet smiles and snuggled into him more.

Next day geet is feed muskan and vansheeta when maan came and said what’s up

Geet smiles and said just making them eat, it’s almost complete.

When muskan and vansheeta claps and try to go to maan’s arms

Maan who just bend down and kissed and said coming sona , just complete ur food, dadda will take.

After their feed, geet burped them one by one when nany helped geet .

Later both of them (Muskan and vansheeta ) spend time with maan till night .


Geet:- maan, yash bhaiya told me that when we r helding baby shower for meera as it’s already 5 months over.

Maan looking through some paper and checking mail in laptop said hmmm, do one thing , ask mama or dadi ma and ma , they will know

Geet:-hmmmm ok, I will ask them.

When maan smiles and kissed geet’s lips and said after u fixed the date told me ,will help u in function.


Geet smiles and said no, u will just look after the business, I’ll manage and here r so many people, I’ll  have no prblem.

Maan chuckled.

Later after 7 days , there is a day for meera’s baby shower .

Geet took care of everything neatly though pinky helped her .

Soon after few months , meera and yash blessed with cute twin daughters and all r happy ,,

Geet kissed their forehead when maan said so meera, what do u think of their name.

Yash smiles and look at meera who said maan, u will give it ,as their mamu.

Maan smiles and looked at them and said Priyanka and Malabika

Geet smiles when yash said Priyanka is common name but malabika is uncommon name

Maan smiles slightly then blessed them.

After 15 days On their naam karan , meera told this name on their ear and make them giggle when maan and geet make them wear two gold chain & give two pair of gold bangles and vicky give two pair of gold anklets .

All smiles and blessed them, Khurana mansion r now filled with laughter, of little angels, those some times tension problem arise but their standing together and trust, love on each other make them face all odds together and make them win also, yes few times they stumble and lost also but they never loose hope and fight back .

Days passing so quickly and it’s turn months to years and after 5 long years,

Geet is waiting in her room like newly wed bride, she is giggling , smiling and carrassing her flat tummy cause there is some one who is symbol of their love, symbol of his maan’s love.

Maan came and hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek and softly whisper mishty.

When geet just turn and hugged him tightly in shyness.

Maan chuckled then said what happen mishty?

But geet just hugged him tightly few moments then raised her head and peck his lips then said congratulation Mr khurana.

Maan look puzzled when geet slowly kissed her bare chest and by her lips wrote there they r going to be parents and she is pregnant now.

Maan’s eyes turn full wide then he cupped her face and said sacchi mishty.

Geet with shy smiles hugged him and maan just felt king of the world,he got everything .

He cupped her face and filled her face with neumerous kisses then hugged her again and finally kissed her lips.

He just scoop her in his arms and twril in the room and shouts I’m going to be father again , geet, mishty thankkkkkkuuuuuuu.

He almost took geet in that way and shouts from the stair ,mama, ma, papa jee, dadi ma, yash, meera, vicky, see we r going to be parents again.

All at first look puzzled and then confuse when geet giggled and shied and hugged maan then slwoly all understand and realized it, all came and blessed maaneet.

There is coming another angel in their life.

When vansheeta and muskan jump and claps in joy as if they got .

Later at night maan make geet eat full plate of fruit and one glass of milk when geet said  maan no this is one bad thing I hate this period , u always make me fatty.see , now I had my dinner and u r giving me this

Maan chuckled then said my moti mombatti ,I’ll always love u in any state and in this state loving u more fun.

Geet blushed then whacked him.but maan hold her arm and capture her lips for a kiss and slowly make her full lay on the bed and came top of her and said I hope u r fine.

Geet nodded yes and hold his neck when maan said then it’s grt and whisper huskily I want to love u now.

Geet lowered her eyes lashes then smiles and both again capture each other lips for another soul searing kiss as if both quenching their thirst of love again and again.

After this maan slowly filled her with his love and passion and take her in their world.

Their love filled, passionate intense world.


Their love taking another heaight with their love.

After 8months ,one day geet is coming down and Maan slowly helping her to come down and make her sat on the couch and geet is just having shy smiles  with the care and love, pamper she is getting from his maan.


After 1month finally maaneet blessed with a boy ,

Maaneet have tears in their eyes once again , geet kissed the new angel and said ur carbon copy came and I won this time.

Maan chuckled then came and sat besides her and hold little bundle of joy in his hand and kissed his forehead and said our another symbol of love.

Geet slowly leanded on maan and kissed the little feet and said yes .

Maan smiles and kissed her forehead and said yes.

Later muskan came and joined them she is super happy again as now they have a brother in their naughty gang.

Later all family member came and bless the new member.

Maaneet came and tied by destiny and babajee’s blessing, they face all odds together , but when there is TRUE love and GOD’s Blessing then there is no tension , no worry cause one day TRUE LOVE will win as GOD is with them like MAANEET, with GOD’s Blessing with babajee’s Blessing they conquer all odds and lived happily together………forever…… with their family and angels ……………..



Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I’ll take legal action against him or her , pls don’t copy this FF & it’s concept



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