Chapter 5 of Memory Loss

Part 5:-

Geet:- Angel Maan Singh Khurana not this devil Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan look at her with wide eyes.

Geet innocently smiles and turns but soon feel a hand slide in her arms and pull her slightly and his hot breath falling on her nape and said huskily kya kaha devil Maan Singh Khurana , ha.

Geet feel shiver running through her whole body and she just said oh..ahhh, maan, but maan slowly caressing her waist upper from the satin cloth then make his  hand went inside her suit and caressed her stomach lovingly where geet breathing hard and getting lost when maan kissed her nape slightly and said how was the demo sweet heart?

Geet who is breathing fast just said maan,

Maan nuzzle his nose in her neck and said kya hua bolo na geet, ha, devil maan Singh khurana ha,

Geet just can’t take said no angel maan …..Singh….. khurana …….but…… thora ……devil  , dusht bhi hain………mere dusht danav……and just cover face when maan made her turn and said so u like little angel maan Singh khurana hmmmmm.

Geet hide her face in his chest when maan hugged her back and said , geet mere help karoge?oh purana baatein iyaad dilane mein.

Geet slowly look at him when maan said geet I want to know about my past, our past.

Geet with teary eyes said I will maan, I will ….

Maan:- geet, so jao bhaut late ho gaye hain.

Geet nodded and close her eyes where maan cover her with a spread protectively.

After maan feels that geet is sleeping, he get up and open the album again and look those pics again and again .

He smiles and then looks at geet who is sleeping peacefully and remember the shyness, happy and shy smile ……

He didn’t know y he took this step, but whenever he looks at her feel something, like he want to close with her, want to caress    her soft skin , touch her soft milky skin , feel those lips but this only attraction, or something else. Kya I’m lusting on her no never I didn’t it’s not.I don’t but from the first day when I seen her I just want to close to me, I just want to hide her from this world, whenever he has seen tears in her eyes, it’s pierced his heard, feeling like countless needle piercing in his heart .

He look at geet and don’t know when he falls in sleep there.


Next morning, geet wake up and stretched her hand then get up and suddenly she noticed maan is sleeping in the couch,she looks at him and feel sad that he went to sleep there, then think he needs time, she accept her, never doubt about their baby, but then y he is still so far, when he will come near to her, love her like before , listen to her non stop bak bak, teart start to fall from her eyes. When  a know finger wipes them and said what happen geet?

Geet look at him and said nothing ? oh baas purana baat iyaad aagayi, so.

Maan cupped her face and said if u want then u can share , waise mein bhi oh saare iyaad sunna chatha hoon, samajhna chatha hoon, humara riste ko khud ko, tum ko, hum sabko.madat nehi karoge mere.

Geet smiles and said of course karungi maan,

Maan:- mujhe tumse aur bhi help chaiye

Geet:- boliye maan.

Maan:- well, first fresh ho lo, take bath then will have break fast together and talk about it…..

Geet nodded then left for washroom.Maan prepare the bed and order break fast for both of them. And said give break fast to dadi, radhika ma and adi,

After taking shower geet coming out from the washroom and looking for maan .but he is not there. When Servant come and placed two breakfast plates and said maan sir told her to eat the break fast, he will join her soon.

Geet nodded and said ok.

Geet filled her mang with vermillion and tie the mangalsutra properly .

She sat on the couch and waiting for maan.

Here ,maan is talking with adi and radhika mom about some imp document and then told them to go to office , as he is taking half day , he will join them after lunch, as he will take dadi also to doctor.

Radhika mom:- ok but u will not go alone,

Maan:- but .

Radhika mom:-maan, pls .

Maan:-ok ,

Adi:- mein office ke liye nikalta hoon sir and ma’m aajka meeting I’ll handle thme but u need to talk with mr ahuja.

Radhika:-I’ll join u in short while .

After adi leaving from there when maan asked radhika mom, there r only few pics until my toddler days but then what happen ? there is no single pics of mine with u after that. Yes I didn’t remember but don’t think I’m not trusting u .I trust u  but I want to know what happen with us that time. Mean,y there is not any pics of us after that time .

