Chapter 7 of Memory Loss

 Part 7:-

Here , Later maaneet return from office but maan keep avoiding to look at geet as he is fighting with himself.


After he left the room, he stayed in the conference room some time but later come as radhika mom called him that DEV in khurana mansion and waiting for him. So he come back and sees geet is crying there. He feels some one tores his heart to see geet is crying, he just goes close to her and take her in his arms. He can’t see her crying ……it’s hurts him . don’t know but whenever he seenher crying it’s make him sad, feel him like some one cut his heart into million pieces.. after some time maan wipes her tears and said geet, look at me, geet who is still sobbing and just asked, do u trust me maan.

Maan feel like said yes, he trust her, more than himself but those words hurting him but don’t know y, he said geet, I trust u geet but pls give me time I can’t take this easily, it’s not small thing.pls geet.I know I was wrong to behave like that but I…….

Flashback end…..

His chain of thought break when driver said  sir hum aagye .

Maaneet look at each other then maan said aao geet,

Geet come out from the car and maan come and hold her waist securely and said take it easy geet, don’t give ur self stress…..

Both enter the Mansion and see Dev is sitting in couch and Radhika mom and Dadi ma r also there.

Geet look at dev disgustingly and clutched maan’s hand ….

Dev smiles at geet then look at maan but soon smiles vanish to see maan’s angry expression …

Dev think is he really lost his memory ….

Maan :-geet room mein jao.

When dev said mr khurana I want to talk to u.

Maan:-hmmm then to geet, geet go inside

Geet nodded and left from there . when Dev said I want both of u come to my farm house as I held  small party there.

Maan sit another couch and then said good, but mr khurana I don’t know or don’t want to make false promise about we will definitely coming but we will try….

Dev look disappointed but then said pls mr khurana try where maan is trying hard to control his anger and said I wil try and then thanks mr khurana for coming personally ,now excuse us then to radhika mom and dadi , aap dono se kuch kaam hain.

Dev understand by this there is no way he will allow him to stay there.Dev think still ohi attitude , ohi gussa and the main part dev feel jealous and angry how maan hold geet and geet close to maan,in office and here also.

Dev’s self thinking but ,I have to do something, I have to …

Here in Dadi’s room:-

Dadi look tensed when maan come and said dadi tomorrow u have check up and I called doctor he will come check u up here, ma aap hi rehena as if me and geet will come little late …..

Radhika mom:- don’t worry beta , I’m here when dadi ma said maan.

Maan turned and look at her and said ha dadi ma.

Dadi ma looks little hesitate and said oh beta, dev….actually….

Maan cut her and said dadi ma, aap shant ho jaiye itna tension mat lijiye, pls take care of ur self and I’ll handle everything but u take care of ur health. Now , do u want to eat ur dinner here shall me and geet join u here.

Dadi ma smiles slightly then said ok beta.

After maan left from there dadi ma look at radhika mom when she said ma aap pareshan mat hoiye, aab kuch galat nehi hoga…

Dadi ma smiles but she feared that something might happen,

Here in maaneet’s room:-

Geet is sitting  in the couch and again looking lost in some where, her mind is clouded in some un known fear.

Maan come and see her sitting like this, he closed his eyes then come and sit besides her and said geet, who is lost and thinking she will again loss everything, y her destiny like this, whenever she want to happy, or some happiness come in her door but in more power some one snatched everything, jabse dev aay e hain sab galat hota hain,but her chain of thought break by maan’s word and his touch.

Geet look at maan and said oh oh….but maan placed his finger on her lips and said shhh, kuch mat kaho, abhi,dekho geet, I know u r feeling miserable but geet I can’t remember anything about my past, our past and now I heard and know some bitter truth about my and our past then think how much pain I’m bearing also.I don’t blame u but situation is not in our control and I reacted….geet, trust me ….nothing …I just can’t tolerate any one’s name with u…….. geet gapsed to heard same insensity , same passaion from maan when maan turn and said go and change ur dress will see u at dadi ma’s room.Geet  slowly nodded ,later  Geet came out from washroom after changing in light blue color salwar and taking her medicine when maan said first eat it then take medicine.

