Chapter 6 of RTL&B2

Chapter 6 :-

Pyaar ki Ek kahani Suno


Maan’s hand slide slowly to her slender waist n this make geet startled but she look at maan who pull her towards him ….maan’s another hand make geet hold his shoulder when he himself entwined their finger tightly   ..he pulled her little more when geet gasped n try to free herself but maan bends little n said shhhh…let us have a dance…sona who tried again but maan said kya hua sona ,sab kehenge Kuwar sa is bad that he can’t dance so his wife is ignoring n try to get out ….

Geet glare but her struggled stopped….They swing with the music, they match each , they r giving complement each other…. Geet hope to free by maan hold her still, he smiles at her n whisper beautiful n make geet look at him, she thought about dance but maan is expressing something else…maan smiles at geet then at everyone…

All claps at newly wed couple when geet lowered her eyes but can feel the intense gaze of maan…

She wonder about it when maan found her alone n slide his arms on his shoulder n asked how r u feeling?

Geet nodded when maan said sona who look at him when maan slowly put his index finger on her eyes n took pinch of kajal then place it behind her ear n said oh oh masa old me that it will keep u from evil eyes or any problem….newly wed ke liye karna acche hota hain…

Geet look confused but didn’t say when maan start conversing with her; Geet slowly turn ease with maan’s presence, she felt him caring for her but that is impossible she thought it’s all cause of guest…she gulped down her own pain when his strong arm embrace her from side n said come n said meet Ms Manisha Agarwal , our new project partner….Geet smiles politely n greet her but received cold n formal received ..Though geet ignore it ,maan took her with him n introduced her with his close friend other than Arya, Aditya Singh ….Geet politely greet when Aditya said so this is ur sona….Geet look little shock when maan smiles n pull geet more close to him n said yes my sona….my pride…..

Geet look at maan with full confusion , when aditya said yes itna suna tha aaj tak chalo aaj dekh bhi lya, tumhare sona ko..Maan smiles at geet who still felt shock when aditya said here take it n this is not gift but my blessing as ur elder brother…Geet look hesitate but Aditya place his hand on her head n said always stay happy n Sada Suhagan raho…

Geet smiles then bend n touch his feet but Aditya hold n said it’s fine Geet..who said behen bola hain aapne so u will not let me touch ur feet when aditya smiles n think kaun kehega she is from royal family so humble but yes the authority aura is there…he nodded n blessed her n said but in our place betiya, bahu pair nehi chute as u all r resembles of Ma Shakti…

Geet smiles gently…Later masa came n took geet with her…The party went well where geet enjoyed also…Maan notice her time to time…there is some gloominess there r some distant look…Geet is slowly enjoying but not fully neither the geet who mixed with everyone is there…

He sighed….he know something is there deep something instilled inside geet…

Next two days went with Muh Dikhayi of Geet,some puja n guest arriving….  Maan later come when younger tease geet who look down n elder tease maan . After the all rituals have completed & geet try to adjust with the new environment n place where maan is confuse with himself n situation …he want to make the matter between them easy but it’s not happening…15days passed he notice geet carefully how she is little easy with his siblings but not with others n sply with him , she is super conscious , she is aloof most of the time. She don’t demand she don’t smiles much she stay with her study book..she don’t retort back…by this time he got some  call from his office n he left for his work… abroad for 15days…n this time geet didn’t demand or did any zidd to go with him or anything she is one type aloof she didn’t mention anything n just said hmmm,but maan before going from here he make sure his masa notice geet n give her company he came back n notice geet n then find from masa how weird sometimes geet is not aware of what was happening around her. She notice her staring outside sometimes she don’t want to talk about maan or their childhood, she felt irritated she excused many times, though she give company to maan’s siblings , enjoyed with them but something is missing…Maan also notice this, he talk with this with arya who seems fully clueless , they have contacted with her nanny n that time caretaker n all said geet memshab stay aloof after maan arya, n geet’s masa scold her. She slowly detached herself from the world , slowly make herself aloof from the world  .Maan look shock when arya said Dr Rimita Sengupta can help us…Maan asked who is she now when Arya said well my GF n make maan shock again but before maan can say when arya said we will talk about that later but see Rimi is famous Psychiatrist. Geet is hiding something, like some ,some pain, iye toh sach hain hummne use ke sath jo kya that instilled deep…n that cause we scolded her n left her there n more its u maan, she is depended on u n still but not opening it up.n galati tune nehi mere bhi hain , we didn’t think just did n result is here…she is not like this, chalo with time n age ppl change but this is not the change I mean , we r not asking her to be childish or fully naïve or immature or jovial or bubbly or ,see ermmm maan r u getting me?she is totally aloof, she don’t mind or don’t know what is going around her?

