Chapter 6 of Memory Loss

Part 6;-


At breakfast table , maan and radhika mom discussed about some project when Maan:- but radhika ma, what they want and y they come here.Geet oh project, matlab uska jo owner hain kya naam hain uska , kuch construction company ha khurana construction company then radhika mom, dadi ma, geet, adi all r looking at maan and maan look at the file and said Khurana Construction in Delhi . then khurana , iye toh hum hain iye koi aur khurana par iye khurana construction  kuch jana phechana se lagta hain , like I heard this name before also.

Radhika mom:- kaun aaraha hain milne,

Maan:- they called and informed my PA that they send their Manager  mr shukla and purchase head mr sinha .


Adi and geet think Thank God.

After few days :-

Geet :-maan iye pehenu mein.

Maan who is looking at something and said hmm…..

Geet:- aap dekhiye na.

Maan:- geet jo pasand aaye pehen lo, I don’t have any idea about this ,

Geet:-par ,

Maan:- geet, kaha na agar jana hain mere sath toh jaldi karo and wear which u like now I’m waiting down stair,

Geet look at maan who is leaving the room and again  said if u want to rest then take rest ….

Geet look at the saree and think how before maan make her wear saree but now all changed her maan forget her, forget everything, she patted her baby and said see ur papa forget me ,how much he exited and want to be papa , how much he suffered when we lost our first baby but now, and sniffing when radhika come and see her,she hold her hand and said kya hua beta,

Geet:-oh kuch nehi ma

Radhika:-ma bhi bolte ho aur

Geet:-oh doctor ke paas jana hain so, I just want to wear a dress choose by him but he told me choose it, and again sobbing but pehele he choose it for me now he don’t and we have to go for a party also but again …..

Radhika look confused what geet said but come to a conclusion that maan don’t offer her to help for to choose a saree so .

Geet is still sobbing when  a maid come and said maan sir said if madam jee is coming or he will go alone.

Geet look at the maid and said jane ko kaho mein kahi nehi jaungi, unke sath toh kabhi nehi,and sat on the bed .

Radhika said told maan to meet me at study room now.

Then to geet beta when geet said nehi aap unhe kuch nehi kahoge, oh jo karna hain karne do, oh toh mujhe bhul gaye, maan aapne geet ko bhul gaye, ma oh mujhe bhul gaye and start crying.

Radhika hugged her and said shhh shhh beta, don’t cry, I understand beta how it is felt, beta …. But if u cry like this then ur baby also be feel sad, look at urself how pale u r now ?

Radhika slowly wipes her tear then said let go maan alone , we will be here and then will go to meet doctor together..


Here, maid informed maan that geet will not come and told him to go .but before that he has to meet radhika mom

Maan look puzzled then said ok, maan come to meet radhika at study room when  radhika come and said wait maan, first u will go with adi and mr Hansraj then come back soon and meet me here again.

Maan:-is there any problem

Radhika:- no, go and enjoy but don’t drink.

Maan nodded in yes.

Here, after meeting with doctor , geet come with radhika when she noticed maan come back and sitting in drawing room…..

Radhika said geet go to ur room when maan said ma, aap dono aise chale gaye , mujhe bola bhi nehi,mein jana chahtha  geet ke sath when geet forgot her anger and said oh mein but radhika cut her and said geet go to ur room and take rest.

Geet unwillingly nodded and once again look at maan then left from there.

Here, Radhika said to maan come to my study now.

Maan followed her and then after entering the room and his first question is she fine?Doctor ne kya kaha,koi problem toh nehi hain?

Radhika look at him then said maan dekho baitho, and don’t worry everything is fine, geet and ur baby is fine, she is taking little stress so, actually first time na, and u know manythings happen , don’t worry ,

Maan look calm little then said ma, is she  angry on me?

Radhika :- no beta, but she is sad or she wants to be with u, did u see how much she is looking happy with u.I know u forget everything about past and I’m not insist u to do anything against ur wish,and I know u r trying to cooperate and understand everything but beta, just once , don’t love her but be a friend of her. Nothing much …..