Radhika mom:- maan, take it easy, har cheese sab kuch jaanna it’s not good for health but trust me u will know everything  which u know in ur past and which u didn’t know .

Maan startled then said hmmm  but his face is clearly indicate that he is not happy but in some thinking .

Maan get up and said ok I’ll wait.

And left from there.



Here geet is feeling sleepy and falls in sleep there.

Maan come in his room with agitation that there r many things hide from him, here he is trying his best and here all r hiding truth from him, when he insisted or told them then or some one from out side . He is cursing himself for this ML.then he noticed geet is sleeping in the couch and feels sorry for her to getting late and then he noticed the untouched breakfast.

He gets angry on geet now and went close to her and said geet, GEET.

Geet who is sleeping and just startled and lazily open her eyes when she noticed maan’s angry face.

She didn’t know what happen and just asked what happen maan?

Maan who is irritated and frustrated y radhika mom didn’t tell him about anything y he is feeling there r many thing hiding from him . He just said I told u to complete the breakfast but no u never want to listen to me. Everything u have to do what u want ? don’t u think u r not alone now, u have a little life also with u, when u become little responsible geet, grow up now, before also u done it. Now complete the breakfast .

Here in this moment none of them realize , what maan said actually , here maan is feeling confused, frustrated, irritated and puzzled and feeling terribly helpless and another side geet is feeling hurt, sad , now she know maan didn’t love her, didn’t remember her, but today’s rude word and start sobbing .she hurriedly try to complete her breakfast when maan sat besides her and said I’…I’m …. sorry geet.I didn’t want  to hurt u .

Geet who is silently sobbing just said it’s ok, sob. It’s …sob… my sob.. fault. Sob…I  .. just feel …. Sob… sleepy so., sob…. Sorry…..

Radhika come there with  a file when she heard geet’s sobbing and hurriedly come inside and said what happen geet?

Geet who is looking like doll and crying ……

Maan look at radhika helplessly when radhika sat besides geet and patted her head lovingly and said kya hua beti,

Geet who coughed little and maan give her glass of water and she accept it and then said kuch nehi mama.oh  baas aise hi.

Radhika mom look not convinced when she again said beta, this is not good to be sad and maan, if u have any problem or anything then told us ,but geet cut her and said mama it’s ok , nothing like that happen…….Mama, aap boliye na aaj dadi ma check up ka date hain na.

Radhika nodded and said maan iye lo file and here r all prescription and some previous report adi take those from family doctor.

Maan took the file and said ok.


After radhika left from the room, geet get up and take her plate and try goes from there when maan said uss sab ko iha rakh do and take ur medicine first.

Geet again sat there and took all medicine then again get up when maan said chup chap baithe raho iha.

Geet sat there silently when maan complete his breakfast and called adi in office and said yes baat kya thik hain nehi, thori der hoga, actually aaj two check up hain, dadi ma ki and geet ki so after that I will go.ok, ha , fixed the meeting after 3.30 .



After finish the ,call he turn and said geet, look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt u, I….i was disturb.I know I made a huge mistake , I’m sorry geet.

Geet slowly said it’s ok . I understand. Aap pareshan mat hoiye , I will make sure .

Maan smiles and said rest le tab tak mein ready hoke aata hoon and kissed her hair .

After getting ready maan take geet and dadi ma with him for check up.

Geet looks dull and avoiding maan , she just sat in the car silently as dadi ma with her.

After dadi ma’s check up maan said to geet, sit here, I’m coming with u.

After maan make dadi ma sit in the car and adi come there as maan called him and said take her with him to the mansion back, geet will join them there.

After maan coming back to see geet is not there and he looks worried  then he asked nurse about geet and she told him that she is on doctor’s room……

Maan agitated and think what’s wrong with this woman, he told her to wait, then, oh no wait, is she has some problem, then he rushed to doctor’s cabin where assistant of doctor told him that Mrs Khurana is with Doctor and inside the check up room and maan without any word just dashed there and asked to geet, r u ok . is there any problem. Then to doctor kya hua , sab thik hain na,


Doctor smiles and said don’t worry she is fine just normal check up and it’s done, come to chamber will talk there.

