Chapter 5 of RTL&B2

Chapter 5:-

Next day ,maan rolled on bed when he heard a sound shit…..n notice geet is doing something…his sona….she is busy to search something there inside the cupboard n wore a bathrobe which reach upto her knee…she is looking like little school girl again..the girl who was navie n want to ask so many question …his little sona…he chuckled n said good morning sona…who turn n look shock then grinned n said kuwar sa I didn’t able to find the saree masa has given me…

Maan get up when geet notice him ….sleeping in vest n a bottom payjama…she notice him looking pale n tired, the dark circle around his eyes, but she can’t say or do anything so she turn when maan came n stand behind her ……he look few mins the find n said here it’s…Geet nodded n took them when maan still didn’t move he just stand there but geet said kuwar sa who lost in some where… she said kuwar sa when maan still lost …..he was lost with the fragrance of geet’s hair n body…the sweet jasmine n rose smell coming …

She was confuse y her kuwar sa didn’t move from that place…she looked at maan her kuwar sa whose eyes look changed but then she hold his arm n said suniye na…Maan smiles gently n said hmmm when geet look nervous n said aap hatiye na .I have to change…

Maan smiles gently when his finger raised n gently tries to tucked her tendrils but then suddenly moved away …he shook his head n closed his eyes as if fighting with something  ..he turn n said don’t u have little thing on ur mind or brain geet….istarah se ghum rehe ho? Don’t u have little shame left on u?

Geet turn n gulped down the pain n said no I don’t have…I like this u know hukum….n went from there…..

Later geet does kitchen puja then serve the sweet dish….

Masa said bahurani , serve this to ur kuwar sa…Geet nodded n called maan, hukum…

Maan hold the spoon tightly….when, geet said again hukum…maan turn with narrowed eyes said yes Princess Geetakshi Singh Rathod…..pls her highness give it here…

Masa try to intervene when she heard geet…..yes his higness , here is it one is Suji ka halwa another one is Gajar ka, check which one is good for u.

Geet turn n assure masa it’s nothing to worry….but maan’s patience n temper is changing with time…All praise geet’s food…Masa gift her kangan when dadi sa gift her diamond necklace n kundan set….

Maan’s father later join n gift her diamond ear ring n anklets …

Two younger siblings of maan smiles n said they r young so….when babasa smiles but said still u need to give her something it’s ritual…

When geet said it’s ok babusa…then said ek min…she quickly went n come back with two packets n said here is this two for u…ur bhai sa bought it…

Maan almost chocked his water when masa chuckled as know the truth but babu sa said thanks maan who  like as if want to say truth but geet glare at him cutely n make him gulped n said it’s ok babusa when both siblings of maan hugged him.

Masa said bête now go n ready u have to go to ur home for pagphere rasam..Geet nodded but little kumudini said but bhai sa didn’t give anything to bhabisa…

Dadi sa hain that si true….

Geet look down when masa said maan who shrugged it off n went away from there..Geet bite her lips to gulp down the pain then said he gives me the gift ….

Masa look shock n said when n geet said in the morning…n look down n when dadi sa said so kuwar sa know that his sona will do well in cooking….

Dadi sa n masa giggle when maan who standing near stair just shook his head n went away…

Geet look down when all think this is may be cause of shyness but none know what the real or actual reason is…..

Maan look at geet who was looking down some time or some time outside but the forlorn expression..

Maan said this face will give everyone impression that I beat u…

Geet turn n glare at him but didn’t say when maan said I was disturb …


Maan cough then said oh about morning n …I…..but geet turn away….when maan said geet who replied yes hukum I know I am shameless woman who want to trap u…like I copied during my school days now happy kuwar maanverndra singh sisodia….

Maan gritted his teeth n said GEETAKSHI….who look n said yes Princess Geetakshi maanverndra singh sisodia , is my name I know but its seem u forgot it.

Maan try to say but then close his mouth n ignore her rest of the way….

They reached Rathod Palace;

They showered flowers on them when geet’s masa take arti of them n then bless them…After the initial ritual , geet entered there n geet’s masa hugged her when she hugged her back …..the tear drop fall from her eyes….

Geet took blessing from her babasa who bless her…..

Later geet’s masa took her with him n after lunch , maan left the place…as he need to join office… he look at geet who didn’t look at him at once, his heart felt pain but he quickly recover it…..this one day geet hugged her mother n asked y they make her marry with kuwar sa…

Geet’s mother look worried n asked did he don’t care for u geetu….we have seen him caring for u..we have seen him , the situation arise u know the maan of this two place….Geet sadly smiles n turn away….