Geet making face and said mujhe nehi peena juice ,Maan who is removing his wasit coat and loose his shirt and just hold geet from the behind and twirl her and said then gussa mujh pe hain na, naraj mujh pe ho na then y u r bringing ur gussa here on ur food, now drink it and then eat medicine .Dadi ma is looking for u.

Geet look at maan and lost in their close proximity after such long time, she inhales his manly scent and want to stay there she looks at maan with love full eyes but then remember office incident and said sorry and freed herself.

Here maan didn’t understand what happen to him and suddenly y geet look so lost again.

At dadi ma’s room , geet sleep beside dadi ma and dadi ma stroking her hair lovingly when radhika mom come and said ma, iye lijiye and give her a glass of milk. Then asked how is she now?

Dadi ma:- she is sleeping now.beta, maan ko bula lijiye, aapne room mein rehenge toh …

Radhika mom:- he is coming as he is talking with some romeo about some document , is coming.

Here, maan came and seen geet is sleeping there and asked what happen?

Dadi ma :- nothing beta,may be feeling tired so slept here, is everything fine in office,

Maan sat in the bed and said ha, all is fine but I guess we will meet dev and his mom in some party after two days.

Radhika mom and dadi ma looked at him then maan said don’t worry nothing is final as I’ll make some excuse about u all will not come when geet said agar aap agye toh hum sab jayenge aap kahi ekele  nehi jayenge…

Maan:-oh baad ki baat hain if u r not feeling good then don’t think about it….

Radhika mom agreed when dadi also said ha beta koi jarurat nehi hain aur waise bhi maan agar gaye toh adi hoga ….

Maan:- dadi ha btw that is much later baad mein decide karnege now all of three it’s too late and y r u all wake up till .

Radhika :- kabhi kabhi thora late sone se kuch nehi hota.anyway, chalo, maan is right also, good night, ma aap bhi so jaiye.

Radhika mom make dadi lay on the bed and tucked her in blanket where maan pull geet from the bed slowly then suddenly carried her in his arms when geet feel shocked and shy and just look at maan when he said jada socho mat thori der pehele kehe rehe thi na, pair mein dard ho raha hain so,

Geet turned her face to hide her tears, she don’t know how she will felt happy or sad or,happy for being close to maan or sad still maan can’t remember anything,

Maan placed her in the bed and tucked her in the blanket and said good night geet.

Geet lay in the bed when maan slide besides her and said geet, I know tum mujhe office mein jo hua uske baarein men baat karna chathe the ho ,and we will tak about it but tomorrow, pls geet, for ur health and our child, so jao .

Geet nodded and as he is right but her mind is disturb and jab se dev aaya hain iha, she want to tell him everything but feared how he will take all , she know in front of ma and dadi ma he is try to behave good and in side he is burning , his eyes always speaks,when she feels maan hold her hand and said geet, socho mat itna,now pls sleep.but suddenly geet hugged him tight and start crying and said maan pls don’t go that party, they will harm u and our relation , pls don’t trust them I never loved him, that marriage is fake u knew , u….and hiccup starting , maan get up and give her water and said shhhhh drink it, , geet take one sip but again said maan, oh maan, mein kabhi bhi, maan said shhhh, abhi nehi and wipes her tear gently, maan feeling some one ripped his heart when to see tear in geet’s eyes.Maan just take her in his arms and patted her back and said geet, m not angry on u , neither I trust  dev  or any one, yes I forgot our past, forgot the moemtns we shared together, those promises I made, those dream I make u see but geet I trust u cause I seen honesty on ur eyes,I’m trying my best to remember everything but as u know it’s not easy but geet u think if I heard something like that how I felt it’s not easy to accept, it’s not easy , I don’t know how I feel it’s  love or not but I know I’m feeling peace with u, yes I don’t want any one come close to u now or future and whatever happen in past they will suffer when geet close his mouth and said no….aap kuch nehi karoge, aap mujhe chor ke kahi nehi jaoge.

