Chapter 8 of Memory Loss

Part 8:-

Maan hold geet tightly and called security and police .

Maan :- geet r u ok.

Geet nodded and hold him tight when maan see  security came there maan said take this man from here and make sure he is not dead,admit him in the hospital .I’ll pay for him.

Security nodded and maan said when police will come tell them to meet me in Mansion and left from there.

In the way, geet said maan I’m feeling suffocated ….

Maan hold her close and carrass her back and said drink water little , we r going to meet Doctor ……

Geet clinged to him and hold his waist coat tightly .Maan to driver :- speed up the car.

Driver nodded as he is too scared to see maan’s angry sound it has something which can make any strong man shiver in fear.

They reached at hospital and maan take geet in his arm where geet hold his neck tightly and almost hide her in his shoulder.

After some time maan make geet sit in the chair where doctor come and said mr khurana, actually, earlier I told  that she is fine and everything is normal but as I said it that she has stay away from tension and this is not happening, she is more and more drwoning and her blood pressure was increased and see now still how pale she is.I told her to stay here but no. she is adamant to go home now.

Maan look at geet then said don’t worry doctor , she will stay here today,

Here after hearing this geet look at maan with painful eyes and turned her face.

Doctor noticed it and said it’s ok mr khurana, now she is fine . aap unhe ghar le ja sakte hain but she has to take rest and no tension baaki sab normal …

Maan:- r u sure doctor, koi problem toh nehi hain.

Doctor smiles and said no.

On the way, geet is sit almost near to window when maan said geet kaise feel ho raha hain, koi pareshani toh nehi.

Geet don’t want to tell anything but just tell m fine .But maan not satisfied and went close to her and slide his hand on her shoulder and take her in his arms and said so jao kuch der if u feel tired…….tumhe rest lene ki jarurat hain ….

Geet turned her face and try to control her tear, her mind clouded with again fear , insecurity ……but after few times , she almost falls in sleep when maan placed her head on his shoulder and look at her face which is looking so pale. He want to take all pain from her …..

They reached home when maan carried her in his arms . Dadi ma and radhika mom r talking and walking in the garden see them and said maan.

Maan :-I’ll talk to u later… he placed her in bed and tucked her in the blanket where geet take his hand and placed it near her cheek .

He smiles and sat besides her and carrass her head gently.he don’t know but in his heart he feeling something for her, what is this, y he can’t see her in pain or tears, y any one look badly then want to rip there hand  from his body , kill them who ever think to give her pain, y this kind of feeling, y, y?

He looks at her face and want to see her happy always, he heard dadi ma told ma that she is very bubbly but now she forget to laught no forget to smile, some fear always in her eyes, some insecurity.

Maan sighed how I’ll help her when I don’t remember my past, how helpless I’m feeling ….

Dadi ma and radhika mom come there and said maan.

Maan wipes a single drop of tears and said yes ma. Then said aaiye baithye.

All r settle in the adjoined room and maan said sorry oh geet is not feeling well so.

Radhika mom:- kya hua beta office mein, mujhe pata chala.

Maan told  radhika ma and dadi ma everything …..Dadi ma gasped when radhika mom look disturb but dadi hold her hand .

Maan:-don’t know but mrs pammi khurana look calm but some how looking at us interestingly like something want to know….

Dadi ma:- don’t call her khurana.

Maan look at dadi ma then said do u know her,

Radhika mom:- we will talk about this later but u should talk with commissioner as the incident happen in our office.

Maan nodded and said yes I forget it ,

After his talking with commisioner maan  just went to change his dress when his cell ring again. He take it and and it’s geet’s doctor.

Doctor:- mr khurana I called u to tell u something, see I want to see geet un my observation but today I feel she needs u also, as when u told her to stay in the hospital ,I noticed her reaction and it’s painful,and the way she behaved full check up time, she needs u, yes in pregnancy time many women needs their husband with them as cause of physical and mental and hormonal change, like geet is facing now. So .


Later maan went to meet radhika mom and dadi ma and tell them about his conversation with doctor as he feel confuse.

When dadi ma smiles and lovingly patted his cheek and said All cause of pregnancy hormone.yes geet is too sensitive now, first  last couple of months whatever happen then now this change in her body,and now she feel more insecure, maan u know in normal pregnancy time we woman craved for our husband sath and here geet  faced  big problem like ur memory lost and she feels lost now ,I know it’s difficult for u but as for her also difficult , situation is not good but just give her little time and see she will cooperate with u fully.

Maan look at them in like surprise way then nodded ok.

He went back to his room to found geet is not in the bed.

Maan looking at bed then go to barandah then he heard  a  sound from bathroom, some one vomiting there.

Maan rushed there and see geet is vommitting there…Maan hold her from back and rubbed her back gently and said kya hua geet.

Geet leaned to maan and said pata nehi achank jaise , feeling too tired.

After cleaning her. Maan give her comfortable dress to wear then help her to lay down in the bed and slide besides her …..

