Chapter 9 of Memory Loss

Part 9:-

After few days :-

Geet is sleeping peacefully after having some problem as some pain in her back so maan is rubbing it gently so the pain can go and after some time she falls in sleep.

Maan looking at her face and kissed her forehead gently then see her eyes which always want to speak something to him, like there is hidden manything but for some how she can’t explain, maan gently give them kisses and then he look at her nose, her cute nose and about to kiss when his phone ring,…

He came out from the trance y he is kissing geet like this, y he feels some thing towards geet, y he want to give love… it love the feeling he feels for his geet, his geet again his chain of thought broke by the ring and he pick it up and said hello Maan Singh Khurana speaking then after some moments who r u?

Maan look at geet’s sleeping form then went from there to talk.

That night maan is sitting in the bed and try to think what adi  told him  first ,about pammi’s intention.

He have to go to Delhi but geet, he can’t go alone or take her with him…..

He closed his eyes and want to find some solution then think what if eh told radhika mom then think no first she will take geet’s side then ….oh GOD what I will do now…..

Here geet slightly stirred when maan patted her again and she just holds his hand tightly and placed it under her cheek.when maan smiles and turn to face her. He slightly carrass her cheek by his thumb when  geet stirred again then open her eyes ,and look at maan who is looking at her with some feeling in his eyes, which feeling almost lost after his memory loss..

She shied first when she feels maan’s finger slowly going towards her chin  to her cute nose then to her corner of her lips when geet gapsed little but maan smiles at her and pull her closely then said what happen?

Geet nodded no by her head but her cheeks r red due to shyness when maan slowly carrass her red cheek by his thumb and said geet, how r u feeling now? How is ur back now?

Geet very softly whishper it’s fine now.

Maan pull her more closely like now she almost clinged to him. He softly tucked her all hairs behind her ear and said feeling little hungry …

Geet soflty nodded positively  when maan called intercom for a one orange juince with when  geet look at her like she want to say something  when maan asked her , she said she want to eat some French toast with some pickle….

Maan look at her then said r u sure ? when geet turn her face and said if u don’t want make me eat then say clearly now y u r doing all this?

Maan shook his head and order all then come close to geet and said itna gussa.

Geet snapped him and said mujhe neend aarehe hain….

Maan smiles then again called head chef to settle the table in terrace and then take her in his arms in swift movement and said let’s go for  ride to our terrace. When geet looking at him with wide eyes, she is shocked, surprised to see maan like this when maan said kya hua.

Geet nodded and said nothing.

Maan smiles then take her to terrace where head chef is ready with all food which r settle in the table.

When geet feels shy to carried by maan like this she whishper to maan, pls bring me down but maan paid no heed of it and placed her gently in one of the chair and said to chef thanks…

After chef took leave from there geet said aise sabke saamne utha ke when maan said misthy aapne biwi ko godh mein uthaya hain kisi aur ko toh nehi.

Geet look at him and shyness transfer into possessiveness and she said firmly dare u look at other women.

Maan stare back her and try to understand his wife who one time shy, one time brave and one time so agreessive or one time possessive, it’s like many more things he have to explore about her.but one thing sure he feels some strong bond , some strong feeling towards geet, may be this is love . may be…..but whatever this is , this feeling is so beautiful,pure, divine, with geet everything looking good.


After 2days:-

Geet is feeling eating some pasta and want to tell maan who is working on something.

She get up from the bed when maan said kya hua,kuch chiaye…..



Geet:- pickle..

Maan smiles and give her the bottle and said only little bit geet frowned but couldn’t deny maan’s word and taking little bit of pickle.. Then said aap thora taste karoge…

Maan nodded no and again busy in his working then asked kya tumne iye blue print check kya  tha.

Geet nodded yes when her mouth is full with pasta with pickle, maan said ok, when geet said hmmm oh,,,nnnnooo sshhhh..eeekkk….