Maan smiles and said mein kabhi nehi jaunga. Chalo aab so jao, aise itne raat tak it’s not good for ur helath neither our baby ….geet nodded then maan  make her sleep by patting her.

After tucking her in the soft duvet maan look at her face which is pale, sad and tensed still, he want to take all her pain, he feel helpless y he can’t remember anything but feels pain to see her in pain, whenever hse smiles it’s make him happy,with her , he feel immense peace. He slowly carrss her head and then give her gentle kiss on her forehead and determine to know  about their past , dev and khurana.

Next day morning, geet wake up and find maan is coming out from the washroom when she almost runs to him but maan hold her and said What  r u doing, don’t  u know  any kind of this things will create problem.

Geet:- aap kaha ja rehe ho itna subha.

Maan make her sit in the bed and call maid to bring break fast for them here ….

Geet make face then said aap naraj ho mujhse isliye ja rehe ho.

Maan:- geet, mein naraj nehi hoon, some urgent meeting

Geet:- nehi koi urgent meeting nehi hain, u r angry.

Maan:- geet, I’m not angry. But geet again said same thing when maid come with break fast, maan told her to keep it there.

Then said to geet, now fresh ho lo and let complete the breakfast.

Geet nodded no and said aap sach kyuon nehi bol rehe ho, aap sirf is liye bol rehe ho take mein tension na loon but u r angry on me, aap jhooth bol rehe ho kyuon.

Maan turn and said geet, baas,

Geet get up from the bed and said nehi, aap sach nehi sunna chathe har baar mujhe talna chathe ho .

Maan :- geet, aise nehi hain, tum galat samajh rehe ho I told u I’ll listen  everything

but not now , it’s not right time, now chalo fresh holo hum but geet cut him and said nehi….

Maan who is searching his shirt just hold geet from her shoulder and turn her and paste her on the cupboard and said  BAAS GEET, TAB SE TUMHARA SUNA RAHA HOON,KYA NEHI SUNNA CHATHA , MEIN , MEINE KAHA MUJEH TIME CHAIYE PAR TUME ILJAM LAGA REHE HO MUJHPE .MEIN TAB SE RAHA HOON JHOOTH JHOOTH KYA JHOOTH , TUMNE KAUNSA SACH KAHA PEHELE SE, JAB IHA AAYI, KAUNSA SACH BATAYA MUJHE , mujhe BHI TOH ANDHERE MEIN RAKHA THA TUMNE. So kuch bhi bolne se pehele socho, aur mujhe kehe rehe ho iye jo sach jhooth kabhi socha mujhe kaise lag raha hain ek aise insaan jisne aapne ateet ke baarein sab bhul gaye usse achanak malum parta hain eh is married , he has mother , grand mother, and her wife is expecting , he madly, deeply,  love his wife but can’t remember , how he is feeling, how his heart is paining, and that man suddenly know his wife was married yes fake married but what will be his condition do u really think. No … u r not. So don’t giving me this false accusation, me is telling lie, MAAN SINGH KHURANA NEVER LIED IN HIS LIFE …Maan Singh khurana never lied in his life ……. And this echoed in the room and maan’s mind and suddenly maan hold his head and said maan Singh khurana iye mein jhooth, sach, iye mein and sat in the floor and close his eyes tightly

Maan:- geet kehe do na

Geet :-I…



Maan:- ha geet mein bolo

Geet:-mein pregnant hoon….

Their hands r going away from each other and

Then suddenly in conference room,  geet mere kya kasur tha agar oh teen din mein mujhe dhoka deke chala gaya, agar meine ma ,papa jee ka baat maan ke shaadi ke liye tayar ho gayi par oh toh shaadi nehi tha, boliye na mere kya kasur tha.

Maan :-mujhe laga tum sirf mere ho .