Maan nodded n said ek appointment fixed kar sakta hain tu…

Arya nodded yes….when maan think y he scolded her, y he left if he would stay n help her then , his one mistake his one step change his sona….a bubbly jovial girl change to timid girl, reserve, aloof change to ….

Maan visit doc when Rimita greet him , maan narrated the whole incident , the change in geet, when Rimita said she want to meet her but that will hurt her more, so first maan need to see few things n prescribed few things to do for maan….then said we will meet but not as doc but as her would be bhabi….Maan nodded when Rimita said I would be happy maan if u help her as it’s u who send her there n its u who can take from there , see u r not at fault as u never expect it but u, arya, n masa its something went deep inside her …she has an option n gave u also n u have a chance but u missed it during ur First night ….I will say have patience if u really want her back. She is normal but she is hurt badly deeply wounded …she trust u more n u didn’t listen just punish her that hurt her…. I know u r having bad time to accept ur best friend as ur wife but she is also…she was trying to help u but u….think maan how she behave n how she react ……her every steps need to moderate her every words, every gesture.

Maan nodded n from then maan start work… maan promised during their reception it’s their journey from now…so when he send her to this shell, he will make sure she will be back n that jovial , bubbly geet , his sona who can fight demand argue …who was not aloof from her own life..Like old days…. But maan don’t know is he doing right or wrong but he need to make everything fine….he come back but geet is busy with some work of her university, he look at her n find her talking with her friend n doing her work…he sighed .he need to go long way, a very difficult road …for him n he is alone now like once he left his sona alone.

1 week passed during this time maan sometime will irritate geet some time will help n make geet confuse n sometime will try to fight with her …she wonder sometime, some time feel confuse….

Every night , geet will went n slept at couch or her study room but at morning she will find herself well tucked under soft duvet at their room n bed where maan is getting ready or some time sleeping besides him…she try to ask but maan will shrugged it off with some excuse or something ….she ,herself felt confuse with this changing maan who is caring n approachable like old days n its scaring her

1weeks later;  Maan came back from office early n asked about geet n he directly went to kitchen n without any word ,Maan took geet who was doing something in kitchen , but he didn’t pay any heed n pull her with him….Geet said aap kaha le ja rehe ho? Dekhiye ghar mein koi nehi hain are aap kuch bolte kyuon nehi…

Maan stopped near a small cottage little away from their main palace when geet said now what I have done?  if u want to send me away then u can say that hukum…

Maan turn when geet lowered her eyes after notice the pain hurt in maan’s eyes….she said hum iha kya kar rehe hain….

When maan smiles painfully as he know he can’t think about his own pain now, he need to rectify his own mistake, redeem himself, rebuild his sona….

He hold her small hands n said this is a new cottage I build it…when geet look at with confusion but maan on the light through remote n said this was before a small garden n play ground n idle land nothing was there ..I just put this cottage n renovate the garden n play ground.

He hold geet n make her entered the inside of the cottage n after make her open it’s door…she look at the beauty, opulence with awe n murmur it’s beautiful kuwar sa….Maan smiles n hold her shoulder from behind n said do u remember this is the place we used to play here n u used to run behind butterfly …

When geet nodded n said I never forgot when maan smiles n said yes out fav place n Arya used to sulk as y we left him out…Geet said we didn’t but he, himself got busy with something else…they continue….n geet turn n said it’s beautiful gorgeous yet so classy….Maan smiles with pride n said wanna have a tour….

Geet nodded as she was totally lost there when maan share how he works n small things about their childhood, maan can see the change, she is slowly chatting, they take small tour where maan show her every place n corner when geet said but it’s not full completed where is the furniture when maan said I didn’t put anything I left it …

Geet look at him with confuse expression but maan took a envelope n said check it , geet open the envelop carefully n find a beautiful pic, she look shock then eyes cloud with tears which r for happiness , for pain for something deeper …she then look at maan who said here is ur bedroom n notice the pic frame of them…

An Infant Geet holding hand of little younger/ toddler  maan’s hand tightly , the bond between them seal that time only, the serene relation between them seal that time only…

But suddenly geet stopped there n thrust the envelop n turn to go when maan hold her dupptta from behind n slowly pulled her towards him n said what happen sona? Geet nodded no n forcefully wipes those tears.