Maan helped geet to down from the bed where geet is blushing and feel terribly shy, as maan the way come there.

But soon her happy expression change in to a frown and she said I’m sorry.

Maan look confused now, y she is saying sorry?


Both of them enter the doctor’s cabin and take their sit ….

Doctor:- mr and mrs khurana all r fine but as I guess mrs khurana is taking some kind of tension or stress.

Maan nodded in yes then asked is there any problem with geet or our baby?

Geet who is feeling embarrassed then look at maan with awe as he was referring their baby is our baby….

Whne maan said ok , doctor, thank yes we will come after 15 days

If anything needed then definitely call u.

Doctor :-ok.


Later maan make geet sit in the bed and give her some fruit and juice and told her to eat lunch in time and kissed her hair and then said I will be back soon.

Geet nodded and maan left from there.


Later , after meeting maan called dadi ma about his health then to geet but geet ans is like hmm, yes,no.

Maan wonder what happen to his Hoshiyarpur express then maan think Hoshiyarpur express , y he is thinking like this then he remember in the morning he also something like, uff, what’s happening, y he is behaving like this…

He hold his head and  want to remember what he exactly told geet in the morning?

There is something definitely. But what is this?



Here at mansion ,at the evening:-

Geet is talking with dadi ma  about her health when dadi ma asked how is my little baby?

Geet smiles and said she is perfectly fine dadi ma .

Dadi ma patted her head and said bahut din baad khushiya aayi hain geet,humne last kuch mahino mein jo dekha hain….hum sabne…….bahut kuch khoya hain geet and tumhara dada jee ke ghar, sab kuch mere galati hain when maan said dada jee ka ghar bhi hum wapas pa lenge dadi ma, par aap kis galati ki baat kar rehe hain, aur dada jee ka ghar kaha hain?

Geet and dadi r looking at maan then geet said dadi ma mein aati hoon and left from there.

Dadi ma:- beta, iye ek bahut lambi kahani hain, khair mein sirf itna kehe sakti hoon, hum sab delhi se hain, delhi hain mein humara ghar, parivaar, business sab hain, uha hum sab bahut khush the par humara zindegi do do baar ek tufan aayi and sav kuch khatam kar dia.

Then after some pause beta, tumhe iye kahani puri hum se nehi paata chalega , kyuon ki iye kahani, kye sacchai puri jaana ho toh tumhe radhika and geet se janna hoga kyuon oh dono hi isse puri tarah se bol sakte hain par beta jald baaji mat karo, wait….karo,

Maan nodded positively and said thanks dadi ma then said how r u now.

Dadi smiles and said I’m fine beta,how r u, how is ur work going on?

Maan smiles and said work is going on fine ,.

After some time maan take leave from there..

Maan enter the room and found geet is reading a file. He notices it’s about her pregnancy file, he smiles and keep the suitcase in the table and said how r u?

Geet:- good

Maan:- how is ur day

Geet:- good

Maan:-how is my baby?

Geet:- good.

Maan look at geet who is looking at the file when maan asked did u take all medicine when geet said yes and give him wrapper of empty medicine and then called the sushil  when maan asked geet sushil ko kyuon bula rehe ho, aur iye kya hain geet, jo  bhi puch raha hoon… only good or now this medicine wrappers and calling sushil, what’s this geet?

Here Sushil came and said yes ma’m.

When maan shouts nothing and leave us alone now.

Sushil look at maan then leave from there when maan close the door and hold her by shoulder and said look at me geet and tell me what is this,

Geet:- u don’t like my company,  u told me I’m not taking care of ur baby so it’s better I behaved this way, at least ur one problem will be reduced.

Maan look at geet some time then said how could u think like this geet?I was disturb in the morning, about something and I seen u lay in the couch in uncomfortable position and sleeping there then u didn’t touch ur breakfast as it’s not good for u and our baby so.