Geet placed her hand and said baas and left from the cabin


And suddenly maan jerked and said GEETTTTTTTTTT

Geet who is standing there like a statue, here Radhika mom heard sound of maan and come there and see maan is sitting in the floor and hold his head tightly when geet is standing there like a statue radhika mom for a sec look confused she quickly shout Adi come here fast then hold geet and make her sit in the couch and by this time adi came when she told him to see maan.

Adi some how hold maan when maan said meine geet ka sath nehi dia meine kaise iye kar sakta mein , and forcefully freed himself and went from there.

Adi shouts maan sir.

Here Radhika mom is trying regaining senses in geet. She is like statue…….no emotions ….


At after noon,

Radhika mom is talking with doctor and doctor said dekhiye Mrs khurana, till mr maan came and console her, she will not react, she shocked and hurt by something and constantly said I’m sorry maan.I’m sorry maan.

Radhika mom look disturbed and asked but maan is locked himself in a room.

Doctor:- but tell him to come and see his wife ….

Radhika mom:-I’ll try ….

Here in the room:-

Maan is doing tai chi and he is like almost thorw many things and braking things randomly.

He is his angry self, after lots of destruction; he stopped and sits in the floor and think what is happening ? those flashes , his fight with geet, geet accuse him and he shouts on her, y, he is reacting like this, y, and those flashes,geet ka saht nehi dia, kya hua tha kyuon sath nehi, aur oh conference room itna jana pehechana kyuon lagata hain , kyuon meine geet ko itna hurt kya, kyuon , geet ko meine jna de raha tha, kyuon mein geet ko, kya hua tha Oh GOD pls help me, iyaad dilao mujhe kya hua tha, and hold his hair tightly and feeling throbbing pain his head . He just lied in the floor and closed his eyes, want to remember everything,

Radhika mom:- beta, pls open the door, ur geet is needed u, pls beta, come from there .

But no response at first then maan said ma pls go away now, pls leave me alone. Pls ma.

Radhka mom:-ok I’m going but don’t take much time cause if u take then  may be ur geet will be away from u.

And maan’s eyes snapped open , he just again seeing those images, his hand going away from geet, geet raised her hand and leave the conference room .Maan get up from the floor and maan come and open their bedroom door and see radhika mom is sitting besides geet and patting her head when maan said ma…geet kaise hain.

Radhika mom :- abhi so rehi hain, but not good, pls make her talk other wise.

Maan come and sit besides geet and slowly patted her  head and said geet, open ur eyes dear, ur maan is here, pls dear open ur eyes…

Radhika mom:-maan.

Maan:- don’t worry maan, oh uthegi mujhse naraj hain, dant dia na, aap phirkar mat kijiye….thora sone dijiye oh uth jayegi, pls make some food for geet, she will eat as for our child and her health also.


Geet:- y r u here, don’t u know maan will kill, u.

touch geet’s hand and said geet, come with me.

Dev:-I…..I kill ur maan, ha ha and evily smiles when he is about to hold her but geet try to slap him but he hold his hand and pull her forcefully when geet wriggled and  said choro mujhe , mere maan ko kuch nehi hua, maan.. maan choro mujhe dev,


Maan look at geet who is resltless and keep tossing when maan hold her close but heard she is saying choro mujhe, dev,,, maan ayega, maan, come na, pls maan, and

Here maan said geet, me is here dear, koi nehi hain mein iha hoon dekho, and suddenly geet shouts CHORO MUJHE , MAAN BAHCAO…..and hugged maan tightly. Like almost hiding herself in him….

Maan hugged her back and said shhh, dear m here, koi nehi hain dekho…

After some console from maan, geet is looking from maan’s shoulder and then at maan blankly then whishper I’m sorry….

Maan look at her and said shhh, geet, don’t be sorry dear, u r not at fault, I should be more careful, shhh,

Geet’s tear start flowing and said no , mein buri hoon, jhoothi hoon , u don’t trust me, na, I lied u, mein buri hoon choriye mujhe, mein iha nhei rahungi, I’ll go, no one loves me, and crying and hold maan’s vest tightly…..