Maan nodded then said thank but radhika again said no thanks but tell me what happen in office y ur so angry and shout on mr mehra . is there any problem ?

Maan:- no, actually, nothing , I’ll handle then said good night,

Here in the room, geet is sitting in the bed and looking at the moon and smiling.When maan come with a milk of glass .

Geet making face when maan said no use , now drink it first.

Geet:- but I don’t like it,

Maan:-I know u don’t like it but it’s for ur and our baby’s health and now no more argument and drink it first.

Geet looks so happy whenever he told their baby and take the glass and drink it in one go and said it finish.

Maan smiles and said good girl now tell me where r those prescription and report.

Geet:-oh cupboard mein hain.

Maan open the cupboard and pull all reports and placed them in the table then went to washroom for change .

Here geet is feeling sleepy, so she lie down the bed when maan enter the room and said kya hua, feel tired?

Geet nodded yes then said oh kuch dino se tried lag raha hain and feeling so sleepy ……

Maan come and check her forehead then cover her with a soft duvet and said sleep now, m coming.

Geet smiles then said aapne mujhe abhi tak sorry nehi bola

Maan who take all those reports from the table and come and sit besides her and said for what ?

Geet :- mujhe aapne sath nehi le jane ke liye.

Maan chuckled then said well mrs khurana I guess I was right that u were not feeling well so that ws right decision and when geet cut him and said btw mr khurana it’s u not telling em directly but said if I don’t feel ok then don’t have to come , u can tell me nicely then u can say  …maan complete her sentence so even me can cancel the party hmmm…

Geet murmur baba jee in he kya mind read karna aata hain.

Maan continue his work as he is reading those report and said geet good night so jao and btw I was not in the party as I have to go to meet Sasha ,tasha, pinky, Romeo, Pandey , monish they r from delhi and come to work for me as they worked before also.

Geet who is not sitting in the bed and cover her mouth in excitement and said sacchi, they r here,oh God , m so excited but where r they now, y u don’t bring them here?

Maan turn and look at her then said geet, first calm down now tell me do u know them cause I can’t remember .

Geet:-yes I know and u know I mean they worked for u in KC in DELHI,

Maan:-KC means khurana construction

Geet nodded then look tensed when maan hold her hand and said relax geet, we will talk about it later and yes they r here mean in guest house, as they r tired to they r sleeping.

Geet:-oh ok.

Then said to maan thanks and u know they r best and very loyal to u, they can do anything to save u and ur company but…..that time they terminated from their job before they can do……

Maan look at her few moments then said I’ll see but now will sleep or not.

Geet:- so rehi hoon…..kal subha mujhe unse milana jarur.


Geet again get up when maan said geet once more u done it and I’ll but geet hold his raised hand and said maan pls bolo na un mein se kisine ek baar bhi mere baarein mein kuch nehi pucha.

Maan:- they r too tired and I just met for few moments and then come from there as I have to attend a meeting and make some new arrangement may be they asked adi .

Geet feel sad then said ok I’ll ask adi then said aapne medicine lya.


Geet:- good and said good night pakka wala now and lie in there and turn to sleep.

Maan slightly smile then tucked her again in the duvet and continue to read all reports then placed them in the folder and placed them in the cupboard and close the door and then lay besides geet . he looks at geet and smiles and feel so much in peace, he didn’t remember anything stil but some fades pics in her mind and he feels peace whenever he is with geet,

In mid night, geet keep feeling hot she get up and see maan is sleeping but his face look disturb . she look at him then see swaet forming in his forehead. She placed her hand in his forehead and wipes the sweat then get up and and take the reomote and change the temperature of the AC and then lay besides him. She keep looking at him and then dose off to sleep.

Next day, geet wake up and seen maan is not in the bed and she murmur subha subha iha nehi ho sakte the mujhe inke face sabse pehele dekhna tha.

Maan said kya aapne aap se baatein kar rehe ho subha subha

Then  maan placed the tray  of juice glass and some bread and egg.

