Chapter 4 of Memory Loss

Part 4:-

Doctor come and check her up and then come out from the room and said something and all r shocked and looking at doctor.

Then Radhika smiles and said I’ll become grand mother

Maan is looking lost , his heart is jump in joy for some feelings but his brain start thinking like contracting things, he turned and left from there.

He is sitting in the Garden and thinking about the incident and doctors word


Doctor come out from the room and said don’t worry darne koi baat nehi but jada stress mat dijiye Mrs Khurana se.

Maan look impatient and said but doctor what happen to her

Doctor smiles at him and said Mr Khurana don’t worry , actually it’s good news, I mean, U r going to be Father, Mrs Khurana is pregnant.

Every one looked shocked then dadi and Radhika mom looking happy.Maan , himself don’t know feeling happy but suddenly his brain feeling something else don’t know what and y but his heart is looking happy and feeling some thing like joy.but then he didn’t understand anything and just left the place

Flashback end

Dadi :- maan bete

Maan turn and look at dadi ma standing there , he get up and said ha dadi ma.

Dadi ma:- ha beta, oh actually we know that u forget ur past, ur past life, but it’s true Geet ur wife and mother of ur would be child, pls don’t blame her.

Maan look confused and puzzled but his eyes twinkled in joy  at dadi ma then said Dadi ma I need some time and left from there …..


Here, at the bed room, Geet wake up and look here and there then noticed Radhika ma is looking at her with tear in her eyes.

Geet get up and said ma

Radhika come and hugged her tightly and said God bless u beta, thank u beta. U gives us biggest happiness in our life, in this darkness u give us light,

Geet smiles then slowly fade away her smiles and said where is maan now?

Radhika:- may be

Geet lowered her eyes and said I know he will not accept it.

Dadi ma enter the room and hugged her and  said beta asie mat bolo, give him some time , it’s surprise for him na, u know he forget his past and suddenly if he know he will become father.

Geet nodded slowly but some where in her heart feared if maan reject , if don’t approved the father hood ,and think low of herself.

Geet still fight with everything but now, she expecting something worse will happen.


Radhika:- beta, I have to go with ur dadi ma for her normal check up , maan is here and servants r also here if u need anything just tell them

Geet nodded in yes .

Later geet feel bored , feared and maan still not come so she goes to search him. She is roaming here and there but still couldn’t find him. Tears full in her eyes but still she want to fight with her feeling. She went to kitchen for making coffee .

Here maan come inside the mansion after some brainstorming and sees geet enter the kitchen, he murmur, iye lerki apna manmarje karke hi rehegi.

He goes to kitchen and said geet, come to my room now.

Geet who is pouring water in the mug , just startled and said what and turn to see him and maan said come to my room fast. Then to a servant take madam’s all belongings and settle them in my room.

Geet who is just look at with wide eyes and try to grab the situation.

Geet murmur kiska room, whose belongings will be shift ?

Maan stop at stair case and said GEET , COME FAST NOW

Maan enter the room and sit in the bed. He is thinking all incidents; he is trying hard to recollect something and is in deep thinking. When geet enter the room and look at maan and maan look at geet both lost in there.

Maan looked away and said  u will stay here from now.

Geet want to happy but then asked but y

Maan looked at her then away and said change the dress and dinner will come, eat it , m coming

Geet hold his hand and said maan.

Maan :- give me some time geet.

Geet almost verge in tears and her voiced chocked and said o…ok…

Maan closed his eyes and said I…i… but left the sentenced and goes from there but again stop and whisper sorry .

Later servant serves dinner where geet is still sitting alone in the room and waiting for maan.

She just can’t take it any more , she want to talk to maan but maan just avoid her, she sat in the couch and think kya maan kuch galat soch rehe hain , I can’t take it , I….

Suddenly door open and maan come with another plate and soup bowl .

Maan looks her pale face then she is sitting in the couch and in deep thinking .

Maan placed the food tray on the table and said tumne abhi tak dinner nehi kya.

Geet look at him and said maan, oh…..

Maan :- kya hain , geet, aao first take dinner, sorry oh dadi ma and radhika ma aa gaye but both r tired so I told them to take rest and …. Now come.