Maan try to console her but when he heard she will go away from him and suddenly he just pull her close to him and hold her tight and said  U r mine , only mine ,samjhi tum……

Geet looked at maan with wide eyes when maan said never say u r leaving me, itna bara saja dena chathe  ho, mujhe iyaad nehi kya mare kasur hain geet, ha meine bahut bari galati kya phir bhi tum mujhe chor ke jana chathi ho If rogot everything geet, dhoondly iyaad aata hain , I know what I done today is not good, never me but geet pls look at me…..

Here in hotel :-

Dev is sleeping but looking tensed and sweaty

Maan punched him and said it’s ur last warning Mr khurana.she is my mom don’t u dare to say anything against her.

Dev hold his bleeding nose and sat almost on the floor and seen maan taking radhika mom with him and went from there…..

Dev shouts bro , don’t hit bro, don’t hit me…… and get up and breathing too too fast then looking here and there but found himself in the hotel room and sighed but still feel scared and said I think mujhe party cancel karna chaiye aur iha se jake kuch aur sochna chiaye geet ke liye, I can’t face maan Singh khurana directly I  have to do something else…

Here in maaneet’s room:-

Geet slept and maan holding her hands after feeding her food and medicine but geet is too slient and don’t say any word to him.

He is scard about something.

Maan look at her face and said I’m sorry geet , pls forgive me I don’t want to hurt u neither I want to say anything  like that but what can I do I for forgot everything and feeling miserable now , no one helping me, I feel some hazy picstures in front my eyes and those pics confuse me more and went away from me, pls geet help me, pls.

Next Part:-

Maan look at her face and said I’m sorry geet , pls forgive me I don’t want to hurt u neither I want to say anything  like that but what can I do I for forgot everything and feeling miserable now , no one helping me, I feel some hazy picstures in front my eyes and those pics confuse me more and went away from me, pls geet help me, pls.

Geet turned and said mujhe neend aarehe hain…..

Maan look at her helplessly here geet try to stop her sobbing but fails.

Maan get up from the bed and went to couch and sat there some times and looking at geet some times then smiles little and again goes towards the bed and slide besides geet.

Geet feel it but she just ignore it, she know maan is not at fault as he forget everything about their past but how much time she will, suffer, she is dying every moment without her maan …….how she will handle everything , it’s long her suffering, her fighting with every odds and till now maan with her but now he is far away, he forget her, their love….suddenly she feel maan’s hand slide on her waist and rest on her stomach then gently pressed it like patted their baby. Then said sorry I know u r right and u have full right to angry on, upsate with me but geet me is so helpless,but geet trust me and give me little time I will make everything fine ,

Geet smiles little and snuggled close to maan like now her back on maan’s chest. Maan also smiled and feel good to have her close to him.

But he is waiting for geet’s ans but there is long silence……

Maan said geet , but feel she is sleeping now, he smiles then close his eyes for some sleep.

Next morning, maan wake up early and found geet his holding his vest and sleeping but her face look so disturb .he carrass her face, hair try to sooth her pain but her fear of loosing him is increasing in her dream also  she clutched the vest tightly and said maan, pls don’t leave me. Maan, pls then again all silent ….

MAan pull her close and hugged her and almost hide her petite form in his and said no geet, I’ll not, I’ll remember our life, love, and I’ll surely make everything all right ….

Later geet wake up and look at her side for maan but he is not there.

She frowned but soon heard some one coming from out side and only wearing his track pant and sweating also, looking like coming from gym. She gasped to see her maan like this, yes she seen him like this many time and suddenly she noticed maan is looking at her and she closed her eyes tightly….

Maan smirked then went to washroom for shower ….

Here geet feel flushed, shy and blushing terribly … suddenly she feels some one’s hot breath on her shoulder and said geet good morning , wake up we have to go for some test.

Geet hold the pillow by one hand and another hand clutched the blanket tightly …….when maan again said come on get up now,

Geet slightly nodded but her breathing r fast…….

After maan went from there, she get up and smiles slightly and huming a song  but soon she remember maan’s word and sat on the bed and hold her tummy and cried …..