Maan look at her then geet quickly gulped the bite and said oh wala kuch garbar hain paper hain meine aur adi ne rough work kya aap dekh lijiye uha jo red file hain uha  meine ek calculation made kya kuch reaserch ke baad pls check it….

Maan:- y  r u taking too much stress, when geet get up from the couch and said m find and doctor told me to work little ,

Maan shook his head and murmur isse baat men jitna muskil hain.

Geet :-I’m going to meet dadi ma   , will come after1 hr , then u have to take me in garden …

Maan:- ok … but what will u do with dadi ma in 1hr .

Geet:- baat hain dadi ma se, karna hain…

Maan:-1 ghante ka baat

Geet turn and look at him then placed her hand on her hips and said aab aapko mere baat karne se prblm hain ha. Toh boliye mein kya karu, office ka kaam aap karne nehi denge kyuon ki aapko beti, aapki princess ko so me is sitting in home doing nothing then aap aapna ke meeting and project mein busy hain toh mein kya karu ha boliye na.

Kya hua nehi hain koi ans , chaliye aap paana kaam kijiye m going to meet dadi ma. Hmmmmm, khud toh kaam mein busy and….. keep murmuring.

Maan smiles to hear all, it’s always her complain to him that she needs some on to whom she can share but she never said him to take break from his work, on a other hand she encourage.

Maan:-pagli hain puri ….

After Geet leaving from there Maan called Adi and told him to delay the mater almost 1 month and then book his ticket for Delhi .

After one week:-

Maan come back from office and find geet is roaming in the room and keep murmuring something then looking at upside and said baba jee and then patted her belly and said nehi milega abhi, kaha se doon, ghar mein nehi hain na, chup bilkul vhup, tere papa ne  tere adat bigar dia , kitna demanding hain tu, mein bilkul aise nehi hmmm, tuna bilkul aapne papa ki tarah ho gayi… Baba jee aab kya karu .. kisse kahu, ma toh , dadi ma ko leke bahar gayi hain , aab kisse bolu, pinky and sab toh office mein hain , aab kya karu, nehi milege aab tujhe, tub hi na pata nehi jab papa rehete hain tere paas tab nehi kar sakti demand aab kyuon?

Then she turn and thinking what to do when maan who is still hearing and just smiles at his wife’s antics and talking with baba jee then to their princess, princess, she always tease him now days when ever he is talking with their child , she now said he pampering their child more,called their child , their daughter is princess. He loved it. He coughs to get her attention and it’s break her continous cribbing and geet turn and surprised to see him there.

Geet :- aap iha, kaise…

Maan come and placed her laptop bag in the table and some flies then open his waist coat then loose his shirt and asked kya hua aise kya dekh rehe ho, office lift liya basement aaya and car lya then drive to home and now garden se mansion mein enter kya then take up stair then come here and see u talking with ur baba jee and then to my princess,  then maan bend to wards her tummy and patted there when geet feel but maan said my princess, mama pareshan kar rehi hain kya.

When geet pouted and said nehi, balki aap aur aapki beti hume pareshan kar rehi hain.

Maan:-shhh, meri beti bahut acchi hain accha bolo kya hua kyuon itna complain ho rehi hain mere princess ke against.

Geet:- Gulab Jamon

Maan look at her then get up and said Gulab Jamon matlab

Geet:-I want Gulab Jamon now.

Maan:- then told chef na, he will made u for it. Let me call him.

Geet;-I told him btu he don’t know, and I send him to the market but no where he found it now what will I do. And start crying…

Maan :-mein banau, matlab try karu.

Geet who still sobbing, crying when maan slowly gently wipes her tears and said let me search the recipe from net.

Geet nodded negatively and said it’ll take lots of time I want now…

Maan look at her then rubbed his temple then said let’s go to out side.

Geet:- where.

Maan:- do u trust me then chalo mere sath


Maan:- call his assistant and said find a  shop where we can find good Gulab Jamon

Now within 30mins


After 40mins , maan got the address and went there and make sit in the chair geet and make her eat but this 40mins maan has coaxed geet and make her understand each and every time and then try to divert her mind and when she got it and she is looking like little kid and having some candy or toy , so much delightful her face. He want to see her like this always. Then he noticed her eating Gulab Jamon and taking bite and cherished eat.