Geet seen this and frown and said mujhe nehi khana hain iye sab ….

Maan  come close to her and said good morning, and I’m not asking u and I’m just give u 15mins wash ur face and come and eat this first.

Geet:- good morning and I’ll not.

Maan raised his eye brow and said so u will not ha.

Geet nodded her head like kid when maan try to suppressed his smile seeing this and said good, don’t eat I’ll just tell my daughter ur mom don’t love u.

Geet shouts NO.I love her and don’t manipulate my child hmmmmm and then get up from the bed and went to washroom.

Maan smiles to see her childish , cute behavior .

Don’t know y he feel and want to take her in his arms.

Later geet ate all food and said meine saare complete kar dia ..

Maan who was reading newspaper just said good girl …

Geet:- maan, kya mein ek baat puchu aapse .

Maan:- pucho

Geet:- aaj mein thori der ke liye office jaun.pls ,mana mat kijiye.

Maan :- aasakti ho , meine kab mana kya,if u feel good and then u can but before that I will ask ma, dadi ma and doctor then final and yes pack ur all medicine and I will come soon.

Later after taking permission from every side , after 4th time check all medicine , food then ask 10th time to geet how is she feeling now ?

Then take her with him , as in the office maan got busy in two meetings and geet is doing some work and check a pending file.As maan said her sasha,and every one will come at evening to meet her sure.

Geet is excited about it, after long time she will meet with them, she missed them, after maan and dadi ma they r her friends, yes from the beginning sasha and tasha give her problem  but that only help her  , she also know that sasha have some feeling for maan, she wonder is that feeling still she has, any way, there many women r dreaming about her handsome husband but she know her maan is only her, yes some time she feels she could punch those women but time teach her that she should ignore them,she smiles when maan come in side the room with a person .

Geet look at that person and feel hatred beyond the words and imagination, she think y he is back in their life and y maan take him with him, oh no maan forget everything and now he will take advantage of this I should inform maan everything before it’ll out of hand when her chain of thought break by maan, maan come close to her and slide his hand on her waist and said geet, meet mr dev khurana, owner of kc ,

Dev smirked at geet then said thanks mr khurana, isn’t it strange that we both r khurana.

When geet speak  world is too short and round also .

Dev look at her when maan said yes agree with my wife.

Maaneet settle on a sofa and dev take opposite direction when maan said geet, u know na KC in Delhi , no 1 construction company on Delhi,geet look at maan when he squeezed her hand and said so he is owner of that company.

Geet think owner, compani ka malik iha hain aur oh dev,

Maan continue so, now his and our company r doing a joint project, well I loved his plan but need to some change and then some official work then work will start and by this time have to go and inspec the place also.

Geet nodded then said as u wish maan then dev said so mr khurana, well I’m going now will see u later.and bye mrs khurana.

Maan nodded when geet just ignore it.

After dev went from there geet look at maan and said aap iye kya kar rehe ho?

Maan:-kuch nehi, baas ek game kuch ankaha shabd, kuch pura na hua kaam,

Geet look at maan when maan said trust me geet, nothing will happen to me,

Geet get up from there and said iye aap uss din bhi kehe the par, aap mujhe dur chale gaye the, aapke upar un logo ne , geet almost hugged herself when maan seen this he feels some pain in his heart to see geet like this, maan goes near to geet and hold her shoulder and said geet, look at me geet slowly turning back when maan held her chin and said geet, but her eyes r full of tear and Geet hugged him and said ur baby is missing u.

Maan smiles and said aur baby ke mom.

Geet hide her face in his chest then when maan said geet, chalo tum baitho iha , mein ek meeting karke aati hoon,aur ha , pinky and all r coming but geet ek baat bolo, y they r looking at me like something .yes u told me and adi told me that they were working for me and trusted but y they r so low, and talked minimum, u told me today that pinky is talkative like u and others r enthuasitc then .

Geet :- aap phikar mat karo.I’ll talk to them . aap jaldi se meeting karlo.