When maan come with breakfast and see  her crying there and he got tensed……he quickly placed those plate on the table and said geet kya hua?

Geet who is crying just said kuhc nehi and try to get up when maan hold her shoulder and make her sit there and asked kya hua geet…..

Geet nodded negatively and said nothing and try to get up when maan said mujhe nehi bologe kya hua .

Geet quickly wipes her tear and said nothing, we r getting late and went from there.

Maan look at her side and think it’s tough to manao her but he will,

Later after the break fast both went to hospital  …..all the way geet maintain her silent treatment ……..

At hospital, maan accompany her and waiting for doctor .

Doctor  check her up where maan is waiting for them.

After some time doctor came out and said jaiye mil lijiye.

Maan look at her and went inside where geet is try to come donw when maan helped her but she hold his hand then whishper maan…

When geet said oh maan, oh… when maan look at geet but geet just hugged him and said thanks maan.

Maan look puzzled then said it’s ok but geet take it wrongly and said sorry and try to come out when maan said wait then help her to come out and said come .

After geet come out from there with maan  , doctor give them some instruction and medicine and said to come after 10 days.

On the way geet said I’ll take  a cab and will go, u can carry on ur works , don’t bother for me .

Maan who is trying hard just hold her hand and said last time , I’m warning u last time don’t say this and if u say then …… sit there quietly  … geet :-hmmm

They stuck in the traffic and maan said geet, I’m sorry for shouting at u but geet try to understand me little, m not saying m right or wrong but my situation is not my under’s mess all over.

Geet:- I know but my situation and not me  also…… those r also ….. She left it there imcomplete ….

Maan close his eyes and said geet tell me what is that?

Geet:- nothing.

Trafic clear and maan start his car when he received a call from office and maan said ok hmmm I’m coming,….

After the call maan closed his eyes then look at geet who is looking out side but geet sensed something wrong when she said kcuh problem hain…

Maan:-oh actually mujhe matlab hume office jana hoga oh KC se kuch problem kar rehe hain but ur health is not good and I don’t want u will face it…

Geet:-if u trust me then I’ll be fine.

Maan:-I trust u geet, it’s not like that ur condition is not good and doctor clearly told me to not giving u any stress and I’ll not if doctor told me or not so it’ll be better  if u but geet cut him and said I’ll go and as I said if u trust me then u will allow ma.

Maan:- from where this trust issue is coming geet? Y u r behaving like stubborn ?

Geet:-I’m not….

Maan look at her then went towards their office.

Geet:- oh aaye kyuon hain.


Geet:- maan, hum aapse kuch puch rehe hain …


Geet:- maan aap sun rehe hain…


Geet:-aap kyuon kar reh ho aise….


Geet:- thik hain mat kariye baat…. Mein bhi nehi karti….

Maan slightly turn and think kal se mujhse baat karna khud bandh kya now giving me attitude huh…..

They reached the office and maan helped her to come out and both headed towards lift……

Maaneet enter the cabin when adi and Natasha informed them that Dev Khurana and Pammi khurana r here to meet them.

Maan:- geet tum iha raho,but geet cut him and said I’ll go with u.

Maan:- geet , dear,

Geet holds his hand said pls maan.

Maan look puzzled and hurt little then said ok…..

Both enter to the conference room together, some how geet hold maan’s hand tightly ….

Geet take a deep breath then sit besides maan.

Maan greeted pammi and dev then said have a seat and then help geet to take seat and sit in C.E.O ‘s chair.

They start their meeting but in the full meeting dev gazed at geet badly and geet hold maan’s hand tightly more……

After some time , maan said ok when we r agree in this then we will visit to the site today but after lunch  , both pammi and dev nodded with this.

After this maan said to geet geet have ur lunch now and medicine bhi, I’ll be back after our visit.

Geet:- no mein bhi jaungi but maan cut her and said nehi geet, take rest here, I’ll be back soon.