Maan hold her n slowly said It would be ours if u decorate it..this is not the bedroom only urs the whole place, this cottage, this garden, play ground everything but I need ur touch to make it ours…u know only sona can make everything cozy, elegant for her kuwar sa , which will reflect their choice …I have this trust only no one else , not even on myself…as u know my likes, dislikes more than myself

Geet look at him then said simply y u r doing this all. I don’t know u…I …she turn again

Maan just smiles n said kyuon? What I’m doing? I am doing this all for my sona for myself to make this place like ours, only ours…can’t I….

Geet didn’t say anything when maan notice her, she jut simple walk away n look at the room but maan can see the fighting expression…Maan said I have to attend a call n went away when geet felt shock , she don’t know what to do? She want to help but she is confuse with her own emotion, his changing behaving , she sat there n notice the pic their first pic, she caress it slowly , she smiles …After some time maan entered with two cup of coffee  n few files, folders n said so?

Geet :-u know that I would do it…

Maan said nope….I know my sona will help me….btw have u decided anything about ur further studies?

Geet nodded no when maan said let’s do one thing…we will think n see what is best…n said come have it .Geet hesitated but her heart can never refuse kuwar sa, she sat….they just chatted little then again maan excuse for some call..Geet notice his work pressure…he seems ignoring his health but then she shrugged it off n said she shouldn’t think as she still remember the snap at their first night, she smiles sadly n look away…

They come back after make few things right when geet said I need to think little I can’t say anything as u know my study n my something other work…may be I can’t do I am not sure n pls….

Maan nodded when geet said again I don’t know y u r doing this? What is with ur certain change of …Its if u r feeling any pressure then just when maan said with u there will be no pressure sona u know when geet said like our wedding…n leave the place….

Maan left with sad feeling, he know its tough but its more than imagine

Few more days passed n maan make sure to spend time with her sometime, but one thing change, he was keep asking about her opinion or poking his nose for her matter…..sometimes it’s too irritating like which color matching purse or something or accessories …..Geet try to ignore but how hard she try it’s impossible, she sometimes engage with maan for his or her work…

After one month, when maan find her working on her university project, he left from there to call someone…

Maan:-yes docs , she is fine , yes n narrated few incident yes I don’t know how much or long I can continue but she need to open up , I know there r lots buried under her heart, she is not opening fully still… n they continue when maan was oblivious from the fact that there is someone who is listening …Maan hung up the call then push his hair n turn to find her there with accuse n pain filled eyes , she just said y hukum y? u r feeling m mad ….n runs from there …

First maan got shock n confuse then he soon understand n run behind her…he hold her in mid way n said sona listen to me once but geet try to push him then try to freed herself but maan pull her n said listen Sona who said leave me leave me alone…

But maan said sona listen to me when geet said no no..I don’t want to,u shared about us, u shared about me behind my back…what do u think ? u r GOD,oh I am really Sorry Maharaj Maanavendra Singh Sisodia….u r king , u have full right to punish someone , u have full right to anything with anyone, who I am , y u will ask when u never did ….do anything u want who I am , a mere human oh no m not I am ,well wait u give me that cottage for some reason, yes to reward me…now tis, tell me what do u want? Jab jee chahe saaza do jab jee chaye phek do , jab jee chaye chor do jab jee chahe aapna banao jab jee chahe beganna bana do, ilzaam do, hoon kya mein aapke liye?insaan hoon but… choriye aap…now I got it y u r sudden soft towards me? Ways of getting work or way of ….doc ne prescribe kya…ha kya hua boliye na…..

Maan look at her when geet said y u r taking decision of my life from childhood to till now   ,oh how I forgot , u don’t trust me …good ….toh bataiye hukum aage mujhe kya karna hain…ek min ek min isliye aap mujhe har  raat bed pe sulate ho..oh its ur one of the choice ….good no u don’t trust me u thought I will do something n I will harm u…

Maan said geet kya bol rehe ho ?