I’m sorry if I hurt u.I try to co-operate with all of u and I think I have right to scold u when u , and I didn’t mean to hurt u, anyway, I’m sorry may be I over reacted ,I’ll remember it.

Maan leave geet and enter the washroom. after taking shower he make himself cool but think about geet’s condition  and cursed himself as doctor said she is in some kind of stress …..he now understand what r those stresses and he come out from the wash room after changing in his night dress and seen geet is sitting in the bed when  maan called geet and she just turn and said sorry maan and hugged him and said I’m sorry maan.I forget that.I  was , actually I don’t know last couple of days I feel emotional whenever u goes away from me or u said something rudely, I know and understand u done all cause of my good , I know actually after ur memory loss I  used to ur love all time , I forgot u scold me, but maan that doesn’t mean I told u u can’t scold me . u can . u have full rights on me,but pls don’t go away from me.mujhe abhi bhi bahut daar lagata hain aapke liye, oh kahi din I never forget .I was living a nightmare, I was living in a hell , without u I’m nothing, pls don’t go away from me.

MAan cupped geet’s face and said don’t u ever think I’m or leaving u.I know and u also know I forget my past, my life, but u know I can’t see sad u, pain in ur face, tears in ur eyes .I’m sorry geet .

Geet:- no u r not I’m sorry.I should be but maan cut her and with smiling face said again we r fighting.

Geet:- it’s our old habit we used to fight before also

Maan:- accha, then said kyat um mujhe nehi bataoge humara zindegi ke baarein mein, madat karna ka wada kya hain tumne, mujhe iyaad aane mein madat karoge humara zindegi ka oh hiss eke baarein mein.

Geet nodded in yes and tear just welled up in her eyes when maan wipes it and said shhhh itna rona accha nehi hain ,

Geet:- mein aapke liye coffee banake le aati hoon

Maan nodded then said come soon have to discuss something.

After geet enter the kitchen , she is thinking about the incident from the morning to evening, then think she is reacting over as maan said whatever for her good and their baby. Now she has to little careful but maan ka gussa still is same .

She smiles then think maan is disturb from the morning but y, after her waking up he is very good mood then what happen?kya mein unse puchu kya hua hain.nehi agar bura maan lya iya pareshan ho gaye  toh…….mujhe dhayn se puchna hoga , unhe bina pareshan karke but kaise karu…. Chalo pehle coffee toh de doon , warna phir se pareshan honge.


Geet take coffee mug and went to meet maan in the room where she found him shouting at adi in phone.

She shook her head and think Mr Maan Singh Khurana will never change.his attitude, anger, uff kya karu mein aapne dusht danav ka then smiles and see him talking with attitude and want to hug him and think no dusht danav nehi mr dhak dhak,


Maan cut the call and noticed geet placed the coffee mug in the table and looking at him , he smiles and take the mug and said tumahra juice kaha hain ?

Geet:- I don’t feel like drinking juice .

Maan look at her worriedly when she said dadi ma ne kaha hain this things r happen in this time, aur dopeher mein dadi ma nehi bahut lunch karwaya  phir aapne kaha tha fruit khao so ek plate fruit , aur abhii kuch nehi khana mujhe,

Maan sat in the chair and said baatein na maana tumhara adat hain, aur khash karke mere baat.

Geet:- asie nehi hain oh , thik hain mein leke aati hoon,

Maan:- sit here and tell servant for one glass of juice then said to geet so now tell me clearly, how r u, how is ur day and how is my baby?

Geet :- kaha toh meine aapko

Maan:- geet, that’s not an ans .now tell me clearly.

Geet rolled her eyes and said well I’m good  ….and day was boring ,so went to talk with dadi ma then feel good and ur baby is good, like me don’t disturb me,

Maan smiles and said good , now when u r feel bore u can join me in office.

Geet almost jump  when maan said GEET.

Geet :- sorry then said grt,  waise I’m feeling bore then murmur I’m missing u also.