Geet:- kya aap mujhe matlab humara bacche ko matlab mere bacche ko…..and closed her eyes to let out the tear come when maan hold her in his arms and settled her in the couch besides him and said geet, look at me, Geet, never think like that, may be I forgot my past life, may be I forgot when I get married, how much I loved, how close we were but on thing is sure I will never doubt at u, I don’t know but some how I  …. I can’t doubt u .ur eyes r always told ur purity, ur love for me. Geet, I just …actually I was late cause of  I …I want to recollect my past so thinking and try to remember if I could get back  but ….

Geet quickly cupped his face and said who told u think so hard and give stress urself , u know na, it’s not good for ur health , if something, no kya mein bol rehi hoon, maan, aap aise kyuon karte ho.

Maan :- don’t worry nothing will happen to me.

Geet:- yes, this is the line u told me before but what happen, they snatched u from me and start crying. Maan look at her and just can’t take her tears and take her in his arms and said shhhh geet, ro mat, bhul jao,oh baat dekho , I’m with u na.

Geet look at him, and said bhool jau , kaise bhool jau maan, aap nehi mil rehe the, kitne din kaha kaha dhoonda aapko, kaise bura khayal aarehe the, mujhe dev aur pammi mama ne kya kuch nehi kaha, kitna gandi gandi baat, aapke and again geet break down and said Sob….aapke…Sob..liye Sob…iye asan hain Sob … par … Sob mere … Sob…liye … Sob…nehi, aap ko pata nehi Sob…. Sob kiase din gujare Sob meine… Sob aur jab inte Sob koshis ke baad Sob aapka pata Sob chala tab aap hum sab ko bhool Sob gaye Sob the Sob pata hain kaise Sob samala Sob meine…sob……Maan hold her close then said geet and continuously caressed her back.

After calming her, maan wipes her tears and then made her drink water and said before u said anything just eat the dinner, u know u  r not alone .

Geet with sob again said paar maan oh.

Maan with stern voice said geet, ek baar kehe dia na, now no more words first finish ur dinner.

Geet nodded and start to eat her dinner but suddenly asked aapka medicine.

Maan who is eating his dinner said bhool gaya,

Geet stop the dinner there and said  aap ne nehi lya u don’t know it’s imp, u r not still fully fit and u r start to do ur maan maani, maan, what do u think , u always give me tension, kya bura kya meine aapke sath.

Maan look at geet then with again little angry and irritated tone said just complete ur dinner . no more argument , what I will do and what happen to me it’s up to me. I know how to handle thins and my health, if u feels too much tired to take care of things then don’t do it and today it’s not my fault, so now let’s drop the topic and complete the food and then take the soup also and have ur medicine.

Geet look at maan who was some times ago, lovingly, taking care of her  and now  again behave like stranger .

Her eyes welled up and some how manage to say I’m sorry for interfering in ur life. And complete the dinner. When maan said look geet, don’t manipulate my words, I don’t want to hurt u but if u keep pestering me what to do or not then I have to do this also.

Geet get up from the couch and said Thanks Mr Khurana.I forgot my limits , don’t worry I will not pestering u for anything from now. And take suitcases and try to leave the room when maan hold her wrist and take those heavy suitcases and said I know u r immature and impulsive but u r stupid also u proved it, ok u r angry but what u want to do with our baby, want kill her.

Geet looked at him and said baby is mine , also .

Maan:- accha isliye in this condition u r carrying this heavy suitcases. Look geet, just make my self clear, and ur mind also, I trust u as I said earlier also I see and have feel the truth coming out from u , may be I forgot my past but still I have trust on u , now about pestering or what, geet, u were r taking care of me and I loved it but some times I also need some space, to think about something , look today many things happen and it’s not easy for me to cope all at a moment.and our hwole life I can’t take this way, like I forgot my past but now it’s high time I have to recollect it.

I told u earlier also give me some time, now stop all this and have ur medicine first .

Geet turns and look at another way .

Maan give the medicine and said change the dress and I will come back soon.

Geet after changing the dress just sat in the couch .

Maan come with glass of Milk and said take it, Radhika ma ne dia hain.

Geet take the glass and drink it.