Next day evening maan came back but found geet was roaming around flowers n trees , he stopped at that place n notice a butter fly came n sat on geet….maan drift to those 18yrs ago when little sona will run behind those butterfly…he sighed deeply n stand besides her n called her sona when geet startled then  smiles at him n said aap aagye?

Maan nodded when geet try to leave but maan hold her wrist n said hmmmm….then said sona….this is for u…

Geet look at maan with confusion then open the packet n said OMG u….it’s samosa n chilly pakora….maan notice the childish expression of geet , he felt amuse but then his sona is like that.

Maan smiles n said but with one condition I brought them n make geet pout …Maan chuckled but said u will not eat this chilly pakora more than 2 so..if u not listen to me then maan left it with humor but geet sadly said I know u will punish me when maan startled n said sona but geet took out one samosa n one chilli pakora n then break them n take half of them n rest of them place inside the packet n called Sunita Sunita…

A maid servant came when geet said go n inform everyone that Hukum came….n geet said aap andar jaiye…I will bring tea for u n before maan can say anything geet just left….

Maan didn’t meant to hurt her but ……he slowly went inside…. Geet’s father….I shouldn’t left her there….when maan said no it’s not ur fault If I could help her guide her then…I didn’t guide her just punish her n she ….

Geet’s father I thought waise bhi toh kuch saal baad jayegi so pehele kyuon nehi that was best school but…it’s only for her best education which she got but we lost our daughter when maan think I lost my best friend , little innocent sona.

Geet’s father drifts back to those memories


Dadisa of geet beating her nonstop , she crying n said dadi masa meine kuch nehi kya vishwas kijiye mein…

Dadi masa tere vishwas ek baar tune humara vishwas tod diya tha , jab chori kya…

Geet crying n crying finally geet’s babasa took hold n said bass kijiye masa when geet hugged her babusa when dadisa still screaming n cursing geet n maan …

Suddenly geet lost her conscious n almost falling n geet’s babasa shouts geet, then maannn who was leaving out but stop n notice babasa panic voice then geet whose nose r bleeding, he throw his bags n hold geet n scream geet , sona utho na sona uthooooo …..They admitted geet to nursing home n to their fear doc inform them that geet is suffering from high pressure n excessive stress …….

Flashback end

Geet’s father wipes those tears from his eyes …

Maaneet sat in the puja but both r stealing glances then prayed to god for each other…

Maan in his mind I can’t do it , it will be too dangerous for me for her…but how could I left alone….

Geet in her mind , he is my mentor, he is my best friend n he again try to save me , protect me….he left his freedom, his wish desire….to save me….

They do the arti but with mechanical way,they complete all rituals when geet’s masa said kuwar jee, ur masa informed us that u both will return today n next week  there will reception of geet n then next day her muh dikhayi tomorrow afternoon there will be puja for u two..Maan nodded…At the time of departure, geet felt emotional n hugged them ..she avoid to looking at dadi sa who still harbor bad feeling for geet …as per dadisa , geet bring bad name for the family….

Geet went towards arya who has tears in his eyes….

Arya hugged geet n said guddi wapas aajana pehele ki tarah aabhi aapne bhai se se naraj hain tu…

Geet look at her bhai sa then wipes her tear n said I will bhai sa….for u…m not angry or upset..I need time..pls bhai sa

Arya  look at her n said m sorry for that happen…when geet look at him n remember the fateful night where everything changed n her parents took decision of her n kuwar sa’s wedding..

Maan look at geet’s pale face then hold his shoulder n went towards outside when geet said kuwar sa , there is dadi sa….when maan said u have taken the blessing that is all now let’s move….

Geet said but….when maan didn’t reply, geet again said n both enter their car n maan said if u want to meet ur pujaniye , beloved respected dadisa then stay here….

Geet look shock n said yes y not u need to dispose me anywhere….u need n want …thanku..pls do the honor….I will be happily obliged ….

Maan look at her then said my pleasure but what to do, we r now entangled with each other…so we have to bear each other……Geet huffed n moved to the corner but maan comment take this shawl n wrapped it when geet ignore him….n maan sighed….

Couple of days later ,geet came to wake maan , she last night slept early inside the study room with a book on her lap…she dreaded to think if anyone else would found her there, she quickly came ….

Geet look at maan n found him sleeping with his office cloths ,she giggle to see him , she cutely frown n examine his face n said he looks innocent but see ke baar eyes open n start giving order..mere sweetsa kuwar sa nehi hain…she keep looking at her n remember their old sweet moments but then he was her best friend..she indeed has small circle of friend due to her shy nature or more her royal status..but then they went away….they were parted…they r close yet so far….y he is behaving like some time caring some time rude…

When maan look at her n felt her tears falling, he said kya hua sona?