Maan carrass her head and said close ur eyes, and try to sleep some time then u will feel better .I called doctor she will come but geet cut him and said I’m fine .I don’t want to go to hospital , when maan said kaun kehe raha hain tumhe hospital jane ke sirf aake ek baar check up karenge oh bhi meine kaha, tum kahi nehi ja rehe ho, pakka, now close ur eyes,

Geet look at his face and try to understand but her tried body give up and she closed her eyes.

After maan make sure she is sleeping, maan take his laptop and try to know more about pregnancy , women’s mind that time, mood swing, what happen due pregnancy hormore ?cravings.Maan download it all and take print out of this then he noticed some books also related to this, he order those books.

At night dinner time, maan wake geet up and said how r u feeling now?

Geet smiles little and said good.

Maan smiles then said go fresh ho lo, we r going down stair for dinner.

Geet’s face look more delighted and said ok….

Both come to downstair and geet noticed doctor is there and her face color again changed when maan said kya hua.

Geet nodded negatively.

Doctor come and greeted geet and said mrs khurana, hope u well, well m came here to give u this chart , just follow it. It’s nutritions chart. Already I gave u but add something more so. Now m going it’s late take care and don’t take stress.

Geet nodded and look at her then said thanks.


Later , maan helped her to seat in the chair then sit besides her and said ma, we r ready dinner serve karne boliye.

Radhima ma and dadi ma r looking happy and said ok .

Radhika mom sply serve her son and daughter in law, her dream to see them together happy, may be they r facing problem but soon everything will be fine, she smiles and everyone star their dinner.

Geet feel happy after long time she is taking her dinner happily with her family, her maan.

Maan see the glow in her face feel happy, his heart feel content to see her happy.

Later at sleeping time geet come and said thanks to maan.

Maan nodded and give her medicine when geet makes face when maan said nothing will help . all cause of our baby and ur health. Now eat this,

Geet eat them one by one then maan give glass of milk when geet said this is. I mean color kuch.

Maan:-ha, saffron milk hain, I heard it’s good for baby and her mother.

Geet smiles and take a sip and said it’s taste different and yummy then said wait aapne kaha her mother it’s mean girl,

Maan turn and said hmmm kyuon , ek lerki bilkul tumhari tarah pyaari aur lerki easy hote hain sply papa ki baat sunte hain…..

Geet pouted and said kya baba jee iye kya mere baccha aaya nehi aur iye hain ki mere bacche ke mere against kar rehe hain aur team mere against dekha aapne then patted her stomach and said mere beta bol tu aapne ma ke sath degi na.

Maan chuckled and said well she will definitely giving her sath to her papa what say princess.

Geet:- no he is my prince and will listen to me.

Maan bend and patted her stomach and said so princess aap bolo aapne mama ko , aap aapne papa ke sath doge,

Geet again pouted and said nehi nehi mein mama ki prince hoon toh mein unke sath dunga.

Geet look at maan then with teary eyes said mujhe koi pyaar nehi karta iye baap beti abhi se ek ho gaye….

Maan look at her and said geet, I was just joking,

Geet nodded her like little kid and said no, u love me and ur daughter also,

Maan get up and cupped her face and said no geet, ur daughter love u.hain na dekho puchti hoon and placed  his hand on her belly and said princess u love ur mother na and there is slight nudge .

Geet smiles and then said thnk u.and hugged him slightly then said mujhe neend aarehe hain.



Next Day morning:-

Maaneet walking in the garden, as geet want to walk in the garden so maan give her accompany there….

Maan looking at geet then said geet y I called u chalti phirti disaster….

Geet look at him with wide eyes when maan said I don’t know y but yesterday I called u by this y,or I just give u this name no y m feeling I heard it before also like I said it.Geet kuch toh bolo….

Geet smiles through her tears and said yes aap iye pehele bhi kehe the, when we r in Delhi , in office….

Maaneet took seat there when geet said hum dono tab delhi mein the. I’, working in Khurana Construction  as ur secretary and I have habit to fall in danger and u always saved me from all danger.

Both smiles  then geet said waise hi ek  din aapne kaha tha when I bumped with flower vase…. …..

Both went in silent mode when maan said let’s go inside geet.

After getting ready maan said take rest today , I’ll come for lunch and if any problem , just call me.

Geet nodded when maan said take care  geet and take care of our baby then left .



In office:-

Commisioner  came and maan talk with him…… and told him to take care of this, he don’t want right now geet face any kind of difficulty so make sure dev and  his family stay away from here.

Later that day :-


Here in out house geet is talking with adi when pinky came to tell something to geet but bumped with Monisha and make him fall in the floor and monisha almost shout hay tum dekh ke nehi ja sakte ,  hay, mein mar gayi , mujh jaise…. Najuk si ahh mere hath….

Geet and adi laughed when monisha said haso mat.