Maan went to change his dress and after coming from the changing room, maan said uha kis ke liye wait kar rehe ho sona nehi hain, come and sleep now,

Geet:- kaha.

Maan:-I don’t know in pregnancy u lost ur eye sight also like ur brain

Geet get up and said no need to taunt maan, m just asking as I’m here like, I mean …

Maan:- samajh gaya mein now come and sleep here and point at the bed.

Geet look at him and then maan said geet, if u want to think then sit here and think but not in the couch.

Geet  nodded in yes then slowly slowly  come and sit in the corner of the bed .

Maan:- good night and slept there .

Geet murmur dusht danav . then lay there but her mind is occupied in many thing,


Next morning,

Geet wake up and find maan is not in the bed then she see find him shouting at some one about some work, she smiles and thinks MSK ki gussa koi bhi nehi bacch sakte . iha bhi suru ho gaye,

She smiles and get up and shot a prayer to her baba jee then look at maan and said good morning.

Maan:-hmmm morning.

Geet frowned and think hmmm morning .

Later she got ready to leave for office when maan said u will not go to office today, take rest at home, as doctor said in the after noon  , mein jaldi wapas aajaunga then both of us will go to meet doctor.

Geet:- but.

Maan:- no but or anything, right now  take rest.

Maan left the room.Geet is feeling bore , she try to chat with dadi ma but her mind is occupied with maan.

Later she is doing some work for the office.

After 1.30 Maan came and see geet is sleeping and her left side table a note pad and some files r there.He shook his head  and goes near to geet and  try to wake her  up when dadi ma come and said beta. Don’t wake her up, she needs some rest.

Maan:- but dadi ma what happen?

Dadi ma:- she fainted , suddenly .

Maan look tensed and he turned  at geet who is sleeping peacefully but her face looked tired , maan thinks I thought it’s due to pregnancy.

Dadi ma:- aapka aane ke time chala gaya dekh ke suddenly she start crying .

Maan :- but I had meeting and stuck there.I left msg for her.

Dadi ma :-yes she told me beta , actually this time mean pregnancy period she needs extra care, as she suffered lots, with out  then when she found u still, she never told any one about her problem, her fear but I know,

Maan nodded then asked doctor aaya tha kya

Dadi ma nodded and said gave some medicine and said to take rest few days .

Maan :-ok, aapne lunch kya.

Dadi ma smiles and said yes.

Maan:- aap thori der rest le lijiye , radhika ma ko aate thore late hoga.

Dadi ma nodded then kissed maan’s forehead and leaving from there.

Maan sit besides geet and looking at her lovingly, he feels sad to see her like this,

At evening:-


Geet wake up and find maan is sitting besides her and looking at some files and busy with some file then  he called some one and said I want to know about all .hmm.ok adi mail me soon, no u will not go there alone, just do as I said and when tender will open find it.

Then he cut the call and then again called again some one.again scold that person.

Maan:- if u think u will work in this way and no one will told anything then u r wrong, I’m giving u only today and do u work , if u not submit the work tomorrow morning then ready  to face me .

Geet sit in her bed and see this and smiles . she slowly get up from the bed when maan said where r u going?

Geet:-oh mein.fresh hone jan rehi hoon.

Maan nodded in yes.

After coming out from washroom, geet seen fruit, milk r on the table.she makes face when maan said no need to do that come and eat those now, within 30mins I want to see all r finish and no argument.

Geet some how finish them and said finish .

Maan smiles and said so , tell me one thing.


Maan:- If I will be little late and u will behave like that.I informed u about my late arrival then.

Geet:-I scared to loose u.mein jaan bhoojh ke kuch nehi kya.

Maan goes near to her and said geet, see I have office na and there is lots of work,

Geet cut him and said I know isliye toh aapke sath jana  but u stop me.

Maan:- what do u want I make u ill . see how weak u r still .

Geet:-hmmm, but I feared.

Maan:- geet,

Geet:-I’ll go with u and stop doing work, u r not fit totally u will fall ill, y r u not listening to me.

Maan:-Geet, then again he said I told u earlier also don’t bossing over me. And now take this chart from now u will follow it and see this is not made by mine, it’s doctor prescription and if u feared anything that doesn’t mean I will stay whole day in front of’s u who suggest me to join office now when I start working u want another thing. U don’t know what u want.