She startled but then laughed n said I was thinking of a joke which bhai sa said so it’s n u know haste haste akhon mein paani aagaye…

Maan notice her way of avoiding him n or sleeping in couch or floor as if punishing him more than her n what is with giving silent treatment n hukum ..He can’t punish her anymore for this wedding, like him, she also had to agree….but….is it so easy….he closed his eyes in dismay….despair….

The evening of reception, maan heard geet is still busy to help kumudini when he called her n she after complete her work reached after 1hr n maan lost the patience , one side , notice her slogging whole day though they have army of servants , then making everything perfect, everyone ready except taking care of herself.

Maan said when u will be responsible sona? We r getting late n u r still not ready…Geet who was lost for some reason n snapped never, u know never…I didn’t say u to wait for me..I didn’t ask u to let me come with u..I didn’t say u to let me leave mid way..I didn’t ask u to marry me but u did ur highness…u n ur ………but maan hold her hand n said I can give ans but let me say one thing it’s not easy to marry ur best friend n try to maintain the husband wife relation…

Maan came n notice geet was struggling with her ear ring necklace .he sighed his sona…who need help from him for his doll n here she is struggling ….

He coughed n said let me help u but geet ignored, she forcefully trying to remove the ring when maan hold her hand n stop her….

Geet stand infront of mirror when maan slowly help her to remove the ear ring which is too heavy but it’s giving her an aura…he tuck the hair gently n look at her but its seem geet is lost in somewhere….he softly called her when she said we need to talk….

Maan :-hmmm we will now see u r looking perfect….Geet look at her features then said m not perfect , when maan said that’s make u human we r not perfect but imperfectly perfect.

Geet sadly smiles n nodded no but maan said m sorry sona..I lost my temper..I …I didn’t want to I failed n it’s my…Sona…I…how ..I don’t know how to explain it?

Geet look at him n said we need to get ready n move from there….

They both get ready when maan’s masa n geet’s masa came n look at them , they both has tear in their eyes……MaanGeet come n took blessing from them…they hugged them n blessed them…

Maan’s masa put kala tikka on their ear n said koi evil na chuye inhe….

Come now when maan hold geet’s hand n come out to their banquet hall ….

Geet murmur devil sath hain n dekho kaise ghur rehe hain.hey Krishna , this is not my kuwar sa….have u exchanged him with someone else….

Maan heard n pull geet n said stop this childish thing geetakshi…

Geet look at him n glare but then said jee hukum jo agya ( as u wish , order ) , aapka hukum sarakhon mein hain…

Maan try to say but his sister kumudini came n took geet with her…..

Maan look at geet can’t understand his own condition. He doesn’t want to blame her yet he is showering his frustration on her the situation they r facing it’s none of them to be blame…..but he can’t do anything he is…..he squeeze his eye brows…. N his mind drift back to those days when their destiny make decision for them….their life entangled with each other…


He quickly little water then try to clean geet’s wound from her hand then leg n geet moan in pain….n during cleaning of her knees she jerked n get up ….Tears start fall n suddenly she notice a strange place n shouts Kuwaarrr saaaaaaaaaaa when maan said sona….she look at him with gratitude then hugged him n said don’t leave me…m scare….

Maan look puzzle then hugged her slowly….n said shhhh sona, m here….ur best friend….ur kuar sa….

Geet look at him n close her eye lids…they stay there stuck 18hrs when geet got ill n maan also…..they rescued by the local administration..they admitted to the hospital….maaneet’s place got informed by them

They got home, when maan’s masa n geet’s masa came to look after them….After 10days maan got fine but geet is little injured….she felt weak n the fever didn’t go , doc prescribed few test….blood test….

2days later , at night maan wake as feeling thirsty , his flight for paris schedule day after tomorrow but his mind didn’t want to leave n sply leave like this his sona….

He look the wall her pics but the bubbly sona missing n he is responsible somewhere then coming here n find her like this….he felt attraction towards her n it’s more crazy n elicit thing for her..she is his sona, n he is lusting he want to kill himself for this thought. he did vigorous exercise n took random cold shower but nothing help…he kept feeling going towards her n hold her ,he want to take her with him….he never felt this ,he is hurting with this n her also.

He took deep breath n then gulped down the glass of water…he went towards his home but his feet automatically make him enter inside geet’s room ….he look at the room which is dim with light blue light…But the he notice her thrashing on the bed n rolling …he didn’t think anything n went close to her….