Pinky said sorry sorry monisha jee, mujhe na geet ko kuch kehena hain….


Geet ha bol na pinky, when sasha helped monisha jee and said aap kaam kijiye iha uha taheliye mat agar aise girte rehenge toh mk will throw u out,

Monisha looks scared then said don’t worry baby I’m doing my work and maan sir love ….. but stop ,when all r looking at him and he added geet too much, he will never throw us out.

Geet shied then thinks pata nehi oh abhi mujhe oh toh sab bhul gaye, kuch bhi iyaad nehi unhe, sayad oh sirf aapna duty …….

Pinky shake her and said kaha kho gayi ..

Geet smiles and said kahi nehi, bol kya bolna hain

Pinky:-oh kya hain iha nehi chal uha.

Geet:- nehi jaldi bol , mujhe ghar jana hain.

Pinky:-ok pata hain aaj na office mein police aaye the and maan sir bahut gusse mein the and tensed bhi.

After hearing this all r tensed  but before any one can say anything maan shouts PINKY,

Here pinky ,heard maan’s voice and shivering like leaf.

Geet who tensed to hear it just see maan and runs and hugged him tight .

Maan’s angry eyes looking at pinky then his eyes fell on his wife who is shivering due to tension and fear.

He hugged her back and said geet. I’m fine . There is nothing to worry. Chalo, I’ll tell u everything .

Geet hugged him more tight when maan look at every one then at geet and understand here, geet is not listening anything but… so he scoop her in his arms and going towards mansion.

After they left from there monisha again falls in shyness, fear ….

Sasha roll her eyes and said to pinky when u will learn to close ur mouth.

Pinky who feel scared just say I want to share it….

Adi:-pinky jee, par aapko pata hain na, geet is not well and little little tension will be harmful for her, so be careful from the next time.

Tasha:- well next time aayega tab na.

Romeo:- kyuon tab kya aap iha se kahi  ja rehe ho so….

Tasha looking at him when sasha said Tasha…..

Tasha bit her tounge and said sorry ma’m…….


Here in the maaneet’s room:-

Maan placed her in the bed and said now drink it.

Geet takes the glass then asked oh oh.

Maan indicates her to drink water…..

After taking a sip from there she looks at maan when maan said nothing , it’s just normal check up, as yesterday that incidents happen so, nothing to worry.

Geet:-aapne mujhe batya kyuon nehi.

Maan take the glass from her and said kab bolta, u r so busy with ur friends so I thought give u all time to enjoy…..but bolta jarur sayad baad mein ….

Geet:-hmmmm and hold his hand and to make him sit besides her and said how was ur day today?

Maan:-it’s went good, but little busy in the morning then all fine.

Geet :-aapne lunch time pe kya, aur aapka medicine bhi….

Maan nodded in yes.

Geet smiles then said maan, thanks.

Maan look at her with puzzled face when geet siad kya hua,

Maan:-thanks kis liye.

Geet:- baas aise hi.

Maan smiles little.



Two days later:-

At night , Radhika mom heard some sounds from kitchen as she came for water and found maaneet in the kitchen but most beautiful sight is geet is giving order to maan to make aloo paratha and maan’s plight , he can’t make the perfect shape so geet is saying aise nehi waise, waise bhi aapne masala kam daala aaloo mein when maan finally said ek aur shabd na toh sada paratha khilaunga…

Geet placed her finger on her lips then said to baba jee dekha aapne kaise danta hain then to her stomach like she is talking with the baby and said tere papa bahut ziddi hain aur gusse mein bhi hain, aab bol agar tujhe bhook lagi toh mein kya karu, aur waise unhone nehi kaha tha , aapn princess ke liye kuch bhi karenge…..

Maan tapped her shoulder and said iye lo …..and murmur jaba dekho beti ke naam se blackmailing then smiles to himself and her childish antics……

Geet is eating the paratha with little pickle but she wants teekha wala when she looks at maan who is washing his hand and said don’t look at me no chance, u have to eat that now finish it before I change my mind and…. But geet start eating fast when maan come and hold her hand and said shanti se khao, I’ll not do anyting like that.

Geet again smiles and start eating and cherish the paratha to the core.


Radhika mom looking at them and happy tears fall from her eyes, she pray To GOD to give them every happiness and take away all pain if possible them give their pain to her but give them all happiness.

After few days :-

Geet is sleeping peacefully after having some problem as some pain in her back so maan is rubbing it gently so the pain can go and after some time she falls in sleep.

Maan looking at her face and kissed her forehead gently then see her eyes which always want to speak something to him, like there is hidden manything but for some how she can’t explain, maan gently give them kisses and then he look at her nose, her cute nose and about to kiss when his phone ring,…

He came out from the trance y he is kissing geet like this, y he feels some thing towards geet, y he want to give love… it love the feeling he feels for his geet, his geet again his chain of thought broke by the ring and he pick it up and said hello Maan Singh Khurana speaking then after some moments who r u?





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