After some moments, Nikhil come and give juice to geet then said Dadi ma give this to geet madam.

Geet take the paper then said ok.

Maan:- kya hain oh.

Geet:- mere diet chart, daily routine , , actually dadi ma also feeling bore so she make it.

Maan take the papers and carefully read that and said geet drink the juice.

Geet make face but drink it and then see maan said ok , it’s fine, dadi ma helps u lots .

Now obey it, atleast for dadi ma .

Geet:- aap tana marna nehi chorenge na.

Maan smirked then said geet subha mein radhika mom se milne gayi and told geet the morning incident in their and then said isliye I was disturb and I hurt u.

Geet :- maan, it’s ok actually, we r worried about ur health so , but when u want to know then I will tell u but not  together slowly slowly  .

Maan  agreed with her then said geet, kya huamra shaadi ghar walon ne karwaya tha .

Geet smiles and said nehi , love marriage tha.

Maan look at her then said hmmmmm then said geet kya mein tumhe Hoshiyarpur express bulata tha , Hoshiyarpur se mere iya tumhara kya rista geet.

Geet look at maan then said maan pehele aap iye bataiye kya aapko kaise pata Hoshiyarpur express ke baarein mein.

Maan :- pata nehi dopher mein tumahare sath baat karne ki baat aapne aap muh se nikal gaya pata nehi but iye word iye sab bahut jaane pehechane se lagta hain ,kuch din week pehele bhi kuch dhoondli si tasbeer akhon ke saamne aaraha tha, like some old haveli,  forest, sword , a mansion, aur aur phir sab  and again maan hold his head when geet come and hold him and said maan shhh, jada stress mat lijiye . thora shant ho jaiye.


After some time geet said maan Hoshiyarpur se humara kahani suru hui thi, ek lerki ki, bholi si, jisse bachpana bhari hui thi par uske sath kuch aise hua oh samay se pehele bare ho gayi, aur usi place oh lerki ne mila ek lerke se jo bahut gusse wala tha , pata nehi humesha danta rehetha tha uss lerki ko….


pyaar ki yeh kahaani suno

ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi

hoti kya hai jawaani suno

ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi


Maan said then that boy is not good when geet almost shouts no, he is good, in fact very good., never say that.

Maan feel jealous and said I don’t like that boy.

Geet smiles and said accha , age toh suniye.

Maan : nehi sunna.

Geet:- phir mat kahiyega meine aapke help nehi kya.

Maan:- continue karo.

Geet smiles and said oh lerka humesha uss lerki ko bachatha raha aur lerki bhi humesha muskilo mein parta rahi, par na jane kaise rista baan gaya oh lerka aur lerki se.aapko pata hain oh lerki kya naam hain.

woh bhi ek daur tha

waqt hi aur tha

jab woh the ajnabi

dono tanaha se the

par woh kehte kise

baat jo dil mein thi

pyaar ki yeh kahaani suno

ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi

hoti kya hai jawaani suno

ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi


Maan:- kya hain

Geet get up from the sofa and went to the cupboard and give pic to maan and said GEET HANDA.

gumsum gumsum rehte the dono

phir bhi dil mein kehte the dono

koyi sapana hum bhi to paayein

ek din tute ghum ke woh ghere

jhilmil jhilmil aaye savere

mausam badala jaagi fizaayein

woh mil gaye, woh khil gaye

aur pyaar ho hi gaya

jo maanga tha, woh paaya to

hosh kho hi gaya


Maan look at the pic then to geet and said geet, mean tum.


pyaar ki yeh kahaani suno

ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi

hoti kya hai jawaani suno

ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi


Geet nodded then said aab suniye oh lerke ka naam hain.

Maan almost verge on shouts and think may be there is some other boy and said nehi sunna mujhe, kuch nehi suna mujhe,if u r geet handa then geet maan Singh khurana.

Geet:- pata hain maan aapka   problem kya hain kabhi  kisi ki baat pura nehi sunte hain , jab aapke ML nehi hua tbhi  aur aab bhi.