Maan look worried n said sona sona…….he rubbed her hands, back but no response…He look tensed he sensed her body turning cold…..maan quickly check for any other injury but there is nothing then…. He look panic n he try to cover her with more blankets n try to find more blankets, he on the room heater yet nothing is happening….he try to called masa but she hold his hand n murmur pls don’t leave me, pls ..I didn’t let u down.I never done that pls kuwar sa trust me..pls…….she is looking so distressed so worn out…

Maan bend down n caress her head n said shh sona shhh ur kuwar sa trust u sona…u never hurt me, u never let me down…u r my pride sona..u r my pride…shhh….it’s effects or not but geet took the hand n make it place under her cheek….she cried n said all blame me..Dadisa distaste me ….she accuses me…maan look shock n think he never knew this , she try to say something more when maan said let me call masa but geet said pls don’t leave me pls…..Bhai sa leave me , bhai sa blame me masa cried cause of me….I didn’t copy ..I didn’t….that day in school ….I…..

Maan look more confuse when geet hold his hand like shackles …..maan don’t know anything n think also , he sat n hold her close to him…n rubbed her back….when geet slowly want to snuggled in him…Maan keep caressing her back n slowly kissed her forehead ….the first time his lips touch her ….when they were kids that was something else but now….maan thought one side it’s not right , he is feeling something else there another side he felt to it’s just assuring her…giving her the lost confidence. Lost trust…..


I’ll Always Care

by BigDawg

Some days I feel happy.

Other times I just feel sad.

I think back on the memories.

And all the special things I had.


Some what Ive become stronger.

And some what Ive become weak.

I thought living would be hard.

But Ive found it’s easier to breath.


I didn’t wanna let go.

But it’s the only alternative I had.

I moving on to the future.

Although I’m a little bit stuck in the past.


Memories still remain.

But they will never fade.

Letting go made it easier.

And I feel better everyday.


All though your still on my mind.

And that’s how it always will be.

Ill never stop loving you.

You’re forever apart of me.


You’ll always be my baby girl.

And you’ll always be in my heart.

I wish for all the happiness you need.

But I think it’s better off we stay apart.


Ill always be here for you.

Don’t be afraid to give me a call.

Don’t let everything we had disappear.

And don’t let our friendship fall.


If you ever need a hand to hold.

Mine will always be there.

Don’t ever forget that I love you.

And remember I’ll always care..

He slowly slide besides her to give her comfort with the debate on his mind what is right or wrong…

Next day, maan wake up n stretched when geet turn another side the fever lessen n she is sleeping..Maan smiles n kissed her forehead n slowly comes out from the bed…he get up n close the shirt button then smiles at geet who moaned as if feeling the less warmth….he shook his head n said aloud, this girl will never change , kal raat bhi jaane nhi dia aur abhi dekho paagli n turn to get a thunder slap on his cheek…

Maan turn with anger but notice geet’s dadi sa who didn’t say a word again slapped when maan said what r u doing Dadi sa but who said nothing n went towards geet n try to pull her n said iye besharam lerki naak katva raha hain humara kabse bol rehi this akele mat chor isse, lerki jaat, isse toh shaadi karva dena chaiye the….n make geet awake who is still looking drowsy n maan who look stunt n froze…..Dadisa slapped geet n said besharam lerki , naak katva kea ram se so rehi hain , kul** n try to hit him when maan ran n push dadisa n said dare u touch her n hold geet’s shaken form who is hiding herself in maan when dadisa said haye ram aab inye din dekhna para ….

MaanEet’s Masa came there n said what happen when dadisa with extra dramatically narrated how maaneet spend the night n how she found them in compromised position ….

Maan’s masa look shock n said no this can’t happen maan….

Maan didn’t reply n look at geet …..She crying n crying, she is getting hiccup..n suddenly lost conscious …..maan took geet in his arms n said m taking her to hospital ..She needs to check up…

When Geet’s Dadisa said ha le ja n aur dekh uske pet mein koi baccha hain aur hain toh uha hi use daad de ( go n check her there to find any child is there n if yes then kill this Geet who turned B****)

Maan shouts DADISA then didn’t waste time there n went from there…..

Later,maan’s masa asked maan who said nothing sort of happen when geet’s masa begged him when dadi sa said inkaar kar tune uske satha soye nehi uss raat.when maan said ha par but maan’s masa slapped him hard….n curse y u spoil her life…

After all ths curse n everything, both parents decided to make them marry….none want to know the truth fully n give their verdict n maan’s patience n temper loose fully….

Maan now understand geet’s pain what happen with her when none want to know but give verdict n He is one of them…he cursed himself more.

Flashback end:-

Maan came back from past n said no geet I am more clear now..I don’t know I will be able to be ur perfect dream man or husband but I will be ur best friend ur kuwar sa like before n slide his hand on her shoulder n said this is our journey sona….

Geet look confuse but nevertheless she like this n nodded yes….


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