Maan:-hmmm .

After some time ,pinky,sasha, tasha, romeo, pandey jee, monisha and adi come there.

Pinky saw geet and runs and hugged her tight.All r happy to see her there when  sasha also smiles and said how r u miss Hoshiyarpu but soon cut by maan and said miss sasha .

His angry tone stop her when geet hold  maan’s arm and said maan relax , then said how r u all ? I miss u all,

Romeo we r also and maan sir how r u?

Maan :-m good then said well if u all meet with each other then good now adi and miss mehra will tell u about ur respective work and do ur work carefully, I don’t want any neglegency or irreponsiblity towards our work. Do u all get it.

All:- yes sir

Pinky murmur oh God maan sir toh abhi bhi waise hi hain when maan shouts Miss Manchanda ….Pinky said y….es….yes…. D.D….. I…..I …Mean  ….Siiiii….SIR ….

Maan looks at her then said this is ur last warning , concentrate on ur go and adi …

Adi nodded in yes.,

After they leaving from there , maan said chalo, saare kaam ho gaye.

Geet :-kaha.


Geet look at maan then said r u fine

Maan goes towards his desk and said yes m fine, y  what happen?

Geet:- no actually, achanak se aap

Maan :- ha oh kuch kaam hain btw ek baat puchna hain tumse ?

Geet :- ha puchiye maan

Maan look at geet and said brij kaun hain.

Geet look at maan and said aap…aaapko,…. Oh…kya..iha hain…pehele dev….phir brij ……

Maan:- I guess and understand that some how u know dev but who is brij geet?

Geet look at maan when maan said look geet.I trust u but I have to know all before it’s get late.and about brij well I didn’t meet him still means I … ok, yesterday night I seen some thing in my dream like some one try to say something but words r not clear then I shouts brij and punch him but again all went fade so……and that time I just seen u and me means we wore wedding dress and this adi, romeo, pandey jee hold me from behind, it’s …crowded place what happen geet that time,

Geet look at maan in disbelieve and said maan and just hugged him tight and said maan,

Maan hugged her back but his mond clouded with those faces, some words, some …..

Geet :- maan, that was our marriage day and …and brij is my elder brother …..

Maan look at geet when geet said he wants to kill me and…….u saved me from him…….

Maan look at geet with shocked face and said what ,but y……..

Geet cring more and said cause he and my family think I bring shame for their family, cause ……my ………….she cover her mouth then said mere ek  baar dhoke se shaadi hua tha and that boy abandon me after spending a night with me and then I become pregnant and when maan shouts STOP IT geet. Just STOP IT. Now……

His face look red in anger and he look at geet then free her and said tum shaadi suda the …

Geet said maan oh jhoothi shaadi tha, oh shaadi nehi tha.maan pls look at me.maan pls.

Maan:- geet tum ghar jao abhi,

Geet:- maan,

Maan:-I need to be alone for some time, pls go from here now.

Geet:- maan, look at me pls, maan.

Maan:- geet ,pls.

Geet:-maan, aap adha sach jaan ke phaisla mat lo,pls……but maan just leave from there.


Here , Later maaneet return from office but maan keep avoiding to look at geet as he is fighting with himself.


After he left the room, he stayed in the conference room some time but later come as radhika mom called him that DEV in khurana mansion and waiting for him. So he come back and sees geet is crying there. He feels some one tores his heart to see geet is crying, he just goes close to her and take her in his arms. He can’t see her crying ……it’s hurts him . don’t know but whenever he seenher crying it’s make him sad, feel him like some one cut his heart into million pieces.. after some time maan wipes her tears and said geet, look at me, geet who is still sobbing and just asked, do u trust me maan.

Maan feel like said yes, he trust her, more than himself but those words hurting him but don’t know y, he said geet, I trust u geet but pls give me time I can’t take this easily, it’s not small thing.pls geet.I know I was wrong to behave like that but I…….

Flashback end…..

His chain of thought break when driver said  sir hum aagye


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