Suddenly geet look at him and said wanna take a bite.

Maan nodded no when geet said aapki princess kehe rehi hain take bite na and maan obliged and that time also geet’s face deligting in happiness.

That night at dinner time, geet so happily told their Gulab jamon story and how maan done all, Radhika ma and Dadi r looking so happy when maan slightly feel embarrassed and excuse him self…

After Few days at night:-

Geet is tossing here and there when maan said kya hua?

Geet:-kuch nehi but maan said geet, kya hua bolo.

Geet make  face and said I can’t sleep.

And after hearing this all maan get up and said let’s go to doctor.

Geet look at him like he came from some other planet and said maan, it’s nothing serious,

Maan:- r u sure, let’s take a opinion when geet cut and said maan pls, I’m telling u na, oh kya hain ,mein roj early so jati thi but today thora late hogayi so may be … I don’t know but asie hi neend nehi aareh hain.

Maan look at her some times then make her lay in the bed then said come lay here then slide besides her and said u know geet, I don’t how but I want to say something to u.


Maan gently smiles and said :- ek kahani…

Geet wonder what is this then look at maan where she is find  some feeling, some new feeling, what is this, kya iye dekh rehi hoon mein maan ke akhon mein pyaar, ha, iye toh ohi ehshaas hain pyaar, but her chain of thought broke by maan when he said u know this is story of  a beautiful, strong, angel , who has golden hearts strong , determind mind and trust in her Baba jee and her love…

Geet smiles when maan pull her close and slowly carrass her back , her arms and said u know geet, before u came here I feel all darkeness ,what is happening , who I’m  from where I came everything blank , u come in my life as my sunshine , my light and give me back everything , u know even today I didn’t remember but I know one day I will  and u gave me this confidence , u know geet Ur smiles give me peace. But ur tear tear my heart, I don’t our love , our life in past how I met u ,how I falls in love, some flashes, some dhoondle tasveer come in front of my eyes but some times it’s clear some times it’s confuse me more, it’s like some puzzle and I have to solve it.

Geet hold his hand then brought it near her lips and kiss it then said maan u don’t have to ,I’m happy with u, just be with me , baas.

Maan smiles and said  geet I know and now more understand y I falls in love with u and marry u .


Maan:- cause of ur nature geet, u r beautiful, gorgeous but u have golden hearts , and fighting spirit, geet …. After little pause maan said I love u…..

When geet look at maan like she heard something like, her eyes r wide when maan brought her palm  and kissed it and said here in ur destiny ur baba jee fixed me , bring us together, tie us together  then cupped her face and and said I don’t know how and when I fall for u but u know geet I just love u, I don’t know and I can’t explain it. But I only love u….


Geet just look at him with wide eyes when maan said geet, geet r u listening

Geet nodded then said hmmm..she closed her eyes don’t know what she is feeling now,she is happy to hear all magical words but mind said if it’s dream, if it’s just maan’s duty no what is wrong with me when again her maan come and kissed her both eyes and said I know it’s difficult to understand this too early , geet but trust me it’s not duty, it’s my feeling, I don’t how to expressed it like u will understand but suddenly geet hugged him tight and start crying there…

After some time geet sniffing , sobbing and said I think all is story it’s like

Maan held her chin and said it’s story , story of a brave girl and her Sadu husband.

When geet pouted and said don’t u dare to say anything about my husband , and I’m not brave oh toh aapne hi mujhe aise banaya.

Maan laughed and give a peck on her eyes and said acha.

Geet hold him close and said hmmmmm then maan said I know  from my side or by me it’s too early but I guess some times it’s happen like that.

Both look at each other and their eyes full of love, care, peace, calm ness after a huge strom pass by them.they face it together and they won yes there is some affer effects of the strom but that will be also going away with time and their immense of love.


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