Geet hold her mouth n said Uss raat jab aaap mere kaamre mein aaye the mere sath sone se pehele when maan said we didn’t when geet said we didn’t what hukum , cause of u…all blame me, dadi sa blame me, everyone just accuse me..From childhood to now  u just took decision u just force ur wish likes dislike , jab jee chahe accha hoon jab aapka dil bhag gaya tab….I am fed up…battaiye aap….

Maan heard everything but he was more than listening now shock when geet said aap sab ko mere zindegi se khelna ka bahut shaq hain when maan said GEET…who said don’t u know what I wish I would die then this but Maan screamed GEETTTTTTTTTTTT n raise his hand n almost about hit her….he curl his finger n said get out from here….just get out geet from my sight before I do something drastic n make us both regret ….

Geet stood there froze with her mouth clutch her lips tightly she didn’t able to move or say something when maan hold her elbow harshly n took her from there n pushed her inside their room n leave the place…..

Maan himself don’t know which is hurting him more her pain, her accusation, his guilt, his deed…his palm turn fist & punch the wall…he need to do something…He was trying to help geet but…he sat inside his study room for couple of hours……it’s pass 2.45 at night when he wipes his tears n went to his room but found the room is empty ….he look shock n startled , he quickly went to balcony adjoin room, , adjoin terrace then washroom, changing room…he called her name geet , sona , sorry sona…he look panic he search everywhere then suddenly something remember n went to their cottage , there he found it openly n one of the lackey inform that chote kuwar rani came here with crying face, he quickly dismissed him n went inside n after some time , he found her sleeping like curl body…he leaned near to her when he heard her whimper , he hold her shoulder when geet sobbed but maan slowly caress her face ….

Geet I..I……ammmm sorryyyyy Hukuuummmm

Maan nodded no n gently hold her petite form inside his strong arms n said shhhh…He was patting her wiping those tears n finally make her drink little water….she look at him with pain filled eyes when maan cupped her face n said softly I am sorry sona…shhh…shhh, first have it n give her little water then said m here no no don’t say sorry ur kuwar sa understand n keep saying sweet words consoling words n finally felt her sleeping little when he murmur to himself right now it’s too late n not correct time to discuss but I promised u sona…geet  open her eyes n look at him few moments then slowly slide there n place her head on his chest…..when maan scoop her in his arms n geet clutch her neck tightly….

Maan settled in the room of their cottage n cover her with blanket then slide besides her n said so jaao geet , so jao but geet look at him still when maan said sona, u will not listen to me?

Geet hold maan’s hand n place it on her cheek n slept slowly maan smiles n tuck her hair then close his eyes.

They slept but the sleep is disturb, geet will wake up n whimper when maan will pat her back n consoling her n when next day sunrays of new day fall on them its seem new ray of hope falling on them…Maan look at geet who try to snuggled into pillow n hide her face n maan chuckled as he notice her doing it from childhood….he  smiles to remember those golden moments…he bend to kissed her forehead but suddenly froze ….he was going to kiss her but in what relation as her friend or her husband…Maan shook his head , as the situation the think shook him….

He slowly slide out from the bed to fresh up….When geet get up later notice, she is in cottage when maan is not there, she got up n came down to see maan is talking with someone n working with breakfast, she look at him with few moments, she know she can’t see him when he is aware she is not good enough for him she don’t deserve him neither he as he is much better ….she turn to wipes those tears..She went to inside to wash her face, she came back with plain face when maan said good morning sona .

Geet nodded morning ….she was fidgeting the duppatta when maan said come here  n have something with tea ..Geet look down her eyes turn sad n mist when maan said kya hua sona..Geet try to open her mouth when maan held her chin n said from when u r hesitating in front of ur kuwar sa…Geet bite her lower lips then said I shouldn’t behave like that.I am sorry..I know I only bring shame for u an all..I don’t know..I don’t want to but I know u don’t….Trust me I know.

Geet stopped there as her throat chocked with pain n cough …Maan pat her back then give her glass of water, after some moments ,geet look little fine  but she was still hesitating when maan said I trust u sona….u r my pride , u never ashamed me..n what happen in past that was my mistake also…I was not angry over u that time but I was angry on me as I failed to protect u , guide u n to punish myself I….I am sorry sona …anyway Sona lets have the tea , we will discuss….u need to eat …..