Maan:- accha

Geet:- ha , aur agar aapko mere help chaiye toh chup chap suniye.

Maan:- continue karo and turns his face when geet give another pic to him and said see this , and his name is MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Maan feel thrilled, excited and see the pic and said mein.

Geet nodded with a smiling face

Both look at each other maan lost in geet’s eyes where geet remember their first meeting then how maan continuously saved her from all danger,how they become friends, then lover then husband wife, how they lost int heir little world, their little paradise.


haule haule abb woh deewaane

gun gun gaaye dil ke taraane

sun sun jhumein saari hawaanyein

dhadkan dhadkan hai behaki behaki

mann mann, mann mann, chaahat hai mehaki

sapane apane jaadu jagaayein

phir dekhoge, toh jaanoge

kya hai nasha pyaar ka

yahi sochoge, yahi chaahoge

sun rahi ye sada





Geet tunrs and runs from there.This sudden movement break the  maan’s thinking and he sat in the chair and keep thinking about the all words, which told by geet. He is feeling some thing familer but can’t remember then suddenly he noticed geet is not there. He get up and come out side the room and asked one of the servant where is geet and come to know that she went to terrace .

Maan goes there and see geet is looking at moon . maan come close to her  and heard that   kyuon asie hua humara sath, hum toh aapne zindegi mein khush the, kyuon hua aapke sath aise, jab aap mere sath nehi kaise kaise baat sunna para mujhe, kaise log mujhe dekhe kaise mere taraf hath baraya bura najar se, kaise kaise  indecent proposal dia, they told me they will free u if I … and cried there .maan heard all and  tight his jaw  and  said geet.

Geet tunrs and see him when wipes her tears  and Maan hold Geet closely , almost hide her from this world



pyaar ki yeh kahaani suno

ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi

hoti kya hai jawaani suno

ek ladka tha, ek ladki thi

woh bhi ek daur tha

waqt hi aur tha

jab woh the ajnabi

dono tanaha se the

par woh kehte kise

baat jo dil mein thi



Geet hugged him back and cring there, like want to tell him how much pain she is bearing after his dreadful accident,how much she sufferd that time without him how much people give her problem, and how much she hugged more tightly .

Later after dinner maan make geet sleep early.

Geet try to protest but maan stopped her and said chup chap so jao.

Geet makes face and  sleep there.

After that maan went to meet radhika mom and dadi ma .


Maan kissed her lips gently and said never feel urself alone, I’m with u.Geet smiles and take his hand and placed in her stomach and said love u maan and ur baby also love u.


Maan heard geet murmuring something in smiling face and said kya hua geet?

When geet open her eyes lazily and said maan aap then  said aap iye dress when maan said ha oh mein gym mein tha , as doctor said I can excersise slightly so.

Geet get up and said aap thore der pehele iha nehi the.

Maan:- geet mein iha nehi tha pichle 2 ghante se as I went to meet radhika mom ,then accompany her to morning walk then to gym so.kyuon kya hua.

Geet murmur then maan ne  mujhe kiss nehi kya and oh sab kyat ha , mujeh laga , hey baba jee mujhe kya ho raha hain.

Maan:- kya hua geet, kya bol rehe ho kuch problem hain kya.

Geet nodded no then said oh kuch nehi , meine nahane jati hoon then again murmur sapna tha oh mere iya sach……


Maan:-iye aise kyuon behave kar rehi hain.kya hua isse.


At breakfast table , maan and radhika mom discussed about some project when Maan:- but radhika ma, what they want and y they come here.Geet oh project, matlab uska jo owner hain kya naam hain uska , kuch construction company ha khurana construction company then radhika mom, dadi ma, geet, adi all r looking at maan and maan look at the file and said Khurana Construction in Delhi . then khurana , iye toh hum hain iye koi aur khurana par iye khurana construction  kuch jana phechana se lagta hain , like I heard this name before also.

Radhika mom:- kaun aaraha hain milne,

Maan:- they called and informed my PA that they send their Manager  mr shukla and purchase head mr sinha .


Adi and geet think Thank God.



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