Geet look at him then said I don’t … but her voiced choked and said sorry.

Maan:- look geet, don’t be sorry, let’s practical , I’m trying to remember everything but can’t , sec there r many problem, and then many problem , third many things r coming in front me , now think from atleast.

Anyway, I’m going for an meeting will come back before dinner, don’t think too much or stress ur self.and I’m sorry for shouting . now take rest or if u want to do work then do it but not taking stress.

Geet nodded when maan hold her chin and said don’t look so sad , give me the smiles, and see our baby will be feeling happy to see her mother look happy.I’ll be back soon.



At 7.30 pm, Hotel Blue Rose:-

Maan and adi come out from the hotel , when some one called him from the back.

Maan turned and see Mr Batra calling him.

Maan’s facial expression changed and he turned to move from there when Mr batra said Mr Khurana pls ,

Maan didn’t want to stay there and just moved from there when mr batra almost come in front of him but maan’s guard try to move him when mr batra said just once mr khurana pls listen to me.

Maan look at him disgustingly then said I never seen a shameless man like u ,

Mr batra try to say but not like as ur so called wife  or ur Mom, I was stunned to see ur whole family is sha but before he can complete just received a powerful punch and said don’t u dare to say anything. And I’m not believing ur any word .


Maan:-guards throw him out from there.

Adi seen all this and try to say something when maan give him angry glance ….

Adi thinks geet is right with ML or without ML maan sir ka gussaa and gulped the saliva …..



At 9.30 pm Mansion:-

Maan enter the mansion with angry mood, he just seen geet but her  innocent face and longing eyes make him forget everything for some moments.

Maan thinks y m trusting her so much, she said she is my wife I trust her, she is pregnant and I know that she is carrying my child but y  m feeling like this, what happen to me when I can’t remember anything,but my trust on her keep increasing but y?

His chain of thought broke when radhika come there and said are maan beta aap aagaye.

Maan look at her then remember mr batra’s word and said radhika ma I want to talk to u right now.

Geet:- maan,

Maan with stern and strict voice said go to u room , right now,

Geet look at maan and see the old devlish , roothless maan again his eyes speaking has not softness but has immense of anger ,

Maan :- I want to talk to u alone Radhika Ma and alone

Radhika ma looking at him with tears in eyes and shocking face .

Then slowly she calms herself and said come to my study.

Geet try to intervene when maan said GEET  I SAID GO TO UR ROOM, I WILL NOT REPEAT IT AGAIN, GO FROM HERE NOW.

Geet just slowly leave from there where maan follow Radhika ma in her study.


Maan enter the study and said aab boliye.

Radhika ma smiles and said kya jaana hain tumhe mein kaun hoon tumahara.

Maan:- ha.kya rista hain , if u  r  mother of geet then y every one called u as Mrs Khurana .

Radhika come close to him and said sach sun paaoge tum,

Maan:- aap kaho

Radhika:-see this album maan first and this diary and read it.

Maan:-take those but said still if u said what will harm u

Radhika:- nothing beta, nothing, I can tell u but u will trust me or can’t take the truth or depth of truth.

Maan look at her  for some time then leave the room.

Maan enter his room and placed them in the bed and think , then he thinks y I feel something to Radhika mom , like something neat to me close to my soul who is she, her name is Mrs Radhika Singh Khurana, if I Maan Singh Khurana then …….and closed his eyes then after some moments he  turns to see where is geet?

Then he seen she is sleeping in the bed and almost cuddling herself and her posture said she is crying there.

Maan :-ek problem nehi jati doosra aajati hain.

Maan sit besides her and said geet,

Geet :- good night and pull the spread in her head.

Maan shook his head and said medi but geet complete, dinner kya,medicine lya and good night when maan smiles at her and then he goes  to change his dress .

That night maan sit in the bed and look at album and open the diary and see the picture of young radhika and some man in their wedding attire then a another pic of their with a little baby then another pic with a toddler ………

Maan:-who is little boy

Geet:- Angel Maan Singh Khurana not this devil Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan look at her with wide eyes.



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