Geet look uncertain but agreed with him,she sat there n sip the tea but maan can notice the tension the shivering…he said r u feeling cold.

Geet nodded no when maan said geet relax….m not stranger for u…m ur kuwar sa with whom u used to play…

Geet lowered her head when maan sighed but then remember doc’s word n said accha suno…tomorrow is Sunday n I am thinking for some lazy hours…u remember we used to play  n then chuckled now it  will not be look weird if we play but we can do something n its like we can’t enjoy a thing but….M bore with family gathering n their bakbak..

Geet giggle then suddenly make face plain…Maan still murmur aab kya kare….geet look at him then said aap but then said nehi kuch nehi…mujhe jana hain..

Maan nodded n sighed after geet left the place.

He try to be friendly with geet but carefully….2days later maan came n met geet at garden when she smiles first time but then said aapse baat karni hain..

Maan nodded n sat beside her when she said I know u r doing all this for purpose…I know u have a chat with doc n this all steps r ….Kuwar sa I don’t think u need to do it… I am appreciate it , u care for me like before again but kuwar sa we left our childhood much ago n we can’t undo or redo certain things so it will be better if u forget this all…I know it’s tough for u…

Maan look at her intently then said hmmm btw I have brought something for u…see it….maan bring out a box then a pair of beautiful jhumka n said have it….it will be perfect matching with ur olive color saree .

Geet look at maan then at jhumka when maan said u know geet I had a chat with doc much ago but last few weeks didn’t n I am not doing it for our or for any compulsion or guilt ..yes I am still feeling guilty for my behavior which I had committed n what I have with u…but I want to see u like before for myself for u for our ….I am missing my sona, who demand to me who asked me anything who argue with me ….who has her rights on me…I want her back n to need her back n to get her back I can fight with all even with myself, my family, ur family n u also….I know its not easy I hurt u , let u down but I know sona’s kuwar sa can only ask from her anything n waiting from same from his sona….

Maan get up n said if u want , then u can join me at study room…I don’t have anyone to help me there…

Geet sat there n notice maan’s back n sat there n try to comprehend the situation , maan’s word , she sighed ….she pouted n murmur Dushat Danav , humshe mujhe pareshan karenge , aapne man marji ka maalik , mujhe bolte hain karo but then but mein bhi toh kaise unke saath baat kya hain , kitna bura tarika se baat kya han, nehi mujhe aise nehi but mein kya karti kisne ussne kaha tha , but oh toh, mein kya karu, shall I join him , shall I help him, shall I ….but oh toh gussa kya the mujhe pe aur but kuwar sa saying this all, shall I trust kya karu mein….dekho kaise bolke chale gaye…kya karu mein ….

There maan was walking back n forth , he keep thinking about his move, he is trying to help her n trying to make her come out from her shell but when he punch the table n said damn with me…nothing is helping n this girl is damn ziddi , waise oh aise thi from childhood, arya sahi bola meine hi asie use humesha satth dia, pamper kya then saath chor dia n see the result , aab kya karu, m just hopeless, when geet knock the door n said May I come in ?

Maan take deep breath n said yes when geet came n said iye aapka coffee n kuch snacks meine nehi banaya hain matlab Masa  ne bola isliye ..matlab cook had made it I am just serving it

Maan chuckled then said hmm fine…

Geet said aapko kya help chiaye u have many servants, lackey , y u r not taking their help n waise I will help if u don’t mock me as I remember our First night ermm mean u know after our wedding u mock me when I try to help u..

Maan coughed the coffee n said that was help sona, u said me that I should wear ur dress….

Geet look here n there n said so….I didn’t mean it I mean u don’t have night dress that time so I thought u know it’s just suggestion…n here see ur file place it casually then u will lost ur paper n she keep blabbering when maan just look at her intently both r lost in their respective world when they have collided with each other n geet fall with those file on the sofa when maan on geet .Maan just lost on geet who look shock then look at maan who was lost..She softly called him kuwar sa, kuwar sa who seems lost in geet ……

Geet slowly pinch maan n screamed HUKUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM who screamed ouchhhhh ahhhhh then look at geet who was giggling n maan just lost there, her giggle her smile her…he cupped her face n said sona aise hi rehena , humesha hashte hue..I want to see u happy n first time geet notice the tear fall from his eyes..