But geet is adamant and said no when maan shouts geet zidd mat karo u r  not well doctor told u take rest do u want something happen to our child……

Geet look at maan then said aap bure ho  bahut bure kabhi nehi samjhoge mujhe.

Maan closed his eyes and said see I’m sorry, I didn’t meant it but see if u r being stubborn like this then  but geet turn her face when maan said again accha chalo maaf kar do mein abhi jake abhi aata hoon but geet said Maafi milega nehi aapko, kyuon karu mein mein din se aap mujhe suna rehe hain, jaise mein aap pe bojh hoon ha….aap kyuon nehi samajhte mere halat , kyuon aapko toh aapki pare hain,mujhe baat mat kijiye jaiye , jaha jana hain..

Maan hold her shoulder and said geet pls…..look at me pls……

Geet turn and try to move from there but maan hold her wrist and said pls geet, look at me.

Geet nodded no but maan also adamant and said come on look at me….

Geet again nodded not and forcefully try to freed herself and just she slipped from maan’s hand and Maan:- geet, samal ke.

and almost fall on her hit with table and falls on the floor when Geet:- MAANNNNNNNNNNN and closed her eyes tightly but maan hold her and pull her and cocconed her tightly and said geet , and said tum thik ho …..

Geet nodded and placed her head on his heart and try to gain her breath, both r much engrossed after some time maan patted her back and said geet, relax nothing is happen see, u r fine na baas iye hain hain mere geet chalti phirti disaster hain …ha…..

When geet smiles and murmur dusht danav.

Both laughed and hugged each other tightly but their good time break by Dev and said mr khurana we r ready actually  me and mom but stopped there to see the scene and frozed there and then said I thought this is office when maan composed and said mr khurana wait out side and before entering my cabin knocked and ask the permission and sec this is my office and in my office what I do or not it’s not ur problem .hope I clear all.

Geet is at first blushing then when dev came she look tensed,anger, in pain when maan said geet sit here sasha and pinky r here , talk with them I’ll be back soon , I’m taking adi and romeo with me and our guards also with me now don’t worry .

Geet nodded then said come fast .

Maan nodded and said I’ll but his mind is clouded y geet is behaving like that, is this for her anger, hurt pain or something else, y she is suddenly so stubborn ….


At the evening, geet is talking with some employee about some work then said ok .After dismiss them .

She is looking at some blue print and said to herself I should tell this to maan aur iye maan bhi na wapas aake phir se ek aur meeting mein chale gaye.

Geet is waiting for maan in his cabin when she heard a click, geet smiles and said aagaye aap, suniye … iye dekhiye iye aur ha dadi ma ne phone kya aapko pata hain maan and felt some one try to hold her waist and soon geet got alert and turn and push him with full force and said STAY AWAY FROM ME MR DEV, DON’T U DARE TO TOUCH ME.

Dev who stumble little and said ocuh gussa ho gaya geet, itna jor se na maaro,lagta hain, are itna berukhi kyuon, we r once , u know na.


Dev smiles and who is stop oh maan, tch tch where is he? I kille but soon received a slap from geet and dev’s lips slightly cut …

Dev got furious and turn and hold geet by her hair and said how dare u slapped me u ….now u will surely pay for it.u don’t want to trust me na but it’s true that ur dearest hubby is no more now and if u want to live and or want save this baby then Kiss me…….

And try to close to her face and geet try her level best to freed herself and then she kicked him where it’s hit most and then push him forcefully and dev landed on the floor but with groan and when geet said u scr***** u B****** don’t u love ur life and want to die today, how dare u touch me, tumne maan ki geet ko chua u will surely pay but with that dev try to hold her leg and said not so soon geet, not so soon and try to pull when geet closed her eyes but soon feel there is not pressure in her leg and soon some trashing sound and dev’s moaning sound and heard Maan’s roaring sound DEV, I’LL KILL U U B******** S******** and kicked him and punch him and tharsh his face in the wall, mirror , glass table and almost want to kill when geet hold and said no maan u will not, u will not dirty ur hand to kill this dirty, filthy man,

Maan hold geet tightly and called security and police .



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