Geet got alert n hugged maan said pls don’t cry pls don’t beg infront of me..pls…If u want me to happy then..I will be I will smiles I will do anything but I can’t see u like this….

Maan sighed n hugged geet…he know its not the change its her trying for his sake….he don’t know what to do but he know he have to do it

They try to spend times sometimes n help each other, ….it’s not easy n maan can see the difference in geet the aloofness is still there…..

Geet complete to fill up her one of the project work when maan said ho gaya, she nodded n maan take to look n as reference sign it ..

Geet said aap check nehi karoge..

Maan:-no,I trust u whn geet look down n softly said but if u regret it if someone complaint that I have done something wrong then…

Maan look at geet who look down n said aap pls dekh lijiye..I don’t want u to regret if I have done anything wrong pls say me now…I don’t want to hurt ppl I tried but I know…n again geet stopped there….Maan look down to control his own pain n said ok….

Geet try to get up with the form later when Maan said hmm sona….Geet turn n maan said oh I told u about the picnic if u want to I mean if we ….

Geet look at him n said I don’t want to go there , u can n u should , bye…

Maan sighed again , he don’t know what to do with geet or say to geet …he felt so helpless…he called Rimita who was in date with arya there both r talking about geet n maan when maan called…

Rimita:-yes boliye…

Maan:-Dr m helpless I don’t know what to do with her, she is refusing me if I asked her permission she is refusing me also if I told her or demand anything..she is not…I …

Rimita listen calmly n said r u regretting to help her..

Maan:- Dr I  , r u crazy….she is my sona I want her perfect n back to herself…

Rimita :-then have patience , she is not doing it intentionally, she is hurt, she don’t have the confidence to trust u again…be it asking or requesting or demanding, she thought u will left her in mid way….

Maan closed his eyes in pain when Rimita said u have to be calm n compose , it’s long journey n too tricky…to know her inner side to handle her to make her comfortable n boost her confidence …

Maan nodded yes n said ok I will….

Rimita hung up when Arya look at her n said nothing maan is feeling helpless …they both sat there in silent when rimita said I think maan need help …I have to…

Arya look confuse n said maan never felt so lost rimi , he is confident man but with gudiya…

Rimita:- we felt weak with our loved one Arya  n maan loved ur gudiya too dearly but it’s not husband love , it’s a close friend a best friend his love who want to guide her, protect her, care for her n play with her still..U thinks that decision only harm geet no Arya that stop maan also there, he may be didn’t show like geet or show anything but he is suffering with his guilt from that day..I have met him n know from his words. He will never let this know anyone n ur geet, gudiya can help him to overcome,he didn’t turn adult arya , he just grown up but his mind his heart his memory stay with little geet, his little sona. If u see he still missed most what u know to play with his sona…

Arya look down n cover his face with his palm n said what I would say rimi n pull it over his face, he look so sad when he got a msg n he read it

Sorry Arya, just enjoy ur date ..I know my call would be spoiling mood …pls don’t make urself tense for ur gudiya ..I have promise to myself to make her fine…make her like before, anyway enjoy…

Arya look it n read the msg again n again but his heart jolt with unknown fear….

There maan sat in silence inside the room , he notice geet who was sleeping but maan , sleep is far away from him…he get up n went to a cupboard n took out something then sat near the balcony n open the file, it’s an album ..n maan sat there with lost look n upset mind….

Geet sat there next day for breakfast when maan said masa m going for some business tour to Australia n Singapore n it will be for 15days tour n before that I have some picnic , Kumudini can join but not u , he told to his little brother who pout when maan said u have ur exam n study it more argument n masa Geet will accompany me during this business tour n Picnic , my friends wants to meet her…

Geet look dead shock n try to say when maan hold her hand n slide it to her finger n entwined n said  ,aap sirf help kar dena packing mein masa…I would do it but I am busy with few last minutes…work…

Geet look irritate but then maan said sona..can u help me now..I have to attend a call before leaving pls…

Geet nodded when masa shook her head n prayed to almighty that whatever maan is doing right…


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    Maaneet moment r beautiful
    Continue soon

    • Hii sweety.. M fine …How r u ? thanks ….Dadi sa has lots of venom against Geet for no reason..Geet is restless without maan…thanks for liking maaneet chatting…Geet’s life revolve around maan maan..yes both r feeling something guess maan felt little ago…. thanks for liking maaneet moment will ud soon , may be this week

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